“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

[00SJ9] Hankyung's Korean Lessons

words: 1175
rate: PG13
(Day 9 of the Fanfiction series.)

Since Heechul made the effort – and caused enough trouble – to join Super Junior-M in China, he decided to stay for a few days. After a quick call to the manager-hyungs (who were so used to Heechul’s antics that all they said was they’re surprised he didn’t run off farther than China) and to Eeteuk (who proceeded to yell at Heechul, but he had placed the phone on the table and walked away for ten minutes), Heechul’s schedule in Korea was cleared so he could remain in China.

So, the evening after discovering Heechul in their dorm, the members all retired to the dorm for the evening. Heechul, who had decided to stay in that day, greeted them warmly.

“Idiot,” Kyuhyun muttered in Mandarin as he walked over to one of the couches and plopped down, pulling his laptop onto his thighs,

“What was that?” Heechul eyed him suspiciously from the other end of the couch having watched mainland dramas the entire day, despite not understanding a word.

“I said I missed you,” Kyuhyun lied easily as his fingers began to move in quick succession over the computer keys.

“Ah,” Heechul looked up to Hankyung who came and sat down on the arm rest beside him, “Hankyung, idiot!”

Hankyung blinked at Heechul before moving his gaze to Kyuhyun who was having difficulty holding in his laughter, “Kyuhyun! Stop teaching Heechul wrong Mandarin!”

Heechul twisted in to look at Kyuhyun, “You did what!?”

“Well, Heechul-hyung teaches you wrong Korean all the time,” Kyuhyun defended.

Heechul scowled at him before looking at Hankyung, “I do not.”

Hankyung narrowed his gaze before moving and sitting on the couch between the two members, “This is why in fanfictions I’m always stumbling or using Korean wrong, isn’t it? And here I thought I was pretty damn fluent!”

“Sorry to say this, hyung, but Zhou Mi’s more proficient than you are,” Kyuhyun stated, “But that could be because you started relying on Heechul to teach you Korean.”

“Don’t listen to him, it’s Kyuhyun after all. You know how cheeky and disrespectful he is to his hyungs!” Heechul insisted,

“Say something that Heechul-hyung taught you,” Kyuhyun prompted, “Something you don’t use or hear in regular conversation in Korea.”

Hankyung looked uneasily at Heechul before looking at Kyuhyun, “Can I say it in Mandarin just in case he taught me something totally ridiculous?”

“Um… sure?” Kyuhyun held up a hand to stall him, “Mimi!”

“Mimi?” Heechul repeated, “You call Zhou Mi that?”

“Yes, he gets offended and stops smiling if I don’t,” Kyuhyun rolled his eyes as the tall Chinese man appeared at his side,


“Hankyung-ge is going to say something in Mandarin; can you translate it to Korean?” Kyuhyun asked as Zhou Mi sat on the armrest next to him, allowing the older man to take over one of his hands.

Zhou Mi nodded and looked at Hankyung expectantly.

“Ah… okay,” He began in Mandarin immediately, “When we’re um… alone… I always tell him ‘You’re always in my heart’.”

“That’s so cheesy,” Zhou Mi replied in their native tongue,

“It’s one of the things he first taught me when we hooked up!” Hankyung argued,

Zhou Mi sighed and replied in Korean, “You’re always in my heart.”

Hankyung blinked before turning to look at Heechul, “YOU LIED!?”

“I have no idea what you’re referring to,” Heechul stated as he stood up, preparing to walk away,

“He told me to say it like this: I like it when you fu-” However, the rest of what Hankyung said was silenced as Heechul lunged at him, clasping both hands over his mouth. He narrowed his gaze at the man now sitting haphazardly in his lap and muttered against his hands, “You did lie!”

Hankyung collected Heechul’s hands from his face and held them both in one hand. He looked over at Zhou Mi and spoke, once more in Mandarin, “In Korean, is there a more informal way of saying ‘I love you’? Like, a way that’s only said between… erm… lovers?”

Zhou Mi blinked, “Besides ‘saranghae’?” Hankyung nodded. Zhou Mi looked at Kyuhyun and whispered Hankyung’s question into his ear but in Korean.

“That’s pretty much as informal as you’re going to get with that,” Kyuhyun said. He looked at Hankyung, “What did Heechul teach you?”

Heechul, who didn’t hear what Hankyung had asked, was now fervently trying to pry his hands from Hankyung’s grasp, but the latter was holding him firmly. When he tried to at least squirm off of his lap, Hankyung used his free arm to wrap around his hips, stilling Heechul’s lower body; he was trapped.

“He said ‘harder’ was how you say it,” Hankyung said, “And for some reason I love this guy, so I always say it when we’re together… but since it’s supposedly so informal, I just say it when we’re alone.”

Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi blinked before Kyuhyun unsuccessfully swallowed his laughter, leaning his head against Zhou Mi’s thigh as he continued to laugh. Managing a straight expression, Zhou Mi inquired, “And let me guess… you say this several times when you two are… together?” When Hankyung nodded, the other two fell into a fit of laughter.

Kyuhyun straightened, his free hand against his stomach as he tried to catch his breath, “Can you imagine, Mimi? If whenever I wanted to say ‘I love you’, instead I’d keep saying ‘harder’, ‘harder’, ‘harder’!?”

Zhou Mi sobered immediately, his eyes gaining a peculiar light as he looked at Kyuhyun. Realizing immediately what effect his words had on the older man, Kyuhyun stopped laughing. Closing his laptop and laying it on the coffee table before them, he stood up and looked at Hankyung and Heechul,

“We were wrong, that is a way of saying ‘I love you’,” Kyuhyun stated before Zhou Mi practically hauled him away to their bedroom.

Hankyung turned suspicious eyes to Heechul who had gone very still on his lap. When their gazes locked, the younger man questioned, “What else did you teach me wrong?”

“Those were the only things,” Heechul insisted,

“Are you sure?” Hankyung demanded, “Because from the stories I’ve read, there’s this trend of me still having issues with Korean.”

“Just those two things,” Heechul repeated solemnly.

Hankyung, not sure whether or not to trust him, looked up to see Shiwon heading towards the kitchen, “Shiwon!”

Shiwon paused and turned to them, not even batting an eyelash to their blatant positions on the couch, “Yes, hyung?”

Heechul started trying to free his hands again, but Hankyung’s fingers merely tightened around his wrists, “You’re a sex god in bed!”

Shiwon blinked. He opened and closed his mouth several times before finally saying, “That is so wrong on so many levels… and I’m pretty sure it’s blasphemous on so many other levels.” He turned on his heel and immediately disappeared into the kitchen.

Hankyung glared at Heechul, “What did I really say?”

Heechul stared at him a moment, his face assuming the very picture of innocence, before replying in perfectly intonated Mandarin, “Sorry, I don’t speak Korean.”

(Day 10: The perfect couple)


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