“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series


Frequently Asked Questions

Alright, so I decided to make this page to answer any and all of your questions about 1] myself; 2] my stories; 3] my site; 4] my love of Super Junior. So, all you have to do is:
1] Email me at cheonnie[at]live[dot]ca
2] Post something in the cbox.

Answering questions don't take me long at all, so expect an answer within 48hrs if not sooner (because my laptop is my life =D ). Also, please check the FAQs before asking a question because someone might've wondered the same thing as you!

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Questions about CheonSa
::What time zone do you write in?
::What are the numbers before your story titles?
::Tu parles fran├žais?
::Are you Filipino?
::What do you study?

Questions about Me & Super Junior
::Who do you ship in Super Junior?
::Which is your OTP?

Questions about Stories
::Can you clarify the ending of Memories in Silk?
::In Song for Two did Shiwon's blindness have something to do with Heechul's accident?
::Can you clarify the ending of Control?
::In the Brotherhood Series does YooMae ever develop powers?
::For the Beyond Words series, will you ever write about Sooyoung? I already did!Read it here.
::Is the Brotherhood Series loosely based/connected with the show 'Charmed'?
::What is a songfic?
::In One Day of the O Henry series, isn't China bigger than Canada?
::Is the choreography in Boy Behind the Smile based on an SJ song?
::After reading Scarlet Night's Phase 5: Is Zhou Mi a vampire?
(Question hidden for spoiler reasons)

::Do you need a beta?
::Can you read/edit this?


What time zone do you write in?
In North America, Eastern time zone. I realized I should clarify this since often I'll give a deadline for my updates and then remembered that not everyone may be from my timezone ^_^;;.

What are the numbers before your story titles?
Basically, they're a way for me to keep track of my stories. Obviously those pertaining to the 100SJ Fic Challenge go from 001-100. Then I realized I like the 00-numbering system and put it before other stories. If it says [spin], then it's a spin-off of some sort. [Sum], you're on a page dedicated to a series's summary. [RQ], means that story was requested.

Tu parles fran├žais?
Oui. Yes, I studied French for 10 years. However, just from not practicing it, I have lost a lot of conversational skills. I can still read and write properly, but if you try to talk to me I will give you a blank, glazed-over stare.

Are you Filipino?
Yes. Technically.

What do you study?
I finished my BScN in 2012 and am currently working full-time.


Who do you ship in Super Junior?
Mainly Eeteuk/Kangin, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, , Eunhyuk/Donghae.

Which is your OTP?
It used to be Kangteuk. And then QMin came into my life. Eunhae has always been floating around the other two. However, recently, I've definitely been into QMi. In my more recent stories it is becoming a reoccuring pairing. So who is my OTP? I honestly cannot answer that because I say that about any of these four (even though Kyuhyun is a common factor in two of the pairings >_<;; ). So, due to my biases, these four pairings come up quite often in my stories. (Hanchul's becoming a repeat offender too ^_^;;) ===
  Can you clarify the ending of Memories in Silk?
Simple breakdown: Sungmin likes Hankyung. Hankyung likes Yesung. Sungmin uses a blindfold to get down&dirty with Hankyung while pretending to be Yesung. The next morning, Hankyung thinks the other night happened because Yesung wanted to start a relationship. Sungmin keeps the blindfold because that's all he'll ever have of Hankyung.
Yes, I know Yesung has a very distinctive voice, as does Sungmin.But let's pretend those things are negligible at this point. XD

In Song for Two did Shiwon's blindness have something to do with Heechul's accident?
Before Heechul's story in the For Two series, Shiwon has normal vision. However, Heechul gets into an accident at his other job (not at the restaurant) which affects the corneas of his eyes. In order to save his sight, one of Heechul's options is cornea replacement surgery. Shiwon, having already loved Heechul at that point, volunteered his own corneas for Heechul. Of course, Heechul is never aware of who the donor is and Shiwon is left with artificial corneas. That's why physically, a person cannot tell that Shiwon is blind, also, Shiwon is so used to the layout of the restaurant that he doesn't need that much help maneouvering around.

Can you clarify the ending of Control?
YooMae was about to fall, Kangin was about to lunge towards her when his telekinesis was broken free of its seal. Then, since he wasn't sure of his power's stability, he floated YooMae over to Donghae's safe arms. So that's why YooMae flew through the air, because Kangin got back his powers.

In the Brotherhood Series does YooMae ever develop powers?
In the epilogue, it's YooMae's birthday and the moment she's officially eighteen (9pm), she immediately goes under a drastic change. Her eyes turn sapphire blue, signaling the awakening of her powers. Up until that point, her family didn't think she'd receive powers since the Brotherhood inherited one power each and she didn't have the blue eyes.
What powers does YooMae receive? Her eye colour is the same as her mother's (and technically her aunt's as well). She actually inherits all three abilities her mother possessed, however, at a drastically lower degree than her brothers', so she is able to control all of them almost immediately.
What about her cousin's, AhMae's children? InCheon and InYoung also receive abilities from their mother. It's never stated, but they also were born with black eyes and 3 years after the epilogue (since at that time they'd only be 15) they go through the same change as YooMae. The boy twin, InCheon receives the power to seal the abilities while the girl twin, InYoung receives future sight.
It was stated several times that it was thought a miracle that someone from their family (specifically AhMae and her sister, YooMae (remember they named the baby after their mom) ) to have more than one kid, and a son at that. YooMae not only managed to have a son, but had 3 sons and then a daughter. AhMae had twins. With the acception of YooMae (the baby, not the mom), all of the next generation had one ability each, and the appearance of the blue eyes was delayed. This pointed towards the fact that the psychic traits in the family were slowly weakening. The generation which would be YooMae, InCheon and InYoung's children would not receive any powers at all. Their maternal family's trait ends with them and the Brotherhood.

For the Beyond Words series, will you ever write about Sooyoung?
I'm thinking about doing a sort of one-shot, spin-off for her, simply because I do want to give Sooyoung some scene-time that wasn't afforded to her during the course of the series. This story, however, will simply revolve around her life after the series, specifically how she and Hankyung met up.

Is the Brotherhood Series loosely based/connected with the show 'Charmed'?
Nope. I didn't even think about that show while writing this series and I haven't even seen an episode of that show for years. The plot bunny for this series came to be when Hokum asked me one day "Imagine you all of a sudden lost your hearing?". Besides thinking she was crazy, it got me thinking about complete silence or wanting complete silence. The plot expanded from there.
Now that this question makes me think of it, I see how there can be connections between 'Charmed' and this series because there's three brothers and they have three powers. Simply put, telepathy, telekinesis and empathy are very common 'psychic abilities' that are tossed around in the written world. They're practically an archetype for characters who are psychic. However, what I wanted to do with these archetypes is explore their darker side, their negative points and how each ability could be a curse rather than a blessing. That was the main point of the series.
Why three brothers? I have a trend of doing threes. I don't know why, it's just a habit. Princes series = Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae. Surrender series = three couples. Beyond Words = Eunhyuk has three cousins. Several of my series have just three stories. I think 3 is a very balanced number whereby I can write a series that is not too short and not too long. In the original plot, it was supposed to be a three-story series. However, as I began writing plot notes, I realized I wanted more time to develop each brother's story, so each brother then got - how many stories? That's right - 3.
And in all honesty, YooMae was supposed to die with their parents in the crash. I was almost done writing the first story of Control when I went back to the prologue and changed it so that YooMae lived. She served as a reprieve for the brothers (and gave me a way to bring conflict to Kangin's story).

What is a songfic?
Basically, it means the story was inspired - whether it be wholly or partially - by a song. Whenever I write a songfic, the song's title & band will be accompanied by it.

In Day One of the O Henry series, isn't China bigger than Canada?
Nope. It goes Russia and then Canada. I'm not sure where China falls in, but Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world.

Is the choreography in Boy Behind the Smile based on an SJ song?
Nope. Basically, whenever I describe choreography (Boy Behind the Smile & A Prince's Life) I'm just describing what looks cool in my head while I'm writing. If I use any specific dance terms, I do so after researching the terms so I know I'm as accurate as can be without being a specialist or a dance fanatic.

After reading Scarlet Night's Phase 5: Is Zhou Mi a vampire? (Highlight to read)

Nope. It was stated in a previous chapter that only purebloods could turn a human into a vampire (and that's if the pureblood, for a reason or another, lets the human live).
Legends and folklore around vampires differs greatly since a lot was first spoken by mouth; so, the "facts" about vampires aren't completely set in stone. For the purposes of this series, just know that what facts I state in my series is true for this series, but not necessarily true for other vampire stories you may read. Also, I like to give myself some creative leeway in stating that since Kyuhyun wasn't a pureblood, then he's still only half-vampire. And because of that, well.. he gets the brunt end of the stick. (You'll know why after the series is done XD )
In summary: Zhou Mi is not a vampire because Kyuhyun bit him. However, if a pureblood were to come along (*gasp*!) and bite Zhou Mi (and live) then yes, he'd so be a vampire. (Hot image, no?)


Do you need a beta?
No, but thanks for the offer. I have a wonderful editor who I've worked with for years. Our schedules mesh well together and we get along great. She knows my style. She's read my work for years, so she understands my nuances perfectly. Should I ever require another beta (which I doubt since I don't have enough time to write enough for two people) I'll advertise it.

Can you read/edit this?
I don't mean to be rude if that's how it seems, but honestly, I just don't have the time. I barely have the time to write anymore let alone read and edit something; it's one of the reasons I don't read fanfictions: no time (despite the hundreds of links I've been recommended over the years).