“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Sunday, June 15, 2008

[059] The Troubles with Tomorrow

theme: o59. Calendar.
pair: Eeteuk/Eeteuk; with KangTeuk moments.
rate: PG13
words: 1654
#: 19/100

Eeteuk was the last to wake up that morning. He practically rolled out of bed and was very close to crawling out of the room. Upon seeing everyone else up and about in the kitchen and living room, the eldest Super Junior member suddenly felt tired again and promptly dropped his body onto the couch, his head landing in Eunhyuk’s lap,

“Hyung, you’re so awake,” Eunhyuk said sarcastically,

“Aish, it’s too early to be up,” Eeteuk replied as he looked up at his dongsaeng,

“It’s already ten o’clock,” Kyuhyun commented from the computer, “We have to be ready and downstairs by twelve.”

“Shower’s free,” Kangin announced as he walked into the living room, dressed for the day and towel slung around his shoulders. He glanced over at Eunhyuk and Eeteuk and then headed for the kitchen.

“Ah- my turn,” Eunhyuk jumped from the couch - and Eeteuk - and bolted into the bathroom before Kangin came back.

Eeteuk, completely unperturbed by his lack of a headrest, turned on his side and closed his eyes. Moments later, he felt his upper body be lifted and then be shoved aside. He found himself sitting, and turned to the culprit,

“I was lying there,” Eeteuk accused,

“And now you’re sitting ,” Kangin countered, his eyes glued to the television. Eeteuk moved to put his head in Kangin’s lap, but Kangin stood up before he could, “Kyuhyun, a question.”

Eeteuk watched, dejectedly, as Kangin walked over to the youngest member, leaning over him as they shared a few private words. As he forced himself to look away, Sungmin plopped down beside Eeteuk,

“Hyung!” He chorused cheerfully, a big smile on his face, “Are you excited for tomorrow? I hope you are! Kangin's more excited than anyone.”

Eeteuk blinked confusedly. Sungmin had such a bright expression on his face, Eeteuk didn’t want to chase it away. So, replied simply with a forced smile, “Of… of course I am! Why wouldn’t I be?” He glanced over at Kangin, hoping he’d look back and help him. However, when Kangin did look over, his eyes were narrowed and then turned back to Kyuhyun. Taken aback, Eeteuk looked back to the television. What was tomorrow? And why was Kangin acting cold?

Later that day, Eeteuk and Eunhyuk were doing their radio show with Shindong, Kyuhyun and Kangin as guests. At the beginning, Eeteuk had suspected that Kangin would sit next to him, instead, Kangin took a place on the other side of Eunhyuk.

During one of the song breaks, Eeteuk was at his seat, going over notes for that show’s line up. While there, he heard Shindong and Kangin talking over where Kangin had been sitting.

“Vanilla or chocolate?” Shindong asked as he took out a notepad,

“Is there a way we could have both?” Kangin inquired,

“Like… a mix?” Shindong suggested,

“Or two,” Kangin grinned. Shindong smiled and nodded before writing on his notepad and walking back to his seat.

Once Kangin was alone, Eeteuk called to him. Kangin looked up in askance, “Kangin-sshi, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.”

“Can it wait until later?” Kangin replied as he turned his attention down to the papers before him, giving Eeteuk no chance in replying.

Later in the show, Eeteuk realized he hadn’t exchanged more than two sentences with Kangin all day and he had a suspicion it dealt with the next day. So, during another break, Eeteuk pulled out his cell phone and activated the calendar application. He stared at the miniature calendar on the screen, his eyes fixated on tomorrow’s date. What was he forgetting?

It wasn’t February or March, so it wasn’t Valentine’s day or White’s day. Actually, tomorrow wasn’t even the fourteenth, so Eeteuk knew he was clear from most of the Korean holidays that occurred on the fourteenth of every month.

“I love cake,” Kangin’s voice reached Eeteuk’s ears.

Eeteuk furtively glanced over as Kangin and Eunhyuk conversed during the break,

“I’m so glad I get to have some tomorrow,” Kangin continued, a grin on his face as he talked.

Eeteuk sighed as he looked away, Kangin hadn’t once smiled at him that day and he was quite sure it dealt with tomorrow and now he knew it involved cake.

After the show ended, Eeteuk was the last to leave the recording room. He was almost at the elevators when he heard Kyuhyun and Shindong talking with Eunhyuk. Eeteuk stayed around the corner and listened to his dongsaengs,

“I still haven’t gotten a present,” Eunhyuk sighed forlornly as they waited for the others to take the elevator down,

“I’m getting the cake… er… cakes? So, I think I’m exempted,” Shindong said as he took out his notepad again, “yes, Kangin asked for two cakes and two cakes he shall get!”

“Kangin was a little depressed earlier,” Kyuhyun confessed, “But I promised him it’ll be the best birthday party he’s ever had.”

“He has been looking a bit down lately,” Shindong commented,

“Maybe it’s because it seems like Eeteuk completely forgot,” Eunhyuk suggested.

“Hyung.” Eeteuk jumped, startled by the voice beside him. Kangin gave him an odd look, “Why are you just standing there, the others are waiting.”

“Ah, I was waiting for you,” Eeteuk insisted,

Kangin gave him another look before brushing past and joining the others at the elevator. As Eeteuk rode the elevator down with the others, he silently cursed himself. Suddenly everything made sense again. How stupid could he be? Of all dates, he had forgotten Kangin’s birthday! Well, no matter, he remembered now - with the assistance from three dongsaengs - and he would make it up to Kangin.

After the radio show, they proceeded to another show that Kyuhyun, Shindong and Eunhyuk were participating in. While the show was running, Eeteuk took Kangin by the hand and led him away. They were at the van in the underground parking lot before Eeteuk said anything.

He opened the door and pointed, “In,”

Kangin, confused completely, complied and hopped in. Eeteuk followed, closing the door behind him.

“What’s going on?” Kangin asked as Eeteuk locked all the doors, “What - AISH - what are you doing!?”

“It’s quite obvious that I’m unbuckling your belt,” Eeteuk said simply as he continued to divest Kangin of his jeans.

“Yes - that is very obvious - what I want to know is…” Kangin’s words trailed off suddenly as he felt Eeteuk’s hands on his skin. He did a sudden double-take of their surroundings, they were completely alone in the parking lot, but that didn’t stop him from protesting, “We can’t - not here!” Eeteuk replaced his fingers with his lips and tongue. Kangin fell back on the seat, floored into silence as Eeteuk continued his ministrations.

Twenty minutes later, they climbed out of the van, Kangin completely red and Eeteuk very pleased with his skills.

“You didn’t have to drag it out for twenty minutes,” Kangin muttered resentfully as they made their way back to the studio, “I practically begged you for the last fifteen to let me go.”

Eeteuk grabbed him and kissed him before pulling away, “I’ll take that as thanks.”

Kangin flushed even brighter, tasting himself on Eeteuk’s lips. However, despite his supposedly sour mood after their moment in the van, Eeteuk caught the small smile that graced Kangin’s face for the first time in his presence all day.

Later that evening after everyone else had gone to bed, Eeteuk and Kangin stayed up watching a movie. Eeteuk was falling asleep half-way through the movie, leaning on Kangin who had an arm wrapped about him.

Kangin nudged him, “Hey, it’s tomorrow already.”

Eeteuk sat up groggily, “It is?” Kangin nodded as he gestured to the clock on the DVD player.

“Happy birthday.” They said in unison.

Eeteuk blinked, “What?”

Kangin pulled away, “Huh?” Kangin got up, stopping the movie and turning on the living room lights. He crossed his arms as he looked down at Eeteuk, “Did you just say happy birthday to me?”

Eeteuk nodded hesitantly, “Yes…I thought… and then they said… it’s not?”

“I don’t know how to feel. Upset that you don’t remember when my birthday is… or hysterical because you forgot when yours is,” Kangin stated, raising an eyebrow at him,

Eeteuk blinked as he whipped out his phone, looking at the calendar again, “July 1st - IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!”

Seeing the surprise on Eeteuk’s face, Kangin couldn’t help but laugh heartily, “I can’t believe you seriously forgot when your birthday is.”

“Well it’s not like I prepare to say happy birthday to myself or give myself a present… and you looked so mad at me all day… and then I heard the others talking about presents and cake… I just assumed you thought I forgot it was your birthday.” Eeteuk explained defensively. “So I thought I should make it up to you…”

“That’s why… in the van?” Eeteuk nodded. Kangin had to laugh again, “I was mad because while I was planning your birthday party for you, you weren’t helping at all and didn’t even acknowledge the stuff I was getting done for you.” He plopped down beside Eeteuk again, “You really forgot your birthday?”

Eeteuk crossed his arms angrily, “You’re going to tell the others, aren’t you?”

“Most definitely. I can’t keep secrets from them,” Kangin grinned mischievously,

“After I gave you a birthday present you don’t deserve,” Eeteuk muttered bitterly, “And -for the record - I was preoccupied before, but I know when your birthday is. I’m sorry I’m old and I forget things now a days.”

Kangin chuckled as he pulled Eeteuk to him, “You’re not old,” he insisted, “And it’s okay to forget, I’ll be here to remind you.” He promised as he pulled Eeteuk in for a kiss.

“So you’ll remind me next year when I turn twenty-five?” Eeteuk smiled against Kangin’s lips;

Kangin pulled back and smiled, “Hyung… you’re twenty-five today.”


Anonymous said...

this story was so cute!!!

eeteuk always blaming things on his being old lol

the rest of your stories are also really awesome. great job

Anonymous said...

Glad I ran into this. I love all of your stories that I've read so far. And kangteuk makes it extra special. And it's almost Eeteuk's birthday!