“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Friday, December 4, 2009

[00SJ4] Henry likes lipgloss

words: 989
rate: PG13
(Day 4 of the Fanfiction series.)

It was on the fourth day of Heechul’s challenge that those in SJ-M were travelling back to China to do promotions for ‘Super Girl’. Seated on the plane, Henry sat by the window, arms crossed and gaze out the window. The other six members, from the moment they all climbed into the van to head to the airport, hadn’t said a word to the youngest. The way he crossed his arms in rebellion, the way his eyes were slightly narrowed and just the way he kept chewing on his bottom lip emitted an aura of ‘stay the fuck away from me’ that the other members did not want to challenge. So, it was with great surprise – and relief – when Ryeowook voluntarily took the seat next to Henry on the plane.

“How are you doing, Henry?” Ryeowook asked happily, putting on his best smile.

Kyuhyun, who sat in the seats behind them, muttered to Zhou Mi, “You never ask a Canadian ‘how are you doing’ when it’s so obvious they’re pissed. They’re liable to attack with an igloo pick.”

Henry, who had heard every word, chose not to respond to the comment, but could picture Zhou Mi nodding, an expression of adept attention on his innocent-minded face. Instead, Henry muttered, “Fine,” and then continued to stare out the window, chewing on his lip still.

“You’re lip’s bleeding,” Ryeowook commented,

Henry easily licked at his lip before working it once more, the taste of copper on his tongue.

“… Are you sure nothing’s wrong?” Ryeowook attempted again,

“I don’t care about the honesty pact,” Henry muttered, his tone bitter and resentful.

Ryeowook blinked, “Honesty pact? For what?”

“Heechul’s challenge,” Henry replied, “I don’t care about all he said that we have to be honest, because frankly, I could hate every piece of fanfiction in the world – EVEN FROM CANADA – and I will never, never admit that he is right.”

“Has a fanfiction gotten little Henry upset?” Kyuhyun teased as he stood, draping himself over the back of Ryeowook’s seat.

“Go away,” Henry muttered,

“What was it that got you angry?” Kyuhyun continued, his tone teasing and in a sing-song manner, “Was it about you being Canadian? How about the way Shiwon-hyung speaks better mandarin than you? Oh – oh! I know – how you’re always paired with Ryeowook!”

“What’s wrong with me?” Ryeowook gasped,

“None of those and,” Henry finally looked at the member beside him, “Nothing’s wrong with you, hyung.”

“Then what’s wrong?” Zhou Mi inquired. The entire time he had been trying to tug Kyuhyun back into his seat, hissing at him to leave Henry alone. However, he finally relented to also standing and looking over Henry’s seat, joining in on the conversation.

“I think the biggest insult is that she’s also Canadian,” Henry said, turning his glare out the window.

The other three members looked at one another before asking, in unison, “WHAT IS!?”

“I was on this Super Junior fanfiction site, and whenever I come up in a story, I always have raspberry lip gloss and I’m always applying it or something like that,” Henry explained, “I want to set the record straight with her that I use lip chap; not gloss!”

“Is that why you haven’t used your lip chap at all today?” Ryeowook asked, noticing that Henry’s bottom lip was red and raw and, once again, had the slight tinge of blood smeared across it.

“Yes… no… DAMN IT, I DO NOT USE LIP GLOSS!” Henry exclaimed.

Those nearest to them suddenly became quiet. Hankyung approached from his seat, closer to the front than theirs, “Henry!” Hankyung hissed, “Why are you yelling?”

It happened in a flash, but somehow, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi managed to grab a hold of Henry as he lunged towards the SJ-M leader. Hankyung, used to being randomly attacked because of Heechul, didn’t even flinch. Instead, he stood perfectly still and raised a single eyebrow in silent questioning.

“It’s your damn boyfriend’s fault!” Henry hissed angrily,

Hankyung glanced at the stares aimed their way by other passengers, “I don’t have a boyfriend,” and then added in a more rushed whisper, “Shut up!”

“Him and his damn challenge!” Henry exclaimed, “I would’ve been perfectly happy with life! I would’ve been ignorantly blissful without ever reading a single fanfiction about myself if it weren’t for your damn –” Finally noticing that other people were still staring, he finished in a low whisper, “Heechul.”

“Why are you attacking me when it isn’t my challenge?” Hankyung questioned,

“Because it’s your Heechul,” Henry grounded out, “And you could’ve stopped him! While no one else could have - you would have! Now look! My happiness has been destroyed by the knowledge of how people think of me in the fanfiction world!”

“But it’s just one girl,” Kyuhyun said dryly, plopping down in his seat and getting bored with the situation already,

“But she’s Canadian, too!” Henry emphasized as he fell back into his seat. He leaned his forehead against the window, staring forlornly at the mockingly bright sky, “Even my own people are against me.”

“… Chinese people?” Hankyung offered,

“No! My other people,” Henry sighed,

“The fans?” Ryeowook piped,

“NO! CANADIANS!” Henry flung his arms exasperatedly into the air. “That damn Cheonsa could at least get the facts right… that it’s lip chap, not lip gloss,” He muttered resentfully as he finally pulled out a small tube of said lip chap and applied a thin layer,

“Exactly,” Ryeowook nodded in agreement, “And how you prefer strawberry lip gloss, not raspberry!”

What ensued before the flight attendants came and asked everyone to take their seats was Henry shoving his lip chap back into his pocket before attempting to attack Ryeowook, Hankyung trying to protect the third youngest member, Kyuhyun laughing while Zhou Mi tried to hush him and Ryeowook watching Henry with an innocent look on his face as he asked,

“Are you angry because I said strawberry?”

(Day 5: Ryeowook needs to talk more)


jagroop said...

I'm totally in love with your fanfic <33
I can ao totally picture Heechul making all of the read fanfic xD

I don't where you got this idea from but it is awesome ;3
I laughed so hard at the part where Leeteuk was like 'YOU'RE MINE BITCH' epic win right there And bow Siwon took being manly as an insult and Henry saying his people were against him xD
Pur epic <3333

can't wait for the next part

followurdestiny said...

Hahaha... poor Henry...
lip gloss/lip chap XDD

innocent!Wookie ??

and it is all your fault XD :P