“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Friday, June 13, 2008

[018] Just Ask

theme: o18. Keys.
pair: Eeteuk/Shiwon
rate: PG
words: 1911
#: 16/100

He moved it an inch away from him with the tip of his spoon. When nothing happened, he brought the spoon back into his mouth and kept it there as he watched it warily. Sitting at the dining table, legs pulled up, Eeteuk sat there observing the key on the table. He wasn’t sure what to interpret its meaning as. Shiwon would never leave a random key on the table and Eeteuk was more than certain it was a copy to his apartment key.

Eeteuk blinked, could that be it? Shiwon had made a copy of his key and wanted to give it to him? Eeteuk blinked harder. He and Shiwon had been together for a little over a month, but a key to his apartment? Wasn’t that… a bit fast? Eeteuk felt himself being to swoon. It was hard enough hiding their relationship from the public. What would they say? Shiwon of Ultra Junior and Eeteuk of Super Senior; leaders in the idol world - dating!? He felt himself begin to swoon again as he heard the bedroom door open.

Shiwon padded out in a half-woken stupor, clad only in pyjama bottoms. He walked past Eeteuk and headed straight for the kitchen counter where a cup of coffee was waiting for him, as it always was whenever Eeteuk spent the night. Eeteuk watched him silently as he drank his coffee; this was Shiwon’s morning ritual. He would never speak or do anything until he had his morning coffee. Eeteuk found it preposterous that a twenty-one year-old already had a coffee routine, when he himself at the age of twenty-five didn’t touch the stuff. He furtively glanced at Shiwon as he downed the last of his coffee, then again, Shiwon always did act and seem older than him.

After washing out his mug and leaving it on the rack to dry, Shiwon finally walked over to Eeteuk and, considering the elder still had the spoon in his mouth, dropped a kiss to his forehead. When he moved back, Shiwon was about to walk away when he paused. He raised an eyebrow,

“Is something wrong?” He asked,

Eeteuk nodded and pointed to the key.

Shiwon looked at the key then back to him. He gestured towards the key, “The key? What’s wrong with it?”

“Why do you have it?” Eeteuk mumbled, the spoon still in his mouth as he spoke,

“Because it opens my front door,” Shiwon answered as if it were the only answer,

“I know that…” Eeteuk replied. How was he supposed to ask Shiwon what he really wanted to ask without making it sound… insulting? Shiwon stood there waiting for an elaboration and Eeteuk sat there trying to think of one. However, he found it difficult to concentrate when Shiwon’s washboard abdomen was a foot away from his face. He reddened at the thought and looked away, “Never mind.”

Shiwon smirked, knowing why Eeteuk had blushed. He reached out and tipped Eeteuk’s chin so he was looking at him again. He took out the spoon from Eeteuk’s mouth and put it in his own, “Tastes just like you.”

Eeteuk’s eyes narrowed angrily as he shot up to his full height - even if Shiwon still towered over him - and pushed Shiwon away, “Who said you can go and do things like that!?”

Shiwon’s eyes widened in surprise and confusion and all he could do was stand still, blinking furiously, as Eeteuk stalked off to change. He was still at the table when Eeteuk appeared ten minutes later with his things and left, the door slamming behind him.

They didn’t see each other again until they sat in a private booth in a restaurant that evening for dinner, under the guise that they were just friends having a friendly dinner. The waitress approached them, asking for their orders,

“I’ll get the black bean noodles, and you will too right?” Shiwon looked up from the menu, eyebrows raised in question,

“Can you stop assuming things of me? Can you stop making decisions that concern me without consulting with me?” Eeteuk snapped quietly,

“But… I… why are you angry?” Shiwon asked,

“Ah… I’ll - I’ll come back,” the waitress said and bowed away.

Shiwon placed his menu down, “Why are you angry?” he repeated,

“Why? Because you keep making decisions without talking to me first! You keep assuming that I’ll just go along with every little thing you decide,” Eeteuk replied bitterly, “Let me remind you who’s older here!”

“I know you’re my hyung,” Shiwon defended,

“Well act like it once in awhile!” Eeteuk spat,

Shiwon’s eyebrows raised in surprise, but said nothing. He merely nodded and gestured for the waitress to return. Upon her arrival, Shiwon swept his hand towards Eeteuk, signalling for him to order first.

“I’ll get the black bean noodles,” He said sweetly to the girl.

The waitress took Shiwon’s order and then left them. Shiwon drummed his fingers on the cloth-covered table top, “You ordered black bean noodles anyway.”


“You blew up at me and yet you ordered what I had previously ordered for you anyway,” Shiwon stated in disbelief,

“I told you I don’t want you making decisions for me,” Eeteuk replied in a short tone. Before Shiwon could say anything, Eeteuk signalled over their waitress, “I was wondering if it were possible to add some yellow radishes to my order of noodles?” he inquired, a brilliant smile on his face and his infamous dimple making an appearance.

Flustered the waitress could do nothing more than nod.

“Thanks dear,” Eeteuk gave her another smile before she stumbled away to add to his order in the kitchens. When they were left alone again, the smile disappeared - something Shiwon noted quite bitterly.

Later that evening they returned to Shiwon’s place as always. They never went to Eeteuk’s because he lived with his other members.

Eeteuk entered, noticed the key on the table again, and plopped down on the couch, trying to forget the presence of the little piece of metal just a few feet away. Shiwon took one look at Eeteuk’s expression and retreated into his bedroom.

An hour later Shiwon came out dressed once again in only his pyjama bottoms. He stood between the couch and television and glared down at Eeteuk, “What the hell is your problem?”

“How about you show some respect?” Eeteuk muttered, moving so he could see the television again.

“Oh - I am well past respect here HYUNG,” Shiwon replied bitterly, “You’ve been acting weird all day and I want to know why, now!”

Eeteuk, glanced at him once before returning his attention to the television, “You could ask nicely.”

Shiwon threw his arms in the air, “That’s what I mean!” He said frustrated, “All day all you’ve done is… get angry at me but if it’s someone else you’re nothing but sweet and charming. Damn it, you even smiled so brightly at that waitress.”

“Someone’s jealous,” Eeteuk stated in even tones.

“Damn straight I’m jealous!” Shiwon exclaimed, leaning down towards Eeteuk. Eeteuk moved until his back was pressed completely against the couch and Shiwon leaned until their faces were inches apart. He placed his hands on either side of Eeteuk on the back of the couch, “How else am I supposed to feel when all you show me is hostility but to everyone else you’re the portrait of an angel!?”

“Well how am I supposed to feel when you start making decisions for me!?” Eeteuk retorted, “I’m older than you and yet it feels like you’re the older one, making all of the choices in this relationship.”

“It’s how I’ve always acted!” Shiwon defended, straightening up “Even before when we were just friends - when we were just trainees. I can’t help but act older than I actually am! I’m sorry for being me!”

“Don’t twist my words!” Eeteuk argued, standing up,

“Then what do you want? You want to make decisions? Go ahead - I’ll let you make every little decision that involves our relationship,” Shiwon complied angrily, his arms sweeping in a flourished gesture,

“Like that’ll stop you! You’ll just go ahead and make decisions on your own anyway without talking to me first!” Eeteuk spat,

Shiwon ran his hands through his hair exasperatedly, “What are you talking about? I wish you’d just say what you want to say!”

“You want to know what I’ve been talking about? Fine!” Eeteuk stomped over to the table and picked up the key, holding it up to Shiwon’s face, “This!”

“It’s for the door to my apartment - so what?” Shiwon asked,

“What were you going to do with it?” Eeteuk prompted,

“Give it to you,” Shiwon replied,

“Exactly!” Eeteuk exclaimed,

“What’s so wrong with me wanting to give you a key to my apartment?” Shiwon demanded, “If anything, I thought it would make you happy.”

“Happy? How am I supposed to feel happy when one month into this relationship and you give me a key to your place!?” Eeteuk questioned, “It feels like you’re pushing the relationship too fast.”

“We’ve already slept together and you call that key, fast?” Shiwon muttered,

Eeteuk sighed heavily as he dropped to the couch again, tired of feeling angry, “It feels like you made the key just assuming I’d take it. You have to talk to me when making these choices… you have to include me too - you’re not the only one in this relationship.”

“It’s not like I’m asking you to move in with me,” Shiwon commented flatly.

Eeteuk glared at him, “You know what I mean.”

“I do know, but I don’t know why you couldn’t have said that from the beginning,” Shiwon stated,

“I didn’t want you to feel insulted if I questioned you about the key,” Eeteuk explained,

Shiwon rolled his eyes before swiping the key from him, “If this key’s the cause of all your problems - fine, I’ll get rid of the key.” He walked over to the balcony door, stepping out. He swung back to throw the key away when a hand on his wrist stopped him. He looked back to find Eeteuk there, “What? I’m doing what you want, right?”

“You’re making assumptions again,” Eeteuk stated as he took the key from him and pocketed it, “I never said I didn’t want the key.”

Shiwon turned to face him, leaning a shoulder against the doorframe, “You’re an infuriating hyung.”

“And you’re a disrespectful dongsaeng - we balance each other out,” Eeteuk replied, giving him a brilliant smile.

Shiwon reached out and pulled Eeteuk against him, leaning down for a kiss. However, before their lips could meet, Eeteuk pulled back,

“You really do have a bad habit of assuming things for your hyung,” Eeteuk scolded,

“Yes, well, I’m very close to assuming another thing and just dragging you away into the bedroom,” Shiwon stated simply, his voice sultry and smooth.

Eeteuk looked up into his dongsaeng’s eyes, all serious and suggestive. Eeteuk reached up to his face, tracing Shiwon’s lips with his fingers. His fingers danced along his jaw line, down his neck until he held the back of his neck. Eeteuk pulled his face down until their lips barely brushed. He leaned forward, his lips at Shiwon’s ear, “You can assume that one thing, any time you want.”

So, complying with his hyung’s wishes. Shiwon took Eeteuk’s hand in his and pulled him into the bedroom, assuming all he wanted all night long.


Anonymous said...

OMGGG so good

shiteuk ftw!!!


Anonymous said...

omg only one comment ? how comes ! I laughed so much at that fic XD aha thank you <3 i love siteuk <3333

drmsr said...

Omg that was a good WonTeuk fic xD I couldn't help but laugh at these two they could be such dorks at times lol and the ending was ♥