“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

[066] Trapped Companions

theme: o66. Mice.
pair: Eeteuk/Donghae
rate: G
words: 1801
#: 47/100


Donghae blinked, looked up from his fish-shaped pillow to find Eeteuk standing across the room on his own bed. He let his head fall back onto his pillow, “What’s wrong hyung?”

“I saw a mouse!” Eeteuk exclaimed as he looked down at the floor frantically, “I can deal with spiders and bugs and other creepy crawlers - but mice!’

“It’s just a mouse, you’re bigger than it, hyung,” Donghae muffled his reminder as he turned his head to face the wall rather than his panicking, all-mighty leader.

Eeteuk scowled at his dongsaeng before stating viciously, “I think I saw it go under your bed.”

Donghae’s eyes snapped open as he jumped to his feet. His blanket gathered in his arms he looked about the floor around his bed, “Where!? WHERE!?” He looked up to find a grinning Eeteuk,

“It’s just a mouse, you’re bigger than it, Donghae,” Eeteuk repeated his words in a sing-song voice.

Donghae sneered at him, “Fine, so maybe I’m a little freaked out by a mouse - a little.” Donghae sighed as he looked at the floor but saw nothing, “What should we do? I’m not stepping a foot on that floor until the mouse is gone.”

“If you’re not, them I’m not going to either… We could catch it?” Eeteuk suggested,

“With what?” Donghae asked,

“… our hands?” Eeteuk locked eyes with Donghae. They both shook their heads at that idea, “We could scare it off?”

“With what?” Donghae asked again,

“…one of Eunhyuk’s socks?” Eeteuk offered,

Donghae gave him a slanted look, “In order to scare off the mouse with Hyukkie’s sock, we’d have to touch it.” They both shook their heads at that idea as well. Donghae sighed as he plopped down onto his mattress in a flourish of his blanket, “I think we’re stuck here, hyung.”

Eeteuk let out a deep sigh also as he sat down on his own mattress, grabbing a nearby raccoon stuffed animal and hugging it. He leaned his chin on the toy’s head, “So… do we just wait until it leaves?” Donghae nodded when Eeteuk suddenly said, “But the door’s closed.”

Donghae glanced over and, with horrified realization, noted that the door was indeed closed, trapping both the Super Junior members and the mouse inside the bedroom.

Donghae stared at Eeteuk from across the room, “What are we going to do hyung? We can’t wait forever.”

“Someone will open the door eventually; they’ll come looking for us when they return from their schedule,” Eeteuk insisted. He and Donghae were the only two without something to do that day, so were able to sleep in.

“But… they both know we’re sleepers; they might just think we’re really, really tired!” Donghae stated with a slight whine. Suddenly his eyes grew big, “What if we starve from hunger hyung!?”

Eeteuk raised his eyebrows, “Never eat Hankyung-sshi’s Beijing fried rice!? But… but it’s so good!” Eeteuk hugged his stuffed toy tighter, “I think I can smell Hankyung cooking it for breakfast!”

Donghae threw a pillow at Eeteuk, “Hyung! Get a hold of yourself! Hankyung’s not even here! No one’s here but us!”

Eeteuk blinked as he smiled sheepishly, “I forgot. Sorry, I just… the thought of not being able to eat because of the mouse…” he sighed,

“This mouse is very cruel, indeed,” Donghae agreed, a pout forming on his lips, “At least if I trapped a mouse, I would give it cheese. This mouse won’t even let us get food.”

A few moments of silenced passed between them when Donghae suddenly cried, “I think I smell Hankyung’s cooking now too!” He buried himself in his blanket as he cried out, “Damn you mouse! Damn your furry little body to hell!”

“Now Donghae, that’s a bit mean,” Eeteuk chided, “Although I have half a mind to trap it and taunt it with cheese; see how he likes not being able to eat.” Eeteuk scowled, “If we can’t even eat breakfast or leave this room, I might as well go back to sleep,” Eeteuk laid back down, his raccoon in his arms as he closed his eyes.

“Wait! Hyung! What if the mouse attacks while we sleep!?” Eeteuk sat up again immediately as Donghae added, “Going to sleep will only make us all the more vulnerable!”

Eeteuk chewed on his bottom lip as he thought of something, “We have to sleep in shifts then. That way, the person who’s awake, can protect the person who’s asleep.”

“How are we supposed to protect one another while we’re across the room from each other?” Donghae asked,

“We have to get on the same bed,” Eeteuk said as they both looked at the space between their beds. The floor between them seemed much wider than it usually did. They locked eyes, “So… just, come on over, Donghae.”

Donghae shook his head violently, “No way, you should come over, you’re the hyung!”

“That’s right, I’m the hyung, so obey me and come over!” Eeteuk stated,

“You should be nice to your dongsaeng!” Donghae argued when suddenly he saw something run from out of the closet and under the desk, “THERE IT IS!”

Eeteuk jumped to his feet, “You saw it too, then!?” Suddenly he glanced down at the floor between their beds. Horror was painted across his face as he realized that in jumping up suddenly, his raccoon stuffed animal had been tossed to the floor. Eeteuk knelt on his bed, his hands gripping the edge of the mattress as he bit down on the edge, “My raccoon!”

“Now that is one vulnerable raccoon,” Donghae commented casually. Eeteuk threw him a bitter look as he added, “I’ve always wanted to see a raccoon being attacked by a mouse.”

“Donghae!” Eeteuk exclaimed as he chewed on his bottom lip, “I’ll give you 5000 won if you save my raccoon.”

Donghae raised his eyebrow, enticed by the proposition, “10 000 won.”

Eeteuk narrowed his eyes, a rejection on his lips when he looked down at his raccoon again, lying facedown on the ground, unprotected from any vicious mouse attacks. He looked back at Donghae who was watching him expectantly, “Fine - 10 000 won.”

Donghae grinned from ear to ear as he flung his blanket from him and slid over to the edge of his mattress. He glanced at the racoon and then at the desk before slowly swinging his legs over the edge of his bed and slowly lowering his feet to the ground. His toes barely grazed the cold wooden floorboards when suddenly he felt something fuzzy brush against his feet. He immediately pulled back his feet and knelt on his bed, peering over the edge,

“I’m sorry! It ran before I could say anything!” Eeteuk insisted,

“Aish… sorry hyung, 10 000 won isn’t high enough for me to save your racoon,” Donghae replied as he stared warily at the floor around his bed, straining to find the mouse.

“What if the world ends while we’re trapped in this room with the mouse?” Eeteuk asked suddenly. He stared up at Donghae, “We’d have to repopulate the world because of that damned mouse!”

Donghae blinked at him blankly for a moment before exclaiming, “NEITHER ONE OF US IS A GIRL! HOW THE HELL WOULD WE BE ABLE TO REPOPULATE THE WORLD!?”

“Oh yeah… Well, while the mouse is under your bed, I’ll quickly run and open the door so it can leave,” Eeteuk said finally, standing on his bed, “I’m tired of being at this mouse’s mercy - I say that in the nicest way possible Mr Mouse - so I’ll risk my life to open that door.”

Donghae looked at him suspiciously, “You’re going to open the door, run out and close it after you, aren’t you?”

“You know me too well, Donghae,” Eeteuk sighed as he rolled up the cuffs of his pyjama bottoms. ]

“Hyung, that’s cruel! Don’t leave me alone in here with the mouse!” Donghae implored,

“Sorry Donghae, but you’re young - you’re fresh meat for the mouse; I’m old, what good would I be to the mouse?” Eeteuk said as he began gauging the distance between the end of his bed and the door.

Donghae’s eyes narrowed as he grinned maliciously, “So you’re going to abandon me AND your raccoon?”

Eeteuk turned slowly to look at the toy. He bit down on his lip, clenched his fists, “Sacrifices have to be made in order for at least one of us to survive.”

Donghae scowled at him, “When I get out of here I’ll get back at you hyung,”

Eeteuk smiled at him, “If - Donghae; if you get out of here.”

With one quick motion, Eeteuk jumped down from his bed and made a mad dash for the door. He flung it open, yelping with surprise at seeing Kangin, Shiwon and Ryeowook on the other side. The three entered the room, confused as Eeteuk jumped onto Kangin’s back.

“Hyung, what are you doing?” Kangin demanded as he tried to shake off Eeteuk,

“I’m your hyung! And I’m old! Protect me!” Eeteuk cried as he tightened his arms about Kangin’s shoulders.

Kangin rolled his eyes as he hooked his arms around Eeteuk’s knees to keep him stable on his back, “Fine. But what am I protecting you from?”

“Something most evil and cruel!” Eeteuk stated matter-of-factly,

“And he’s not talking about himself,” Donghae added bitterly. He widened his eyes as Shiwon looked at him expectantly, but all Donghae did was press his back even firmer against the wall beside his bed and shake his head. “I’m not stepping a foot on that floor until the mouse is caught.”

“Mouse?” Ryeowook looked at him then,

“That’s why you jumped on my back? A mouse?” Kangin asked, dumbfounded, “Really hyung… you’re how old and you’re still scared of a mouse?”

“It was the size of a basketball!” Eeteuk insisted as Kangin unceremoniously dropped him onto the bed.

“Why is your raccoon on the floor?” Shiwon asked as he picked it up and tossed it over to Eeteuk before going and sitting on the edge of Donghae’s bed.

“It fell,” Eeteuk answered as he hugged the raccoon,

“… You weren’t even going to try to save the raccoon from the mouse you’re so scared of?” Kangin questioned,

“It was huge!” Eeteuk insisted again,

Shiwon bent down and scooped something into his hand, “You mean this little critter here?” He dropped it into Ryeowook’s open hands,

“My hamster!” Ryeowook exclaimed, “Thanks for helping me find it Shiwon-sshi, Kangin-sshi,” he added as he promptly left, scolding his pet hamster for running away.

“Hamster?’ Donghae gaped. He turned his gaze on Eeteuk, “YOU SAID IT WAS A MOUSE!”

Eeteuk his face flushing, he replied sheepishly, “It looked like one…” before three pillows were thrown at violently at him.


Hokum said...

yayay two fluffy stories! lol bahaahaha Oh critters.
I remember when my hamster ran away, it was the funniest shit in the world. I'll tell you the story later.

Anonymous said...

Ahaha all the Kangteuk references. And Hannie's fried rice. XD I couldn't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

Eeteuk raised his eyebrows, “Never eat Hankyung-sshi’s Beijing fried rice!? But… but it’s so good!” Eeteuk hugged his stuffed toy tighter, “I think I can smell Hankyung cooking it for breakfast!”
**this made me wanna eat Hangeng's fried rice so badly**

jasmine said...

“We’d have to repopulate the world because of that damned mouse!”

“Sacrifices have to be made in order for at least one of us to survive.”
that's why you are a leader, Teukie! xD

and you believed it, Hae xD

umii said...

that was to good.
teukhae ♥

Pumbaa said...

omg, the raccoon! kangteuk reference!

Anonymous said...

This was so cute and funny. =( I'd be scared, too. I've had one in my room and it climbed one of my curtains. I high-tailed it out of there asap.

RYEOWOOK! What a pleasant surprise, LOL. I want a hamster, but my cats would eat it for lunch.