“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

[00r4] A Different Game

words: 5881
rating: NC17
(Part of the Intimate series)

It was dark when they came home that night. They passed through the building’s lobby and headed towards the elevators to head up to their dorm. They pressed the ‘up’ button, but nothing happened, the button didn’t even light up. Glancing up at the numbers above the elevator door, the noticed that two numbers were lit up; impossible, considering there was one elevator carriage. The numbers were that of the floor their dorm was located and the floor below.

The elder of the two led the way towards the security office. They walked in silence and while it wasn’t awkward, it wasn’t comfortable either. Instead, it was tense, filled with an angry silence from one of them.

“Hyung…” the younger man began, “You can’t still be mad.”

The elder flashed him a glare before continuing on his way, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Min…” He tried again, attempting to break through his hyung’s cold exterior by use of his preferred diminutive.

“I can and I am,” Sungmin stated as they turned into the corridor that led to the security office, “Don’t think I’ll forget so suddenly what you said a mere two hours ago, Kyuhyun.”

“Even if I did, I’m sure you’d remind me,” Kyuhyun muttered under his breath,

“What was that?” Sungmin stopped and raised a challenging eyebrow,

“Nothing,” Kyuhyun returned, shoving his fists into his pants pocket.

They continued to the security office in silence. When they turned the last corner to their destination, they were startled to find that all security officers on duty - except for the one who remained at the front desk - were outside of the office. Strong-looking men in their middle ages, the three security officers were all sitting on the ground outside of the office playing what looked to be like poker.

“Are you locked out?” Sungmin blinked, startled.

The officers looked up, recognizing them immediately. After months and months of protecting the boys, all the security officers in the building knew the members of Super Junior.

“No, no,” one officer replied. He glanced at the other two, “We… were just feeling a little stuffy in the office, so we thought we’d take some time out here in the hallway.”

Kyuhyun, who had stopped directly behind Sungmin, eyed them curiously, “Oh? Well… it seems the elevator’s stopped between two floors.”

The three men looked at one another before nodding and saying in unison, “We know.”

A pointed silence ensued before Sungmin cleared his throat and inquired, “Is… something being done about it?”

“Oh, yes. We called the repair man-”

“And the fire department-”

“And the building manager-”

“And?” Kyuhyun prompted, trying hard not to laugh.

“They’ll be here as soon as possible,” all three replied. Once more, oddly in sync with one another.

“Um… who will be here?” Sungmin asked,

“All of them,” one insisted,

“Yes, all of them,” another nodded his head fervently,

“As soon as possible,” the other repeated.

Sungmin blinked. He looked over his shoulder at Kyuhyun who now had a hand cupped over his mouth, presumably to further aid in stopping his laughter and to hide a telling smile. Rolling his eyes, Sungmin turned back to the three men, “Okay… I guess we’ll use the stairs.”

The three men nodded their heads in support. Something was odd about their performance - Sungmin was sure it couldn’t be more than a performance - and yet both Sungmin and Kyuhyun were reluctant to inquire and find out the answer. So, quietly, they turned around and retreated back to the main lobby.

On their way to the stairwell, Kyuhyun tapped the elevator button, but still it remained dormant as the two numbers continued to glow atop the doors. Sighing, he followed Sungmin. Before Sungmin could push open the door, Kyuhyun grabbed his arm and turned him back to face him.

“What?” Sungmin asked tartly,

With his free hand, Kyuhyun reached out, grasping Sungmin’s nape just before his lips came crashing down against Sungmin’s. The older man tried to pull away, tried to push him away and, on any other occasion it would have worked. This time, however, Kyuhyun was more determined, his hands gripping Sungmin tightly, securely, as his mouth attacked Sungmin’s.

His lips moved mercilessly against Sungmin’s, his tongue probing at the seem of his hyung’s lips which were firmly pressed together. Kyuhyun tilted his head another fraction to the side, slanted his lips more and pressed his mouth flush against Sungmin’s. His tongue was insistent, flicking at Sungmin’s lips, tracing their curve, trying to pry them apart.

When Sungmin remained unaffected, Kyuhyun moved his one hand from Sungmin’s arm to his waist. His hand slid around to Sungmin’s back and then slowly, slid lower until he filled his hand with part of Sungmin’s backside. He groped it shamelessly and Sungmin gasped. Taking this chance, Kyuhyun slipped between Sungmin’s parted lips with his tongue and before Sungmin could stop him, ran his tongue along the other’s.

With that one caress, Sungmin momentarily forgot why he was resisting. He raised his hands, framing Kyuhyun’s face as their tongues duelled. He pressed his body closer to Kyuhyun’s, pressing his lips closer. He suddenly became more insistent that his dongsaeng, his tongue pushing Kyuhyun’s back until he entered Kyuhyun’s mouth. He swept his tongue along the hot and wet surfaces of Kyuhyun’s mouth, eliciting a groan from the younger man.

Satisfied for now, Sungmin broke the kiss, pushing Kyuhyun away. Arms crossed again, he raised a questioning brow at him, “What was that for?”

“To show once and for all that what I said during filming was just a joke. You know you’re the only one I want, Min,” Kyuhyun said, eyes narrowing as his tone grew serious.

“Hmm… We’ll see,” he muttered as he turned back to the stairwell door. Pushing the heavy door open, Sungmin knew it usually would creak, but it was drowned out by a moan that echoed off the stairwell’s walls.

Sungmin stopped, but Kyuhyun hadn’t realized and bumped into him, sending them both into the stairwell. Kyuhyun grabbed it in time before it moved enough to make noise.

“Why’d you stop?” Kyuhyun asked.

Sungmin put a finger to his lips, silencing him. He pointed upwards and then stood still. They could hear voices, but they were undistinguished, barely reaching through the stairwell to them. They stood there, quietly, still as the voices stopped. Suddenly, the silence of the stairwell was filled tell-tale pants and grunts. Kyuhyun’s eyes widened and he turned to leave. However, Sungmin reached past him, pushing the door close, then pushed him against the door.


Sungmin was against him in a split-second. Both hands planted on the door on either side of Kyuhyun’s shoulders, his lips found Kyuhyun’s immediately. He didn’t play at any games, his tongue forcing its way into Kyuhyun’s mouth, deepening the kiss the moment it began. He tasted every surface, every crevice of Kyuhyun’s mouth before his tongue began to massage Kyuhyun’s.

More panting and grunting and moaning echoed down to them and Kyuhyun was having a hard time silencing his own. The kiss they shared before entering the stairwell had started the fire between them; he knew that for certain, despite Sungmin’s supposed coldness. Now, as Sungmin kissed him fiercely, Kyuhyun knew that those sexual cries - whoever they belonged to - were now feeding the fire.

No longer being able to remain still, Kyuhyun moved his hands to Sungmin’s body. His hands at Sungmin’s hips, he slid his hands beneath Sungmin’s shirt. Sungmin felt his skin flare with heat at Kyuhyun’s touch. The heat spread and moved as Kyuhyun slid his hands to meet and clasp securely at the small of his back.

Sungmin broke the kiss, moving his head back enough to look at Kyuhyun clearly. His eyes searched the other’s, wondering, questioning silently… This was insane. They were getting turned on by the cries of another couple, ready to have their own turn right there against the stairwell door and yet-

Kyuhyun pressed his thigh between Sungmin’s thighs as his hands pulled him tighter against him. A moan of relief echoed down towards them just as Sungmin let out a sharp breath. Sungmin locked eyes with Kyuhyun again, aware that his hands had moved from the door to his dongsaeng’s shoulders. Kyuhyun moved his hands to Sungmin’s hips, gripping them tighter. Pressing Sungmin’s pelvis against his thigh, Kyuhyun pulled Sungmin’s body closer.

“Harder,” the word barely reached them, but both had heard the grounded word.

Sungmin , his forehead now on Kyuhyun’s shoulder, turned his face, his mouth at Kyuhyun’s throat. He stuck out his tongue and traced Kyuhyun’s Adam’s apple as a collection of two moans was heard. He felt Kyuhyun’s hands tighten on his hips and he murmured against his skin,

“Yes, Kyu… harder,” Sungmin demanded; softly, but Kyuhyun knew it for what it was.

Kyuhyun pressed Sungmin’s pelvis down against his thigh even harder as he rubbed his thigh slowly. Sungmin closed his eyes as his entire body shivered. Kyuhyun couldn’t stop the smirk from pulling at his lips. Sungmin was rock-hard within his slacks, the muscles of his entire body stretched taut with heated tension. However, Kyuhyun’s smugness couldn’t last for long. Sungmin slowly bent one of his knees, rubbing it at the apex of Kyuhyun’s thighs, finding a hardened bulge there as well.

“We can’t do this here,” Kyuhyun quietly gasped, “We need to get upstairs.”

Sungmin nodded as he pulled them away from the door, yanked it open and dragged Kyuhyun with him, the door shutting firmly behind them. He took two steps before turning back to Kyuhyun, the younger man bumping into him.

“What?” Kyuhyun almost snapped at suddenly being stopped on their way upstairs,

“Elevator’s still broken,” Sungmin glanced over his shoulder as he pushed Kyuhyun into the shadows of the hallway. He saw Kangin standing by the elevators at the other end of the hall. Kangin was peering up at the numbers above the door and hadn’t seen them yet. Sungmin looked down at the front of his pants and lightly swore, “If hyung sees us…”

Sungmin looked around and dragged Kyuhyun into the closest room, closing the door behind them. Kyuhyun looked around them. It wasn’t that big of a room, but perhaps it was the two pool tables that made the room seem smaller. One was close to them, pulled into the centre away from any walls. The other table was pushed back against a corner, the pockets missing bottoms, rendering the table unusable for play. Other than the pool tables, the room had racks where cues were standing and a few chairs and stools spread throughout the room.

Kyuhyun looked at Sungmin, eyes wide, “Here?”

“We can’t get back upstairs and if not here then I’ll take you in front of the entire lobby,” Sungmin said, his voice low, throaty and threatening as he turned off the lights. The door only locked with a key from the outside, so Sungmin cut the lights to draw less attention to the room. He pushed Kyuhyun towards the nearest pool table, “Up,” he commanded.

Kyuhyun blinked, “But… don’t you want to go first?” He asked while hopping onto the table anyway, inching back until his knees hooked over the edge, dangling.

“Not when I’ve wanted to eat you all day,” Sungmin said simply as he brushed his lips against Kyuhyun’s, slowly pushing him back onto the table. His hand cupped Kyuhyun through his pants, “Of course, I could stop and you could suck me,”

Kyuhyun had lost all sense the moment Sungmin put his hand on him and it took him a few seconds to reply. “No… No… you offered first,” Kyuhyun breathed as Sungmin began to knead him.

“Are you sure?” Sungmin asked teasingly as he undid Kyuhyun’s pants, pulling down his boxers enough to set him free,

“Yes,” Kyuhyun hissed, crossing his forearms over his eyes, even though they were drenched in darkness.

Sungmin smiled to himself, his eyes already adjusted to the darkness of the pool room. He leaned towards where Kyuhyun was erect and pressed kisses around his base. His kisses pressed and sucked around the circumference of Kyuhyun’s base before his tongue darted out, the tip flicking tiny stroke along the hot, throbbing skin. Sungmin didn’t move his mouth any higher than the base, his tongue drawing wet swirls and designs.

“Min,” Kyuhyun croaked,

With one hand, Sungmin used just his index finger and brushed the tip of his finger against the tip of Kyuhyun. His tongue remaining in the same area, his finger flicked and rubbed and toyed with just the tip. His dongsaeng wriggled and jerked beneath him, trying to move his hips. However, Sungmin draped his free arm over Kyuhyun’s hips, stilling him against the pool table. He playfully nipped at the base as he replaced his fingertip with his palm, brushing roughly against the head.

Kyuhyun’s hips jerked against his hold to no avail, letting out a groan. Whether it was out of frustration or pleasure, Sungmin wasn’t sure but he smirked all the same. Using just the tip of his index finger, he trailed it in a snaking line, lightly, up and down Kyuhyun’s length. He bent his finger slightly, grazing the skin with his nail and the younger man barely stifled a moan as his entire body shivered with delight.

Finally, Sungmin followed the path of his finger with his tongue, bringing it higher to swirl about the head. Kyuhyun let out a sigh of relief when Sungmin took the head into his mouth. Lips sealed tightly just below the head, Sungmin circled it with his tongue again and again. He massaged with his firm lips as his tongue tickled with its tip. Kyuhyun was panting now, squirming beneath Sungmin.

His hyung moved from his side to stand between his knees. Sungmin pressed his hands down on Kyuhyun’s thighs, holding him steady as he began to lightly suck on the head alone. Kyuhyun stretched his hands, trying to grab at something when he remembered they weren’t in their room on a bed, but in one of the game rooms on a pool table. The thought enflamed his senses the way the echoed moans in the stairwell set Sungmin off.

Sungmin slid his hands up. They caressed up Kyuhyun’s thighs, to the opening of his pants and his bunched boxers. They reached for the hard shaft as he sucked harder on the head. His hands rubbed their palms up and down Kyuhyun, never joining, never enclosing the way the younger man wanted.

Kyuhyun fisted his hands, pressing them against the velvety softness of the pool table beneath him as he arched his back off the surface, trying to move more of himself into Sungmin’s mouth. He was on fire, he was itching everywhere, pulsing everywhere and he knew the one thing to stop all of that was to feel Sungmin’s mouth on more of him. He tried pushing his hips up more, but Sungmin’s hands had moved to his hips, pushing him firmly against the pool table. He thrashed against his hold in vain, Sungmin was stronger than him.

Sungmin’s mouth, still only on the head, still sucking hard but not hard enough, was driving him insane and taking every ounce of strength from his body. He didn’t even have to silence his groans anymore because they had reduced to forced puffs of air, panting as he tried to form comprehensible words,

“Min… Min… Min …” He stammered, eyes staring into the darkness as his head moved from side to side, frustrated he couldn’t move his hips in the direction he wanted.

Hands still pinning him down, Sungmin raised his head, peering at Kyuhyun through the darkness even though the only light they had was the thin space beneath the room’s door. “You’re mine.”

“W-W-What?” Kyuhyun asked, Sungmin’s clear declaration forcing its way through his mind fogged up by flaming desire,

“You. Are. Mine,” Sungmin repeated, his voice low but firm and clear, his hands gripping his hips ever so tighter, “No one else’s, so you can’t go saying otherwise to other people.”

“W-Wha-… H-Hu-… I… T-That was a joke,” Kyuhyun somehow managed as he tried to remember what Sungmin was referring to. It was proving to be damned hard to remember two and a half hours ago when all he could think about was somehow getting himself back into Sungmin’s mouth.

Sungmin climbed onto the pool table, kneeling as his knees flanked Kyuhyun’s thighs. He came down on all fours, his hands on either side of Kyuhyun’s shoulders as his nose brushed against the tip of Kyuhyun’s nose, “I. Don’t. Care.”


Sungmin slowly lowered his hips, brushing the hard head with the front of his pants which concealed his own hardened state. Kyuhyun inhaled sharply at the contact of his sensitized skin against the rough material of Sungmin’s slacks. He lowered his hips inch by inch, pressing against Kyuhyun until his erection was sandwiched between their bodies.

“Min…” He rasped, his hands pulling at Sungmin’s shirt, his palms running up and down his hyung’s back, “Please.”

“Then don’t say stuff like that ever again,” Sungmin said, his tone taunting but Kyuhyun knew he was dead serious.

“I was just joking,” Kyuhyun defended weakly,

Sungmin silenced him with a roll of his hips, massaging Kyuhyun with his own hardness, two layers of fabric the only barrier between them. He rocked his hips, grinded them against Kyuhyun’s. His dongsaeng squirmed beneath him, his hips meeting each grind, his hands grasping at Sungmin’s shirt, desperately trying to bring him closer.

“Min…” He was pleading now, begging desperately and he didn’t care.

Sungmin leaned down, running his tongue along Kyuhyun’s bottom lip as his hips grinded against Kyuhyun who groaned appreciatively. Suddenly, he pulled back, still on all fours, but no longer touching Kyuhyun. He was silent, staring down at Kyuhyun in the darkness.

“I’ll never even think to say stuff like that ever again,” Kyuhyun whispered, his voice hoarse and shaking.

Slowly, Sungmin crawled backwards off the table, standing between Kyuhyun’s knees again. He leaned forward, his mouth a bare inch from Kyuhyun’s core. It stood erected once more, possibly more hard than even before.

“You’re mine?” Sungmin prompted innocently. Knowing full well that Kyuhyun couldn’t see the mischievousness lighting his fox-like eyes, he blew out a soft, steady stream of air all along Kyuhyun’s lengths. Sungmin’s breath felt like ice against his fiery skin and he almost burst right there.

“FUCK YES!” Kyuhyun breathed, his body shuddering gloriously from that simple caress.

Smiling smugly in the darkness, Sungmin pressed a kiss to the tip before slowly, excruciatingly so, taking more and then all of Kyuhyun. His mouth was too hot, too wet, too wonderful.

“Damn, Min. I’m yours,” Kyuhyun panted, “I’m so fucking yours.”

Sungmin had just begun to move his mouth up and down Kyuhyun when they heard voices drawing closer to the door. Sungmin suddenly straightened and Kyuhyun somehow managed to push himself up just as they heard footsteps accompanying these voices. Kyuhyun had just barely tucked his errant and frustrated self back into his boxers before Sungmin grabbed his wrist and pulled him around the pool table and further into the room. They got to the second pool table that had been pushed up against two walls at the corner and Sungmin practically pushed Kyuhyun beneath. He just managed to scramble beneath the table just as the room was flood with light from the corridor.

Quietly, he moved closer to Kyuhyun, inching them closer to the corner and away from the edges of the table’s bottom. They had barely two and a half feet of height beneath the table, but Sungmin sandwiched Kyuhyun against the wall, his arms instinctively wrapping around Kyuhyun’s torso. The light in the room turned on and they both held their breaths.

“Why’d you come down?” It was Kangin’s voice.

“Well, it took you so long to come after I called you, I thought I’d come look for you,” Eeteuk’s voice explained, “And that damn elevator is broken or something.”

“I know. I must have been standing there for ten or fifteen minutes before you came down,” Kangin admitted.

Kyuhyun pressed back against the wall, Sungmin flush against him as they lay there, quiet. Kyuhyun chewed on his bottom lip as their hyungs continued to talk. He was stiff in Sungmin’s embrace, fully aware of the fact that he was still very much aroused and if Eeteuk and Kangin decided to play a game of pool, he wouldn’t get satisfied for some time.

As if knowing his thoughts completely, Sungmin reached a hand down between them, wrapping his fingers around Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun’s lips fell open, a gasp on his lips that Sungmin silenced by clamping his other hand over his mouth. Sungmin began to stroke him, his fingers wrapped firmly as he moved his hand up and down Kyuhyun. Unable to voice any of his cries, unable to stop Sungmin, Kyuhyun could think of nothing else he could do but reach for Sungmin and rub his hyung through his slacks. As Kyuhyun’s hand matched his own in pressure, Sungmin removed his other hand from Kyuhyun’s mouth, pressing his lips against Kyuhyun’s and forming a seal over their groans with a fevered kiss.

Their hyung’s casual conversation floated towards them beneath the pool table, but it only fired their passions more. The thought of being so explicit, of doing something so shocking in such a public place, the thought of getting caught - no, the thought of the potential of getting caught, was enough alone to stoke the fire building within them and around them.

“I’ve been waiting so long to finish,” Kyuhyun whispered, biting down on his lip just in time to stop a moan as Sungmin traced his nails along Kyuhyun’s length.

“And… you think… I haven’t?” Sungmin murmured, shuddering when Kyuhyun slipped his hand into his pants and boxers. He opened his eyes, sought out Kyuhyun’s gaze and locked with it, “Now.”

Kyuhyun felt his mouth go dry and he licked his lips, “Now?”

Sungmin touched his lips to Kyuhyun’s, his tongue slipping into the other’s mouth. He teased and caressed with his tongue, enticing and drawing Kyuhyun’s tongue. He taunted it, lured it into his own mouth until he was able to suck on it lightly, imitating what Kyuhyun had wanted so desperately before their hyungs had interrupted them. When he finally broke the kiss, all Sungmin did was raise a questioning eyebrow and Kyuhyun weakly nodded.

Turning on his side to face the wall, Kyuhyun laid his palms against the cool wall as he barely registered the sound of the billiard balls being hit around on the other pool table. Sungmin undid his pants, shoving them and his boxers enough to release himself. He reached for Kyuhyun’s pants and pushed them down to knee-level. He leaned his torso closer, the head of him at Kyuhyun’s entrance.

Lips at his dongsaeng’s ear, he whispered, “You have to be quiet,”

“You’re as noisy as me,” Kyuhyun replied, bracing himself against the wall, the bottom of the table just inches from his shoulder,

We have to be quiet,” Sungmin amended as his hands found purchase on Kyuhyun’s hips. He pressed in and Kyuhyun bit down on his lip until he tasted blood. Using the arm that was flush with the floor, Sungmin manoeuvred it up, his arm cushioning Kyuhyun’s head, his forearm wrapping around, his hand resting on Kyuhyun’s opposite shoulder. “Bite down on my forearm,” Sungmin suggested, his tone soothing.

Kyuhyun did as he was told just before Sungmin pressed more of himself into him. Sungmin buried his lips against Kyuhyun’s shoulder, clenching his eyes shut and with a slow thrust, pushed most of himself in. With his free hand, he trailed it down Kyuhyun’s thigh, raising it, opening him up just a little bit more. That small movement allowed Sungmin to push in a fraction more. He nudged Kyuhyun’s thigh more with his own until he was able to seat himself completely into Kyuhyun’s body.

Kyuhyun released his teeth from Sungmin’s arm only so he could take in a deep, steadying breath, his entire body panting at the heat that was once centred at his core, now spread throughout. It wasn’t their first time, but where they were and what they were doing was causing him to feel things as if it were their first time. Sungmin was so damn hard and was buried so damn much inside him. His body felt stretched and taut and he felt that if Sungmin moved - as he knew he would, prayed he would - then his body would break in half.

Sungmin continued to press his lips against Kyuhyun’s shoulder, his teeth clenched behind their firm seal. One arm wrapped around Kyuhyun, the other still gripping his thigh, Sungmin’s thoughts were concentrated on two things. The first, he knew they had to keep quiet as their hyungs had begun to play a game of pool - damn them boy - and, the second, Kyuhyun was unbelievably hot and tight around him. Despite drawing out both of their releases for so long, Kyuhyun wasn’t as wet as Sungmin - either of them, really - was used to. So, the friction between them was more intense than usual, causing Sungmin’s first thought to slip in and out of his mind.

As the clack of the billiards balls rang within the room, accompanied by the tenor of Eeteuk and Kangin’s conversation, Sungmin began to move within Kyuhyun. Because of their position, he couldn’t move as much as he would like, but he rocked enough and grinded enough that Kyuhyun still shook. Sungmin’s hand moved from Kyuhyun’s thigh, allowing it to drop, making his dongsaeng’s body close about him even tighter.

He had to take a deep breath before he began moving again. When he did, all they felt was at a level higher than even before. Partnered with their lack of lubrication, each rub, each stroke pushed them higher and higher to a plane they had never reached. Even though his thrusts weren’t as fast or as hard as they’ve done before, they were just as good, if not better.

With one hand being idle, Sungmin reached around to Kyuhyun’s front, found him as rock-hard as he left him and stroked. Kyuhyun’s jaw fell open , his head lolled against Sungmin’s arm as he swallowed a groan. He turned his head, trying to capture Sungmin’s lips. Knowing his intent, Sungmin gently slipped his arm out from beneath Kyuhyun’s head so he could prop himself. Continuing to thrust into him, Sungmin twisted his torso, rising above Kyuhyun when his head knocked against the underside of the table.

Barely silencing a yelp, he pressed his forehead against Kyuhyun’s shoulder, shutting his eyes as now both of his heads - one above and one below - were throbbing; most definitely the one below. Reaching across with his hand, Kyuhyun stroked Sungmin’s head as they stopped breathing, stopped moving. There was a pause in the game happening just a few feet from them.

“Did you hear that?” Eeteuk’s question floated down towards them,

“Yeah, it sounded like a knock,” Kangin said, the sound of footsteps suggesting he was walking somewhere; “But the door isn’t even locked… doesn’t even lock.”

“Maybe it was a prank?” Eeteuk inquired, accompanied by the distinct sound of a cue being placed on the pool table.

“Damn punks,” Kangin muttered, the sound of the door swinging open, “No, no one’s out here - hey there’s Yesung and Ryeowook!”

“They come down the stairs too?” Eeteuk asked, more footsteps but these sounded as if they were moving away,

“No, the elevator. It must be fixed!” Kangin exclaimed happily.

From beneath the other pool table, Sungmin and Kyuhyun lay still as they heard the light banter. Finally, they were shrouded in darkness once more as the door was shut and the sound of footsteps faded away. Slowly, Sungmin withdrew from Kyuhyun and lay silent as Kyuhyun slowly rolled to face him. As their eyes readjusted to the darkness, they waited three heart beats before scrambling out from beneath the table.

“I want to finished damn it,” Kyuhyun cried as he began to pull up his pants and boxers, “But every time we get close something - what are you doing!?”

Sungmin had grabbed one of the chairs around the room, lodging the back beneath the doorknob. He grabbed the doorknob and tried it, but it stayed firm. Flicking on the lights, he turned to look at Kyuhyun, “Where were we?”

Kyuhyun said nothing, could say nothing as Sungmin prowled back towards him. He licked his lips as Sungmin came up behind him, his hands first on Kyuhyun’s hips, then running up his sides, beneath his shirt. Kyuhyun planted his hands on the soft, green surface of the pool table as Sungmin’s roaming hands slid back down and rested on his hips. Sungmin pressed the tip in and Kyuhyun choked in a breath. Sungmin moved one hand to Kyuhyun’s back, sliding it slowly up his spine, exerting just a bit pressure. With each inch his hand moved up Kyuhyun’s back, he pressed just a bit more, pressing Kyuhyun’s torso down bit by bit until it was his forearms and not his hands which lay on the table’s surface.

With Kyuhyun bent as he wanted, Sungmin returned his hand to his hips and with one, swift motion, thrust completely into Kyuhyun. His dongsaeng’s breath came out as a hoarse gasp as he groaned appreciatively. He began to thrust in and out of Kyuhyun. They had stretched their passion for too long. It was like a rubber band that had been twisted and then stretched; any longer and it would snap. When that happened, they would finally reach what they had been trying to reach for an hour now.

Sungmin knew they were both close. They had been close before, but every time they were edging the precipice, something would happen and they would have to stop, pull back and retreat. With their goal so near, Sungmin moved one hand to Kyuhyun’s front, hands clasping around him firmly. Each stroke worked against each thrust, Kyuhyun’s body pumping him as he pumped Kyuhyun.

Closer and closer they inched to completion, the rubber band winding and stretching tight - too tight. Kyuhyun covered Sungmin’s hand with his own, stilling it. He looked over his shoulder at Sungmin, noting his hyung’s face which was probably as flushed as his own face - indeed, his entire body - felt. Sungmin barely managed to raise an eyebrow in askance when Kyuhyun stammered, breathed,

“I want to be facing you at the end.”

Sungmin nodded and slowly withdrew, his body screaming at the loss. Kyuhyun climbed onto the pool table, pushing balls away from him and even causing both cues that had been used to fall to the floor with a crisp clack each. He sat on the edge, however, he was too high. Sungmin grabbed at Kyuhyun’s pants and boxers, pulling them off with his shoes. Taking Kyuhyun’s sock-clad feet, Sungmin lifted them to the table before jumping onto the table himself. As Sungmin pushed Kyuhyun down to the table, his dongsaeng’s eyes widened with surprise.

“You have no idea how many times I’ve dreamed of you like this,” Sungmin murmured as he knelt between Kyuhyun’s legs, nudging more and more billiard balls away from them,

“You… dream of… fucking me on a… on a pool table?” Kyuhyun stammered weakly as Sungmin grabbed his thighs, his hands running down to his knees and lifting them to his shoulders.

Kyuhyun saw the mischievous light enter Sungmin’s fox-like eyes. Coupled with the desire and the love that already darkened those eyes, Kyuhyun knew he wouldn’t last long now. With Kyuhyun’s knees hooked over his shoulders, Sungmin gripped his hips firmly,

“I dream of fucking you on many things,” Sungmin admitted, his voice quiet and innocent as he thrust completely into Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun’s breathing was laboured, his eyes locked with his hyung as he felt him deep within his body. Sungmin withdrew almost completely and thrust swiftly into him again,

“…against many things,” Sungmin continued.

What was he talking about? Kyuhyun couldn’t even remember, the last of his sanity shattered with the previous joining of their bodies.

“…under many things,” Sungmin’s words drifted to him as his body was filled completely, his senses saturated of Sungmin.

Then, they said no more, didn’t need to, as Sungmin pounded into him. Each thrust came harder and faster than the last, so powerful that Kyuhyun felt his back lifting from the pool table. His arms flung carelessly to his side, pushing the billiard balls all around the table as his fingers tried to grasp the flat, material surface while his entire body shook and writhed. He began to arch his back, lift his hips, trying to gain some control, but it was no use.

His groans and grunts echoed through his body as his moans and pants echoed in the room. Sungmin was grunting with each thrust, his teeth cutting into his bottom lip as he held onto his own cries. It had been too long, too torturous with each ebb and flow of their progress. His hips seemed to move of their own accord as he pushed both of them to the edge.

Suddenly, the edge was gone and they were both flying.

Kyuhyun’s body tensed up, the heat coursing through his body as his muscles clenched and clenched, never seeming to relax in between each contraction. His moan had bubbled up from his throat, but before it could be voice by his lips, it died there, all of his strength concentrated on his release. Through it all, he kept his eyes locked with Sungmin’s.

Sungmin reached completion at the same time as Kyuhyun. However, as Kyuhyun’s body contracted with each wave of release, it tightened around him, encasing him like a glove of fire. It pushed his release on, pumped his body as his hips moved, pounding and pounding still into Kyuhyun’s body with each ripple of satiation that passed through his body. Never looking away from Kyuhyun, his teeth finally released his bottom lip as he moaned Kyuhyun’s name.

As the last of their climaxes passed through them and slowly, sweetly so, ebbed away, so did their strength. Kyuhyun’s knees slipped from their perch on Sungmin’s shoulders, his legs hitting the pool table with a thud each. Sungmin moved his hands from beneath Kyuhyun’s legs before slumping forward and falling onto Kyuhyun’s body.

“I dream of fucking you everywhere,” Sungmin stated weakly. He stretched and pressed a light kiss to Kyuhyun’s lips before completely collapsing on top of him, his head coming to rest against Kyuhyun’s shoulder, one hand lying limp on Kyuhyun’s chest,

“Good,” Kyuhyun murmured, his arms coming to wrap securely and possessively around his hyung, “because you’re mine and I’m yours.”

“And don’t you forget that,” Sungmin replied.

He shifted his hand on Kyuhyun’s chest until he felt his heart beat, knowing it synced with his own heart.

(Eeteuk&Kangin: Bump in the Night)


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