“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

[099] Adamant About Apples

theme: o99. Apples.
pair: Donghae/Shiwon
rate: PG
words: 1837
#: 11/100


That’s the only way he could describe his attraction to the person before him. Delicate. The one before him had a delicate beauty. Slim fingers that might suggest an artist, the small frame that cried for protection and despite all these delicacies, a strong rhythm of strength radiated from that person.


His attention snapped up, “Hmm, Donghae?”

Donghae grinned at him, “You must really want to eat these apples. You keep starring at them while I cut them.”

“Eh, yes, that’s it,” Shiwon replied coolly; he’ll never reveal what he was really admiring.

Shiwon sat at the kitchen table while Donghae stood before him cutting apples. Bright, red, juicy apples they had bought from the store just moments ago and yet, despite how hungry he was, or how delectable the fruit appeared, nothing arose cravings more from him than the friend who stood before him.

“Do you want some?” Donghae asked then,

Shiwon raised his eyebrows in question, “Can I?”

Donghae cocked his head in thought, “Of course, I don’t have to cut them all before you can eat,” he laughed lightly as he picked up a small wedge and held it out for Shiwon.

Instead of grabbing it, like Donghae assumed he would do, Shiwon bent forward slightly, taking the piece of fruit between his teeth and pulling it into his mouth. As Shiwon chewed and savoured the juicy morsel, Donghae returned to his ministrations, fighting the blush that threatened to arise.

“Hyung are you getting hot? Your face is all red,” Shiwon noted innocently, “Maybe it’s too hot in this kitchen,” he got up from his chair and walked over to the window, opening it.

“Ah - thanks, it was getting stuffy in here,” Donghae replied as he silently wished Shiwon back to his seat. Standing by the window, Shiwon was behind him and closer to him; too close.

“Do you want something to drink?”

Donghae nearly jumped out of his skin. Closer than he previously assumed. The voice sounded close - far too close. The voice echoed in his ear; the breath cooled his hot skin; the words caused his heart to skip a beat.

“Ah… yes… yes, please,” Donghae said, cursing himself for stuttering. He focused all his attention on the current apple in his hand as his senses rebelled and focused on the other person in the room.

He heard him move away - no, he felt it. Felt the sudden loss of heat with his body and his heart. The clanking of glass as Shiwon got a glass, the opening of the fridge door, the pouring of liquid, the thud as he replaced the container in the fridge, the slight slam of the door and the anticipated steps of his walk back. Donghae felt his skin prickle and heat up before he even heard Shiwon at his back again.

An arm came from behind him and placed the glass beside the bowl of sliced apples, “Thank you,” Donghae managed, his voice almost breaking. His throat felt dry and his lips yearned for something. As if needing some kind of distraction from his dongsaeng, he dropped the last of the apple he had into the bowl and put down the knife, grabbing for the glass almost in a panic. The glass felt cool against his skin and his mouth relished in the feel of the cold water refreshing him. However, despite the cool glass or cold drink, his body felt as if it were on fire. Shiwon was still behind him and, it seemed, had no plans of stepping away any time soon.

He placed down the glass, his eyes searching for something to distract Shiwon with. If he, himself, could not pull his attention away from Shiwon, then perhaps he could turn Shiwon’s attention away from him. He grabbed another slice of apple and turned around,

“Shi-whoa-n!” Donghae cried. He hadn’t realized how close Shiwon actually was. His dongsaeng was mere inches from him. “Want another slice?” He offered, forcing strength into his voice so it wouldn’t crack; forcing strength into his limbs so they wouldn’t shake.

“Sure,” Shiwon said easily as he took Donghae’s hand in his and brought it up to his lips, taking the apple into his mouth with his teeth again.

Donghae swallowed hard, he should be canonized for the control he was putting - no, slamming - onto himself. He moved to pull away his hand, turn away - anything to break the unbearably sweet contact with Shiwon, however, Shiwon refused to break contact with him.

“Shiwon?” Donghae inquired, his mouth going dry again.

“Can I have another piece, hyung?” He asked in such a tone, so innocently, that Donghae began to wonder whether or not he was aware of what he was doing.

Donghae nodded, no longer trusting his voice. So, Shiwon dropped his hand and reached past Donghae for the bowl of sliced apples. Their bodies pressed ever so slightly together as Shiwon stretched to get a piece of fruit, the side of their faces practically touching as Shiwon moved to eat another apple slice. However, after he attained the desired morsel, Shiwon didn’t move back, but stayed as he was. Silently Donghae cursed the dongsaeng: if Shiwon knew what he was doing to Donghae, then he was evil incarnate; if Shiwon didn’t know what he was doing to Donghae; then he was the epitome of naïveté.

Before Donghae could question him, Shiwon ate another slice, as if the reason he hadn’t moved all along was because he just wanted more apples. It felt like slow torture having Shiwon so close. Donghae wanted him to move away and yet, at the same time, wanted him to move closer. Despite having the portrait of an angel pressing up beside him, Donghae truly felt as if he were in hell.

“Shi… Shiwon,” Donghae managed, somehow finding his voice again,

“Yes hyung?” Shiwon asked, turning his head ever so slightly,

Donghae felt himself descend further. He could feel Shiwon’s lips brush momentarily his earlobe as he spoke; feel his words warm on his neck; smell the delicious apple in his breath. He was descending fast and there was only one thing he could think of that would bring him back: get as far away as possible from Shiwon, or pull him closer and do things he wanted to do for so long.

Shiwon stood still, the hand he had been grabbing apple slices with now planted firmly on the table to hold him up. He wasn’t sure what he was doing, or how Donghae felt about this, but he couldn’t restrain himself anymore. When he had seen how beautifully Donghae blushed, his control shattered and his body moved on its own accord, the words left his lips before he could even think. And now he stood with Donghae against the table, torsos slightly pressed together, faces less than a centimetre apart and everything he’s ever wanted practically in his arms.

“Hyung?” Shiwon prompted again, his voice sultry and smooth.

“You… you almost ate all of the apples, I should cut more,” Donghae said suddenly, turning his back on him and resuming his previous doings.

However, even with his hyung’s back facing him, Shiwon stayed as he was, occasionally picking up a slice and popping it into his mouth. His body was adamant as he never budged from his spot, continuing to eat as doing so caused their bodies to brush against one another.

His concentration broken ever time he felt Shiwon’s arm or back slightly rub against him, Donghae felt the last of his resolve shatter when he saw from the corner of his eye, Shiwon licking remnants of juice droplets on his lips. Not paying attention, the knife slipped slightly and cut his finger.

“Aish!” Donghae cursed as he put down the knife and brought the finger to his lips.

Shiwon felt the final threads holding him together snap as he watched Donghae take his own finger between his lips. Finally, he reached out - without any thought or reason - and grabbed Donghae’s hand, pulling his finger away from him. Shiwon raised Donghae’s hand to his lips taking the side of the finger into his mouth. Ever so gently, Shiwon began to suck on the side of the finger where the cut had been made, tasting the coppery blood on his tongue.

Feeling the undulation of Shiwon’s lips on his skin, Donghae craved to feel it with his own lips. Pulling his hand away sharply from his dongsaeng, Donghae searched Shiwon’s eyes for a moment - assuring himself he wasn’t mistaking anything from the past half hour. As if the answers flashed in Shiwon’s eyes, Donghae reached out his hand to Shiwon’s neck, pulling his lips down to his own.

It was like a wave of release crashed down on the pair as they finally gave in to their deepest, darkest of desires. As Donghae held Shiwon’s face to his, Shiwon automatically wrapped his arms around Donghae’s torso, pulling his hyung flush against him. Their lips met, at first, in a slow, savouring waltz, but soon their need overcame their patience, everything tasting of apples. Unknowingly, Shiwon pressed Donghae back against the table just as Donghae pulled Shiwon tighter against him. Soon their mouths met in a fierce battle of dominance and surrender - no in the sweet realization of finally tasting victory; there would be no defeat that day.


Startled by the foreign presence, Shiwon pulled away just as Donghae pushed away. Donghae turned back towards the apples, feigning preoccupation as Shiwon took a noticeable step away.

Kibum stood at the entrance to the kitchen a moment before heading to the cupboards and getting a glass, “Oh, don’t mind me - truly. I’ve been waiting for you two to realize this, so actually, I’m quite relieve. Honestly, in any other circumstances I would have turned away,” Kibum drawled in the way he did, “But I was so thirsty that I had to interrupt, my apologies.”

“You don’t even live here,” Donghae commented, harsher than he previously planned,

“Yes, but we don’t have juice at our dorm,” Kibum countered casually as he poured a glass, replacing the jug soon after,

“Then next time go to the store and buy some,” Donghae muttered resentfully,

Kibum couldn’t help but smile, “Sure thing.” And, with his glass of orange juice, left the pair.

Donghae fought the urge to sigh; their coming together had been so electrifying, and exciting, but the end was so sudden, so anti-climatic. Now the silence between him and Shiwon seemed too unbearable, if things suddenly got awkward between them now, he’d be beside him with despondence. As if reading his thoughts, or perhaps seeing the pout on his lips, Shiwon came up behind Donghae and wrapped his arm around his waist possessively, leaning his chin on Donghae’s shoulder. Donghae let the sigh leave his body, relaxing back against Shiwon’s strong body.

No, things wouldn’t get awkward. It would only get better.


Hokum said...

It got really really hot - and then KB had to interrupt. Thanks. Yeah. There goes my yaoi pr0n.

Cloud said...

Your writing is so good, and I could identify with this story so well... my life is just one big anticlimatic ending. Hahaha. Gotta love Kibum!

misschatelle said...

Why is it suddenly that hot in here? o.0


You're really starting to make me love sihae! Who would have thought? (Me, the eunhae and sihan lover XD)

Anyway... you write so well, I'm jealous @_@

A.S.Miyamoto said...

I would never see apples in the same way I did...

Now I will think: OMG.. SiHae...

And then eat the apple...

Gosh! Thanks for make me happy with SiHae...

yongwonhae said...

Thank you for writing such a beautiful and *hot* fiction @_@ I love sihae forever!! pls do write more sihae fiction!! Love you so so much and love love haenie and wonnie in the fic!!!! <33333333333