“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[RQ] I Like It Like That

For sleeping0girl

theme: cute tussle on who should be on top
pair: Eeteuk/Kangin; smirking!Heechul
rate: NC17
words: 4666

The room was hot and steamy in more than one way. The windows had been left with the shades left open to allow the setting sun cast its warm, orange glow into the room. The door was locked despite them being the only ones in the dorm. The blankets had already been kicked to the foot of the bed and the smell of sex had slowly been building as they stoked the fire between them, kissing and touching, driving the other on.

“Kangin,” he murmured as he raised his torso enough so that he could look down at him clearly, “I can’t wait anymore.”

Kangin looked up at him, reaching for his face and cradling it in his big, warm hands, “Neither can I, Eeteuk.” He moved to roll them over, but Eeteuk stopped him by flattening a palm on his naked chest. “You want to ride me?”

Eeteuk shook his head, the strands of his hair falling around his face, shading his almond-shaped eyes as he gazed heatedly down at the younger man, “I want to be in you.”

“That’s a good joke,” Kangin snorted,

Eeteuk straightened on his knees, straddling Kangin’s hips. He crossed his arms, his stare slowly hardening, “I’m completely serious.”

Kangin propped himself up on his elbows, “Eeteuk, we always-”

“I know what we always do, but this is what I want to do now,” Eeteuk stated, pushing back his hair form his eyes,

Kangin reached for him with one hand, the other moving to prop his torso higher. His hand skimmed up from Eeteuk’s knee until it planted firmly on his hip, “Come on Eeteuk, don’t I make you feel good when I’m in you?”

“You know you do, damn it,” Eeteuk grounded out as Kangin’s hand began to rub circles on his hip, causing electricity to bolt the short distance to his erection; “But I want to make you feel good by being in you.”

“I feel best when I’m in you,” Kangin insisted, slowly increasing the pressure of his hand on Eeteuk’s hip.

“You mean you’d rather do the fucking than being fucked,” Eeteuk stated baldly,

“I do recall you riding me rather hard a few nights ago,” Kangin said, a lazy smile on his lips.

Eeteuk felt his cheeks become hotter than the rest of his body – which was a great feat at that point – and tightened his arms around his torso to stop his body from remembering and growing even harder. Finally, he managed an agitated, “That’s not the same and you know it.”

“Jungsu,” Kangin sighed.

Eeteuk shot him a hard glare. Kangin only called him by his real name on two occasions: when he was worried about the older man or when he wanted something. Eeteuk had no doubts which occasion this one was. He climbed away from Kangin and off of the bed, picking up his boxers as he went.

“What are you doing!?” Kangin exclaimed,

“Exactly what it looks like,” Eeteuk retorted as he forced his mind to other things, trying to calm his body down. When he couldn’t push his thoughts away fast enough, he grabbed his jeans and began slipping them on, muttering a curse when he felt his jeans pulling taught against his core, strained and, ironically, even harder than before. Without a backwards glance, Eeteuk opened the door to his and Donghae’s bedroom and left.

Scrambling off the bed, Kangin grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around his waist, quickly following Eeteuk out into the dorm. He saw just in time as Eeteuk turned towards the living room, “Jungsu, come on! Just come back to the room!”

“No,” Eeteuk called back and Kangin heard the distinct sound of a body plopping down onto one of the couches.

Coming to the point where the hallway reached the living room, Kangin leaned a shoulder against the corner, one hand clasped at his hip where the edges of the blanket were pulled together, “Look, you kind of sprang this on me suddenly and I was just surprised.”

“That’s not the only thing that’s been sprang,” a voice drawled.

Kangin, whose eyes were locked on Eeteuk, knew that his own eyes were widening just like the other’s eyes were. Eeteuk had his gaze now focused to a point beyond Kangin’s field of vision, but Kangin could guess that the voice came from the kitchen. The voice was too distinct, too smug and he could practically hear the smirk that accompanied the voice,

“Heechul,” Kangin said, slowly breathing out his word to calm his panicking body, “I thought you were out.”

“I was, but we decided to come here and watch a movie,” Heechul stated from the archway that led to the kitchen.

“We?” Kangin asked weakly as he slowly looked over his shoulder towards his hyung,

“Hi hyung,” Kibum appeared, leaning against the other side of the archway, arms crossed loosely about his torso.

Kangin knew his face was impossibly flushed at that point – and not for the same reason it had been prior to leaving the bedroom – “Hi Kibum. No filming today?”

“Obviously not,” Kibum said, the hint of his famous smile on his lips, “I didn’t know you were camping, hyung.”

“What?” Kangin cocked his head in confusion.

Heechul barely suppressed a laugh as he clarified, “You’re… erm… tenting.”

This time it was Eeteuk who could barely hold in his laughter as Kangin turned away and pulled the blanket from his waist to drape over his shoulders. He fisted his hands into the blanket, pulling them close at the front. When he turned back to the two snickering members by the kitchen, a glare was in his dark eyes,

“Do you two mind? We’re kind of in the middle of something.”

“It looks more like the end,” Kibum noted innocently,

“And we don’t mind at all, do we Kibum?”

“Not at all.”

“So, if anything, we could help,” Heechul said calmly, his earlier smirk replaced by a serious and solemn expression, “So if you two are having…” He began waving his hand trying to find the right word for Eeteuk and Kangin,

“Marital problems,” Kibum quipped,

Heechul nodded at him in thanks, “Yes, if you’re having martial problems, Kibum and I are more than willing to help. That’s what members should do, right Kibum?”

Kibum nodded; his winning smile in place and the only think giving away his true, mischievous intentions was the peculiar glint in his eyes. “That’s what friends would do, right hyung?”

“Right you are,” Heechul stated, his solemn expression still in place. “And we’re nothing, if not friends.”

“More like bastards,” Kangin muttered. He turned his eyes to Eeteuk, “Can we please go back to the room to discuss this?”

“I’m sure discussing is all you’re going to do,” Heechul said as he walked over and sat in the adjacent couch,

Kangin glared at the older man, “Heechul-hyung, don’t you have somewhere else to be?”

“Nope. Do you, Kibum?” Kibum, who had walked over and plopped down beside Heechul, also shook his head. Heechul looked back at Kangin, smirking, “Neither of us have anywhere to be but right here.”

“And it doesn’t matter because I’m not going back into the room,” Eeteuk stated as he grabbed the remote control and turned on the television, crossing on knee over the other in a hope to disguise his own straining erection in his jeans.

“Jungsu…” Kangin gritted, eyes narrowed, but Eeteuk ignored him.

“You might as well just sit down, hyung,” Kibum suggested casually, “Just… remember to rearrange your blanket so we don’t get a free show.”

Kangin scowled at the younger member before glaring at Eeteuk, “At least come to the room so we can talk about this.”

“I doubt you can talk with your mouth full,” Heechul said innocently, his gaze seemingly on the television, but a smirk on his face nonetheless.

“Oh… my…” Kangin rubbed the back of his neck wearily, “Jungsu – PLEASE – can we –”

“Not until you agree,” Eeteuk finally said, slowly turning his gaze towards Kangin, challenge in the depths of his almond eyes.

“Is Kangin being a prude?” Heechul asked, startled and with a single eyebrow raised,

“No,” Kangin replied just as Eeteuk said, “Yes.”

“Hyung won’t put out?’ Kibum jibed with a mock shocked expression,

Once again the unison replies of Kangin’s ‘no’ and Eeteuk’s ‘yes’ answered Kibum. Finally Kangin, who was quite on the edge of his control, what with Eeteuk inducing him to very uncomfortable sexual frustration and the twin annoyances of Heechul and Kibum, finally blurted out,


The remote promptly dropped from Eeteuk’s slackened grip as he gaped at Kangin. Heechul and Kibum stared at the blanket-clad member, also startled at his sudden admission.

“I can’t believe he actually said it,” Kibum muttered, a hand coming to covered his gaping mouth,

Heechul blinked as he suddenly stood up, “Come on, Kibum, let’s go.” Kibum, confused, but followed Heechul’s lead nonetheless. Heechul paused by Kangin and clapped a hand on his shoulder, “Just… let a man be a man, Kangin.”

“I’m a man, too!” Kangin exclaimed,

Heechul glanced at Eeteuk before looking at Kangin meaningfully, “When you’re dating an older man, sometimes it’s best to just let them have their way once in awhile. Trust me, he’ll appreciate it… it’ll go far in the long run.”

Kangin blinked before tentatively saying, “Hankyung?”

Heechul’s cheeks flushed as he cleared his throat, “We’ll be on our way… we’ll be gone for… for a long time.”

Kibum, who had been silent but had heard the quiet exchange, stared at Heechul, “You… you wanted… to Hankyung-hyung, too?”

“A CHANGE IN ROLES IS NOT A BAD THING!” Heechul declared before storming out of the dorm, an amused Kibum following him.

Once the door closed after them, Kangin collapsed against the corner, pressing his forehead against the cool wall of one side. He felt a warm hand on his cheek and only then did he open his eyes. Eeteuk had climbed onto the armrest of the couch, kneeling precariously and facing him, one hand on Kangin’s cheek, the other on the wall to stabilize his position.

“It must really bother you to admit it to Heechul of all people,” Eeteuk said tentatively.

Kangin glared at him, “Clearly.”

Eeteuk sighed heavily as he ran his hand through Kangin’s short hair before his hand came to a stop at the base of the younger man’s skull, “Can I explain to you why I want to do this?”

“You couldn’t have attempted this before?” Kangin raised an eyebrow,

“I didn’t think you’d be so resistant. And then I just got frustrated and forgot to explain,” Eeteuk shrugged slightly, his fingers beginning to massage Kangin’s head, “Whenever we have sex, you always look so amazing, like you’re feeling the best thing in the world. However, I don’t know what you feel when we have sex; all I know is how I feel and I promise, it is the best feeling in the world. So, what I’m thinking is could it be possible we’re both feeling the best feeling in the world? And if not, can I give you that pleasure?” His hand caressed around to his jaw before taking Kangin’s chin between thumb and forefinger, “That’s why I want to do this.”

Kangin stared at Eeteuk, a slight furrow in his brows and just the minutest of protrusion of his bottom lip, forming a small pout. Eeteuk leaned forward and pressed his lips against Kangin’s in a chaste kiss. When he pulled back, Kangin looked at him suspiciously,

“What was that for?”

“You just looked too cute,” Eeteuk grinned at him,

Kangin sighed, “First you want to put it in me and then you call me cute… there goes my reputation.”

Eeteuk flattened his palm against Kangin’s jaw, caressing it gently as he smiled at him. His other hand slipped inside the blanket, feeling content when his skin felt warm skin. He leaned forward again to brush his lips against Kangin’s once more as his hand slowly slid against Kangin’s chest, lower and lower. His hand found hardness encased in a velvety-softness,

“Trust me, your reputation is in no way threatened,” Eeteuk laughed huskily as his fingertips grazed the surface.

Kangin shuddered leaning against the wall completely now. He could feel delicate tips dancing along his length and Kangin sharply inhaled, opening his eyes to glare at the older man, “Don’t tease me like this Eeteuk.”

“Let’s go back to the room?” Eeteuk murmured against his lips as he traced a squiggly line down Kangin’s hard length,

“Yes,” Kangin breathed, “I’ve been hard this entire time just from looking at you.”

Eeteuk wrapped his fingers around him, “You certainly know how to play to your audience, Kangin.”

Kangin said nothing, but wrapped his hand around Eeteuk’s wrist and practically yanked him off of the couch and down the hall back towards the room. Eeteuk practically fell on top of his bed as Kangin flung him into the room and turned to lock the door again. He was sitting on the edge of the bed when Kangin turned and approached him, the blanket slipping from his shoulders as he walked.

The only one completely nude, Kangin stood before Eeteuk and reached for his face, holding Eeteuk’s chin in his hand, he ran the pad of his thumb over his moistened bottom lip, “If you’re going to finish… at least let me start.”

Eeteuk nodded as his teeth found purchase on Kangin’s thumb and bit lightly as his hands came and planted themselves on his hips. Slowly, he drew Kangin towards him to stand between his knees. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Kangin’s abdomen. Lower and lower his kisses went as he slowly slipped from the bed and onto his knees before Kangin. His knees had barely touched the ground before he planted a kiss on the head.

Kangin felt his lids slide close of their own accord and his head gently lulled backwards as, with one hand on Eeteuk’s shoulder, he relished in the wet hotness of the leader’s mouth. He could feel Eeteuk’s lips sliding up and down and around him; shivered deliciously as teeth scraped a titillating trail along his length. When Eeteuk began to suck, he felt the strength in his legs leave him but somehow managed to remain upright – in more ways than one.

Eeteuk sucked in an almost therapeutic rhythm as his tongue and lips caressed and massaged. When a throaty groan escaped Kangin’s lips, he felt rewarded. His hands, which had lain idle against Kangin’s thighs the moment his mouth began doing all the work, slowly rubbed circles against the younger man’s heated skin. His hands moved slowly higher and back until they found the soft but firm mounds of Kangin’s backside. His hands kneaded rhythmically as he sucked mercilessly and Kangin’s entire body moaned with his strained voice.

Kangin could feel the pressure building, but every time he felt close to release, Eeteuk would soften his caresses, ease his ministrations and thus, bringing Kangin away from the edge. However, then Eeteuk would grow rougher, slowly stoking the pressure more and more before pulling back again. The ebb and flow was causing Kangin’s head to spin, the strength slowly seeping from his body as all was concentrated on that hardened place between his thighs that was currently finding a home in Eeteuk’s beautifully skilled mouth.

“Please,” he heard himself croak out at one point as he stared up at the ceiling, trying to gain some sanity, but it was no use; even the warm glows of the sun on the ceiling would help his raging thoughts, emotions and libido.

Eeteuk didn’t let up, however, if anything, his ministrations grew almost ruthless, sharply pulling Kangin into the swirl of passion and pleasure, practically shoving him to the edge of oblivion before pushing him back, stumbling away from the release he desperately sought. Kangin couldn’t take it anymore, slumping against Eeteuk, one hand propped on the bed behind the older man as his other hand cradled Eeteuk’s head against his core.

Kangin felt cool air against the shaft as Eeteuk pulled back so only the head was in that wonderfully wet mouth of his. When Eeteuk wrapped one hand around his exposed length, he knew he’d finally get what he wanted. As if knowing his thoughts and answering him, Eeteuk began to swirl his tongue around the head, and sucked hard as his hand began to stroke firmly and steadily. Kangin could barely think as the pressure finally burst and heated waves licked throughout his body from his core. He further slumped, doubled over Eeteuk as his hand fisted into the mattress, trying to keep upright as Eeteuk drank him completely with his hand still pumping.

When Kangin collapsed onto the bed, it was because Eeteuk had deposited him there, straightening to his full height and a smug smile on his lips, the left corner dimpling. Kangin looked up at him, his boyfriend’s features softened by the warm, dimming glow as the sun sank below the horizon.

“B-be gentle,” was all Kangin managed before crawling further onto the bed.

Eeteuk kept his gaze on Kangin’s sated expression as he undid his jeans and slipped them, along with his boxers, down his hips and to the ground. Kangin eyed his still-erected-and-very-erected member as Eeteuk climbed onto the bed. Feeling completely boneless - again, in more ways than one – Kangin grabbed one of the pillows and bunched it beneath his abdomen in a way he had seen Eeteuk do before. With his cheek pillowed on one arm, the other arm clutched the pillow.

Eeteuk nudged Kangin’s thighs apart, one hand on his thigh as he leaned forward and pressed a kiss on the nape of Kangin’s neck. He made a trail of kisses along his shoulder until he reached its vertex and rested his lips there. Kangin turned his face towards Eeteuk and pressed his forehead against the other’s temple.

“It’s going to hurt,” Eeteuk murmured against his hot skin as he nudged the tip into Kangin’s entrance,

“It’s okay,” Kangin replied quietly as he opened his eyes and locked his gazes with Eeteuk’s, “But remember how you were talking about the best feeling in the world?”

Eeteuk struggled to nod as he began to slowly enter.

“It doesn’t… matter,” Kangin grounded out as he felt himself being stretched, pain stabbing into his body, “it doesn’t – oh fuck, is this what I do to you!?”

“Just keep talking and the pain will go away,” Eeteuk gritted as he barred his teeth on Kangin’s shoulder as the latter had done to him many times before, “Keep talking and try to relax.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s me… if it’s me or you going in,” Kangin managed, trying to stop his face from contorting with pain as he kept his gaze locked with Eeteuk’s equally strained face; “The best feeling in the world… oh fuck, how do you stand it when I’m doubly horny!?”

“I’m almost all the way in,” Eeteuk croaked as he disengaged his teeth from Kangin’s shoulder, turning his head enough to brush his lips against the younger man’s forehead, “Just… keep talking. Relax.”

“How you never smacked me every time I said that to you, I’ll never know,” Kangin shut his eyes tightly as he exhaled through his teeth and sucked in another breath, “Oh my g- I can’t relax,”

“Then keep talking,” Eeteuk said as he steadily kept pushing into Kangin, trying not to cry out as Kangin’s muscles closed about him like a tight glove, “You’re good at talking.”

“Okay… the best… the best feeling in the world,” Kangin fisted his hands into the sheets, “Is just having you with me.” He tipped his face towards the older man, “So just stay with me.”

“Always,” Eeteuk managed as he thrust his hips, surging the last few inches into Kangin and swallowing the younger man’s cry with his lips.

When Eeteuk broke the kiss, Kangin buried his face into the arm tucked beneath his head, “We’re never having sex again,” Kangin murmured, “This hurts too much and I can’t even imagine what happens when I come at you like I’m in heat.”

Eeteuk chuckled, pressing a light kiss against the bite marks he had left on Kangin’s shoulder, “You may readily give up sex, but I’m not going to be celibate any time soon.” He curled one arm around Kangin’s torso and with the other hand, cupped the back of Kangin’s knee and slowly pulled until one of his legs was sharply bent, the other completely straight. He slowly arched his back, the crown of his head supported against Kangin’s shoulder, “Ready?”

“No,” Kangin choked, “I honestly don’t know why you keep having sex with me after the first time.”

Eeteuk smirked to himself as he slowly began to move his hips. He withdrew a few inches and surged back in. He bit down on his bottom lip as he continued to undulate against his boyfriend. He had felt Kangin enter him countless of times before, had felt every inch of Kangin deep within him. This feeling, however, was on a different plane. He felt every inch that he thrust into Kangin, and could feel every inch of Kangin closing around him each time. Slowly, he began to increase the speed of his thrusts and each time he got faster, it felt as if Kangin was rubbing him raw, each nerve completely exposed and jolting with electricity.

He felt his jaw drop, but before his breath could be taken away, a moan slid from Kangin’s lips and reverberated around the dimly lit room. Eeteuk stopped, surprised and pleased at the other’s reaction; only then did he realize that Kangin was panting even faster and harder than himself.

“Kangin?” He ventured,

“Now I know why you still have sex with me,” he breathed, moving his arm out from under his head so he could lay his head flat against the mattress, both hands now clawed into the sheets.

“I knew I could explain myself,” Eeteuk chuckled softly as he began to move again.

“Oh- no more talking,” Kangin groaned, trying to stifle himself by turning his face into the mattress.

Eeteuk said nothing and obliged him, his hand gripping the underside of Kangin’s thigh as his other arm held him even tighter. He moved faster and harder, the electricity building and sparking little fires all over his body. He buried his forehead against Kangin’s back as he thrust over and over again, each time eliciting a small, little moan from the other.

“K-Kangin,” he managed, “I need… I need to.”

“Yes… yes… fuck yes,” Kangin moaned into the mattress, “Anything you want…”

The older of the two began undulating even faster, his one hand biting into Kangin’s thigh as the other hand slipped from beneath Kangin’s torso and gripped his hip. He bit down hard as he put all of his strength into each thrust. He bit down hard to keep quiet so he could hear Kangin, each moan and groan and pant like notes of a beautiful opus.

He knew he was the one who had wanted their positions like this, he had wanted it and Kangin had complied, so he tried to make it good for Kangin. He thrust faster and felt himself go in deeper when Kangin arched beneath him, groaning his name before collapsing atop the bed as waves of satiation swept over him for the second time.

As Kangin clenched around him, Eeteuk thrust again and again, his body being pumped until, finally, the finally fire was lit and his entire body became enflamed. He spilled himself into Kangin as his body shook with little tremors, Kangin’s name on his lips in the form of a loving moan. When the last drop was emptied, Eeteuk fell atop Kangin. When he regained some semblance of strength, Eeteuk withdrew. Kangin turned and pulled Eeteuk into his arms, his hyung lying atop him once more but in a different position.

Folding his hands on Kangin’s chest and resting his chin atop of them, Eeteuk peered at him through the semi-darkness. It had grown dark already, but the moon was now filtering light into the room in replace of the sun; “How was it?” He inquired tentatively,

“Amazing,” Kangin said, his arms wrapped securely around Eeteuk’s smaller frame.

“So you’ll let me do it again next time?” Eeteuk smiled, his dimple appearing,

“No,” Kangin scoffed, “Didn’t you hear my speech about how all I want is you with me?”

“And you will be with me… just… beneath me, writhing and moaning my name,” Eeteuk replied, a challenge in his dark, almond-shaped eyes.

“It hurts,” Kangin whined lightly.

Eeteuk muttered, “Fine.”

Kangin sighed heavily as one hand rose and cradled Eeteuk’s head, stroking through his soft hair gently, “You know you can have whatever you want.”

Eeteuk moved his hands to the mattress, propping himself on his hands so he could raise his torso slightly. Looking down at Kangin, he asked, startled, “Really?”

Kangin nodded, “I wasn’t lying when I said all I want is you with me… I don’t care who does what. Well, now I don’t care. Before I did… I cared a whole lot, but now-”

He was silenced when Eeteuk swiftly kissed him. He drew back when he knew Kangin wouldn’t speak again. “We can go back to our normal positions. I like it better when you’re in me, anyway.”

“Are you sure? Because I’m fine with either,” Kangin insisted,

“I’m sure,” Eeteuk replied easily.

Suddenly, a loud and fierce knocking came at the bedroom door. It was immediately followed by a harried, “Heechul! Leave them alone!”

“Kangin! Kangin!” Heechul called as his fist pounded on the door, “I’ve made a list!”

“I’ll kill them both,” Kangin muttered bitterly, “That or teach Kibum how to keep Heechul away.”

“It’s not that hard; just throw Hankyung at him,” Eeteuk replied.

“Heechul! They could be… doing things!” Kibum’s voice came again through the door,

“More like doing each other,” Heechul’s remark managed to drift to the couple in bed. Then, he continued his exclamation, “I’ve made a list as to why you should let Eeteuk erm… well… You know, let him…”

“The fact that you can’t say it proves we should come back later,” Kibum hissed at him,

“No, I need to fight for Eeteuk’s rights! I know how he feels – I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL, HYUNG!” Heechul called,

“That’s the first time he’s ever called me hyung,” Eeteuk murmured as he lowered his torso back down onto Kangin’s,

“That’s why I’ve made this list as to… to… KANGIN JUST LET EETEUK-HYUNG ON TOP!” Heechul demanded,

“For the love of…” Kangin murmured before yelling back, “JUST GO AWAY! WE FIXED OUR PROBLEMS!”

“Your martial problems?” Kibum quipped,

“Yes, yes, we fixed our martial problems!” Kangin replied exasperatedly,

“Kangin’s so the appa of Super Junior,” Kibum said happily,

“Why can’t Eeteuk be the appa? He’s older! Damn it, do I have to explain to you again about older men and how we should be indulged!?” Heechul asked, irritated,

“No, no… I don’t want to hear more about you and Hankyung,” Kibum said.

Both Kangin and Eeteuk sighed with relief as they heard retreating footsteps, Heechul’s lecture slowly fading away until it was just a soft murmur.

“I prefer when you’re on top,” Eeteuk said then, breaking the comfortable silence they had slipped into.

Kangin chuckled huskily, “You don’t have to be in me to be on top,” he replied as he pulled Eeteuk along his body until their lips were levelled, “I rather like it when you’re on top, writhing and moaning my name,” he grinned before pulling Eeteuk in for a kiss.

Eeteuk smiled against his lips, “I like that too,”


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