“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Thursday, August 28, 2008

[RQ] High Pursuit

For Innocently_Hot

theme: love confession
pair: Hankyung/Kangin
rate: PG
words: 2670

It was an early Saturday morning and the members in the Super Junior-M dorm were slowly waking up to get ready for that day’s schedule. Hankyung was busy in the kitchen, as always, preparing breakfast for the others before they headed out for the day. As he was stirring the rice in the wok, he heard someone enter the kitchen,

“Ah, Kangin-sshi,” Hankyung greeted as he glanced over his shoulder.

Kangin, who had stayed the night, stopped in his steps. One hand clenched over his heart and the other held up to silence anything else Hankyung might say, he stated in a quivering voice, “You had me… at hello.”

“He didn’t even say hello, he said your name,” Henry stated dryly as he brushed past Kangin into the kitchen, all the while carefully applying a thin layer of raspberry lip-gloss to his full lips.

Scowling briefly at his dongsaeng, Kangin suddenly dragged Henry over to Hankyung, placing the youngest between them,

“Kangin, what are you doing?” Hankyung asked, confused as to why he was staring down at Henry’s displeased expression,

“Hyung, just looking at you makes me nervous,” Kangin sighed, attempting to shrink behind Henry’s smaller frame,

Henry shoved his way from out of between the two, “Leave me out of your dramatics,” Henry shook his head as he pocketed his beloved lip-gloss and headed to the fridge for a drink,

“Kangin, are you feeling okay?” Hankyung inquired worriedly, “You’re acting-”

“Do you smell that?” Kangin interjected suddenly, sniffing the air around them by the stove,

Hankyung raised his eyebrows in confusion as he, too, began smelling the air, “No, what do you smell?”

“Something burning,” Kangin stated when then he paused and took Hankyung’s chin between his thumb and forefinger, “It must just be my heart.”

“Or hyung’s burning the food,” Henry stated as he gestured to the wok.

Horrified to find his food burning, Hankyung shooed Kangin away as he attempted to rectify the burnt fried rice.

Later that morning the members were at the table, eating the breakfast Hankyung had prepared. From some sort of miracle, he was able to still make a delicious meal out of the slightly burnt rice. After Hankyung had cleared his plate, he reached for the serving spoon to get more when Kangin’s hand bumped into his own, also reaching for the spoon. Before Hankyung could pull his hand away, Kangin grabbed it and quickly pressed a kiss to the back of his hand,

“What the-” Hankyung began,

“It’s because you let your guard down,” Kangin said simply as he released Hankyung’s hand and began eating again,

“We have to keep our guard up when we’re eating meals now?” Donghae asked confusedly as he chewed on the ends of his chopsticks,

“No we don’t,” Hankyung insisted, “Kangin’s just being a little… weird,” He said as he put more food on his plate and picked up his chopsticks again to continue eating,

“Hyung,” Kangin put down his utensils and looked at Hankyung forlornly, “Why did you take it all? You should have at least left a little for me.”

Hankyung blinked as he looked from Kangin to the serving bowl still half full of food then back to his dongsaeng, “But… but there’s more than enough for you.”

Kangin sighed, “I meant my heart.”

Hankyung gaped at him as Zhoumi leaned his face closer to his plate, peering at the food, “We’re not… REALLY eating heart right?”

Hankyung attempted to reply back to Kangin but instead looked at Zhoumi, “No - we’re not eating heart,” He stated then went back to eating, flustered and obviously ignoring Kangin as his cheeks pinked noticeably.

Nearing the end of breakfast, Kangin, who had excused himself to use the bathroom, returned and sat in his seat, completely facing Hankyung.

Hankyung, after swallowing -hard- the last of his food, turned to look warily at Kangin, “Y-y-yes?” Kangin merely held out his hand, palm-up. In the centre of his palm was a small brown cube wrapped in clear plastic. Hankyung picked it up and held it up at eye-level, examining it suspiciously, “What is it?”

Kangin stood up and reached for Hankyung’s face, tipping it to look up at him with a finger beneath his chin, “Caramel from the heart,” Kangin whispered,

“More like from the stash Kyuhyun keeps beneath his bed,” Henry muttered from the other end of the table, applying a fresh layer of raspberry lip-gloss after the previous layer had been wiped away from eating.

Kyuhyun’s jaw dropped at the mention of his secret-but-apparently-not-so-secret stash of caramel candies. He dropped his chopsticks to the table and bolted from his chair.

“It’s from the heart,” Kangin reinstated as he continued to stare down at Hankyung,

“Ah-er… that’s…” Hankyung stammered, his cheeks pinking once more,

“It IS from my stash!” Kyuhyun’s voice exclaimed from the bedroom,

“Ah… you… s-s-should… apologize?” Hankyung offered, thinking of nothing else that could possibly distance himself from his suddenly flamboyant dongsaeng,

“As you wish,” Kangin promised before promptly leaving to go apologize to and console Kyuhyun.

“Aish,” Hankyung sighed running his hands through his hair,

“He’s very… loving lately,” Shiwon commented lightly as he stood up, taking his dishes and Donghae’s over to the sink.

“I just… don’t know what to say when he gets like that,” Hankyung muttered,

“I say go along with it,” Donghae suggested and Zhoumi, in the midst of downing the rest of his drink, nodded in silent agreement,

“I say you find the book or paper where he gets all his lines and burn the thing,” Henry stated as he smacked his lips together to even out his gloss, then pocketed the tube, “But that’s just my opinion.”

Hankyung sighed as he stood up with his dishes, “I like your opinion. So much, I might just do just that,” he muttered as he disappeared back into the kitchen to wash their dishes.

Half an hour later, Hankyung stood before the sink, brushing his teeth. He yawned heavily with his mouth full of toothpaste,


Hankyung jumped back from the bathtub. Suddenly, the duck-covered shower curtain slid to the side as Kangin stepped out, fully dressed for the day. Hankyung stared at him with wide, wild eyes as he attempted to slow down his rapid heart at the sudden surprise,

“What are you doing here!?” Hankyung demanded, attempting to be as comprehensible as possible with a mouth full of foam,

“I’m just a boy standing in front of his hyung, asking him to love him,” Kangin stated, his arms open wide for Hankyung,

Hankyung opened and closed his mouth several times in an attempt to reply. However, before words could even begin to form, Henry entered. He stepped between the two as he grabbed his toothbrush,

“And I’m just a boy trying to brush his teeth,” Henry retorted as he applied a line of paste on the bristles. After replacing the tube on the shelf above the sink, he stuck his toothbrush in his mouth and moved to leave,

“I’m done anyways,” Hankyung said suddenly, blocking Henry’s way, “You stay,” he insisted as he spat the contents of his mouth into the sink,

“But I don’t-”

“You. Stay,” Hankyung repeated sternly as he stared hard at the dongsaeng.

Henry rolled his eyes, “Fine, but at least bring me my lip-gloss. I left it in my bedroom when I got changed.”

Hankyung happily complied as he quickly escaped the bathroom and the overly-amorous Kangin. Kangin stared after him as Hankyung disappeared into Henry and Ryeowook’s bedroom,

“What, no love confessions for me, hyung?” Henry asked after spitting paste into the sink and then brushing some more.

Kangin smacked the back of his head in silent reply.

An hour later, the SJ-M members along with Kangin were piling into one of the vans to head to their first promotion of many that day. Hankyung had sandwiched himself between Shiwon and Donghae in hopes of not being seated next to the odd-acting Kangin. However, in some twist of fate, Shiwon and Donghae ended up sitting together in the back with Ryeowook and Hankyung found himself sitting between Henry and Kangin in the middle seats.

“Hyung,” Kangin began, a hand on Hankyung’s knee, “I’ll be your seatbelt,”

“Is that legal?” Henry asked absent-mindedly as he stared out the window beside him, his raspberry lip-gloss in hand.

“It’s… no, it’s… okay,” Hankyung stammered as he pulled his seatbelt on, locking it in place, “See, I already have a seatbelt,”

“Two is better than one,” Kangin suggested, his hand sliding a little higher up Hankyung’s hand,

“N-n-no thanks,” Hankyung said, shoving Kangin’s hand from his thigh, “I think one seatbelt is more than enough.”

Kangin nodded complacently as the van started and began to drive away.

After ten minutes of driving Hankyung threw his arms into the air, “THAT’S IT! Why are you staring at me like that!?” He demanded, glaring at Kangin.

Kangin was sitting back in a relaxed manner. He had his arms crossed loosely about his torso, but his head was turned towards Hankyung, his dark eyes staring hard at his hyung.

“For TEN MINUTES you’ve been staring at me like that!” Hankyung accused,

“For me, it’s a waste of time to even blink,” Kangin explained easily, solidly, his gaze never wavering.

Hankyung opened his mouth to reply, but immediately found he couldn’t. Out of frustration, he buried his reddened face into his hands.

Kangin uncrossed his arms and pulled Hankyung’s hands away from his face. Hankyung looked up at Kangin in confusion, all the while fully aware that his hands were still being held by his dongsaeng, “Hyung, don’t cover your eyes,” Kangin said, almost imploringly,

“Why not?” Hankyung questioned suspiciously,

“Don’t you know? I want to swim in your eyes,” Kangin answered passionately, ignoring the groans of disgust from the back and front seats.

Hankyung’s bottom lip trembled as he attempted to pull his hands from Kangin’s, to no avail.

“That’d be quite the feat,” Henry commented lightly as he licked his lips after just applying a layer of gloss.

“It-it-it would! That’s why, Henry - you should get front-row seats!” Hankyung exclaimed,

“Eh?” Henry began to question when suddenly he found himself sitting beside Kangin, sandwiched between him and Hankyung.

“Try swimming in Henry’s eyes,” Hankyung insisted as he pressed himself against the window as if he could distance himself more, “they’re smaller, more of a challenge.”

Kangin regarded Hankyung a moment before crossing his arms once more and turning his head to look straight ahead of the van. Relieved, Hankyung let out a slow breath and leaned his forehead against the window in an attempt to cool down his heated face. And heart.

In between two of their scheduled promotional activities that day, the SJ-M members met the rest of Super Junior at the dance studio so they could practice for an upcoming performance. Henry and Zhoumi watched from the side as the thirteen members began to go over the dance with Shindong, Eunhyuk and Donghae leading them all.

Things were going along smoothly when Hankyung suddenly crossed his legs wrong and stumbled to the ground.

“That’s not like you,” Eunhyuk commented as he sprinted over to the stereo controls to stop the music.

“You’re usually better on your feet,” Shindong nodded in agreement,

Kangin was the first to offer a hand to help Hankyung up - despite being the farthest from him at the time; “Don’t worry Hankyung-sshi,” Kangin said as he hoisted Hankyung to his feet, “I’ll go to hell, so you - go return back to heaven.”

Shiwon held up a hand to Eeteuk before the leader could comment, “He’s been like that all day.”

“So… he’s been drunk all day?” Eeteuk gave a slanted look,

Heechul, who had pulled out a compact mirror and was now looking at his reflection, scoffed, “Whatever he’s under the influence of, I want some.”

“No you don’t,” Hankyung muttered as he purposefully walked away from Kangin towards the stereo controls to start the music again.

During break, Hankyung stood by one of the windows, a water bottle in hand. Just as he was tightening the cap, Kangin approached,

“Kangin, if you’re just going to say more cheesy lines, I don’t think I want to hear it,” Hankyung sighed as he stared at him warily,

Kangin shook his head, “I just wanted to ask a question.”

“…Fine.” Hankyung waited silently, anxiously for what Kangin was going to say,

“What’s the colour of Sungmin-sshi’s shirt? I can’t tell,” Kangin asked innocently,

Hankyung raised a curious eyebrow before searching for Sungmin. Once spotting him, he replied simply, “Pink.”

“Really?” Kangin glanced over at Sungmin, who began walking over to them, “Because since the first time I saw you,” He looked back at Hankyung, “aside from you, everything I see in this world is black and white.”

Hankyung thought of something to say just as Sungmin reached them, “Actually, it’s a cotton-candy pink,” he stated with a smile, his fox-like eyes dancing.

Kangin scowled at him and Sungmin immediately hopped away. Hankyung made to follow but Kangin grabbed his hand, stopping him. Surprised, Hankyung found his hand suddenly pressed to Kangin’s chest above his heart,

“I have you,” Kangin breathed, “Inside here…”

“Isn’t that some form of cannibalism?” Henry questioned as he break-danced past them while taking out his raspberry lip-gloss.

Kangin made to grab hold of the dongsaeng and attack him in some way, but with his attention suddenly diverted, Hankyung slipped away.

Later that evening after dinner, Kangin escaped to the balcony. Arms crossed above the railing and head tipped every so slightly to face the velvety night sky, that was how Hankyung found him when he joined him after washing the dishes.

“Kangin, I think we need to talk-” Hankyung began as he slid the door securely behind him,

“You know what I did last night?” Kangin interjected,

“No, but I hope it explains your behaviour today,” Hankyung muttered before adding louder, “What did you do last night?”

“Last night, I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you,” He sighed heavily, as if burdened, “And I was doing great until I suddenly ran out of stars!”

“Kangin -”

“Say you love me,” Kangin stated suddenly, turning his gaze towards Hankyung.

Hankyung stared back, “Kangin, you have got to stop!”

“Stop what?” Kangin asked,

“Everything! You’ve been shamelessly pursuing me all day and it’s got to stop!” Hankyung exclaimed exasperatedly,

Kangin turned to face him completely, stuffing his fists into his jeans’ pockets, “Sorry for looking at only you… sorry for loving you,” Kangin made to leave when Hankyung grabbed his shoulders, stopping him, “Hyung?”

“You can look at me all you want and love me all you want - just stop with those ridiculously cheesy lines!” Hankyung demanded. He released Kangin’s shoulders to run his hands through his hair, “Aish - even your apology was pure cheese!”

“But… but… I thought you like cheese,” Kangin stammered,

Hankyung gave him a slanted look, “Where did you get THAT idea?”

“From… Henry…” Kangin suddenly turned his gaze through the glass doors into the dorm, looking for the said member, “He said you like it.”

“I told him I like cheddar cheese,” Hankyung offered,

“And I’m sure he knew that but still told me otherwise…” Kangin grounded out, his eyes narrowed as he spotted Henry plopping down on the couch beside Ryeowook, applying more raspberry lip-gloss to his already shiny, plump lips. “I’m going to kill that scheming brat and then destroy his beloved lip-gloss too!”

Hankyung grabbed his arm to stop Kangin from reaching for the door handle, “Wait.”

Kangin turned to look back at Hankyung, “What? But why?”

“Because out of all the cliché and cheesy stuff you’ve done today, there’s one you still haven’t done,” Hankyung explained as he closed the distance between them.

“Oh? And what’s that?” Kangin asked quietly as Hankyung began to lean into him,

“Kiss me.”

(Disclaimer: This fic is influenced by Dangyunhaji, Entertainer HaHa, Lee Jongsoo & some random Korean & English movies)


iwufsuju said...

hahahahhahahaha......... this is so funny.... i nearly feel of my chair when i read it...

Kangin reminded me so much of Lee Jong Soo "the eagle eyes" when he was trying to pursue Kim Ok Bin in the 'of course' game from X-Man....

love it heaps.... naughty Kyu with his lollies, funny Henry with his lipgloss and cute Minnie with his 'its actually cotton-candy-pink' hahahhahaah

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, Kangin is killing me here. XD So cheesy, but kinda cute at the same time.

Henry has a quite unhealthy obsession with raspberry lip gloss....I want raspberry lip gloss now. <.<

Kyu is just hahaha with his caramel things...

jishu said...

omigosh....I just wanna bang Kangin's head to the wall for being so cheezy. I did hear some of the lines from Dangyunhaji. Gosh, anybody would freak out if someone like that is pursuing you all day XD;;

Then then there's Henry...and his lipgloss...even Kyuhyun has a lipgloss!!! XD

innocently-hot said...

OMG! it's here!!

finished reading!
oh wow! it's totally crack!! i really love this!! crack written with some seriousness... it's just awesome!! it was really a normal feeling when i read the first paragraph, until...

“Something burning,” Kangin stated when then he paused and took Hankyung’s chin between his thumb and forefinger, “It must just be my heart.”

and you really got me there!! after that line, everything else just turn into some kind of weird atmosphere and hankyung was feeling embarrassed and uh, disturbed? haha

the whole fic is just that amazing and i love how every cheesy line you had in there!! and oh, i love henry even though he's kind of irritating, spoiling everything for kang in but i think hankyung need henry to get away from the creepy kang in!

anyway, there's too many of part that i want to quote and i don't think it is possible to quote the whole fic but i just wanted you to know that i really love this (i was laughing the entirely fic) and this is way too crack than what I've been asking for... and thanks for include the star counting thing too!!

I'll post this link in my LJ and you can read my full analisis there. I'll message you once I post them up.

thank you and love you.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! This was sooo funny! Good job! It's amazing how you found so much cheesy lines!

But somehow, with Henry always butting in like that, I felt that he was intentionally doing it. HanRy? Hahahahaha!

haengbokhae said...

i couldn't stop laughing! that was amazing.. i absolutely love your writing! schemeing henry/lipgloss = amazing.

daffydilly121 said...

oh so busy with school
but i'll be back to read this

Anonymous said...

i. loved. it! i have a kangkyung crush ever since i saw the last episode of EHB, there were some sweet kangkyung moments there.
the line: i'm just a boy standing in front of a guy asking him to love him was from notting hill with julia roberts and hugh grant!
i love the line about running out of stars to compare the reason why kangin love hankyung.

Anonymous said...

this was so hilarious and i loved itt :) !!

kangin was such a huge dork X] but it was so cute. and fail.

him pursuing hankyung was so cute and funny, especially with all the cheese.

the other members were so funny as well. and the ending was perfect <3

Anonymous said...

kangkyung as a pairing is rare, but cute :] (it should happen more)

i agree, there were some great moments in EHB.

followurdestiny said...

So good! So funny! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Henry with his lipgloss... and all the cheesy lines... ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Anonymous said...


You totally won when you used the line from Eric Mun's Firebird drama and made me smile like a idiot.

I loved this crack-ish fic & KangHan needs way more love (:

whatxsarahxsaid said...

SO SO SO funny. I wanted to quote the whole thing. PURE LOVE. I loved Henry's little bits, and his lip gloss. I just giggled my way through this. Seriously, non-stop laughing. I think my mom thinks I'm nuts (well, nuttier than usual). Just imagining Kangin doing that, and saying all that, was so easy to imagine.

Definitely one of my favorites ♥♥♥