“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Saturday, December 5, 2009

[00OH9] Day Nine

words: 1170
rate: PG
(Ninth day of the O Henry series.)

Day Nine: Kyuhyun is king of the world

It was Sunday and Henry’s parents brought the members into the heart of Ontario’s capital city. Their final sight-seeing stop was the tallest building in the world. At over 300 metres in the air, SJ-M was currently the highest Korean-Mandarin idol group in the world. As they got off the elevator on the lowest level of the Skypod, Henry stumbled into Hankyung, his parents remaining down on the ground and shopping as the members toured the C.N. Tower.

Hankyung grabbed Henry’s arm, “Are you okay, Henry?”

He nodded as he got his bearings and straightened, “That elevator ride always gets to me,” he explained as he shook the fuzziness from his head, “Well, hyungs, look around. There’s a glass floor that you can stand on and look down to the very bottom of the tower, there’s the observation deck that actually is open – it’s securely fenced in, so don’t start thinking things of Canadians being suicidal – so, just look around.”

Within moments of beginning to spread out, Hankyung and Zhou Mi were suddenly swarmed by senior-aged tourists, exclaiming what good looking young men they were.

“Shiwon, Shiwon, Shiwon!” Donghae called in a sing-song voice as he grasped one of Shiwon’s hands with both of his own, “Let’s go to the glass floor!”

Henry watched as Shiwon and Donghae ran off to look for the famous glass floor. When he turned back to the remaining members, Ryeowook was on his own.

“Hyung… where’s Kyuhyun?” Henry asked suspiciously,

Ryeowook shrugged, “He ran off somewhere.” He glanced towards the group of tourists who began taking pictures with Hankyung and Zhou Mi, “Which is surprising considering Zhou Mi looks ready to run away.”

“Mhmm…” Henry spotted Kyuhyun through one of the doors leading to the observation deck, “There he is.” Suddenly, Henry felt two hands grasp his hand and a fierce tug. He looked over to find Ryeowook wrapping his arms around Henry’s one arm, “Hyung?”

Donghae and Shiwon were behind Ryeowook, trying to grab his arms, “C’mon Ryeowook,” Donghae said, “It’s so cool to look down to the ground!”

“No! I don’t want to!” Ryeowook cried out, “Henry! Make them stop!”

Henry looked at the two eldest present and blinked, “What are you two doing?”

“We want to bring Ryeowook to the glass floor!” Shiwon grinned, his cheeks dimpling.

Henry looked to Ryeowook, “It is pretty awesome to look down at the ground from up here, hyung.”

“I don’t care! It’s too high! I don’t care how awesome it is! I don’t care how cool it’ll be! I’d prefer to be un-cool!” Ryeowook exclaimed, his hold tightening ever so slightly around Henry’s arm.

“It’s not like you can fall through it, Ryeowook,” Henry insisted, “It’s very sturdy and, I know it seems pretty sketch, what with a glass floor and an open observation deck, but I promise that Canadians don’t have a tendency towards self-mutilation.”

As Donghae and Shiwon continued to try to pry Ryeowook off of Henry, the Canadian’s eyes slowly drifted away towards where he had seen Kyuhyun. He could see Kyuhyun looking out of the observation deck and then noticed a peculiar movement. Henry watched, perplexed, as Kyuhyun slipped a hand into his pocket and then pulled something out. Henry couldn’t see what it was, clutched in the older man’s hand, but he grew suspicious immediately.

Succeeding where Donghae and Shiwon failed, Henry slipped his arm easily from Ryeowook’s clutches, muttered an ‘excuse me,’ and sprinted towards a door leading to the observation deck. The moment he stepped out, he felt and heard the fierceness of the wind on the observation deck. He made his way towards Kyuhyun,

“What are you doing?” Henry questioned, trying to speak above the roar of the wind,

“I heard that if you dropped a penny from here you could kill someone!” Kyuhyun exclaimed, revealing a small, copper disk in the palm of his hand.

Henry blinked before narrowing his eyes, “SO YOU’RE GOING TO KILL SOMEONE WITH A PENNY!?”

“Well, it’d be nice to know if it’s true!” Kyuhyun stated,

“Give me the penny, Kyuhyun!” Henry extended a hand towards Kyuhyun,

The older man raised an eyebrow, “No. I’m king of the world up here and I want to see what happens when I throw a penny from here!”

“Kyuhyun, don’t do it!” Henry exclaimed,

“TRY AND STOP ME, SHORTY!” Kyuhyun replied, a smirk spreading on his lips.

Henry’s jaw dropped, “I GREW SINCE DEBUT!” Suddenly, he leapt at Kyuhyun, knocking them both to the floor. Straddling Kyuhyun’s abdomen he struggled to pry Kyuhyun’s fingers open in an attempt to take away the murderous penny.

“Henry! People are looking!” Kyuhyun cried out as he tried to stretch his arm away from Henry’s reach,

“I don’t care! They can’t understand!” Henry replied as he was practically laying his torso over Kyuhyun’s as he stretched his arms to grab Kyuhyun’s fisted hand,

“BUT IT LOOKS LIKE WE’RE TRYING TO HAVE SEX!” Kyuhyun complained loudly,

“Then just give me the damn penny!” Henry exclaimed, straightening his torso, glaring down at Kyuhyun and with his arms akimbo,

“What are you two doing!?” Henry and Kyuhyun looked up as Hankyung and Zhou Mi filled one of the doorways from inside. Hankyung had his arms crossed, the leader in him appearing, “Do you know how much attention you two are getting? You both know better than to cause a scene!”

Henry sighed as he crawled off of Kyuhyun and stood up, “I was trying to stop Kyuhyun from committing murder via a penny.”

Kyuhyun subtly slipped the penny into his pocket, “I was just kidding, Henry. Geez, I’m far from having a dark, murderous streak.”

“If you were just trying to get a penny from Kyuhyun, why were you on top of him?” Zhou Mi demanded, his ever-present smile gone and his eyes narrowed angrily,

“He just loves me that much,” Kyuhyun threw the older man an innocent smile, slinging an arm around Henry’s shoulder.

Zhou Mi eyed Kyuhyun’s arm and then stormed back inside the Skypod. Hankyung threw them both a challenging glare, silently daring them to cause more trouble and then followed Zhou Mi back inside.

Allowing Kyuhyun’s arm to remain around his shoulders, Henry crossed his arms over his chest and threw the older man a slanted look, “You planned all that, didn’t you? You knew I’d be watching you and anticipated I’d react like I did to draw Hankyung and Zhou Mi out here.”

“Yup, and now I get jealousy sex later on,” Kyuhyun grinned as he spun back to look out of the observation deck, moving Henry along with him,

Henry shook his head as he looked out at the sky with Kyuhyun, “You’re more diabolical than I thought, Kyuhyun.”

“I’m the king of the world right now, Henry,” Kyuhyun smiled, squeezing his arm affectionately around the maknae’s shoulders, “And later, I’ll be the king of Zhou Mi’s world!”

Henry uncrossed his arms, slipping one behind Kyuhyun’s back, “I’m glad you came to Canada, hyung.”

(Day Ten: Home free)

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solitaryanguish said...

“I heard that if you dropped a penny from here you could kill someone!” Kyuhyun exclaimed, revealing a small, copper disk in the palm of his hand.

your Kyu is SO MUCH WIN. I was LOLing the whole time :))