“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

[sum] Scarlet Night Series

Another school year has come for the students of private school Shim Jang Academy, or SJA. Secluded in the beautiful landscape of South Korea's country side, only students with ridiculously high grades or ridiculously rich parents attend this prestigious high school.

Due to health problems the previous year, one student is the only one of his year to have to return to SJA and repeat his senior year. He returns to campus after six months of being gone and he's faced with new changes and new faces. As he has to readjust to school life, things take a turn for the worse as his health problems return.

He dealt with his health once, so surely he can do it again? This time, however, he can't find the light at the end of the tunnel and his fate is looking bleaker with each passing day. He'll have to find strength in his friends and trust a love for someone he least expected. Can he do so before time runs out?

Rated PG13
WARNINGS: Language may offend, sexual content and character death

Sequel Series


::School Layout



::Phase One - The Setting Sun
A new school year begins.

::Phase Two - Consequences of Knowledge
An overheard conversation.

::Phase Three - Crystal Confidences
A chance he's willing to take.

::Phase Four - Sympathy for the Devil
He can't stop himself.

::Phase Five - To Stay by His Side
Their respective reasons.

::Phase Six - Silent Chaos
Fighting their own battles.

::Phase Seven - To Bring Him Back
They're fighting against the clock.

::Phase Eight - Where Loyalties Lie
Everyone has a side they choose.

::Phase Nine - Pushed to the Limit
He needs help to hold on.

::Phase Ten - Homecoming
She was his best chance for survival.

::Phase Eleven - To Trust Again
Every side has a story.

::Phase Twelve - Mutual Suffering
Neither of them was spared.

::Phase Thirteen - A Step Forward
One litre closer.

::Phase Fourteen - My Wish for You
He always said the right words.

::Phase Fifteen - Nightmare
The difference between dreams and reality.

::Phase Sixteen - My Worth to You
They had reasons to not stay together.

::Phase Seventeen - Cold Summer
He turned to someone else.

::Phase Eighteen - Isolation
She was his only reason.

::Phase Nineteen - Return of the Regrettable
He couldn't run away any longer.

::Phase Twenty - Hung Up
He always knew he couldn't stay forever.

::Phase Twenty-One - Sorrowful Separation
Some things can't go on.

::Phase Twenty-Two - Death of a Fairytale
Hope against fear.

::Phase Twenty-Three - A Losing Battle
He didn't know how to stop it.

::Phase Twenty-Four - Parasite
There was no escape.

::Phase Twenty-Five - At the Stroke of Midnight
A most magical night.

::Phase Twenty-Six - Silent Harmonies
A moment in time.

::Phase Twenty-Seven - Siren's Call
It was all so familiar.

::Phase Twenty-Eight - Unwanted Finality
No more hiding secrets.

::Phase Twenty-Nine - Into the Fray
He had to choose a side.

::Phase Thirty - End of the Scarlet Night
And the end came too soon.

::Final Phase - Epilogue
One year later.

::Deleted/Prequel Phase - At the Beginning
In which the Lonely meets the Abandoned



Kyuhyun, Student
Quiet and withdrawn, he hates that he has to repeat his senior year. The previous year he had to leave SJA half-way during the school year due to health problems. Back at SJA, the only person he has left is his best friend who's now in his year. Because of the issues that arose the previous year in relation to his health, he doesn't trust easily and, in fact, only truly trusts his best friend.

Taeyeon, Student
Popular with a bubbly personality, she is Kyuhyun's best friend and it's rare to not see them together. Very emotional by nature, she wears her heart on her sleeve and cannot help but express her feelings on her face. Steadfastedly loyal, she's the only one to stay with Kyuhyun when he was having issues the previous year.

Sungmin, Science/Biology Teacher
Able to switch rapidly between quirky and serious, he's known Kyuhyun all his life. Despite not seeing Kyuhyun for years, he's quick to re-establish their previous friendship and since they've known each other for so long, he's very protective of Kyuhyun and will do anything for him. He's seen as a very laidback teacher.

Zhou Mi, Literature Teacher
Friendly and always smiling, Zhou mi works for the government as a district director. Because of his history with the government, he has background knowledge in health and, thus, helps SJA's nurse practitioner when he can. He's seen as a very personable teacher.

Hankyung, Mathematics Teacher
Having a strong sense of fairness and justice, he's known Zhou Mi since they were children. Although he didn't work for the same government department that Zhou Mi did, Hankyung is highly regarded because his grandfather was a part of it. He likes rules and abides by them, but also understands that sometimes they need to be bent. He's seen as a very strict teacher.

Heechul, Nurse
Sarcastic and flippant, Heechul works at the school during the week and then works in a hospital in Seoul on weekends. Although known to have an almost frivolous personality, the moment a student is sick or injured, he thinks fast and seriously. He knew Eeteuk's lover and is now the only person in his complete confidence. He's seen as a reliable nurse.

Eeteuk, Headmaster
Presenting a silent but strong presence, he used to be known for his easy smile and unique laugh. However, after the death of his lover, he became more withdrawn. Passionate about his school, his primary concern is always his students and school. Because of Kyuhyun's past health problems, Eeteuk takes special care to watch out for Kyuhyun. He's a very respected headmaster and teacher.


::School Layout

4th Floor|Monitors|Classes |Classes |Teacher |
3rd Floor|Y3-gr12 |Classes |Classes |Library |
2nd Floor|Y2-gr11 |Classes |Classes |Offices |
1st Floor|Y1-gr10 |Classes |Dining |Rec Hall|

In progress



fifa said...

phase 30 : end of the scarlet night
and the end came to soon...

that...does not sound like a happy ending...
/gets even more depressed

Anonymous said...

Honestly, i never really liked vampire fanfiction. but this series is really well done, just like the rest of your work. :) thanks for writing this. i'm wondering, though, if you could post what happened to Kangin/Leeteuk? you mention it a lot, but not the details, and i'd really like to read it. Great job on this!