“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

[030] Just Lust...

theme: o30. Warmth.
pair: Kangin/Donghae
rate: NC17
words: 2078
#: 23/100

The car stopped in front of the apartment. He stepped out, leaned back in for a kiss goodnight and then waved as the car drove off… all the while, unsuspecting of the person watching the scene from above. Donghae had felt the evening was a good one. His date had been… amazing. All they had done was go out for dinner and yet, it had been perfect. For once, he was able to say what he wanted to say when he wanted to say it while before a girl. It was their third date and Donghae, for once, felt secure in his budding relationship with her. She saw him as himself, not a celebrity and for that, he was glad. He didn’t want someone to think of him as an idol and to treat him as one.

He had a goofy smile on his face the whole way up to the dorm and even whistled a happy, little tune. He opened the front door of the dorm, excited to tell the others of what a great time he just had when suddenly he found himself pushed up against the door just as it closed.

Panicked, he fought against the assailant.


He paused, he knew that voice. Donghae suddenly found himself looking into the eyes of Kangin. “You scared me.”

“Good,” was all he said before his mouth came down on Donghae’s.

Donghae pushed Kangin away from him, “What the hell are you doing?

“No one’s home. No one will be home for hours.”

“I told you that was over!”

Kangin closed the distance between them, his lips at Donghae’s ear as he whispered, “That’s what you said during the last girl… and the girl before that… this girl’s no different.”

Donghae tried to push him away again to no avail, “Those girls were flings, this is already my third date with her!”

“First date… third date… 100 day anniversary… they mean nothing, Hae,” Kangin murmured, his lips brushing against his ear, his voice caressing Donghae’s senses.

“They do, stop trying to make this all about you!” Donghae argued, pushing at him again. It was no use, Kangin was too strong. He was always too strong.

“Isn’t it though? You always come back… always,” Kangin teased lightly, his voice low and sultry, “So what’s stopping you now.”

“Things are different this time,” Donghae insisted,

Kangin reached down between them and brushed over the bulge in Donghae’s jeans, “Apparently not.”

Donghae flushed immediately from the contact… from the words… from Kangin. He shut his eyes tightly as Kangin began to rub, flaming the desires within both of them. When he took away his hand, Donghae was shocked to hear himself whimper at the loss. He slumped against the door as Kangin stepped back and held out a hand,

“Come back to me, Hae,” Kangin said simply as if he could care less if Donghae did or did not.

Without looking at him, Donghae placed his hand in Kangin’s and let himself be led away back to the bedroom.

The moment the bedroom door closed behind them, Donghae found himself pressed against the door once more, this time the kiss mutual. There was no intimacy or tenderness between them; there never was. It was always passion and ferocity; lust ruled over them during their time together.

Their mouths attacked one another, their tongues duelled. Kangin broke the kiss for just a moment as Donghae divested him of his shirt, then their lips were joined once more in a fierce dance. Donghae never understood what came over him when he was with Kangin. Something feral was released within and he lost all control, all reason and let his senses, his instinct and his desire guide his actions. The morning after he’d always regret it - always… and yet, he’d give everything up just to have one more time with his hyung. Kangin was someone who saw Donghae as both idol and ordinary. He saw both sides of Donghae, he understood and that meant more than some girl who say just the oridnary side.

Kangin felt like his body was on fire as Donghae’s hands caressed his naked torso; grasping, touching - it felt as if a trail of flames was left wherever his dongsaeng’s fingers touched. A moan rumbled low in his throat as Donghae began to rock against his hips, the friction was deliciously unbearable.

Kangin pressed his body flush against Donghae’s, increasing the pressure between their hips.

“Hyung,” Donghae breathed, “Please…”

He didn’t need to be told twice. Kangin was undoing Donghae’s jeans before the second word left his lips. Once he got the jeans down to Donghae’s knees, Kangin’s hands roamed down his body until flesh met flesh.

Donghae let out a groan as he felt Kangin’s fingers cup him, surround him; stroking and rubbing him into oblivion. He leaned his head back against the door, eyes tightly shut as Kangin continued. However, when he felt the warmth of Kangin’s mouth surround him, his eyes opened suddenly out of surprise and delight. He felt Kangin’s strong hands gripping his hips tightly as he continued his ministrations.

The younger of the two was all fire and heat. He felt the pressure build inside, more and more. He tried to grasp at something - anything to help relieve the tension. It felt as if a coil of fire was twisting inside him as Kangin’s glorious mouth undulated upon him. The coil continued to twist, tighter and tighter and tighter. Donghae felt him reaching his limit and right before he came to his peak, he moved to push Kangin away, to pull away, but he couldn’t. Kangin held his hips still as he continued, his grip now painful to Donghae.

“Hyung, no…” Donghae muttered, his breathing heavy and staggered as his hands pushed against Kangin’s shoulders, “Hyung… stop… I’m going to…”

Then all Donghae felt was wave after wave of electricity licking over him. Felt as if he had reached the peak, jumped off and was now floating. As his body trembled violently, he collapsed against the door, but Kangin held him up as he took it all in until there wasn’t a drop left. He stood, holding Donghae between himself and the door as the trembles still shook his body. Donghae, finally having something to grasp, clutched Kangin to him as he felt his strength leave him with each wave. Sweet sentiments danced on his lips, but Donghae refused to voice them; love was not supposed to exist between them.

When he was done, Kangin stepped back again and held out his hand. Donghae looked at the hand for a moment. Despite Kangin’s persistence, there was one thing that always confused him. Kangin would always hold out his hand to Donghae, giving him a choice. Donghae looked up this time, staring directly into Kangin’s patient eyes. Without a doubt, dongsaeng placed a hand in his hyung’s hand. Without words between them, Kangin comfortingly closed his fingers over Donghae’s and led him to his bed.

Moments later, Donghae let out what sounded to be a cry and moan mixed in one as Kangin entered him. Donghae gripped the sheets below them as he felt Kangin pulsating within him. He gasped for air as he grew accustomed to the welcomed intrusion once more. Slowly, he recollected his strength as Kangin waited behind him, he always waited.

Donghae crossed his arms, leaning his forehead against them for support and nodded.

“Are you sure?” The question came out quiet and suddenly that it took Donghae a moment to realize it was even said. Kangin had never asked again after he had given the signal to continue. And yet, he waited for an answer, “Hae?”

“I’m okay, hyung,” Donghae insisted quietly.

He was once again startled as he felt Kangin curve against his body, pressing a kiss to the nape of his neck. It was during Donghae’s slight surprise that Kangin began moving within him. It began slow and rhythmic. Kangin knew it had been a long time since they were last together and took extra care of his dongsaeng that time. Kangin’s desire grew, the tension within his body building and building. He groaned as he sped up his tempo while Donghae bit on his lip, stifling the sounds that fought to be released. And then suddenly, there was nothing.

Donghae looked over his shoulder at Kangin who had stopped, pulling out, “Hyung?”

“I want you to be looking at me at the end,” Kangin explained quietly as he turned Donghae over, leaning down and capturing his lips with his own. “From now on, I always want to be looking at you while I finish.”

Donghae nodded his agreement as he reached up to Kangin and pulled him down for another kiss. As their lips met in what could only be described as a sweet reunion, Kangin reentered him in one swift thrust. They both gasped at the sudden contact, but continued on.

Kangin moved in a slow, smooth pace as he rebuilt the tension, placing new heights on the pleasure between them. Donghae held Kangin’s face to his, their lips never parting, their tongue intertwined in a waltz. Pleasure and passion mingled together into a tight coil between them, tightening another inch.

More. More. More.

As he continued at an excruciatingly slow and steady tempo, Kangin let his hands roam about Donghae’s bare torso. He kept thrusting, deeper and deeper; harder and harder, the friction increasing until he saw the end in sight.

“Stay this time,” Donghae murmured against his lips.

Kangin was startled at the statement. Every time before, he would pull out just before his release out of courtesy and respect for his dongsaeng. Of course, it had always lessened his climax but this time… this time, for some reason, Donghae was telling him to let it be, to let their desires be sated. He silenced Donghae with another kiss just as he thrust violently, finally jumping from his peak. He leaned his head against his dongsaeng’s shoulder as he continued to pump the last of himself, as the ripples went through his body in delicious waves. Donghae wrapped his arms about him, holding Kangin tightly against his body, almost protectively. Thoughts of love floated blissfully in his head, but Kangin fought the urge to speak of them. Love was not supposed to be a part of their relationship.

When the last of it dissipated, Kangin pulled out and hovered over Donghae, “You always come back.”

“Always,” Donghae agreed simply as Kangin leaned down for a kiss.

Before their lips met, a phone rang. Kangin swore bitterly as he got up from the bed and went to his jeans on the floor. Taking out his cell phone, he answered it,

“Hello? Eeteuk-sshi? Ah, a movie at the other dorm? I’m really not into it today, I’m sort of tired,” Kangin insisted, “I’ll just see you when you get back.” He furtively glanced back at the bed where Donghae lay, still and quiet, “Ah… yes… okay. I love you too…” With that, he closed the phone and replaced it in his jeans. He walked back to the bed quietly and stood at the side a moment, just staring down at Donghae who refused to look at him. A silence passed between them when finally, Donghae looked up at him and held out a hand,

“You always come back,” Donghae stated quietly, steadily.

Kangin took his hand and laid down beside him, pull the sheets down and over them. He pulled Donghae into his arm, pressing his lips against Donghae’s temple. The others would be come home, but they still had at least another hour. Another hour to pretend it was just them, another hour to pretend things were not as they really were, another hour to pretend they belonged to each other and no other.

Donghae grew tired from their exertions, daring to let himself sleep just a bit before they had to return to reality. Kangin held him against the warm of his body as he felt Donghae’s breathing grow slower and steady until finally, the dongsaeng fell asleep. Kangin tightened his hold on him; he’d let him sleep for a bit more longer, let the dream continue a little while more. He looked down at Donghae’s serenely sleeping face, his dongsaeng’s last words echoing in his mind. He let out steady breath, closing his eyes and kissing his forehead,



Hokum said...

You know, I do think it takes some kind of skill to be able to write good pr0n. It also involve not using genital terms and still convey the meaning.

One of my favourite writers.
And this is going up there for me.

mairasm said...

This is your second fic I read today and it also blew me away...
You've got the skills!!!!!!!
Great fic!!!

keopi said...

Ugh, I don't know what happened, so my comment wasn't posted and here I am trying again with this thing (that I think it hates me!)
Or maybe it was posted, but I can see it so I will post my comment again. lol

I loved this and I have read for 10 times (or more), cause I love KangHae and there's not enough love for them. (?) I loved this fic. It was so hot, so awesome, the details, the words, the kind of relationship they shared. How KangIn cheat on Leeteuk with Donghae and how Donghae always comes back. Ugh! Perfect! I love your style and you always makes me happy with this. :) (I need to post in your others fics too. e_e; I saved this one in my favorite links so I can read it anytime, same thing with Flawed Perfection. I love HaeMin. *-*;)

I used to be x_jun. :'D But I delete my other account so now I'll post with this one. ♥~
Keep writing like this! You're awesome!