“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series


A complete listing of all my stories. They've been organized into sections for your convenience. Pairings (dominant one, if there are multi-pairings) have been listed with the stories they pertain to as well. Please note that not all pairings are romantic. I've also listed genres. Also, some stories may be double linked in this archive if they fall under more than one category.

Story and Chapter Count: 285
Series Count: 23

// Contents
::Genre Ratings
::100 SuJu Fic Challenge
::Writer's Recommendations
::One Shots
::Song Fics
::Mixed Stories
::NC17 Section

//Genre Ratings

General- A story that doesn't stretch into the extremes. By extremes, I mean any genre listed below.

Drama- There's going to be fighting and conflict and an overall not-happy mood in the story.

Angst- Grab the tissue boxes.

Romance- There's going to be love,love,love.

Crack- Laughter has a new level: cracktacular.

These are the general genres I'll be using for my stories. I don't usually go outside of these genres. I'm pretty sure the only stories I have that are remotely close to anything else are sad representations of 'action', thus they would be categorized as drama!

//100 SuJu Fic Challenge

Completed: 86/100
The Challenge
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// Recommendations

::Forever Theirs - REWRITTEN (Yesung/Kyuhyun; Angst)
Their friendship was both simplistic and complex. Writing about their two very different personalities was enjoyable.

::God Loves Lotus Tea (Hankyung/Kangin; Crack)
What makes this story are the conversations between the characters. They're byplay still makes me wonder where my humour comes from.

::The Brotherhood Series (Eeteuk/Kangin; Shiwon/Donghae; Sungmin/Kyuhyun; Drama)
What makes this series so different from the rest was that, aside from characters' conversations, I had to focus on detail, on describing emotions. I wanted readers to feel what the characters felt.

::Kyuhyun² (Kyuhyun-centric; Drama)
The story is dark and yet there's a snarky, dry humour that I wanted to bring out. A kind of light in the darkness I suppose you could call it.

::A Prince's Regret (Sungmin/Kyuhyun; Drama)
This story became a recomm because it was a readers'-favourite. However, this story is also unique in its series because it doesn't follow the same happy-ending as its companion pieces. There's more drama, more sacrifices and yet, more love.

// One Shots

::Strength of a Hyung (Eeteuk/Kangin; Drama)
The members remember an event when they had so much fun. However, for Kangin, the event was anything but.

::Keeping Me in Check (Kibum-centric; Drama)
Kibum plays against a chess master and struggles to win. Originally written for a school assignment and writing competition(2nd place).

::Finding Your Inner Animal (Hankyung/Shiwon; Crack)
Hankyung and Shiwon go shopping for bathroom tiles. Ryeowook doesn't understand the controversy.

::Black-Coffee Friend (Eunhyuk/Donghae; Angst)
Donghae returns to the dorm after unfortunate circumstances. He needs a friend and can only think to turn to Eunhyuk.

::Unselfish Lover (Sungmin/Eunhyuk; Romance)
A spectacular, albeit cheesy, confession is made.

::After Sunset,Before Sunrise (Hankyung/Sungmin; Drama)
Hankyung and Sungmin talk about leaving the group.

::Messy Misdemeanours (Donghae/Ryeowook; General)
Ryeowook and Donghae partake in dumpster-diving.

::Lips He Touched Before (Donghae/Shiwon; Drama)
Shiwon is jealous when Donghae dates someone else.

::Adamant About Apples (Donghae/Shiwon; Romance)
Donghae is slicing apples. Shiwon wants apples... and maybe Donghae, too.

::Goodbye? Goodbye! (Eeteuk/Kibum; Drama)
SJ-H is formed and maybe Kibum isn't so happy about it.

::To Be Like Glass (Eeteuk/Sungmin; Drama)
The lights in the building go out and one SJ member cannot stand the dark.

::Behind Elevator Doors (Kangin/Sungmin; Drama,Romance)
Sungmin is scared that Kangin will jump him at any moment. Literally.

::Just Ask (Eeteuk/Shiwon; Drama, Romance,)
A secret couple in the music industry, Eeteuk is tired of Shiwon taking the lead in everything.

::Roses for Donghee (General)
A member gets roses from a secret admirer and the others try to figure out who they're from.

::Temptation (Shiwon/Kyuhyun; Romance)
Kyuhyun's left alone in the dorm with Shiwon and is almost positive his hyung is trying to seduce him.

::Troubles with Tomorrow (Eeteuk/Kangin; Drama, Romance)
All the members are acting strange and it's all got to do with tomorrow. Eeteuk takes it upon himself to figure out the mystery.

::Kyuhyun and the Wolf (Heechul/Kyuhyun; Crack)
Kyuhyun is Little Red Riding Hood.

::Love Me Only (Yesung/Kibum; Drama)
Yesung is a little too obsessed and jealous.

::In My Arms (Yesung/Ryeowook; Drama, Romance)
Ryeowook is leaving for China, but doesn't want to say goodbye.

::Just Lust... (Kangin/Donghae; Romance; NC17)
Kangin and Donghae indulge themselves when the others aren't around.

::Red Thread (Shiwon/Kibum; Drama)
Kibum is sick and Shiwon is the only one to find out what's wrong.

::PUSH: Pressure Until Something Happens (Eunhyuk/Ryeowook; Crack, Romance)
Eunhyuk is relentless and Ryeowook is finding it harder and harder to say no.

::A Proud Love (Kangin/Eunhyuk; General)
Eunhyuk has to babysit his niece for an afternoon. Kangin joins in the fun.

::Hold (Shindong/Eunhyuk; Angst)
The aftermath of the April car crash.

::The Small Things (Yesung/Sungmin; Drama, Romance)
Sungmin has a to-do list and is determined to finish it.

::With Love, Yesung (Yesung/Donghae; Romance)
Yesung and Donghae wrap some Christmas gifts.

::The Reluctant Groom (Kibum/Kyuhyun; Drama, Romance)
Kyuhyun finds himself in an arranged marriage and turns to Kibum to help him find a suit.

::His Many Woes (Kangin/Ryeowook; Crack)
Ryeowook is a doting dongsaeng while Kangin tries to avoid him and control the jealousies of other parties.

::Raging Storm (Sungmin/Shiwon; Romance; NC17)
They're stuck together for a night.

::Boy Behind the Smile (Shindong/Kibum; Drama)
There are times when Kibum doesn't smile. Shindong helps him during one of those times.

::Reflection in Shattered Glass (Heechul/Yesung; Drama)
An accident physically injures Heechul. Yesung is the only one who won't let Heechul push him away.

::Memories in Silk (Hankyung/Yesung; Romance; NC17)
Hankyung is blindfolded. Enter the mystery lover.

::Worthy (Eunhyuk/DBSK:Junsu; Drama)
They were friends and trainees. Only one was chosen.

::Live.Love.Bark. (General)
Eeteuk wants a pet dog. Heechul has Heebum.

::Trapped Companions (Eeteuk/Donghae; Crack)
Eeteuk and Donghae need to escape their bedroom before it's too late.

::Tarnished Silence (Kangin/Shindong; General)
Kangin refuses to speak and the members grow restless and worried for him.

::It's All in the Name (Donghae/Kyuhyun; General)
Donghae and Kyuhyun have an odd way of naming things.

::Love or Friendship? (Eeteuk/Hankyung; General)
Eeteuk and Hankyung pursue the same girl.

::God Loves Lotus Tea (Hankyung/Kangin; Crack)
Kangin is given the chance to talk to God. Unfortunately, no one else is. (Loosely connected to 'Live.Love.Bark')

::Think of Me (Kangin/Shiwon; Drama; NC17)
Kangin comforts Shiwon the only way he knows how.

::His Incompetent, Clumsy but Loyal Keeper (Shindong/Ryeowook; General)
Shindong is sick and Ryeowook helps him out.

::What Shiwon Wants (Shiwon/Ryeowook; General)
Ryeowook helps Shiwon write a personal ad after he and Donghae fight.

::Hello Again (Donghae/Kibum; Drama)
Donghae and Kibum have been friends for a long time. A very long time.

::High Pursuit (Hankyung/Kangin; Romance, Crack)
Kangin is in shameless pursuit of Hankyung and is not above using cheesy lines.

::Angel with Broken Wings (Eeteuk/Ryeowook; Drama)
Eeteuk strives for perfection as a leader.

::Tainted Glass (Heechul/Shindong; Drama)
Heechul is left shattered and it's up to Shindong to help pull the pieces back together.

::Ryeowook's Gift (Heechul/Ryeowook; General)
Ryeowook gives Heechul a Christmas present.

::Sarangui Kieok (Sungmin/Kyuhyun; Romance, Angst)
Circumstances make it hard for Kyuhyun to confess to Sungmin.

::Heart of a Playboy (Heechul/Sungmin; Drama)
Sungmin learns that Heechul wasn't always the playboy he is now.

::The Milkshake Coterie (Eeteuk/Eunhyuk; Crack)
Eeteuk and Eunhyuk go out for milkshakes after each radio show. Kangin and Donghae are jealous.

::Cupcake Chronicles (Crack)
Ryeowook has a secret and someone finds out.

::Seductive While Sleeping (Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun; Romance; NC17)
Zhou Mi gets naughty ideas about a sleeping Kyuhyun.

::Kyuhyun and the Princess (Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun; Romance)
Kyuhyun has to marry a princess who can feel something underneath her mattress.

::For Youngwoon... (Eeteuk/Kangin; General/Drama?)
Kangin is gone, so Eeteuk writes him a short letter.

::Love of the Game (Sungmin/Kyuhyun; Crack/Romance)
Sungmin loves Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun loves games. Poor Sungmin.

::In the End (Yesung/Sungmin; Angst/Romance)
Yesung has loved Sungmin for almost as long as he's known him. But how much does he really know Sungmin?

::This Sweet Craving (Sungmin/Kyuhyun; Romance)
Kyuhyun gets a new job and he doesn't like his new boss, Sungmin.

::Shooting Star (Siwon/Taeyeon; Romance)
A dance to remember.

// Song Fics

::Your Letter (Sungmin/Kyuhyun; Romance/Drama)
Kyuhyun writes a love letter. Sungmin reads it. Sungmin writes a love letter.

::It's All the Same (Hankyung/Kyuhyun; Drama)
Heechul tries to warn Kyuhyun about dating Hankyung, but is it true or just jealousy?

::To Smile Again (Sungmin/Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun; Drama)
Kyuhyun seranades Sungmin.

::The Breaking Point (Eeteuk/Kangin; Drama)
Inspired by the events of October 2009.

::Rhapsody in the Rain (Eeteuk/Kangin; Drama)
Kangin was Eeteuk's rainy-day man.

// Mixed Stories

::Worthy [DBSK: Junsu] (Drama)
::Forbidden Desires [DBSK: Yunho and Jaejoong, minor appearance] (Drama, Romance)
::A Prince's Heart [DBSK: Yoochun/Junsu, Jaejoong] (Drama, Romance)
::The Milkshake Coterie [DBSK: Junsu] (Crack)
::Beyond Words series [SNSD: Taeyeon and Sooyoung][DBSK: Junsu and Changmin] (Drama, Romance)
::Sooyoung's Story [SNSD: Taeyeon, Jessica and Sooyoung] (Drama, Romance)
::How SM Ent. Thinks Up Band Names [SNSD: Sunny] (Crack)
::To Smile Again [SNSD: Sooyoung and Taeyeon] (Drama, Romance)
::Scarlet Night Series [SNSD: Taeyeon] (Drama, Romance)
::Mourning Song Series [SNSD: Taeyeon] (Drama, Romance)
::Reign on Me Series [SNSD: Taeyeon] (Drama, Romance)
::In the End [SNSD: Taeyeon] (Angst, Romanace)
::Requiem at Twilight Series [DBSK: Junsu; SNSD: Taeyeon and Jessica]
::Living in Shadows Series [DBSK: Junsu; SNSD: Taeyeon]

// Kyuhyun-centric
For random one-shots that focus on the theory that Kyuhyun is secretly crazy.

::Kyuhyun² (Drama)
Kyuhyun has been instituionalized by the other members. He is not amused.

::The Prince's Tale (Ryeowook/Kyuhyun; Crack)
Kyuhyun goes a little crazy. Ryeowook is his target.

::I Love You More (Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; Drama)
Kyuhyun had to decide between two loves.

::Anything for Him (Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi; Drama; companion piece to the one above)
Kyuhyun had to stop him on time.

::Unicorns, Physics and Super Junior
Kyuhyun found the game of his dreams. And his nightmares.

// Series
For summaries of each series, use the shortcuts on the right side.

Park Bench Series (Yesung/Kyuhyun; Angst)
::Forever Theirs
::Forever Theirs - REWRITTEN
::One Last Kiss

Perfect Couple Series (Sungmin/Donghae; Drama, Romance)
::Flawed Perfection

Secret Illness Series (Angst)
::What He Sees in the Mirror
::Thirteen Days of Darkness

Surrender Series (Yesung/Sungmin; Drama, Romance)
Spinoff ::Five Years Without a Gun / Serendipity
Spinoff ::Desire that Transcends Sex / Secrets

Succession Series (Sequel to Surrender Series)

shatter Series (Sequel to Surrender and Succession Series)

Just Us Series (Sungmin/Kibum; Drama, Romance)
::Just Driving By
::Just Another Dinner
::Just You and Me

Forever Series (Eeteuk/Kangin; Drama, Romance)
::My Love
::With You
::Until the End
::Of Forever

Winter Storm Series (Eunhyuk/Kyuhyun; Sungmin/Kyuhyun; Drama, Romance))
::Cold Winter
::Quiet Blizzard

Desire Series (Hankyung/Kyuhyun; Drama, Romance)
::Revealed Desires
::Forbidden Desires
::True Desires
Spinoff ::Untamed Desires

Princes Series (Drama, Romance)
::A Prince's Love
::A Prince's Life
::A Prince's Heart
::A Prince's Regret

For Two Series (Drama, Romance)
::A Kitchen for Two
::A Song for Two
::A Dinner for Two
::A Heart for Two
::A Time for Two

Brotherhood Series (Drama, Romance)
::Escape [1][2][3]
::Apathy [1][2][3]
::The Last Story of the Brotherhood
::The Completed Brotherhood

Fated Series (NC17 Series; Drama, Romance)
::Fated to Love
::Fated to Break
::Fated to Lose

Intimate Series (NC17 Series; Romance)
::Heechul and Hankyung[In Hot Water]
::Eunhyuk and Donghae [The Right Steps]
::Yesung and Ryeowook [Curious Red Button]
::Sungmin and Kyuhyun [A Different Game]
::Eeteuk and Kangin [Bump in the Night]

Campus Life Series (General) Discontinued
::Spring Semester 1- [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
::Autumn Semester 1- [6] [7] [8]
::Spring Semester 2- [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]
::Autumn Semester 2- [14] [15] [16] [17]

Beyond Words Series (Eunhyuk/Donghae; Junsu/Taeyeon; Drama, Romance)
::Chapter 1: If You Only Knew
::Chapter 2: What I Hope to Be
::Chapter 3: On the Inside
::Chapter 4: Every Suffering Moment
::Chapter 5: There's a Hope
::Chapter 6: With Any Love Song
::Chapter 7: Beyond Words
*** Extra Chapters
::Kyuhyun's Story: From the First
::Sooyoung's Story: His Princess

O Henry Series (SJ-M; Crack)
::Day 1 - Mine's better than yours.
::Day 2 - Eating kosher.
::Day 3 - Je m'appelle Shiwon.
::Day 4 - Damn you, Mr. Sun!
::Day 5 - I want a lucky rabbit's foot!
::Day 6 - I'm in the zone, but...
::Day 7 - The Big Nickel
::Day 8 - The best letter in the alphabet.
::Day 9 - Kyuhyun is king of the world.
::Day 10 - Home free.

Fanfiction Series (various SJ pairs; Crack)
::1] feminine!Heechul pt 1
::2] Eeteuk is Umma
::3] Shiwon hugs teddy bears
::4] Henry likes lipgloss
::5] Ryeowook needs to talk more
::6] feminine!Heechul pt 2
::7] ninja!Kibum
::8] Shiwon is God's homeboy
::9] Hankyung's Korean lessons
::10] The perfect couple
::11] feminine!Heechul pt 3
::12] More than just room mates
::13] Some Shindong Love
::14] The triple threat
::15] The nice guy
::16] feminine!Heechul pt 4
::17] Beijing fried rice
::18] Think outside the group
::19] The real deal
::20] It's so obvious
::21] He's a homewrecker
::22] feminine!Heechul pt 5
::23] The Best Man for the Job
::24] Love quindecagon
::25] Those who rise in the east
::26] In the Club
::27] I like the way you move
::28] Hierarchy
::29] feminine!Heechul pt 6
::30] The Perfect Plan

Scarlet Night Series (Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun; Sungmin/Taeyeon; ninja!Eeteuk/Kangin; ninja!Heechul/Hankyung; Drama, Romance)
::Phase 1: The Setting Sun
::Phase 2: Consequences of Knowledge
::Phase 3: Crystal Confidences
::Phase 4: Sympathy for the Devil
::Phase 5: To Stay by His Side
::Phase 6 - Silent Chaos
::Phase 7 - To Bring Him Back
::Phase 8 - Where Loyalties Lie
::Phase 9 - Pushed to the Limit
::Phase 10 - Homecoming
::Phase 11 - To Trust Again
::Phase 12 - Mutual Suffering
::Phase 13 - A Step Forward
::Phase 14 - My Wish for You
::Phase 15 - Nightmare
::Phase 16 - My Worth to You
::Phase 17 - Cold Summer
::Phase 18 - Isolation
::Phase 19 - Return of the Regrettable
::Phase 20 - Hung Up
::Phase 21 - Sorrowful Separation
::Phase 22 - Death of a Fairy Tale
::Phase 23 - A Losing Battle
::Phase 24 - Parasite
::Phase 25 - At the Stroke of Midnight
::Phase 26 - Silent Harmonies
::Phase 27 - Siren's Call
::Phase 28 - Unwanted Finality
::Phase 29 - Into the Fray
::Phase 30 - End of the Scarlet Night
::Final Phase - Epilogue
::Deleted Scene - "At the Beginning"

Mourning Song Series (Drama; Romance) On Hold
::1st Cycle - The Rising Moon
::2nd Cycle - Fading Light
::3rd Cycle - Glimpsing Memories
::4th Cycle - Scripted Setting
::5th Cycle - Distant Closeness
::6th Cycle - A Frozen Smile
::7th Cycle - Forgotten Reflection
::8th Cycle - Replacement
::9th Cycle - From the Outside
::10th Cycle - Shattered Remains
::11th Cycle - To See the Sun
::12th Cycle - Fragments of Glass
::13th Cycle - Reciprocated
::14th Cycle - Forced Remembrance
::15th Cycle - Scarlet Promise
::16th Cycle - From Ashes
::17th Cycle - Easy Prey

Reign on Me (Drama, Romance)
::Chapter 1 - Princess of Light
::Chapter 2 - The Dark Princes
::Chapter 3 - The Last Dark Spell
::Chapter 4 - The Dark Mage's Letter
::Chapter 5 - Dark Jealousy
::Chapter 6 - Light's Protection
::Chapter 7 - Light's Temptation
::Chapter 8 - Light's Respite
::Chapter 9 - Creeping Darkness
::Chapter 10 - The Origins of Darkness
::Chapter 11 - End of the Light
::Chapter 12 - King of Light
::Chapter 13 - Away from Darkness
::Chapter 14 - Dark Days
::Chapter 15 - The Light at Midnight
::Chapter 16 - Remorse in Darkness
::Chapter 17 - Dark Protection
::Chapter 18 - Heart of Darkness
::Chapter 19 - Finding the Light
::Chapter 20 - Light's Dark Past
::Chapter 21 - Of Light and Dark

Be Mine (Sungmin/Kyuhyun; Romance)
::Be Mine
::Not Mine
::Definitely Mine

Requiem at Twilight (Drama, Romance) On Hold

::Year 1
--Beginning of Year 1
--Chapter 1: A New Lesson
--Chapter 2: Flying High
--Chapter 3: Stressed
--Chapter 4: A Helping Hand
--Chapter 5: Proof
--Chapter 6: Bridging the Gap
--Chapter 7: Scrimmage
--Chapter 8: Heart of a Player
--Chapter 9: Until Next Time
--Chapter 10: Stronger
--Chapter 11: Setting Off
--Chapter 12: One Golden Moment
--Chapter 13: Life Goes On
--End of Year 1

Living in Shadows (Drama, Romance)

// Requests (No longer accepted)
::High Pursuit (Hankyung/Kangin; Crack, Romance)
For Innocently_Hot

::Fated to Love (Eeteuk/Kangin; Drama, Romance)
For amine87

::A Prince's Life (Eunhyuk/Donghae; Drama, Romance)
For candychu

::Sarangui Kieok (Sungmin/Kyuhyun; Angst)
For gabbeeee

For those who asked for this. (Sungmin/Donghae; Romance; NC17)

::I Like It Like That (Eeteuk/Kangin; Romance, Crack; NC17)
For sleepingOgirl

::Shopping Shenanigans (Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun; Crack)
For quixotic_notes; Miracle Secret Santa '09

::In the End (Yesung/Sungmin; Angst/Romance)
For breenex; donated to Help Japan

// NC17 Section

::Just Lust
Kangin/Donghae; Drama

::Raging Storm
Sungmin/Shiwon; Drama

::Memories in Silk
Hankyung/Yesung; Romance

Yesung/Sungmin; General

::Think of Me
Kangin/Shiwon; Drama

::Just Driving By
Heechul/Kibum, and more; Drama

::Fated Series
Eeteuk/Kangin, Kangin/Sungmin; Drama, Romance

Hankyung/Kyuhyun; Drama, Romance

::Untamed Desires
Eeteuk/Kangin; Drama

Sungmin/Donghae; Romance

::Intimate Series
Multi-pairings; General

::I Like It Like That
Eeteuk/Kangin; Crack

::Seductive While Sleeping
Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun; Romance