“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Saturday, December 12, 2009

[00SJ12] More than just room mates

words: 1218
rate: PG13
(Day 12 of the Fanfiction series.)

Super Junior – M was back in Korea, which meant that so was Heechul. It was the twelfth day of the challenge and even the most rational of members were beginning to feel that Heechul was right (a scary thought indeed). The maknae of Super Junior visited the twelfth-floor dorm with a slam of the door.

Kibum, who was still appearing everywhere, was sitting at the dining table with Heechul as Eeteuk brought them over bowls of ramen.

“Kyuhyun, you’re right on time for lunch,” Eeteuk grinned, presumably unaware that wearing a lacy-apron only emphasized his role as the mother-figure of SJ (despite the cute raccoon faces on the front).

“I don’t want lunch,” he practically spat as he narrowed his gaze on Heechul who looked at him, confused. “YOU!”

Heechul blinked, “Me?”

He took a step towards Heechul when the door opened again, “HEECHUL!” The members all looked over as Eunhyuk appeared, “Heechul! Run!”

“What? Why – AH!” Heechul stumbled out of his chair as Kyuhyun made a lunge for him. “It’s not like you’ve never lost to me in Starcraft before! Although you should’ve gone easy on Sungmin; it was his first time playing!”

Eunhyuk, who had lunged at Kyuhyun as Kyuhyun lunged at Heechul, was now holding the maknae back, his arms hooked beneath Kyuhyun’s armpits and his hands locked behind Kyuhyun’s neck, effectively immobilizing the younger man. “He’s mad at you over the challenge.”

Heechul blinked, “Me? But you said nothing fanfiction authors write could make you go crazy… I haven’t even seen you pick up a story!”

I haven’t… Zhou Mi has!” Kyuhyun exclaimed,

“So?” Heechul prompted,

“ARGH!” Kyuhyun exclaimed.

Eeteuk untied his apron, threw it down on the table and crossed his arms, “Kyuhyun, go cool off on the balcony!”

“Hyung!” Kyuhyun exclaimed but Eeteuk shook his head. Letting out one more growl at Heechul before Eunhyuk released him, and he stalked off to the balcony.

“What happened?” Eeteuk asked as he sat down at the table, looking at Eunhyuk expectantly,

“Well… it seems that one of the popular pairings in Super Junior fanfiction is… erm…” Eunhyuk, noticing Kibum glare at him for the word ‘pairings’, focused his attention on Heechul, “Kyuhyun and Sungmin.”

“THEY CALL IT KYUMIN!” Kyuhyun, who had kept the balcony door open, exclaimed, “AND NOW –”

“Kyuhyun,” Eeteuk warned,

“ARGH!” Kyuhyun turned away, gripping the railing and subjugating Seoul to his glare.

“Apparently that hasn’t made Zhou Mi… the happiest person in the world,” Eunhyuk explained as the door opened once more and Sungmin entered.

He looked at the dining table where the other members were, then caught sight of the member on the balcony, “Ah, that’s where Kyuhyun is… I’ve been looking for him everywhere.”

“Ah, Sungmin!” Eunhyuk exclaimed, “Now might not be the best time to –”

“KYUHYUNNIE!” Sungmin called out in a sing-song voice,

Kyuhyun turned around at the familiar nickname. His expression softened immediately as he re-entered the dorm, “Hyung! Heechul-hyung is making my life horrible!”

Sungmin looked at the offending member, “How?”

“This damn challenge made Zhou Mi read stories and now he’s upset because all the pairings are of us,” Kyuhyun muttered angrily as he came up to Sungmin. The older man wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun as the latter came up to him and leaned his forehead on Sungmin’s shoulder.

“I recall a similar situation and I wasn’t given that much sympathy,” Kibum muttered, shooting glares at Eeteuk and Eunhyuk.

“Hyung!” Kyuhyun cried,

Sungmin raised a hand to Kyuhyun’s head, stroking his hair absent-mindedly, “C’mon guys, let’s handle the situation at hand first, and then we’ll go back and take care of that Eunhae situation –”

“Don’t. Say. That. Word,” Kibum practically growled,

“But Kibum, it’s Eun-fucking-H-” Eunhyuk effectively silenced Heechul by clapping both of his hands over the older man’s mouth.

“They think we’re more than room mates, hyung,” Kyuhyun explained, “But we’re just best friends, right?”

“Of course we’re best friends,” Sungmin insisted. He looked at the others, “A little help? Please?”

“Don’t worry, Kyuhyun,” Kibum stated, “All that matters is that you and the members know the truth.”

“Then why did you just say that in a monotone?” Kyuhyun demanded, raising his head from Sungmin’s shoulder,

“Hey! You didn’t even read the stories! I did! You know what? I know what Zhou Mi feels like!” Kibum exclaimed, “The whole fanfiction world believes one pairing,” he shot a glare at Eunhyuk, “When the truth is completely different!”

“But Zhou Mi won’t even touch me anymore!” Kyuhyun whined angrily,

Sungmin rubbed his back, “Too much information, Kyu.” The maknae let out a frustrated yell before dropping his head back to Sungmin’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, pretty soon he’ll be touching… he’ll let you touch… just give him some time.”

“Just make a public statement that you’re straight,” Heechul suggested to Sungmin,

“No, that’ll just make them think I’m saying that to cover up being gay,” Sungmin rolled his eyes, “Seriously, just because we’re room mates, doesn’t make us gay.”

“Well, Yesung and Ryeowook are,” Heechul stated, “And Donghae and Eeteuk are… just not together.”

“I’m surprised there haven’t been any stories about them,” Kibum shot the leader a look,

“Because they’re all about the Eun-” Eunhyuk covered Heechul’s mouth with his hands, “Hyung!”

“Can we concentrate on the sexually-frustrated maknae, please!?” Kyuhyun cried out,

“Just jump Zhou Mi the next time you see him,” Heechul stated as he pried Eunhyuk’s hands from his mouth, “That’s what I do when Hankyung wants to be a prude. That way, even if he doesn’t want to do anything, he’s trapped. Then all you have to do is make sure he doesn’t want you to stop.”

“See, Kyu? That’s all you have to do,” Sungmin said as he rubbed the maknae’s back comfortingly, “Then Zhou Mi will stop being upset and we can put this nonsense behind us.”

Kyuhyun raised his head, locking his gaze with Sungmin, “Are you sure you won’t put out a statement that you’re straight? At least to the fanfiction authors?”

Sungmin opened his mouth to reply when he froze; they all did and grew silent. Kyuhyun looked over his shoulder at what Sungmin was staring at. Zhou Mi stood there, arms crossed and eyes narrowed. He was not smiling. Hankyung, who had to practically drag the man to the dorm, sighed and shook his head. Immediately, Zhou Mi turned and left, the door slamming behind him.

“HYUNG!” Kyuhyun cried, dropping his forehead back onto Sungmin’s shoulder. “HE DIDN’T EVEN GIVE ME A CHANCE TO JUMP HIM!”

“But Kyuhyun, doesn’t Kyumin sound good? Kyumi sounds like it’s missing something, but Kyumin has that ‘n’ which just finishes the word off perfectly,” Heechul stated baldly,

Kyuhyun practically growled at Heechul before Hankyung came over and put a hand on his shoulder, “C’mon, Kyuhyun, let’s go find Zhou Mi.” Kyuhyun nodded following the older man out of the dorm.

The moment the door closed behind them, Sungmin took a seat at the table, adjacent to Eunhyuk and Eeteuk. He looked up, catching Heechul’s eye, “Yes?”

“I’m assuming you sent all those Kyumin links to Zhou Mi?” Heechul raised an eyebrow,

“Thanks for your help, Heechul-hyung,” Sungmin smiled, his fox-like eyes lighting up with mischief, “Best friend or not, that’s what he gets for beating me at Starcraft.”

(Day 13: Some Shindong Love)


followurdestiny said...

Now that random starcraft reference of Heechul made sense... haha Sungmin likes sweet revenge XD ...

Anonymous said...

Your fictions are pure joy. I never thought Kyuhyun could be this funny before! Thank you for writing this extremely amusing serious. Don't stop!

Anonymous said...

Your fictions are pure joy. I never thought Kyuhyun could be this funny before! Thank you for writing this extremely amusing serious. Don't stop!

Anonymous said...

I read your stories when I need something to lift my spirits. I have been a silent reader so far but I felt the need to comment on this because it was funny in a genius way. I hope that you continue in with this site because its a great place for me to go in order to feel better. It is 2012. I, for one, am still reading your stuff :)