“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

[053] Live. Love. Bark.

theme: o53. Puppies.
pair: Eeteuk/Heechul
rate: PG
words: 2092
#: 46/100

“HEECHUL!” Eeteuk cried as he ran into the living room, hopping onto the couch beside Heechul who had been reading a book, “Look!” He held up a piece of paper to Heechul’s face,

“It’s a dog. A Yorkshire terrier, if I’m not mistaken,” Heechul looked down back at his book, “And it’s ugly,” he stated in a flat tone,

Eeteuk gasped, holding the paper to his chest, “It is not ugly! And in a few days it’ll be our dorm mate!”

“You are not getting a dog,” Heechul said firmly,

“Why not!? You have a cat!” Eeteuk argued,

“Yes, and your dog would attack my precious Heebum - so no dogs!” Heechul countered with finality, slamming his book close as if to make a point. He got up from the couch and retreated to his bedroom, the door closing with a slight slam.

Eeteuk looked down at the picture of the dog, “Heechul’s so mean. I’m the hyung here, so I’m going to get a dog no matter what he says.”

“NO YOU’RE NOT!” Eeteuk jumped at the sound of Heechul’s voice coming from his room.

How had he heard? Eeteuk scowled and whispered quietly, “Yes I am.”


Eeteuk cringed at the yell again. So, he scowled once more and complied to nodding his head silently.

“If you’re nodding your head so I can’t hear you, I’ll send Heebum after you!” Heechul’s voice called out yet again.

Eeteuk ducked into his room before any threat could be executed, sticking his tongue out at Heechul’s door as he went.

“Hi there cutie!” Eeteuk greeted happily. He had dragged Kangin along with him to the pet store a week later. He squatted down beside the cage with the puppies and happily smiled at the dog he had staked as his own.

Kangin stood behind him, fingers laced behind his head as he rolled his eyes, “Heechul-hyung is going to kill you.”

“I don’t care,” Eeteuk replied in a sing-song voice. He picked up his dog of choice and held it up to Kangin, “How can you say no to that face?”

Kangin stared at the small dog who seemed to be staring at him with wide, literally puppy-dog eyes. He gave a slanted look, “No.” He looked past it at Eeteuk, “That’s how I say no.”

Eeteuk scowled at him as he put the dog down, “I don’t know why I even asked you to come, you’re nothing but another annoyance and hindrance.” He gazed happily down at the dog before adding bitterly, “You might as well just go if you’re not going to help!”

Kangin sighed and rolled his eyes. He lowered his arms and hugged Eeteuk from behind, putting his chin on his shoulder, “Don’t sulk. You’re getting your puppy and I’ll help you hide it from hyung.”

“Yay!” Eeteuk exclaimed, punching his fists into the air - one of his fists getting Kangin’s nose in the process. As Kangin checked to make sure his nose wasn’t bleeding or broken, Eeteuk practically danced over to the counter to talk to an employee.

“I was thinking of naming him Heechul,” Eeteuk said as he and Kangin sat on his bed after coming home from the pet store. No one was home, so they didn’t have to hide in his room, but Eeteuk didn’t want to take any chances with his new puppy.

“Why?” Kangin gave him a questioning look,

“So I can say ‘NO HEECHUL!’.” Eeteuk scolded in mock tones.

The puppy, upon hearing it, stopped its playing with a ball and looked up at Eeteuk with sad eyes. Kangin scooped it up immediately and held it in his lap as he gave it back the ball, “Don’t name it Heechul, it’ll go to hyung’s head; and why would you want to make this dog suffer by naming it Heechul?”

The puppy, in possession of the ball again, wriggled from Kangin’s lap back onto the mattress between the two Super Junior members and began to wrestle with the tennis ball.

“The name has to be better than Heebum’s name,” Eeteuk said decisively just as a scratching was heard at the door.

He got up and opened the door a crack, he was sure no one had come home yet. Heebum stood before the door and before Eeteuk could do anything, Heebum slipped into the room. Eeteuk watched with bated breath as Heebum approached his bed, hopped up and it encountered the new puppy for the first time. Heebum circled the puppy before stretching out and lying down as the puppy continued to play with the ball. Eeteuk let out a sigh of relief as he came back and sat on the bed,

“So now we know Heechul’s theory of Heebum and my dog fighting is wrong,” Eeteuk said, “But I still don’t know what to name it.”

Eeteuk pursed his lips as he watched the dog play itself tired. Finally when it went to lie down beside the sleeping Heebum, Kangin picked it up again and placed it into his lap, his hand absentmindedly stroking its head behind its ears.

Eeteuk cocked his head as he regarded Kangin who was already so comfortable with the puppy, “What if I named it Kangteuk? For Kangin and Eeteuk?”

Kangin’s cheeks flushed but argued, “That’s not a good name at all.” When he saw the light in Eeteuk’s eyes fade, Kangin quickly prompted, “How about Eein? For Eeteuk and Kangin?”

Eeteuk nodded happily, reaching over to pet the sleeping pup, his hand accidentally brushing against Kangin’s.

Over the course of four weeks, Eeteuk managed to hide the dog’s presence from Heechul’s knowledge. The other members who lived with them, Hankyung, Shindong and Donghae, all helped Eeteuk in caring for the dog and protecting him from Heechul.

One day while Eeteuk, Hankyung and Sungmin were in the park with Eein, Heechul showed up, presumably going for a walk. A book in his hands, Heechul didn’t see them immediately.

“What are we going to do?” Hankyung asked suddenly,

“We’ll just say it’s my dog,” Sungmin offered,

“No, Heechul knows this is the dog I wanted. He’s not stupid, he’ll put one and one together,” Eeteuk stammered as he looked around frantically as Heechul came closer.

“He still hasn’t seen us?” Hankyung asked and the other two shook their heads. He scooped up Eein into his arms and did a front-wards flip into the bushes. After a loud thud, the sound of breaking branches and a line of Mandarin profanity, Hankyung grew quiet, silencing Eein by giving him a dog treat.

Just as the bushes beside them grew quiet, Heechul looked away from his book, “Ah, Eeteuk-sshi, Sungmin-sshi… why are you two sitting on the path? There’s a bench right there,” he pointed to the park bench right beside them.

“There’s more oxygen down here,” Eeteuk explained,

“And we’re appreciating the bricks of the path. Someone worked hard to lay down these bricks, so we’re paying homage to them,” Sungmin added with a grin.

Heechul stared at them suspiciously before shaking his head, returning to his book and walking off. Once Heechul was but a mere dot in their vision, they both let out sighs of relief. Eein came jumping out of the bushes into Eeteuk’s arms,

“Hankyung-sshi, you can come out now,” Sungmin called,

“I wish I could…” Hankyung replied, “But I’m stuck.”

Eeteuk and Sungmin laughed as Hankyung’s hand appeared from the bushes, waving at them pathetically.

The day before Eein’s one month anniversary of being with Eeteuk - which was also Eeteuk’s birthday - Eeteuk and Yesung were in the bathroom giving Eein a much-needed bath. Eeteuk was kneeling beside the tub as Eein treaded in the soapy water. Yesung was standing in the tub, clad in nothing more than a pair of shorts. Yesung sat on the edge of the tub, the water coming only above his ankles.

“He’s so cute, I’m sure if you showed him to Heechul-sshi, he’d comply,” Yesung insisted as Eein played about his ankles,

“I doubt it,” Eeteuk muttered, “He called the picture of Eein ugly.” He scratched an itch on his chin, bubbles moving onto his face.

Suddenly, Eein attempted to jump and crawl into Yesung’s lap. Yesung stood up immediately, the front of his shorts wet and full of bubbles. Yesung stepped out of the tub, “Can I borrow a pair of shorts, hyung?”

Eeteuk nodded as Yesung left the bathroom and headed over to Eeteuk’s bedroom. Before he entered, Heechul came in through the front door.

“Heechul-sshi!” Yesung exclaimed, “You’re home early.”

“Just stopped by to grab something I forgot earlier,” Heechul explained as he headed straight for his room, “Your shorts are wet by the way.”

“I know,” Yesung muttered as Heechul disappeared into his room. Seconds later, Heechul reappeared again just as Eeteuk opened the door to the bathroom,

“Yesung, my shorts are in the bottom drawer,” Eeteuk stated, his eyes widening at the sight of Heechul.

Heechul glanced over at Eeteuk then back at Yesung. He blinked at the sight of Eeteuk’s bubble-full face and then noted the bubbles on the front of Yesung’s shorts.

Yesung noticed Heechul’s stares and pinked immediately, “Hyung! It’s not what it looks like! It really isn’t!”

Heechul glanced back and forth between Eeteuk and Yesung one more time before replying, “What you do with each other in an empty dorm is none of my business,” He went back to the front door, pulling on his shoes, “But let me just say this before I leave: Eeteuk-sshi, you better tell Kangin the truth before you end up breaking his heart.”

Yesung collapsed against the bedroom door in a fit of laughter as Eeteuk’s jaw dropped just as the door closed securely behind Heechul.

The next day, all the members were together having lunch at their favourite restaurant with their manager hyungs, when Kangin plopped down in the seat beside Eeteuk,

“So, I heard something peculiar about yesterday,” Kangin stated as they gave their orders to the waitresses.

“Oh?” Eeteuk replied complacently as he placed his menu down,

“I heard that you and Yesung were having a little bubble bath fun yesterday,” Kangin said coolly, eyes narrowed,

Eeteuk gaped, “Me and Yesung were just giving Eein a bath!” Eeteuk whispered harshly,

“Eein - might as well rename him Yeteuk,” Kangin snapped quietly,

“Who’s Eein?” Heechul asked as he sat down on the other side of Eeteuk, placing a box on the table. He looked at the two expectantly as they looked at each other for help,

“Eeteuk’s new boyfriend,” Kangin said suddenly,

Heechul raised his eyebrows in surprise, “First Yesung, now this Eein? Really hyung, you’re too cruel to Kangin.”

“He really is,” Kangin muttered, sitting straight in his chair and crossing his arms over his chest.

Eeteuk rolled his eyes as he turned back to Heechul, “What’s in the box? Is it a present? For me?”

“It is your birthday…” Heechul said slowly as he pushed the box towards Eeteuk.

Happily, Eeteuk put the box in his lap and took off the lid. Suddenly, amidst the pink tissue paper, a small dog’s head popped out. It barked happily at Eeteuk,

“A puppy!?” Eeteuk gasped, “You got me a puppy!?”

Heechul smiled at him, “That’s why I didn’t want you getting one before, because you gave me an idea of what to get you for your birthday.”

“So… you really don’t mind me having a dog at the dorm with Heebum?” Eeteuk asked cautiously,

Heechul shook his head, “Heebum’s fine around other animals, besides, Heebum usually stays in my room anyway; the diva.”

“Um… if you’re okay with me having a dog…” Eeteuk began hesitantly as he stared down at the dog playing in the tissue paper, “There’s something I have to confess.”

“Yes?” Heechul prompted, a smile on his face as he watched the dog playing in the box,

“I already have- wait a second!” Eeteuk pulled the dog from the box and held it up to eyelevel. He looked at the dog’s collar and read it, “Eein - THIS IS MY DOG!”

Heechul stood up and gave Eeteuk a light smack on the head, causing Kangin to suddenly laugh. “Damn straight it is your dog,” Heechul confirmed as Eeteuk massaged the place where he had hit, “Consider it MY gift to YOU that I LET you hide it behind my back for a month.” Heechul walked off from the gaping Eeteuk while scoffing, “Don’t ever think you can pull a fast one on Kim Heechul!”


Anonymous said...

always love this couple, thank u for writing this

jishu said...

HAhaha!! This is funny! And also the part with Yesung And eeteuk bubble bath XD!!!!

Anonymous said...

=)) It was great! So funny, explecially the part with the bath and Heechul's gift, really nice story!

Anonymous said...

Heechul is too smart XD
Love it! As always, your stories are so creative (:

followurdestiny said...

so much fun! sharp!heechul! ♥

whatxsarahxsaid said...

He scooped up Eein into his arms and did a front-wards flip into the bushes. I don't know why, but I think this is the best thing ever!!!

Heechul glanced back and forth between Eeteuk and Yesung one more time before replying, “What you do with each other in an empty dorm is none of my business,” No, that's the best thing ever!!!

This was just too funny. I loved that Heechul gave him Eein at the end. He's just too clever. This plot reminded me of that Friends episode where Phoebe was hiding the dog at Monica's and Chandler's. LOL

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Leanne said...

the mandarin profanity thing and the bubble bath part killed me. you're so talented, and i love your stories.

Hia_chan said...

I read your fanfic and it's really really cute . Like Hee Chul in your fic . That's Hee Chul in my mind .

Can I translate your fic into Vietnamese ? I'm sure I'll take full credit >_<