“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Monday, August 31, 2009

[00r3] Curious Red Button

words: 5014
rating: NC17
(Part of the Intimate series)

The movie ended and Ryeowook didn’t feel like moving. He was sitting in one of the couches in the other door, head leaning against Yesung’s shoulder. He felt Yesung reach over and gently tap his cheek and could hear him calling his name. Something about the raspy tenor of his voice always warmed Ryeowook; it always washed over him like warm honey. He found it amusing that Yesung was trying to wake him up with his voice when all it did was make Ryeowook stay snuggled up against him and remain asleep.

Ryeowook felt Yesung shift beside him and then felt his warm breath against his cheek, “Ryeowook,” he said lightly, “It’s time to go home.” Ryeowook pretended he couldn’t hear; “If you don’t wake up now,” Yesung said, his voice lowering until Ryeowook was the only one who could hear, “Then what I wanted to do to you in our room, I’ll do it right here to wake you up.”

“Great movie!” Ryeowook exclaimed as he jumped up suddenly, cheeks burning.

Those who were watching the movie blinked at him sleepily, then continued to walk to the door. Ryeowook began slipping on his shoes when Eunhyuk, Yesung and Donghae joined him.

Ryeowook barely heard the conversation between Eeteuk and Donghae as they discussed why Donghae was also putting on his shoes. Sleepy or no, he would’ve heard them usually, but Yesung had knelt down to help Ryeowook tie his shoes - for no reason at all - and now one of those hands were slowly sliding up the back of his calf and-

“We should go,” Ryeowook stammered, jumping towards the door and away from Yesung’s roaming hand. He practically ripped it open, ignoring Yesung’s eyes as he slowly straightened in a cat-like way; “Kyuhyun and Sungmin-hyung will probably be home soon and you know how they always forget to bring their keys.”

So, Ryeowook, Yesung, Eunhyuk and Donghae left the dorm and climbed into the elevator. Ryeowook and Yesung were the first into the elevator heading to a back corner; Ryeowook against the side wall with Yesung against the back wall so they were perpendicular to one another. Eunhyuk went to the other back corner and Donghae stood with his shoulder against the back wall, his back to them. Sensing the two were going to have a private conversation, Ryeowook took one look at Yesung and immediate looked away, his face feeling very warm.

A hush murmur of whispers came from Donghae and Eunhyuk’s corner as the elevator began to move down. Something that sounded deceptively like a groan was immediately replaced with a cough reached Ryeowook’s ears. His eyes snapped towards the other couple in the elevator but Eunhyuk waved at him, motioning that he was alright. Ryeowook turned his head to look away when he felt - not just knew, felt - Yesung move. He looked as Yesung stood before him, arms on either side of him as they gripped the railing in the elevator.

Yesung moved closer until their bodies were almost pressed against one another, moved his head beside Ryeowook’s, “You heard what I heard, didn’t you?”

“I… I don’t know what you mean,” Ryeowook whispered,

“Didn’t you?” Yesung murmured, “Well, I’m pretty sure you and I know what those two are doing over there.”

Ryeowook said nothing. He looked over at the two again. Donghae’s body was blocking his view, but he could see Eunhyuk’s head, could see him chewing on his bottom lip. He felt his face warm and knew he was definitely an improbable shade of red. He noted that Eunhyuk kept shifting his feet as if he were uncomfortable or perhaps too…

“I can do that to you too,” Yesung whispered, moving a hand from the railing and pressing it against Ryeowook’s shoulder.

“Hyung?” Ryeowook almost squeaked.

Suddenly, Yesung began moving the hand down Ryeowook’s chest and stomach and - the elevator shifted slightly as it reached the floor. The doors slid open, but no one made to move.

“Hyung?” Eunhyuk looked over at them,

“There’s something I need to get at the store, so Ryeowook’s coming with me,” Yesung explained as he turned away from Ryeowook to the others, “You two go ahead.”

Eunhyuk nodded and quickly ran out of the elevator, dragging Donghae with him. The doors slid close and Ryeowook felt a mix of dread with excitement falling upon him.

“Which store are we going to?” Ryeowook managed, trying for a light tone and only managing another squeak.

“We’re not going anywhere,” Yesung stated as he moved over to the buttons and slammed a fist against a very curious red button. Yesung grinned at him as the elevator jerked to a stop, “I always wanted to press it,”

“Hyung-” He choked on the rest of his words because Yesung began to walk back towards him, slow like a predator and its prey, an expression so intense, so sultry that Ryeowook forgot how to talk.

Yesung stood before him again, planting his hands on the railing. He leaned his face close to Ryeowook’s but the younger moved his face back until his head met the elevator wall. Yesung smirked at him, pressing his body closer until they were flush with one another. His moved his face closer, his lips a hair’s breadth away from Ryeowook’s cheek. Then, he brought his lips to Ryeowook’s ear,

“Hey Ryeowook,” he said, his voice low and seductive, “Ever wanted to have sex in an elevator?”

If his face had only been warm before, now it was on fire and he was positive his face resembled a cherry tomato. He knew he should say no, knew he should deny Yesung and demand they leave the elevator but… His body was practically shivering from excitement, his heart was pounding happily in his chest and the only words he could manage were,

“But the camera-”

“They disabled that camera a week after we moved into this building,” Yesung said, “Didn’t want people to try and steal the video tapes- so they disabled them for the safety of the security guards and for our safety. They’re there for appearance purposes.”

“Oh,” Ryeowook said before turning his head so he could meet Yesung’s eyes. He swallowed hard, “Okay then…”

Yesung raised an eyebrow, “Really? I was just kidding - I just wanted to press the red button.”

Ryeowook suddenly pressed his lips against Yesung’s. When Yesung moved to pull away, Ryeowook raised his arms, wrapping them around his neck. He pressed his body against Yesung’s, only partially surprised when he found Yesung’s body hard. All over.

He was insistent and leading when he felt the tip of Yesung’s tongue run along his bottom lip. Suddenly, he was shy and timid. He tried to pull away, but Yesung sandwiched him against the wall. Ryeowook yelped when he felt the railing against his back. Yesung pulled him away from the wall and slipped his tongue in when Ryeowook was surprised. He tongue traced and swept over every surface of Ryeowook’s mouth. He tantalized the roof of his mouth with the tip of his tongue, rewarded when Ryeowook moaned into their kiss. He ran the tip of his tongue along the side of Ryeowook’s tongue. The younger man moaned again, arching against Yesung’s body. Suddenly, Ryeowook wasn’t that sleepy anymore.

Yesung moved his hands from the railing to Ryeowook’s hips, his fingers slipping beneath the hem of his long-sleeved shirt. His thumbs rubbed circles against Ryeowook’s skin as his tongue caressed Ryeowook’s over and over again. Ryeowook pulled away from the kiss, stifling a laugh,

“That tickles,” he managed,

“Then give my hands something else to do,” Yesung murmured, his lips trailing along Ryeowook’s jaw and down his neck. His tongue traced along the pulse in Ryeowook’s neck and he had to bite down on his lip to keep silent. Slowly, Yesung began to sink to his knees before Ryeowook,

“Here!?” His voice was pitched as he pressed back against the wall,

“You weren’t complaining a moment ago,” Yesung said, his hands moving to Ryeowook’s belt, “Actually, you practically jumped me.”

“I.. I did not!” Ryeowook stammered,

“Oh, yes you did,” Yesung smirked up at him as he undid the belt, “I was the innocent little rabbit in the field and you were the vicious fox looking for a meal.”

“I-I-I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Ryeowook was startled at how his voice came out hoarse and, somehow, still pitchy.

“But it looks like I’ve found my meal,” Yesung stated as he slowly unzipped the jeans.

His fingers stroked along the front of Ryeowook’s boxers which peeked through the opening of his jeans. Then, his thumbs were rubbing circles along the hardness Yesung felt. Ryeowook gripped the railing behind him, biting down on his lip painfully as he stared down at Yesung. Yesung brought the heel of his palm against Ryeowook and rubbed it up and down against him.

Ryeowook sucked in a breath and Yesung looked up at him, “Can’t look away, can you?”

Ryeowook tried to say no, even tried to look away, but all his thoughts were centred around Yesung’s hand and what it was doing to him. That part of him was throbbing painfully and somehow he had gotten even harder just by locking gazes with Yesung. Yesung grinned up at him as he stroked his fingertip up and down Ryeowook, causing his legs to falter and grip the railing even tighter in an attempt to stay standing.

“Y-Yesung,” Ryeowook murmured,

“Hmm?” Yesung stared up at him, his finger moving up and down, up and down, up and fucking down.

“P-Please,” Ryeowook stuttered,

“Please what?” Yesung asked innocently, his eyes suggesting anything other than innocence.

“Y-You know what,” Ryeowook grounded out,

“Do I?” He mused as he darted out his tongue and licked him through his boxers.

He clenched his eyes shut, “Y-Yes, y-you d-do,” he gritted his teeth,
He slowly straightened, his hand rubbing and cupping Ryeowook, “I want you to say it Ryeowook… say it so I don’t think I’m the only one who wants it… say it because I know you’re not the innocent Ryeowook everyone thinks you are.”

“You know all of that already!” Ryeowook shuddered as Yesung increased the pressure of his hand. He grabbed Yesung’s shoulders to steady himself, arching his hips against Yesung’s hand. “D-Damn it, you know!”

Yesung moved his hands to Ryeowook’s hips and ground his pelvis against Ryeowook’s sensitive and hard front, “Say it.”

He groaned as his fingers tightened on Yesung’s shoulders as he moved to press his hips even more against Yesung’s, but his hyung moved his hips away, “Hyung!” He cried,

“Say it!” Yesung grinned at him, his hips holding Ryeowook firmly and still,

Ryeowook moved his hands from Yesung’s shoulders to his face, cupping it as he pressed his lips to Yesung’s. He thrust his tongue between Yesung’s lips and massaged Yesung’s tongue with his own. He tangled his tongue with Yesung’s and when he broke the kiss, both of them were panting,

“I want your lips,” Ryeowook murmured against Yesung’s mouth, “I want them, now, on me. I want them on my skin, I want your hands on me, around me. I want everything you’ve just done but on my skin.”

Yesung smirked against his lips, “Anything else?”

“Your mouth,” Ryeowook groaned as Yesung finally allowed their hips to meet, “I want it, on me. I want to be in it. Now - damn, how I want to be in your mouth right now.”

“Now, was that so hard?” Yesung chuckled, as he slowly sunk down to his knees again. His hands slipped Ryeowook’s jeans down his hips, pulling the waistband of his boxers down with the jeans. “Now what do we have here? Haven’t seen you in awhile.”

“It’s been one day,” Ryeowook choked out,

“And you were out filming all day. I couldn’t even play with you if I wanted to,” Yesung stated.

Ryeowook was going to reply when Yesung grabbed him with his hand. His thumb circling again, this time Ryeowook’s groan echoed in the elevator. His fingers wrapped around the base of Ryeowook and pressed his lips to the tip of him. Ryeowook let out a shuddering sigh, his hands hurting from gripping the railing so tight.

Yesung pressed kisses up and down him, his tongue swirling in a circular pattern all along his length. He ran his tongue around the head of Ryeowook as his fingers mirrored the motion at the base of him. His tongue was warm and rough against Ryeowook as he caressed it along him. As he kissed Ryeowook again, he smirked to himself as Ryeowook groaned out his name,

“Hmm?” He hummed, knowing what Ryeowook would say next,

“In… In…” Ryeowook was panting, his grip loosening on the railing,

“Hmm?” Yesung prompted, moving his lips away from Ryeowook altogether.

Ryeowook opened his eyes and glared down at Yesung. Eyes narrowed, hands tightening on the railing now out of frustration, he grounded out, “Damn it, I said it before must I tell you again!?”

Yesung openly smiled up at him, “Yes.”

“Fine! Fine!” Ryeowook cried, “I want to be in your mouth Yesung. I want you to put me in your mouth. I want you to suck me. I want you to suck me hard until I can’t feel my legs anymore, until I can’t feel anything but me in your mouth. Fuck, how I want you to suck me off.”

“Hmm… ‘Fuck’…Now that’s a word I can understand,” Yesung mused, rubbing his thumb along Ryeowook.

Before Ryeowook could get mad at him stalling again, Yesung took the head of Ryeowook into his mouth. Ryeowook groaned and when Yesung took more of him into his mouth, he almost screamed. He gripped the railing as he tried to keep standing. Yesung was moving up and down him in regular intervals and all Ryeowook wanted was for him to move faster.

All day he was filming with the other members for a variety show and as much as he had fun, he had missed Yesung sorely. If Yesung was right about one thing, it was his statement of the others not knowing his true nature. They had been together for quite some time now, and when they were first intimate, Ryeowook had been scared. However, since after that first time, Yesung had uncovered a side of Ryeowook not even Ryeowook knew about. Ryeowook’s new-found appetite had gotten so out of control that Yesung had to tell Ryeowook to stop.

Holding onto the railing for all he was worth, Ryeowook subconsciously began to rock his hips against Yesung. His breathing came out as panting and once more, he couldn’t pull his gaze away from what Yesung was doing. Watching Yesung, his hyung who was always strong, now on his knees and kneeling before him, his mouth around him, made each movement, each stroke even more powerful. Ryeowook felt every thing, felt even the smallest twitch of Yesung’s lips, felt every small stroke of Yesung’s tongue, felt even the softest increase in pressure of Yesung’s fingers on his hips.

Yesung began to hear Ryeowook groan again, more than just his hips began to squirm and he knew Ryeowook was getting desperate. He began to suck on him hard, began to caress with his tongue even rougher and tightened his lips around him tighter.

“Oh Yesung,” he moaned, finally pulling his gaze away from Yesung. His head fell against the elevator wall and he didn’t even both to stifle his cries. Yesung began to graze his teeth along Ryeowook’s length and he let out another moan, “Damn, I wish that camera was working.”

Yesung blinked as he pulled his mouth away. He looked up at Ryeowook, “What? You do!?”

Ryeowook looked down at him through half-lidded eyes, “You have no idea how much I want it… and other things.”

“Oh Ryeowook,” Yesung chuckled, his voice even more gravely the lower it got. He wrapped his hand around Ryeowook, hard and soft at the same time, “If I had known you’d become like this after our first time…” He kissed the tip of him and Ryeowook jerked beneath his lips, “I would’ve seduced you a long, long time ago.”

Ryeowook pried Yesung’s hand from him and leaned down, taking a finger into his mouth. He mimicked what Yesung had been doing but with his finger instead. He grazed his teeth slow and hard along Yesung’s finger before running his tongue along it. Then slowly, he let it slip from his mouth as he straightened. He cupped Yesung’s cheek with his hand and slowly guided his hyung’s mouth to the tip of him again,

“My dear Yesung…” He smiled down at him, sweetly, innocently and somehow mischievously all at the same time, “I seduced you,” he murmured as he pressed himself against Yesung’s lips.

Yesung took Ryeowook into his mouth and was rewarded with a deep-throated groan. He grazed his teeth along Ryeowook’s length once more. He sucked on the head hard and Ryeowook shivered beneath his mouth. When he ran his teeth along him again, he put more pressure and his dongsaeng moaned his name. Ryeowook was growing desperate. He was hot all over, he could barely keep himself standing and every time Yesung moved his mouth on him, he felt bolts of lightning streak from his core. Yesung wasn’t doing anything new from all there other times together, but the fact that they were in an elevator made it more exciting. Even the camera - disabled as it was - just the thought that it had the potential to be filming them, was making Ryeowook’s blood burn.

He took Ryeowook completely into his mouth and swallowed the air. The motion of the back of Yesung’s throat and the feel of being deep-throated, rocked Ryeowook over the precipice. Suddenly the bolts of lightning weren’t going away and the heat was making him boil. If Yesung hadn’t been holding his hips, Ryeowook surely would’ve collapsed as he climaxed into Yesung’s mouth. He would’ve screamed Yesung’s name if it hadn’t been shuddering from head to toe.

When the last wave dissipated, Yesung slowly rose, sandwiching Ryeowook against the elevator wall. Ryeowook weakly raised his hands, cradling Yesung’s face, pulling him towards himself. Yesung stopped him,

“Ryeowook, I just… and you just…” He blinked, “We’ve never kissed after, the taste-”

“Don’t care,” Ryeowook murmured, pulling him into a kiss. He thrust his tongue into Yesung’s mouth, his tongue sweeping all over, tasting everything. When he was done, he pulled away, smiling smugly, “We should kiss after more often.”

Yesung raised a curious eyebrow, “You never fail to surprise me, Ryeo.”

“Please fuck me in the elevator now,” He said with a small smile that could’ve been interpreted as shy had it not been for the look in his eyes and the words he breathed.

“And you just proved me right,” Yesung smiled, brushing his lips over Ryeowook’s once more in the most chaste thing they’ve done since entering the elevator.

“I’m surprised security hasn’t done anything by now,” Ryeowook said as Yesung began to unbuckle his own belt and undo his own jeans, “We’ve been stopped in here for almost half an hour now.”

“Hush,” Yesung murmured, kissing him again, “You can only complain or comment after I get mine like you just got yours.”

“I suppose it’s only fair,” Ryeowook smiled at him as Yesung pushed his jeans and boxers down to his feet; he finished by stepping out of them.

“Damn right it’s only fair,” Yesung said as he kissed Ryeowook again, this time grinding his hard self against Ryeowook’s softened state.

“Now,” Ryeowook insisted, his hands covering Yesung’s which were planted firmly on his hips.

Yesung moved his hands to Ryeowook’s underside and with little effort, hefted Ryeowook off his feet. Instinctively, wrapped his legs high above Yesung’s waist, locking his ankles together. Yesung took half a step towards the elevator wall, shelving his hands on the railing and Ryeowook propped his forearms on Yesung’s shoulders to help keep balance of their precarious posture.

“Ready?” Yesung asked, his nose an inch away from the other’s,

“Damn, yes,” Ryeowook breathed.

Yesung found Ryeowook’s entrance and once he pushed the tip of himself in, Ryeowook groaned. When Yesung angled his hips and thrust completely in, Ryeowook inhaled a sharp breath and shivered deliciously. He leaned his head against Ryeowook’s shoulder, turned his head to nuzzle his face against Ryeowook’s neck,

“Fuck, Ryeowook,” He grunted, “You’re so damn tight it’s like we didn’t fuck last night at all.”

“Less talking, more thrusting,” Ryeowook murmured, now embracing him even tighter against him,

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” Yesung smirked against his neck, salty and hot from their exertions,

“Then don’t make me say it again,” Ryeowook grounded out.

Yesung pressed Ryeowook back against the elevator wall and, assuring himself his hands were steady on the railing, thrust up into Ryeowook once, twice, over and over again. He clenched his thigh muscles and tightened his abdomen, putting more power into each thrust. Ryeowook was panting again and, had he not buried his face in Ryeowook’s neck, Yesung knew he would be panting along with him.

He felt hot. Ryeowook surrounded him like a tight glove made of fire. It warmed him, heated him, and made the fire spread out to the rest of his body. With no latex between them, he felt every moment between them, felt every clench, every thrust - oh, they didn’t do this often enough. Every single bit of friction fanned the flames, causing the fire to grow, causing more sparks to burn between them. It wasn’t enough, not nearly enough.

“More,” Ryeowook grunted, vocalizing exactly what Yesung was thinking.

“Drop one of your legs, just one of them,” Yesung murmured, his lips tickling Ryeowook’s neck.

Pressing down on Yesung’s shoulders with his forearms to keep them steady, he unlocked his ankles and slowly, ever so slowly, brought a foot down to the ground. Yesung kept Ryeowook’s hips angled properly with his own hips so they would remain joined. However, lowering one foot changed the angle enough to deepen Yesung’s place within him.

“Damn that feels good,” Ryeowook managed as Yesung tested their position but pulling out half way and thrusting back into him.

“Not enough,” Yesung said, straightening his torso but keeping Ryeowook against the elevator wall.

He lifted his hands and Ryeowook from the railing and adjusted his hands. He brought one forearm to sandwich between Ryeowook’s underside and the railing, freeing one of his arms. He brought his hand to the back of Ryeowook’s knee, the one that was still hooked over his hip. Watching his dongsaeng’s face, Yesung slowly raised Ryeowook’s knee, higher and higher.

Ryeowook sucked in a sharp breath, biting painfully on his bottom lip to distract himself from the pain where he and Yesung were joined. Yesung had always stretched him, filling him completely until he thought he would burst. However, as Yesung continued to slowly - achingly, so - raise his leg, he was being stretched even more, being filled anew as if it were their first time all over again. Finally, Yesung hooked Ryeowook’s knee over his shoulder and Ryeowook let out a wavering groan.

“Y-Yesung, i-it h-hurts,” he stammered, clenching his eyes close, tears now burning his eyes,

“I know,” Yesung said, moving his free hand to cup Ryeowook’s cheek. He brushed a few tears with his thumb, “But bear with it a little more.”

He with drew until only the head was within and, after taking a deep, steadying breath, thrust completely into Ryeowook. Ryeowook let out a groan as the pain turned to something more, something so damn more. Pelvises flush together, Ryeowook felt he was completely full. Yesung gritted his teeth and continued to push his pelvis, burrowing himself to the hilt. Suddenly, Ryeowook’s groan became a scream and Yesung had to breathe heavily through his nostrils to stop himself from repeating the sentiment.

Yesung pulled out slowly and entered him even slower. Again and again and again, he undulated. With each thrust, with each withdrawal they both shuddered together. Their cores, their bodies, their hearts completely synchronized as each joining warmed their hearts, their bodies, burning their cores until they could no longer move slowly.

Yesung moved his torso closer to Ryeowook’s, pressing his dongsaeng’s thigh closer to his torso, stretching him even more. Ryeowook bit down on his lip to stop from crying out as his body was being stretched beyond his natural flexibility. Yesung pushed Ryeowook’s thigh until he could bend anymore. He stretched his neck out the rest of the way and barely brushed his lips against Ryeowook’s. This time, when he withdrew and thrust into him again, it was deeper - excruciatingly, deliciously so - and neither could make a noise because it was suddenly difficult to breathe.

Moving his hand to the back of Ryeowook’s neck, he held it still as he locked eyes with the younger man. He engaged his attention, disallowed him to look away as he moved his hips. Faster, faster, faster he thrust. The fire was burning brightly, painfully until neither could feel anything despite their joining, until neither knew anything but each other.

Suddenly, they weren’t in the elevator but in the privacy of their room, they weren’t in a brightly lit elevator but in the romantic dimness of their room, they weren’t breaking the law in the elevator but sinning deliciously in the room. Suddenly, everything else melted away and it was just them, fire burning around them, within them and through them.

Yesung moved his hand from Ryeowook’s neck to his favourite appendage. He had been hard again for some time and now Yesung wrapped his hand around him. He pumped him once, twice and that was all it took for him to climax again. As Ryeowook hissed, he knocked his head back against the wall, clenching his eyes shut as he breathed Yesung’s name. The fire was threading through him as wave after wave of his climax passed throughout his body.

Yesung thrust once, twice and a third time. Ryeowook’s body clenched around him, pumping him tightly as he reached completion. He continued to thrust as he rode the waves of fire with Ryeowook. His dongsaeng’s name was on his lips and he moaned it over and over again until they were both depleted.

Yesung moved them away from the wall. Ryeowook unhooked his knee and as he slowly slid his leg down, Yesung withdrew completely from him. His hands remained on Yesung’s shoulders as his feet touched the ground. Yesung held his hips, keeping him steady. Ryeowook leaned back against the wall, conscious of the railing at his back and pulled Yesung with him, pulling his head until their lips met.

“That was amazing,” Ryeowook murmured against his lips,

“Just wait until tomorrow,” Yesung smiled, pulling his head back enough to see him clearly, look into his eyes directly.

“Why?” Ryeowook asked quietly, suddenly the timid person the other members believed him to be.

“Because we can watch what happened all over again,” Yesung smirked at him.

Suddenly, Ryeowook’s face was bright red, his jaw slowly dropping, “But… but-” his eyes flew towards the camera in the top corner which was aimed perfectly at them.

“I paid a hefty price to have the guards not come when this elevator starts and to turn that camera back on for this-”


“Earlier today. And I paid another price to have them leave the security room so the monitors aren’t being watched; so, we can go get the tape now,” Yesung stated smugly.

“How did…” Eyes flashing towards the camera then back at Yesung, he questioned as he pulled up his boxers and jeans, doing them up again; “How did you know I’d agree to this?”

Yesung chuckled softly as he pulled up his own undergarments and pants, “Because I know you, Ryeo.”

“Indeed, you do,” Ryeowook agreed, pushing Yesung’s hands away and doing the front of Yesung’s jeans for him. He looked up at his hyung and smiled his smile of innocence and mischievousness as his hands brushed the front of Yesung’s jeans, “So then you know we shouldn’t wait until tomorrow to watch that tape.”

“As you wish,” Yesung grinned as he moved towards the button controls.

He reached out to press the red button, knowing it would restart the elevators just as the guards told him it would. Before he could press it, Ryeowook brushed his hand away and pushed him against the wall opposite to where they had been before. He looked at Ryeowook, one eyebrow raised curiously,

“Ryeo?” He murmured appreciatively, hands going and planting firmly on Ryeowook’s hips as the younger man pressed their bodies flush against one another,

“Since you paid so much for this, who’s to stop us from doing it again?” Ryeowook suggested, his hands moving up Yesung’s chest, to his shoulders and around until his arms wrapped about his neck.

“Who indeed?” Yesung smirked at him, leaning back against the wall as Ryeowook leaned towards him.

“Besides,” Ryeowook continued, brushing his lips against Yesung’s once, twice and a third time, “We don’t really know what that red button will do if we press it… we could be stuck here for awhile more.”

“I think you need to go on Jeolchin Notes, Ryeowook… the others have no idea you’re like this,” Yesung said, but the light in his eyes said he wouldn’t have it any other way. “But I think you need to be more clear about what you want from me, Ryeowook.”

Ryeowook raised an eyebrow of his own. He leaned in until his lips brushed Yesung’s, his breath tickling his hyung’s as he whispered, “Fuck me in the elevator again, Yesung.”

“Hmm… ‘Fuck’…Now that’s a word I can understand,” Yesung chuckled softly.

Moving his hands to cradle Ryeowook’s face, he smiled intimately before leaning in and giving him a chaste, innocent kiss.

(Sungmin&Kyuhyun's story: A Different Game)


whatxsarahxsaid said...

“Then what I wanted to do to you in our room, I’ll do it right here to wake you up.” Yesung is weird enough that I'd believe that.

“Which store are we going to?” Ryeowook managed, trying for a light tone and only managing another squeak. Hahaa, oh Ryeowook *cling*

“Please fuck me in the elevator now," Hahahaha, I love the please.

“Why?” Ryeowook asked quietly, suddenly the timid person the other members believed him to be.

“Because we can watch what happened all over again,” Yesung smirked at him.
Hahahahaa. Of course.

Gosh, your writing is so classy. <3 I looooved Ryeowook, because he was both innocent and crazy. Not crazy per se, but for a lack of a better word.... But still oh-so cute, Ryeowook. Yesung was cool, too. LOL Very devious about the camera.

redpanda said...

OMGGGGGG my otp is yewook so i'm super stoked and i love your writing so that made it i don't even know how many times better. i need to read your other series. i've seen that there are many and i'm antsy to get to them all when i have enough time to sit down and read them all XDDD