“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

[00r5] Bump in the Night

Words: 6510
Rate: NC17
(Part of the Intimate series)

The moment his dongsaengs left the dorm, Eeteuk retreated to his room and immediately picked up his phone. With Donghae gone for the night, it was ample opportunity for him to spend some time with Kangin. Despite filming for the entire day, they had been separated the entire time. Despite seeing him the entire day, there was an acute hollowness within himself.

He called Kangin and once the younger man stated he’d be over soon, Eeteuk happily laid down on his bed and waited. Kangin lived half an hour away by foot, so he knew he could nap for awhile. However, when the alarm on his cellular phone rang a half hour later and he was still alone, Eeteuk grew annoyed. He tried calling three times, but there was no answer. Leaving his room, he ran into Hankyung who was exiting Heechul’s room.

“Last time I checked… you and Heechul had separate rooms,” Eeteuk said smugly.

“I don’t speak Korean,” he replied in staggered, broken Korean, his accent thick.

Eeteuk shook his head as he walked to the door, slipped on his shoes and left the dorm. Stretching his arms to the ceiling, he yawned heavily as he walked over to the elevators. However, when he tried the button, it didn’t light up. He looked up at the numbers above the elevator doors and, oddly enough, the numbers eleven and twelve were both lit up. Eeteuk blinked; was the elevator stuck between the floors?

Sighing heavily, he crossed his arms loosely about his torso and slowly made his way towards one of the stairwells. Twelve stories was a lot of stairs to go down, but he didn’t have a choice with the elevator seemingly broken. Besides, he really was worried about Kangin; he always picked up his phone.

When he entered the cement encasement of the stairwell, he was surprised to hear soft voices talking. Presumably, he wasn’t the only one suffering from the broken elevator. He slowly made his way. He was startled to find Donghae and Eunhyuk sitting on the bottom steps of the stair set that descended to the eleventh floor. Donghae was leaning against the wall, sitting sideways on the steps as Eunhyuk sat perpendicular to him, the younger man’s legs stretched out over his lap.

As he stepped onto the landing, he raised a single eyebrow at the two. They were both dressed, but their clothes were rumpled and there was a certain red tinge to their skin and glassy look to their eyes that belied their seemingly casual appearances.

“Ohhh, you two are naughtier than any of us thought,” Eeteuk teased as he slowly rounded to the next set of stairs,

Eunhyuk rolled his eyes, “No matter what Donghae and I do… no matter where Donghae and I do it… You and Kangin will always be worse.”

Eunhyuk didn’t even bat an eyelash as he said casually, “I said nothing about comparisons. I merely made a comment on the two of you.”

Donghae couldn’t make contact with the leader as his cheeks grew hot. Desperate for a change of subject, he asked as coolly as he could, “So… why are you taking the stairs?”

“Elevator’s broken or something,” Eeteuk explained, “From the looks of it, it’s probably stuck between the floors.”

Donghae and Eunhyuk glanced at each other. Donghae then looked away, biting down on his lip to stop from laughing as Eunhyuk grinned widely. He looked over at Eeteuk, “Apparently a lot of peoples’ natures are coming out tonight.”

Eeteuk blinked, “Oh?”

“Yesung and Ryeowook were the only ones on the elevator when we got off,” Eunhyuk explained, “How much you want to bet the elevator’s not broken, they just… stopped it.”

Eeteuk’s almond-shaped eyes widened considerably, “No way! Not Ryeowook!”

Eunhyuk snorted, “More like, not Yesung. Don’t forget, they’re my dorm mates… and when no one’s looking, Yesung blushes a heck of a lot more than Ryeowook.”

“But… but it’s Ryeowook,” Eeteuk gaped,

“Yes, but think of it like this. Yesung has such a strange and strong personality, do you think someone quiet and meek could really stand to be with Yesung for long?” Eunhyuk inquired, “I think not! Rather, I think Ryeowook has a side none of us have seen. I bet, in the bedroom, Ryeowook’s the one who takes the lead.”

Eeteuk sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as he clenched his eyes shut, “Oh my… I don’t need to know what happens between the members… but Ryeowook of all people? I mean… He’s Ryeowook! He’s the maknae!”

Donghae finally looked at him, “Hyung… Kibum and Kyuhyun are younger.”

“They don’t count,” Eeteuk scowled, “Kibum acts years beyond his age and Kyuhyun is too cheeky and snarky to be our cute maknae.”

The couple merely nodded in silent agreement.

“Well are you two going to the dorm? I’m sure despite your… emotions… you two can control yourselves until you get back to the dorm,” Eeteuk stated simply. However, despite his seemingly innocent suggestion, both noticed the particular glint in his eyes. The leader was making a gentle command to help save face of the group.

“We’ll go soon,” Donghae replied quietly, turning his gaze away once more.

Eeteuk raised both eyebrows this time in silent question.

Eunhyuk could feel Donghae’s hand gripping his painfully as he stated smugly, “We can’t leave until Donghae is able to walk again.”

Eeteuk’s jaw slowly dropped, “Naughty indeed,” he murmured as he continued down the stairs.

Because of his leisurely pace, it took Eeteuk ten minutes to get down to the ground floor. Once there, he started heading to the lobby when he caught sight of Kangin standing by the elevators.

Relief swamped him immediately. However, then his irritation returned and got the best of him, “Where the hell have you been?”

Kangin turned to the familiar voice, “Standing here,” he said simply as he casually closed the distance between them.

“Why didn’t you answer your phone? I called at least thirty two times,” Eeteuk exaggerated, arms akimbo.

“Phone died on my way here,” Kangin shrugged,

Eeteuk sighed. Kangin may have always picked up his phone, but he also always forgot to charge the damn thing. “Well,” he said with a slight frown, “My muscles are crying from walking down all those stairs. Can we wait a bit before going back up?”

Kangin nodded, “How about the game room? Play a round of pool?”

Eeteuk said nothing, but led the way to the game room, “You really need to start charging your phone,” he grumbled as he reached for the doorknob, “I was worried when you still weren’t upstairs after half an hour.”

“Well, there was no reason to worry because I would have been on time,” Kangin replied as they opened the door, flipping the switch light.

They moved about the room, setting up the billiard balls and grabbing some cues. As they positioned themselves around the table, Kangin broke the silence as he broke the triangle.

“Why’d you come down?”

“Well, it took you so long to come after I called you, I thought I’d come look for you,” Eeteuk explained, “And that damn elevator is broken or something.”

“I know. I must have been standing there for ten or fifteen minutes before you came down,” Kangin admitted as he straightened, “Just normal or stripes and solids?”

“Normal,” Eeteuk shrugged as he leaned his hip against the table, his eyes wandering around the room. He hadn’t been in the room in a few months. Slowly, his eyes fell upon another table that was pushed up against a corner of the room. Its pockets were bottomless, so he assumed it had been pushed away to the side because it was useless as a billiards table. However, it was a sturdy table and its surface like soft velvet, perfect for-

“Are you even listening to me?”

Eeteuk looked over immediately. Kangin had straightened, one hand holding his cue vertical as the other hand was propped on the wooden edge of the billiards table, “What were you doing?”

“Thinking,” Eeteuk said simply,

Kangin raised a knowing eyebrow, “Mhmm… I know that look in your eyes. You were thinking about sex.” The corner of his mouth lifted, “Really, Eeteuk, do you have to be so horny all the time?”

Eeteuk rolled his eyes before moving around the table to take aim. He leaned over and prepared for his shot, “Oh please, you love how I am.”

“I really do,” Kangin murmured as he came up behind Eeteuk, his arms bracing Eeteuk’s, his body snugly framing the older man’s.

“Kangin, we can’t do this here… and you’re just doing this so I can’t aim properly because you know I’ll never lose to you in billiards,” Eeteuk said, his scold lacking conviction.

“You just don’t want to do it,” Kangin lowered his voice until it was barely a whisper, his lips by Eeteuk’s ear, “Because you know as much as I do that there are people beneath that other pool table having their own fun.”

Eeteuk turned his head enough to see Kangin’s face, “How much you want to bet that it’s Sungmin and Kyuhyun?”

Kangin blinked, glancing over his shoulder, “Really?”

“I know you and Sungmin just got closer today… but you cannot deny the other several years you two have been friends,” Eeteuk said dryly, “You know how determined he can be when he wants something.”

“But… he couldn’t wait until they got back to the dorm?” Kangin whispered,

“Well, considering the elevator is broken – which, by the way, is apparently Yesung and Ryeowook; I know, Ryeowook of all people – in the stairwell… well… if they attempted the stairs they would’ve heard some… compromising sounds,” Eeteuk explained quietly as he made the shot while Kangin was distracted. “So, yes… I do believe he couldn’t wait until they got back to the dorm.”

Kangin wrapped one arm around Eeteuk’s waist, pulling him back against his hardened body, “Hmm… You have to give them credit for not making any noise. Shall we see if we can stay just as quiet?”

Eeteuk slipped out of Kangin’s arms and moved to the other side of the table, preparing his next shot, “No, we’ve almost gotten caught way too many times,” he leaned over and took aim, “Not to mention all the times we did get caught…”

Kangin watched as Eeteuk lined up his cue. Eeteuk slowly drew back his cue and just before he moved in for the hit, Kangin commented casually, “You could always put something else through your fingers.”

Eeteuk’s arm suddenly jerked, the tip of the cue scratching the green surface and hitting the cue ball just enough to make it spin way a few inches. When he straightened, he narrowed his gaze on the younger man, “You did that on purpose.”

“It’s not my fault you were affected by it,” Kangin replied,

“I’d have to be made of stone not to be affected by it!” Eeteuk hissed angrily,

“Well, I’m pretty sure you’re hard enough,” Kangin said casually as he moved around the table to take his shot. He leaned over to line up his cue. Before he shot, however, he gave him side-long glance, “Of course, I did already suggest I help you with that… it must be… uncomfortable.”

“No, no… just make your shot,” Eeteuk replied as he slowly circled the table.

Kangin shrugged and turned back to his shot. He drew back the cue and just moments before his cue hit the white ball, he felt slender yet firm fingers stroke his own anatomical cue. His arm jerked wildly, sending the cue out of his grasp and rolling to the other side of the table.

He grasped the wooden edge as he lowly growled, “What the hell are you doing?”

“Well, I thought that since you were commenting on my comfort, that perhaps your own comfort was… altered,” Eeteuk explained, his voice low and husky as he pressed his chest against the other man’s back, his hand cupping Kangin through his jeans.

“Teuk… I was kidding when I suggested doing this,” Kangin whispered urgently, “Especially if those two are doing stuff… this is kind of perverted!”

“Last time I checked… you quite liked it when I was perverted,” Eeteuk murmured, his lips against the nape of his neck, his breath hot on Kangin’s skin as he pressed his hand a little bit harder.

Kangin laid his forearms on the table, burying his face against them as he tried hard not to moan. He could feel Eeteuk’s slender frame spooning his own, the other hand joining the first in undoing his jeans. He sucked in a rapid breath when he felt Eeteuk’s cool hands on his heated skin. He felt fingers gently stroking, tickling his length and was concentrating on not collapsing to the ground. A soft thud made Eeteuk’s hands stop moving.

“Did you hear that?” Eeteuk inquired, his hands frozen in their actions, but not leaving Kangin’s body.

“Yeah, it sounded like a knock,” Kangin said as he finally regained his wits. His body ached when he pulled away from Eeteuk, walking towards the door as he began to zip up his jeans again, “But the door isn’t even locked… doesn’t even lock.”

“Maybe it was a prank?” Eeteuk inquired. He picked up the cue he had leaned against the table before he began to use both hands on Kangin’s erection and carefully laid the stick onto the table.

“Damn punks,” Kangin muttered, as he opened the door and looked out, “No, no one’s out here - hey there’s Yesung and Ryeowook!”

“They come down the stairs too?” Eeteuk asked as he joined Kangin in the doorway,

“No, the elevator. It must be fixed!” Kangin exclaimed happily. They turned off the light and exited, closing the door firmly behind them as they slowly approached Yesung and Ryeowook, “And you said they were the ones in the elevator,”

“I said it was apparently them,” Eeteuk replied, “There was a chance it wasn’t.”

“Yesung! Ryeowook!” Kangin called out.

Both turned towards them as they neared the elevators. They didn’t appear to be rumpled in any way, but the way Yesung’s hair part was slightly skewered and the high colour in Ryeowook’s cheeks belied their innocent expressions.

“Where are you two off to?” Kangin asked,

“And where have you two been?” Eeteuk grinned as he leaned a shoulder against the wall, crossing his arms loosely over his chest,

“Security office,” Yesung explained, “The elevator doesn’t seem to be working so we –”

Eeteuk interjected by pressing the ‘up’ button and the doors sliding open almost automatically, “Hmm… they seem to be fixed now.” He slanted a knowing gaze on the older of the two, “And we did see you both come out of the elevator.” When neither replied, Eeteuk laid his gaze on the more innocent of the two, “Ryeowook, you’re not going to start lying to your hyung, are you?”

Ryeowook’s eyes widened ever so slightly as he took a subtle step away from Eeteuk, “W-what do you mean?”

“Why are you two going to the security office if you already know the elevator is working?” Eeteuk prompted,

Ryeowook opened and closed his mouth several times before finally looking at Yesung, silently pleading for help. Yesung crossed his arms as he looked over at Kangin who had suddenly grown silent. The smallest hint of a smug smirk tugged at his lips as he inquired,

“What’s wrong Kangin? You seem a bit uncomfortable.”

Kangin looked at Yesung, startled at the sudden question. He cleared his throat and turned his back to them, facing the elevator doors which had already slid shut again, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Seems you two were busy yourselves,” Yesung accused, “Could it be it’s because of you two that we sometimes hear a bump in the night… Wait, let me correct myself: bumps in the night?”

Eeteuk stared at him, his jaw slowly dropping as Kangin began to fervently push the ‘up’ button. When the doors finally slid open, Kangin grabbed Eeteuk’s hand and yanked him into the elevator before the leader could speak more. When the doors slide close, Kangin released his hand and sighed heavily,

“Sometimes, you need to know when to shut up,” Kangin accused just before Eeteuk pushed him against the wall, his lips pressed against Kangin’s. Kangin moved his lips away and managed, “What are you doing?”

“Shutting you up,” Eeteuk replied as his hands grabbed Kangin’s face and pulled him for another kiss.

Kangin had a dozen retorts and denials; however, he forgot them all when Eeteuk slipped his tongue into his mouth. Eeteuk coordinated his tongue with his hips, grinding them against Kangin’s and eliciting a moan from the younger man. He relished in the moan, swallowed it with his kiss as his tongue probed and caressed every surface inside Kangin’s mouth.

The elevator stopped and Kangin practically shoved Eeteuk away to the other side of the compartment as the doors slid open. An old couple peered in,

“Are you going down?” The old man inquired,

Kangin, unable to speak and barely breathing, shook his head and pointed to the ceiling.

“Ah, okay then,” the old man replied.

The doors slid close and Kangin had his hands reaching for Eeteuk before the leader could even turn towards him again. Kangin pulled Eeteuk’s body flush against his own, his lips crashing down against Eeteuk’s with a ferocity he only felt after almost getting caught by the old couple. Kangin trailed his lips along Eeteuk’s jaw to the sensitive skin above his neck’s pulse.

Eeteuk held Kangin against him as he breathed, “Did you want me to go down?”

Kangin froze immediately, raising his head just enough that their gazes could lock, “W-what?”

Eeteuk cradled his cheek with one hand, “Did you want me to go down on you?”

Kangin blinked, completely stopped breathing before finally managing a weak, “Really?” Eeteuk nodded slowly which prompted him to ask, “But… you’ve never… are you sure?”

“It’s what you want isn’t it?”

“Fuck yes,” Kangin’s reply was almost instinctive and quickly added, “But if you don’t want to-”

Eeteuk silenced him with a chaste kiss. He pulled back and out of Kangin’s arms as the elevator slowed to a stop on the twelfth floor, “Yes.”

When they got to Eeteuk and Donghae’s room, they locked the door immediately. The room was completely dark as Eeteuk led Kangin to the bed. As Kangin sat on the edge, he leaned over and turned on the lamp on Eeteuk’s bedside table. As the soft, warm glow of the lamp suffused through the darkness, Kangin caught the silent question in Eeteuk’s eyes,

“I want to see you when you do it for the first time,” Kangin said simply as he took Eeteuk’s hands in his own and drew the older man to stand between his thighs. He looked up at Eeteuk, “Are you sure you want to?”

In silent answer, Eeteuk dropped to his knees, his hands on Kangin’s thighs. His hands made quick work of the zipper, freeing Kangin’s erection. He took a deep steadying breath before pressing a kiss to the tip. He pulled back and gazed at the erected flesh, unsure of what to do. He thought of what Kangin had done to him a hundred times before and, as the memories replayed in his mind, he began to experiment.

With one hand, he gently held the shaft as he began to use small, firm strokes on just the head. It was an odd taste; not bad, just different. Then, slowly, he began to move his tongue along the length of him. One hand still loosely holding Kangin, he used his tongue, licking the length and pressing it against the palm of his hand. After his tongue had touched ever part of it, Eeteuk drew back his mouth and gently blew against the wet skin.

Kangin exhaled roughly, “Damn…” When Eeteuk breathed on his skin again, Kangin gripped his own knees as he hissed, “Yes.”

It wasn’t the first time Kangin had someone’s mouth on him, but it was the first time with Eeteuk and somehow, for some reason, this was different and better than all the others. He opened his eyes and gazed down at the top of Eeteuk’s head, barely suppressing a groan when he felt the wet, hot cave of Eeteuk’s mouth surround him for the first time.

It was endearing, actually, the hesitance in Eeteuk’s motions. He could tell that Eeteuk was uncertain of what he did, but he could also tell that Eeteuk was putting himself completely to each lick, each gentle suck and loving kiss. To him, that loving effort was worth more than experience. When Eeteuk began to take more of him into his mouth and began to suck just a bit harder, his thoughts broke and all he could think of was that Eeteuk finally had him in his mouth.

The leader’s lips firmed around him, his tongue massaging as he undulated just a bit faster. Kangin heard a small noise, felt a small resistance against his appendage and opened his eyes and looked down at Eeteuk again. What had he heard? When he heard it again, he realized what was happening and held Eeteuk’s chin between thumb and forefinger.

Eeteuk pulled his mouth away, wiping his lips with the back of his hand in the most innocent yet erotic way Kangin had ever seen. He had to forcibly stop himself from shoving himself back into Eeteuk’s mouth.

“Did I… do something wrong?” Eeteuk asked,

“No, no!” Kangin insisted. He looked at Eeteuk with what he hoped was a softened expression and said simply, “Don’t force yourself. If you can’t take all of me into your mouth, then don’t choke yourself.”

“But you haven’t even-”

“It’s fine,” Kangin replied as he gently lifted Eeteuk to his feet, “It’s enough for now.” Eeteuk began to protest as Kangin pulled him onto his lap so that the older man straddled his legs. Hand still at his chin, Kangin ran the pad of his thumb along his lower lip, “The fact that you were even willing to do it is enough for me.”

“That won’t be the last time,” Eeteuk replied stubbornly.

Kangin chuckled softly, “Definitely not. You think I’d let you stop after feeling your mouth on me?”

Eeteuk’s skin was glowing a soft pink in the warm light of the lamp at the statement. His hand slowly moved to the hem of Kangin’s shirt and slowly pushed it up his torso. Kangin allowed Eeteuk to divest him of his shirt and remained silent as Eeteuk’s palms ran up his chest, over his shoulders until the older man’s arms wrapped around his neck. For a few silent moments, they just gazed into one another’s eyes.

Finally, Kangin asked quietly, tentatively, “I have gained quite a bit of weight.”

Eeteuk’s eyes bore into his, reading the vulnerability immediately. He smiled gently, “Just more of you to love.”

“Eeteuk…” Kangin sighed as he leaned his forehead against the other man’s shoulder, “You know what I mean.”

“Yes, and I’m being completely serious,” Eeteuk said. “But you know, whether you gain weight or lose weight, so long as you’re still the Kangin I know and love, that’s all that matters.”

“You’re so cheesy,” Kangin muttered, but already his tone had gotten lighter,

“Kangin,” Eeteuk said, his tone more quiet but more serious also, “I love the way you make me feel and that has nothing to do with the way you look.”

Kangin sighed as he turned his head towards Eeteuk’s neck, pressing a light kiss to his pulse point, “I’m so fucking lucky to have you, Teuk.”

“Yes,” Eeteuk replied baldly before adding, “Now can you start fucking me so I can get lucky too?”

Kangin smiled against his skin before raising his head and looking at him, “No fucking. I’m making love to you tonight.”

“But… but that means slow!” Eeteuk whined,

Kangin grinned at him as his hands quickly undid his jeans, “Indeed it does.”

Eeteuk opened his mouth to argue but the moment Kangin touched him, all words left him. Strong fingers surrounded him and Eeteuk leaned his forehead against Kangin’s shoulder, panting as his eyes watched Kangin’s ministrations. A few minutes passed and Eeteuk formed enough sensible thought to reach out to Kangin’s still-hardened length and mimic his attentions. Kangin, who had completely forgotten about himself, sharply inhaled the moment Eeteuk’s hand found him.

With his free hand, Kangin held Eeteuk’s face, raising his lips for a kiss. “Hold me,” he murmured against the older man’s lips before running his tongue along the seam of his lips, asking for entrance. He felt Eeteuk’s hands on his shoulders and then caress until they held the sides of his neck and jaw. One hand holding Eeteuk’s head against his own, his free hand wrapped around both of their erections. He stroked them together and together they shuddered.

As his hand continued, Eeteuk was no longer passive. His tongue joined Kangin’s, thrusting into the younger man’s mouth, caressing, stroking and probing as if they were in some passionate, erotic duel. Kangin’s hand pumped them both, together, heat and fire flowing between them, being borne from their cores together in his hand. Despite his earlier gentle words, Kangin pushed and pushed them to the edge of their desires, his hand was firm and each stroke was tighter and faster than the one before. He was mercilessly in his pursuit, never drawing back, never allowing either of their passions to ebb even just a tiny bit.

Soon, their kiss became less a fusion of their mouths and more a mingling of their panting, their hot breaths as their tongues met again and again in a hot, wet dance. Kangin released Eeteuk’s head; the latter’s hands still holding him still. He reached down and then, with both hands continued to stroke them together. He held them firmly together, pumping them faster and even rougher than before. They were both hard and throbbing, their sensitized skins sending bolts of electricity to their peripheries.

When Eeteuk tried to break the kiss, Kangin held him fast with a hand, his other hand surrounding just Eeteuk’s hardened length. He held Eeteuk firm as the latter’s hands fell from his face, instead going to his shoulders and gripping them firmly. Kangin continued to stroke just him as his tongue grew more insistent in Eeteuk’s mouth, his tongue rubbing and touching every wet surface. Eeteuk tried in vain to pull his mouth away, but Kangin held him firm. The other gave up, becoming completely pliant beneath Kangin’s assault.

Eeteuk felt as if his entire body was on fire. He felt as if each cell of his body was surrounded by hot flames that flowed from his core in Kangin’s hand. He felt himself instinctively reaching for something, something away from the flames, something to soothe his entire aching, throbbing body. More and more he reached until finally, he felt the flames explode form his body. He felt as if the flames flowed away from his cells, his organs, through his skin and just out of his body. He felt his entire body shake in Kangin’s arms as the heat passed through him, gasping and groaning into Kangin’s mouth.

Kangin pumped him for all he was worth, held him securely as Eeteuk clung to him. He breathed in the leader’s cries and steadied his slender frame as it shook as heat wave after heat wave swept through. As the final tremors dissipated, Kangin finally broke their kiss. Eeteuk gasped for air as he collapsed against Kangin’s chest, the bare skin hot beneath his cheeks and his palms. Eeteuk breathed in the musky, salty smell of Kangin’s skin and then sighed.

“That wasn’t good?” Kangin asked,

Eeteuk laid his head on Kangin’s shoulder so he could look at the younger man, “It’s not that, I just realized I’m going to have to wash these jeans again.”

Kangin chuckled softly as his hands rested on the other’s narrow hips, “I must not have done my job thoroughly if right after you’re thinking about laundry. Unless, of course, that means these are your last clean jeans and you’ll be walking around without pants for awhile.”

“I have plenty of clean pants,” Eeteuk raised his head and smiled, his dimple appearing at the left corner of his mouth,

“Good. Because you can only be without pants around me,” Kangin stated.

“Kangin,” Eeteuk began, his hands running down Kangin’s chest to his abdomen as Eeteuk leaned down and pressed his lips over the other man’s heart.

“Hmm?” Kangin replied absent-mindedly as Eeteuk’s hands were firm and cool against his heated skin. He was still erect between their bodies, even harder than before and aching painfully as Eeteuk’s lips moved in the opposite direction.

“Can you make love to me now?” Eeteuk murmured between kisses, as he trailed them up Kangin’s chest to a shoulder,

“Oh? So no more of this ‘fucking’ business?” Kangin mused as his eyes fluttered close, relishing in the fires Eeteuk ignited with each kiss,

“Not tonight,” Eeteuk replied, his kisses moving up Kangin’s neck and along his jaw until, finally, he placed a small, chaste kiss on Kangin’s lips. Kangin instinctively opened his eyes and Eeteuk pressed one last kiss, barely a brush of his lips, on the tip of the other man’s nose, “Tonight I want you in me for as long as possible.”

Kangin was silent as Eeteuk crawled off his lap, allowing his jeans and boxers to slip down his legs and then kicked them away. Eeteuk held out his hands and Kangin took them, slowly rising to his full height. Eeteuk pushed Kangin’s pants and boxers down the younger man’s hips and lower until they pooled around Kangin’s ankles. Kangin kicked them to join Eeteuk’s and slowly moved them towards the full-length mirror on the bedroom wall.

Standing behind Eeteuk, Kangin placed his head beside Eeteuk’s, his lips and his breath tickling the older man’s ear. Eeteuk turned his head enough to meet Kangin’s kiss, placing his hands over Kangin’s which were folded over his abdomen. Their lips met in a slow, seductive kiss that stoked and rebuilt the fire between them. Kangin was impossibly hard and when he gently pressed himself against Eeteuk’s backside, the latter gasped into their kiss, breaking the contact. He smiled back at Kangin and nodded his silent consent.

Eeteuk shifted his feet as Kangin bent his knees slightly, angled his hips and gritted his teeth as he thrust in. The leader inhaled sharply, at the sudden penetration. They had been together before, standing as they were, but usually he had been more bent at the waist, or his legs had been more spread. Their position, this time, made Kangin feel thicker and bigger and thicker than before. He slowly tried to inch his feet apart, open himself up more. However, Kangin stopped him, his hands gripping Eeteuk’s hips firmly.

“Keep them where they are,” Kangin said into his ear,

“But… it’s not enough… too… tight,” Eeteuk argued, his hands grasping Kangin’s,

“You don’t have to tell me that,” Kangin grounded out, as he experimented and with drew a few inches. He almost collapsed against Eeteuk from the shockwaves that rocked his body from just that small movement. “Oh Eeteuk… don’t you dare move.” When Eeteuk nodded stiffly, he asked quietly, “Does it hurt a lot?”

“No… yes… it’s okay,” Eeteuk insisted,

“No it’s not. Not if it’s not good for you, too,” Kangin said. He reached out and just barely grabbed one of the desk chairs. He brought it over and placed it in front of Eeteuk, “Step on the chair… on the seat.” Eeteuk did as he was told and sighed audibly. “Is that better?” Eeteuk nodded in silent response.

Kangin pushed back in. The effect wasn’t as before, but it always felt good to be with Eeteuk. Besides, it wasn’t how tight he was that turned him on; it was the man in his arms that did the trick. Slowly, he began to move within Eeteuk. The older of the two leaned back into his strong warmth, his hands still over Kangin’s. Their hands laid on one of Eeteuk’s hips, the other over his heart.

Kangin hugged him against his body as he created the fire between them, slowly moving faster and faster, his desire building and building. Eeteuk’s body grew slick and hot, encasing him so firmly and securely like a glove. His head lolled forward, his lips pressing against the place where Eeteuk’s neck and shoulder came together. His breath was hot and heavy on Eeteuk’s naked, heated skin.

“Teuk… you feel so damn good,” Kangin groaned,

“How… can you… talk?” Eeteuk breathed, leaning his head back against Kangin’s shoulder, revealing more of his neck and shoulder to Kangin’s open mouth.

With each thrust, Eeteuk pressed Kangin’s hands against his skin even more; hoping those big, strong hands he loved so much would keep him still and solid. He could feel the strength slowly seeping away from his legs, every bit of his energy and concentration on his and Kangin’s joining. Suddenly, his foot slipped from the chair, but he managed to catch it on the chair’s rung.

When Kangin withdrew and pushed back into him, he managed, “That’s right, Teuk… a little bit at a time.”

“As if I can control any part of my body right now,” Eeteuk replied as he slowly moved Kangin’s hand from his chest down his abdomen and even lower to his once again hardened state.

Kangin slipped his hand from beneath Eeteuk’s, but then closed over the older man’s hand, stroking his erection with both their hands. Eeteuk could feel his own hand on himself, but it was Kangin’s strength, Kangin’s control that moved over him as his body, hot, hard and heavy moved within him. His breathing began to come in little pants again as he leaned back completely against Kangin’s strong frame.

Then, Eeteuk’s foot slipped from the chair completely, causing him to close himself even more around Kangin. As Kangin undulated faster, the shockwaves returned, causing his entire body to tremor deliciously. He slumped against Eeteuk, stopping his thrusts for just a moment, his hand slipping away from Eeteuk’s hand and erection.

“Teuk… you know I love you, right?”

Eeteuk, who continued to pump himself grounded out, “Y-yes… O-of c-course… W… W… Why?”

“We’ll take it slow another night,” Kangin promised, “But after feeling you like that… I need to go hard and fast… I need… I need to-”

“Fuck me?” Eeteuk turned his head to look at Kangin,

Kangin raised his head, meeting Eeteuk’s mischievous stare, “Fuck yes.”

He withdrew from Eeteuk, his body physically groaning from the loss. He led Eeteuk over to his desk, grabbed the chair from before the mirror. He placed the chair, sideways beside the desk so the back of the chair was perpendicular with the tabletop. Eeteuk, as if instinctively knowing what Kangin was thinking, knelt on the chair, bracing himself by gripping the edge of the desk. Kangin stepped closer, bringing one knee onto the chair. Hands on Eeteuk’s hips, he angled his own and then swiftly thrust into Eeteuk. The leader doubled over onto the desk, pounding one hand on its solid surface in an effort to stop from screaming out.

Slowly, Kangin began to thrust into him, again and again as he built his speed. Soon, he was using every bit of his energy to pound himself into Eeteuk’s thin frame. His mind was clouding over with thoughts of Eeteuk’s body, of the fire and electricity floating through them. His body was slowly being deprived of all rational thought, his hips and body beginning to move on its own.

Eeteuk was valiantly trying to hold in his cries, his breath coming in heavy, laboured pants; it was music to Kangin’s ears. He slide one hand around Eeteuk, found his hard core and began to pump him in time with his thrusts. It took a few firm, tight strokes to push Eeteuk over the edge a second time. He pumped Eeteuk as the latter’s body clenched around him, milking him as well. When he felt Eeteuk’s climax weaken, he moved his hand to the desk, bracing against the edge and moved his other hand from Eeteuk’s hip to the back of the chair.

With better stabilization, Kangin was able to put more strength into each thrust as Eeteuk’s body continued to massage him, clench around him. Eeteuk moved one hand, covered Kangin’s hand against the table’s edge, offering him a kind of support as Kangin continued to pound into him. As the final tremors of Eeteuk’s climax faded away, Kangin pressed his mouth against Eeteuk’s shoulder blade, groaning against his skin as his climax began. He emptied himself completely into Eeteuk as his hips continued to move, pumping himself within Eeteuk’s body.

Later that evening, completely depleted of their strength, Kangin and Eeteuk lay in the comforts of the latter’s bed, the lamp off, bathed in darkness and what little moonlight streamed into the room. Eeteuk lay on his back as Kangin snuggled against his side, his cheek against Eeteuk’s heart. Despite who took the commanding role in their relations, despite who took ‘top’ or ‘bottom’, in the end it was always the same; Eeteuk would hold Kangin as they fell asleep.

“It was a good today, hmm?” Kangin said into the darkness, “I know not all of the members were there, but it was nice to be with the others again… we hardly have time together anymore.”

“Maybe we should suggest a Jeolchin Notes special with all thirteen members?” Eeteuk mused, one hand idly stroking and spiking through Kangin’s thick, slightly damp hair.

“Maybe. The show certainly brought people together,” Kangin stated,

“More than just the four of you,” Eeteuk replied, “Heechul and Hankyung, Eunhyuk and Donghae, Yesung and Ryeowook, Sungmin and Kyuhyun…”

“Heechul and Hankyung, too?” Kangin gaped,

“Mhmm,” Eeteuk said serenely, “Earlier this evening… heck, I’m pretty sure Heechul is going to have a room mate tonight.”

Kangin chuckled softly, Eeteuk able to feel the gentle vibrations; “Why is it everyone who was filming the show tonight ended up… well… being intimate?”

“Because we’re all secretly horny perverts,” Eeteuk said bluntly.

Kangin propped himself on an elbow, looking down at Eeteuk, “No, no… you’re the only perverted one.”

Eeteuk grinned up at him through the thin darkness, “You love me for it.”

“No, I love you in spite of it,” Kangin said before lowering his voice, his tone growing serious, “I do love you, Jungsu; very much.”

Eeteuk reached up with a hand, cradling the side of the younger man’s face, “I love you, too, Youngwoon.”

They shared one more, sweetly intimate kiss and then fell asleep in each others’ arms.


read0write said...

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can't believe all the couples doing it and all because of the show XD

the end to the Intimate series...a little sad but very very nice
i like it ending with teukie and kangin :D

redpanda said...

aish, that was the sexiest and at the same time romantic kangteuk fic i've read in a long long time. you sure know how to write teuk as the right amount of perv in that boy XD

BEXgates said...

I've just read everything and OMG it's SO cool.
I actually wanted to write a fic on the Jeolchin ep after my exams, but procrastination got the best of me, and you wrote it first!
But it was awesomely written, and the smut was HOT. XD

sapphiregloom said...

This has to be one of the best KangTeuk fics I've read - and I've read alot xD
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