“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

[spin] A Prince's Love

pair: Eeteuk/Kangin
rate: PG
words: 5406
(Part of the Princes Series.)

In modern day South Korea, the monarchy ruled along side the government. With the King already reaching his mid-forties, the rulers of the country were feeling pressed for time for one of their sons to produce an heir. So, it was no wonder that winter morning, Prince Kangin- the eldest prince of the royal family - was called eating breakfast with his mother and younger brother when the King strode in.

“You broke off your engagement? AGAIN!?” The King exclaimed as he approached the Queen and placed an affectionate kiss on her cheek before straightening and turning his eyes onto the eldest of his sons.

“Kangin!” His mother began, startled at the news as she practically slammed her cup of tea back onto the table, “This is the third engagement since you turned eighteen!”

“So?” Kangin replied nonchalantly as he put down his chopsticks,

“You turned eighteen last month,” the King gritted his teeth,

“I still don’t see your point,” Kangin continued as he slowly sipped his orange juice,

“You’re going to be king one day! You need to start being responsible and start acting like a true prince!” the King declared exasperatedly.

Kangin finished his drink and placed the empty glass on the table as he stood up. He bowed to his father, “As you command, Sire,” he said simply before dropping a kiss to his mother’s cheek and playfully punching his brother on the way out of the room.

The King sighed heavily as he took the empty seat beside his wife’s, “Three - THREE engagements!”

The Queen placed a hand on his arm, calming him slightly, “He’s still young. He DID just turn eighteen, and you know how boys are.”

“When I was eighteen I was crowned king already,” the King muttered,

“That’s the difference between you and Kangin, his father’s still alive,” the Queen offered a small smile,

“Not for long, not with all the stress he’s putting on me,” the King sighed as he turned his gaze to his other son as if suddenly realizing he was there, “Donghae, promise me when you’re eighteen you won’t go through an assortment of engagements.”

“I turn eighteen next year,” Donghae stared blankly at his father, startled at being addressed by him, “Don’t worry Father, I’ll marry the first one I ask to marry me.”

The King sighed as he got up and started to leave, “Oh, but if only you could be the first in line for the crown.”

“I’d make you proud, Father,” Donghae called after him. As the door closed after him, he murmured quietly, staring at the food on his plate, “Maybe then you’d notice me…”

It was two in the morning when Kangin stumbled out of the club. He looked around the street before the club, his eyes dancing merrily. Just then, a black Lincoln town car pulled up to the curb at an alarming speed, breaking right in front of Kangin suddenly and with precision control. The driver stepped out, dressed simply in black dress pants and a white button-up.

The driver sighed heavily, rubbing his eyes beneath his black-wire frames, “So you break off the third engagement since your birthday and then you go and get drunk?” he came around the car to Kangin’s side and opened the back door for him, “Nice,” he commented sarcastically as Kangin practically fell onto the backseat.

When the driver slipped back into the driver’s seat and pulled away from the curb like a madman - garnering a few honks of car horns and yelled curses - the prince gingerly sat up, leaning his head back against the seat,

“Eeteuk, you’re supposed to be my best friend,” Kangin slurred as his body felt like it was swimming,

“I am,” Eeteuk argued as he weaved through traffic,

“Then stop talking like my father,” Kangin argued as he leaned forward, slinging an arm around the driver’s seat and leaning his chin on Eeteuk’s shoulder,

“God, you reek of beer,” Eeteuk stated as he pushed Kangin’s face away from his own. He glanced through the corner of his eye as Kangin hung onto the back of the passenger’s seat, his happy eyes gazing out the windshield. “Why did you break off this engagement too?”

“We just didn’t suit each other as I thought we did,” Kangin replied nonchalantly as he hugged the seat from behind as Eeteuk made a sharp right. He turned his gaze to his friend and grinned like a fool,

“You’ve said that before,” Eeteuk said in a dry tone as they reached the Royal house in record speed,

“And, it’s been true the other two times,” Kangin insisted, taking on a sing-song tone to his words,

“Well maybe you should realize this before you propose,” Eeteuk suggested lightly as they pulled up to the front of the house,

“Well, maybe you should just drive,” Kangin retorted in a mock commanding tone,

Eeteuk rolled his eyes, “We’re already here,” he replied as he got out of the car and came around to open the door,

Kangin blinked and then looked out the door Eeteuk opened for him only to see the Royal House looming above them, “Well so we are!”

Eeteuk shook his head as Kangin haphazardly climbed out of the car and practically fell against him. He said nothing as he began the ritual of dragging the prince through the house to his quarters and depositing the drunk on his bed.

Eeteuk sighed heavily as he rubbed the back of his neck wearily, walking down the main stairs that lead into the house’s front atrium. As he neared the bottom he heard his name. He paused and looked up. Against the railing of the second floor that opened up to show the atrium below was the Queen,

“Am I correct in assume you just brought home Prince Kangin?” the Queen inquired as she peered through the dim light of the house,

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Eeteuk replied as he bowed to the Queen,

The Queen sighed heavily as she glanced towards the entrance that lead to the princes’ rooms, “Thank you Eeteuk-sshi, you have no idea how grateful I am that you’re Kangin’s friend and driver. I know whenever my son goes carousing around town, at least he’ll be safe.”

“I’ll never let anything happen to him,” Eeteuk promised as he straightened and looked up at her again,

The Queen bestowed a warm smile on him, “A hundred of the King’s guards couldn’t make me feel more assured than that,” the smile faltered, “Eeteuk… perhaps… perhaps you if anyone could explain something,” she said as she came around and joined him on the stairs, “All these engagements that Kangin’s broken… and even his reckless night life… I don’t understand why any of it is happening.”

Eeteuk sighed heavily as he crossed his arms loosely about his torso, “I think… I think in some ways Kangin’s trying to find something.”

“Find something?” The Queen blinked,

“All his life, Kangin’s been the portrait of the perfect prince… when all this talk of him having to marry, I think he began to wonder who he really was,” Eeteuk explained, “So I think… he’s trying to figure out who Kangin is - outside from being a Prince and the duties, he’s trying to find out who he is.”

The Queen sighed, “I wonder if I even know my own son, sometimes.” She looked at Eeteuk and smiled, “He’s so confusing I’m not sure who he is anymore.”

“He’s not confusing at all,” Eeteuk insisted, “He’s silly and goofy; he likes chocolate and alcohol - but never together. He likes coffee but not tea. And he has the greatest love of books. He’s really quite simple.”

The Queen tilted her head as she regarded him, “I never knew any of that…” She then smiled and placed an motherly hand on Eeteuk’s shoulder, “I’m glad Kangin has someone who understands him.”

Eeteuk said nothing, but returned the smile and quietly departed from the house.

“Driver, the door!” The girl commanded with a hauteur she didn’t deserve.

Eeteuk repressed the urge to throttle the girl as he opened the door for her and Prince Kangin. As the girl slipped into the town car’s back seat, Kangin glanced at Eeteuk who held the door open,

“Eeteuk,” Kangin murmured apologetically,

He said nothing, rolling his eyes as he released his hold on the door and returned to the driver’s seat. Eeteuk focused on the road and traffic as Kangin spoke with the girl. Usually when he drove Kangin and one of his dates to a restaurant, he made the trip quick so he wouldn’t have to stand listening to the girl babble, however , he felt if he drove normally this girl would wilt immediately. He glanced in the rear-view mirror as Kangin poured them each a flute of wine. Suddenly, the car jerked as it went over a pothole. Eeteuk whipped his eyes back to the road and felt he’d go deaf when the girl yelled at a high-pitched tone.

“My dress!” The girl cried, “it’s ruined!”

“Now, I’m sure-”

She silenced the prince by shoving the flute back towards Kangin and inched to the edge of her seat, “You! Driver!” She exclaimed angrily, “It’s your fault! What kind of driver are you!? Can’t you see! How can you NOT have avoided that pothole! It was enormous!”

“I believe you answered your own question,” Eeteuk replied dryly,

“Insolence!” The girl shrieked, “Kangin! Say something! He’s being so impertinent! Such insolence from a servant!”

“Eeteuk, stop the car,” Kangin commanded.

Easily, Eeteuk pulled to the curb, stopping at halt. The girl nearly flew off her seat at the stop then straightened herself, sitting as regally as a queen. Kangin reached across her to the door and pushed it open, then, he unceremoniously shoved the girl out as well,

“What are you doing!?” She cried as she stumbled onto the sidewalk,

“Exactly what it looks like,” Kangin replied easily as he closed the door, the window rolled down, “Leaving you out here.”

“But…but why!?” She demanded as she looked frantically around;

People had begun to stop and stare at the scene playing out by the royal car. Unfortunately for the girl, everyone recognized the Lincoln town car as not only a royal car, but the car that specifically drove Prince Kangin.

“Anyone stupid enough to blame a poor road condition on an innocent driver need to spend more time getting acquainted with the road in a more personal way,” Kangin shrugged as he waved to some of the pedestrians who were calling at the prince, “And what better a way than walking? So… your home is that way,” Kangin pointed back down the street, “Good evening.”

“B-B-But it’ll be at least a half-hour walk!” The girl exclaimed,

Kangin raised an eyebrow, “So it will be. Well then, you should start walking!” With one more wave, the window rolled up as Eeteuk immediately pulled away from the curb into traffic.

“And here I was thinking you had gotten some class since you waited a month before dating someone after your last engagement,” Eeteuk commented lightly, “As I recall, you waited just a few days between your three engagements,” he mockingly sighed, “And I was hoping she’d become fiancĂ©e number four.”

“Are you done with your teasing?” Kangin grumbled as he downed both the flutes of wine and replaced them, straightening in his seat,

“Yes, but seriously Kangin - I don’t mind getting yelled at by haughty women,” Eeteuk insisted, “I’m used to it by now, after all your girlfriends and I suppose I should learn to live with it once you marry and being queen goes to some poor girl’s head.”

“But I mind,” Kangin interjected, and he caught Eeteuk’s curious gaze in the rear-view mirror, “Besides,” he continued, forcing his eyes out the window beside him, “she overreacted and I don’t want to associate myself with someone like that. Better to just nip the relationship in the bed.”

Eeteuk furtively glanced at Kangin a few more times in the mirror before asking lightly, “Is this your new solution to stop proposing and cancelling a mass amount of engagements?”

“Yes, do you like it?” Kangin grinned,

Eeteuk rolled his eyes, his words dripping in sarcasm, “Thoroughly.

A few weeks passed before Eeteuk found himself holding the door open for Kangin as the prince fell into the backseat of the town car. He gently closed the door and walked around back to his seat, pulling away from the curb immediately. Kangin reeked of alcohol as Eeteuk pulled the drunken prince out of the car and began the slow journey through the large house to the prince’s rooms.

Both remained silent as Kangin stumbled against his bed post, flinging off his shirt. Eeteuk rolled his eyes as the prince fumbled with his pants; he hadn’t seen Kangin this drunk in a month and half.

As Eeteuk undid Kangin’s pants, he slid them down his hips and Kangin let out a laugh,

“That tickles!” He accused as he wobbly stepped out of his pants. Clad in just his boxers, he proceeded to crawl onto his giant bed, scrambling atop his blankets.

Eeteuk shook his head, despite the small smile on his lips as he leaned a shoulder against the bed posts by the foot of the bed, crossing his arms loosely about his torso, “You haven’t been this drunk since your birthday.”

“I haven’t had the need to drink this much since my birthday,” Kangin replied, taking one of his pillows and hugging it as he rolled onto his stomach,

“It must be serious then,” Eeteuk said quietly,

“Eeteuk… it’s been almost three months and… I still don’t know who I am,” Kangin murmured into his pillow,

“You’re Kangin,” Eeteuk said simply as he came and sat on the edge of his bed,

“Father and I got into another huge fight about me marrying… ever since my birthday that’s all I hear from him,” Kangin said, sleepily opening his eyes to look at his best friend, “That’s all I hear from everyone.”

Eeteuk remained silent as Kangin rolled onto his back and sighed heavily. He held out a hand to his friend and Eeteuk placed his hand in Kangin’s out of pure instinct. Kangin’s fingers closed over his and tightened securely, “Everyone but you,” Kangin said quietly as he tugged him closer, “You’re the only one who just wants me to be Kangin.”

“If I didn’t, you’d get lost and then I wouldn’t have my best friend,” Eeteuk smiled brightly, a single dimple appearing beside the left corner of his mouth, “So they’re completely selfish reasons, I promise you,” he laughed lightly, tugging his hand away,

“Then I’m glad you’re selfish,” Kangin replied quietly as he reluctantly released his friend’s hand, “It’s better than me being selfish.”

“How so?” Eeteuk asked tentatively as he saw the drunk flush slowly disappear from Kangin’s face and saw the clarity in those dark eyes,

“Breaking off all those engagements… I was being selfish,” Kangin said easily as he turned his gaze away from Eeteuk and looked up at the canopy above him, “I could’ve easily stayed with any of them, Eeteuk. They were all… nice and pretty and… appropriate from my parents’ perspectives.”

“Then why did you break up with all of them?” Eeteuk inquired, suddenly perplexed,

“Because none of them compared to you,” Kangin replied simply, forcing his gaze to remain where it was, even though he knew that Eeteuk’s eyes were wide with wonder. “The first girl loved to laugh, I remember that, it was what drew me to her. She had a beautiful laugh but that one day in the car when she joked with you and you laughed with her, it suddenly sounded as if noise was escaping her lips compared to the melody escaping yours…”

Eeteuk gaped at him. He felt his heart pound in his chest as per usual whenever he was with his best friend, but this time it was faster and more painful.

“The second girl-”

“She was gorgeous,” Eeteuk choked,

“Yes, she was and that’s what I noticed immediately. What I especially loved about her, were her eyes. Almond shaped and brown…” Kangin finally couldn’t stop himself and looked over at Eeteuk. He reached up, his fingers tracing the wire frames that Eeteuk always wore, “It was the first week of February… two months ago… and you had gotten your eye surgery.”

“You were there when I was able to open my eyes again…” Eeteuk managed, his voice barely above a whisper as he felt heat flow through his body, rippling from his chest,

“And when I saw you open your eyes, I realized that hers were nothing special,” Kangin said quietly, pulling the frame off of his face, “But yours… I could never look away from your eyes. I don’t even know why you still wear frames.”

Eeteuk opened his mouth to say the words, to explain that it was because of him. Because when they were boys and he was told he needed glasses, he hated the thought of being teased. Because when he finally did wear his glasses, Kangin had told him they looked good. However, Eeteuk couldn’t say any of it; it would leave him too vulnerable to a prince that was destined for a queen, not some chauffeur.

Instead, he asked quietly as he took back his glasses and wore them again, “And the third girl?” Eeteuk swallowed hard, trying to regain what was left of his composure, “She was nice.”

“Nice… I guess that’s how she appeared,” Kangin mused, “I found out a week into our engagement how not-so-nice she truly was.”

“W-W-What do you mean?” Eeteuk stammered,

“She said you drove too wildly, you were impertinent and that you spoke too freely to a prince,” Kangin explained, “She told my father,”

“Your father!? What did the King say?” Eeteuk questioned, suddenly alert,

“She’s the daughter of a Korean diplomat, my father wanted to keep her father complacent. He wanted to fire you,” Kangin answered.

Eeteuk raised an eyebrow, “Then how am I still here?”

“I broke off the engagement and father didn’t care what her father thought anymore,” Kangin shrugged simply.

Eeteuk shook his head as he stood up and pulled the blankets down from beneath his friend’s body then over Kangin, “Get some sleep Kangin,” Eeteuk murmured, his heart beating unbearably and the heat suffocating him.

Before Eeteuk could turn away, Kangin grabbed his hand and pulled him beneath him. Eeteuk stared up at Kangin, startled and breathing quickly from the sudden assault, “Kangin…?”

“I don’t understand anymore Eeteuk… I don’t understand anything anymore… nothing feels right anymore…” Kangin murmured as he gazed down at his friend, “You’re the only thing that makes sense… the only thing that feels right…”

“Kangin, you’re the prince… This isn’t right,” Eeteuk said quietly, his voice wavering, “You need a princess… not… a stable boy,” he laughed lightly, trying to break the intense atmosphere that was quickly descending upon them,

“You were never a stable boy, Eeteuk,” Kangin said quietly as he slowly lowered his head, “You were always more than that… so much more,”

Any more of Eeteuk’s protests were silenced when Kangin’s lips came upon him. Eeteuk immediately melted beneath him, the heat spreading again and deliciously licking through him. He parted his lips and a shiver ran down his spine as Kangin’s tongue swept into his mouth. Eeteuk ran his hands down Kangin’s bare torso to his hips, wrapping his arms around his waist.

Kangin moved his lips to Eeteuk’s neck and Eeteuk opened his eyes. His eyes wandered around the room, suddenly remembering where he was, what was happening - what he was. He felt Kangin’s hands unbutton his shirt and immediately Eeteuk pushed him off of him. Swiftly, he slipped off the bed and ran his hands through his hair, straightening his glasses,

“Eeteuk…” Kangin began, propping himself up on an elbow.

“No Kangin, we can’t-” Eeteuk said as he stumbled back,

“Eeteuk, please,” Kangin held out a hand for him.

Eeteuk raised his hand to Kangin’s instinctively but then stopped, freezing just inches before his fingers touched Kangin’s. He retracted his hand and clenched them at his sides to stop it from happening again, “I can’t.”

“Why?” Kangin asked quietly, his hand dropping to the blanket,

“Because I love you… and if I came back to that bed, I’d fall even harder for you and then I wouldn’t be able to walk away…” Eeteuk replied, his voice above a whisper, his words suffocating him,

“Why would you have to walk away?” Kangin demanded, his voice suddenly hoarse at his declaration of his feelings,

“Because you’re a prince… and I’m your chauffeur…and we have no future,” Eeteuk grounded out. He felt the tears come and he wiped them away with the back of his sleeve. He chuckled lightly, “Look at me, crying like a fool when I knew all of this from the beginning… and I still fell in love with you…” He took a deep, steadying breath, refusing to look at Kangin. “It’s time I go… I’ll… I’ll see you tomorrow,” he stammered before striding out of the room with a strength he did not feel.

Kangin watched as the door softly closed behind his best friend. He buried his face into the pillow and pounded the suddenly cold mattress beneath him.

The next morning, Eeteuk wearily walked into the Royal House. He had received a call from the King that he arrive at the house immediately. The butler ushered him into the study, startled to find both the King and Prince Kangin already there. The King sat at his desk and Kangin stood off to the side, staring -no, glaring out the window,

“You summoned, Sire?” Eeteuk said hesitantly dragging his eyes away from Kangin.

“First you kick out the daughter of a prestigious company’s CEO and THEN you let the prince drink himself silly - embarrassing himself and this entire family - AGAIN - at some club!?” The King exclaimed, getting to his feet as he slammed his palms down on his desk,

“I TOLD him to let her out! And how the hell would you expect some chauffeur stop a prince from doing as he wishes!?’ Kangin argued, swinging away from the window, facing his father with unabashed anger,

“Don’t be so insolent-”

“I’m not,” Kangin said coolly, his voice like ice, his eyes dark, “I’m merely stating the facts. You’re just trying to fire him - again.”

“Kangin-” The King began in a warning tone.

However, he was interrupted when the door opened and the Queen entered, startled to find the scene before her. She eyed her husband suspiciously, “There’s a call,”

“I’ll take it later,” the King grounded out,

“If it were some simple call do you think I would’ve come for you?” She questioned with all the hauteur befitted her station. She gave him a hard stare before adding evenly, “It’s Kyuhyun.”

The King watched as the Queen swept out of the study, “If only you could’ve been more like your brothers.”

“I wish that too,” Kangin replied sardonically, “Because then you would either ignore me like Donghae, or ship me to half across the world like Kyuhyun… either way would keep me away from you.”

The King scowled and made to argue when the Queen opened the door, glaring at him. The King left the study, slamming the door behind him.

Kangin sighed physically. Eeteuk approached him hesitantly, “Kangin…”

“Father approached me yesterday. He heard what happened with that girl we left on the sidewalk,” Kangin explained as he looked out the window again, rubbing the back of his neck wearily, “He wanted to fire you again and that’s when we started arguing about me marrying… Father was going to hit me, I’m sure of it. Had Mother not come in at that time… I’m sure he would have.”

“And that’s when you felt the need to get completely smashed off beer,” Eeteuk finished, “You know, getting drunk at a club doesn’t help matters.”

“How would you feel knowing your father planned to hit you? What would you feel like afterwards?” Kangin challenged, turning his gaze on him, still icy from before,

“I’d want to forget myself in alcohol too…” Eeteuk admitted softly,

“Exactly,” Kangin sighed as he leaned against the window sill, “So that’s what I did.”

“So for a few hours you let yourself forget,” Eeteuk commented,

“Eeteuk,” Kangin looked at him, his eyes softer than before, “I didn’t forget everything from last night.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking-”

“Don’t start lying to me now, not after all the year we’ve been friends,” Kangin interjected, “Besides, halfway through our conversation I was practically sober already - you should’ve known that.”

“What does it matter? I’m just some chauffeur,” Eeteuk repeated his words, his tone condescending,

“You KNOW you’re not just that to me,” Kangin argued as he took Eeteuk and pulled him between himself and the window sill, “And you KNOW me better than that. When have I ever drunk myself where I couldn’t sober up quickly? Or to the point where I couldn’t remember anything?”

“N-N-Never… but alcohol does make you act-”

Kangin silenced him with a kiss. It was slow and seductive, drawing Eeteuk into it. He broke the kiss, pulling back enough to look fully at Eeteuk’s face, “Blame that on alcohol.”

Eeteuk moved to punch him but then froze, staring past Kangin. The prince paused, slowly turning just in time to see the King striding over to him.

“Father…” Kangin greeted coolly as he turned completely to face him.

The King reached him and raised his hand. Kangin braced himself before he felt himself shoved to the floor. He stared up just in time to see his father’s fist come in contact with Eeteuk’s face. Eeteuk grasped the window sill, tasting blood on his tongue and seeing drops of red on the white sill,

“Consider this my letter of resignation,” Eeteuk muttered, wiping away the blood he felt trickle down his chin,

“Is THIS the reason why you broke all those engagements? Is THIS the reason why you haven’t married yet? Why you go clubbing every week!?” The King demanded, his voice thundering,

“He HAS a name!” Kangin retorted, his voice becoming as loud as his father’s as he got to his feet and stepped between them, “And what if he IS the reason?”

“He is your chauffeur! He is the SON of a chauffeur!” His father declared,

Eeteuk visibly shuddered at the words that degraded his late father and what he was. Eeteuk clenched his fists, fighting his anger - after all, had it not been for his father being the chauffeur of the Royal Family, he would never have had the chance to meet Kangin.

“And I’m done,” Kangin’s words sliced through the air like daggers,

“WHAT!?” His father took a step back, his expression bewildered, “What do you mean!?” His eyes narrowed dangerously as his face reddened with fury,

“I’m done,” Kangin repeated, “With being prince, with being heir to the throne and - most certainly - with you.”

Kangin grabbed Eeteuk’s wrist and began dragging him out of the study,

“Don’t be foolish Kangin!” The King yelled after him, “You know even if you walk away from me, you can’t walk away from the crown!”

Kangin paused at the door and turned back to look at his father, “Then watch me,” He grounded out before his grip tightened around Eeteuk’s wrist and they left.

Kangin came in through the archway between the kitchen and the living room in the house Eeteuk owned, a compress wrapped in ice in his hand. He sat down on the coffee table before Eeteuk who sat on the couch.

“You shouldn't have left with me,” Eeteuk muttered as he jerked away from the ice on his bruised and swollen cheek. “It’ll just make it harder to go back,” he continued, taking the compress from Kangin,

Kangin watched Eeteuk, leaning his elbows on his knees, “I’m not.”

Eeteuk suddenly sat straighter on his couch, his hand dropping from his face, “WHAT!?”

“I wasn’t lying when I denounced the crown,” Kangin replied as he took the compress from Eeteuk’s hand and brought it back to his cheek,

“Kangin!” Eeteuk exclaimed, brushing the compress from his face, “You’re the heir! You’re to be king!”

“None of that matters if I can’t be with you,” Kangin said simply as he leaned in, brushing his lips against Eeteuk’s. When he pulled back he brought the compress back to his cheek, “Try blaming that on alcohol too.”

Eeteuk grabbed the hand that held the compress, pulling it from his cheek, “If you leave, you won’t have it all anymore Kangin. You won’t have the money, the clubs and drinking, the girls-”

“Have I ever shown any real interest in ANY of those things?” Kangin retorted,

“But what will you do? I just quit my job!” Eeteuk reminded frantically,

“It was only part-time,” Kangin waved his hand, “You got accepted into that prestigious university, didn’t you? The one with all the rich snobs? You can go there and when the heat’s off me, I’ll go back to school.”

“That’s true… but still-”

Kangin dropped the compress on the couch beside Eeteuk, cradling his face in both hands, “I broke three engagements and stepped down from my title for you Eeteuk-”

“I KNOW that I just… I don’t want you to end up hating me for all of that,” Eeteuk sighed, pulling out of Kangin’s hold and looking away,

“I could never hate you Eeteuk - never,” Kangin held Eeteuk’s chin between his thumb and forefinger, forcing Eeteuk to look at him, “I love you too much.”

Eeteuk closed his eyes and relaxed as he accepted Kangin’s kiss. He allowed Kangin to sit beside him and pull him onto his lap. Straddling his hips, Eeteuk looked down at Kangin, his arms raising and wrapping around his neck. Kangin continued to cradle his face, his fingers caressing his purpled skin,

“It‘s been years since I fell for you,” he murmured, his eyes closing as he pressed his bruised cheek into Kangin’s warm hand, “I love you too, Kangin.”

Eeteuk had his arms loosely crossed about his torso, his fingers of one hand drumming on the arm of another. A door to his left open, but he didn’t have to open his eyes to know who it was.

“How’d it go?” Eeteuk asked as he opened his eyes, just in time to see Kangin slip into the driver’s seat,

Kangin, impeccably dressed in a black suit with silver pinstripes grinned as he put on his seat belt, started the car and pulled away from the Royal House, “Well, not the warmest of family reunions… but better than when I left five years ago,” He chuckled softly as they drove away from Kangin’s childhood home.

“And how’s Prince Donghae?” Eeteuk asked as they passed through the gates and Kangin’s right hand reached over, taking his left hand.

“No longer a prince and no longer unhappy,” Kangin answered easily, “And it seems while I was gone Father stopped ignoring him, unfortunately.”

“But he’s happy now… so at least he was able to find it,” Eeteuk smiled,

They came to a stop at a red light, “He’s not the only one,” he leaned over and pressed a kiss to Eeteuk’s lips,

Eeteuk pushed him back playfully, laughing, “Enough of that. Now - drive, I have a class at eight in the morning!”

Kangin gave him a look as he glanced the green light and put the car into motion again,

“What? You’re allowed to be demanding for more than half my life and the moment the roles are switched, I’m not?” Eeteuk scoffed,

“You were pretty demanding last night too,” Kangin smirked, his hand moving from Eeteuk’s hand to his thigh, moving it higher up his leg, “And that was a completely different ride.”

Eeteuk snatched the venturing hand and tightened his fingers around it affectionately, “Just drive.”

Kangin shook his head with a smile on his lips. He brought their intertwined hands to his lips, pressing a kiss on the back of Eeteuk’s hand as he sincerely declared, “As you command.”


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i love how you end it..
the "your pretty demanding last night..."

love it! keep writing more Kangteuk, i love it:D

can't wait for the kyumin:D

lil_aqua_chic said...

Ahh I totally love that <333
It's so good ^^ Keep it up!!!

Colourful_Love said...

Can't wait for more!!^^

Drarry Radton said...

i love this line of stories, and don't get me wrong, but i'm laughing to myself when i read one story after another where the princes are all gay. and well, HAHA, kyuhyun will be too, and the throne will be left cold.

hehehehehe. sorry, just my twisted mind laughing up a storm here.

great series!

misa said...


gosh this is really adorable ~ i somehow totally love the way u presented teukie *_* he's so much stronger than i always make him be XD but i really fell in love with that!

awesome job - please more kangteuk? *_*

♥kimchikoi♥ said...

aww i adored this, how very romantic for a prince to give up his throne for the person he loves <3

and kangteuk is always win <333

Anonymous said...

AWWW...that was so sweet. XDD
I love this prince series.

Anonymous said...

i just read the whole series and i love it.
i love the way you write as well.
its just amazing :)
i will be reading more of ur stuff soon xD consider me a fan of ur work :)

redpanda said...

awwwww so sweet. and i laughed like mad at the end of the fic with kangin getting fresh. let's hope that hae is happy with all this attention he's gonna get now

Anonymous said...

“Anyone stupid enough to blame a poor road condition on an innocent driver need to spend more time getting acquainted with the road in a more personal way,” *dies* <3333

Eeteuk said quietly, his voice wavering, “You need a princess… not… a stable boy,” He obviously hasn't seen The Princess Bride. At any rate, Kangin needs Eeteuk.

That was so sweeeeet. I felt so bad for Kangin, so worried that he was losing himself and didn't know who he was. But then there was Eeteuk, holding his hand and never letting him go and get himself completely lost. <333