“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Friday, July 11, 2008

[057] It's All in the Name

theme: o57. Scales.
pair: Donghae/Kyuhyun
rate: G
words: 2020
#: 49/100

Kyuhyun yawned as he laid his suitcase down on the ground and sat on it, putting his elbows on his knees and leaning his chin in his hands. He sat there amongst the hustle and bustle of the airport arrivals. The other members of Super Junior-M were waiting at customs as Kyuhyun stayed back and waited with Donghae. Kyuhyun watched with half-closed eyes as Donghae paced back and forth between the carousels looking for one of his luggage.

“It should come out of this one,” Donghae muttered to Kyuhyun, looking a the carousel beside them, “But… what if it got mixed up and is on one of the others,” He glanced back and forth at the other carousels before sprinting off to look at their respective baggage.

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. He had seen what Donghae was waiting for at least seven times now. It always appeared on their side of the carousel the moment Donghae would run off to check the other places and when he returned, Donghae’s belonging would have already rotated to the other side. He found it amusing, wanting to see when Donghae would finally see his error, but it didn’t happen and after the eighth time, Kyuhyun got fed up with waiting.

Before Donghae could run off to another carousel, Kyuhyun reached out, holding onto the back of his shirt. Donghae looked down at Kyuhyun, his eyes wild,

“Kyu-sshi! I have to find it!” Donghae argued,

Without a word, Kyuhyun pointed towards the luggage carousel beside them with his free hand. Donghae followed where his finger was pointed at and, low and behold, there was the luggage he was looking for. Immediately he sprung from Kyuhyun’s grasp and grabbed his luggage from the conveyor belt, glaring around him as if challenging people to try to take his luggage.

With a heavy sigh, Kyuhyun hoisted himself onto his feet and righted his suitcase as Donghae practically danced over to him, his arms still wrapped around his case, “What would I do without you Kyu-sshi?” Donghae grinned at him as he adjusted the luggage so he held it with just one hand.

“I don’t know, but I did tell you to just bring your guitar with you as a carryon,” Kyuhyun reminded gently as he extended the handle for his luggage and they headed towards customs,

“Ah, but there’s so many people going on and off the plane, I didn’t want to risk breaking it,” Donghae replied,

“So… you risked losing it instead?” Kyuhyun commented with a slight smirk,

Donghae blinked at his words a moment before grinning, “Ah, but I have you, so I wasn’t so worried. AH! I know! To show my appreciation I shall name my guitar after you, Kyu-sshi!” Donghae decided,

“Really, you don’t have to,” Kyuhyun insisted, his cheeks pinking as they entered customs and looked for their manager hyungs and the other members,

“I insist!” Donghae grinned as he pulled his guitar case back into his arms, hugging it. Kyuhyun smiled at him and shrugged complacently.

A few days later, Kyuhyun found himself in a blue-lit room, surrounded by fish, fish and more fish. He looked around him with wonder as Donghae eyed the fish suspiciously, “So… you’re buying a pet fish?”

Kyuhyun nodded as he walked over to a tank and stared at the fish swimming within, eyes dancing, “The yellow tang!” Kyuhyun pointed.

Donghae raised his eyes and looked at the tank, it was full of blue and yellow scaled fishes. He glanced at the label and noted they were all tang fish, “So… I’m guessing you want a yellow one of those?”

Kyuhyun nodded, “I saw one in a game I was playing before, it had laser eyes and missiles on its fins - it was so awesome!” Kyuhyun grinned as he followed one particular fish. It was the smallest of the lot, but swam swiftly and strongly amongst the others, “Ah! Ahjusshi!” He called to one of the store clerks, he pressed the tip of a finger at the glass, “That one please!”

The store clerk took out a small catching net and plastic bag, “Which one?”

Kyuhyun traced his finger on the glass, following the fish’s path, “The smallest one, please!”

The clerk raised an eyebrow, “Are you sure? It is the smallest one, but it’s priced the same as the others; might as well get your money’s worth and get a big one,”

“He’s got a point, Kyu-sshi,” Donghae prompted

Kyuhyun shook his head fiercely, “Nope, that one please.” The clerk nodded and caught the fish after a few minutes, plopping it into the bag and scooping some water into the plastic bag as well. He closed it and motioned for the two Super Junior members to follow him to the front cash desk.

As they followed the clerk, Donghae glanced at Kyuhyun, “Why the puny little fish?”

“It reminds me of you,” Kyuhyun said simply, smiling,

Donghae gave him a slanted look, “That’s… that doesn’t make me feel good at all.”

Kyuhyun let out a melodic laugh, “You got me all wrong, hyung. I meant because the fish is a fighter, just like you - never giving up or giving in to any of the other fish. That’s why it reminds me of you.”

Donghae scoffed, “It better be because of that and only that.”

Kyuhyun paid and held up the bag to eye level as they left the story, “It is, I promise. Hi Donghae!” He greeted the yellow fish,

Donghae rolled his eyes, “Of course you’d name the puny fish Donghae.”

A few days later, Donghae came out of his room clad in just jeans that were low on his hips, his fluffy black hair thoroughly ruffled and a yawn on his lips. He had one arm through a t-shirt sleeve as he shuffled over to the couch and plopped down.

Heechul who had been checking his cyworld page, turned around in the computer chair and looked Donghae up and down, “You look horrible. Did you not sleep again?”

“Oh, he slept,” Eeteuk said from the dining table as he hurried to eat his breakfast before they went off for today’s schedule, “Just not solidly.”

“I can’t help it,” Donghae muttered, “I’m not used to sleeping alone.”

“Eeteuk rooms with you,” Heechul reminded, confused,

“I meant alone in my bed,” Donghae said with a yawn as he crawled his way into his shirt, “In China, I always slept with Kyuhyun.” Eeteuk and Heechul blinked at his words as he continued tiredly, “I didn’t want to do that here because… it’s sort of weird since Eeteuk is in the same room with me, while in China it I roomed with Kyuhyun,” Donghae explained, talking of his guitar and the Super Junior member respectively.

Eeteuk gaped, “Does… does… did Shiwon know?”

Donghae raised his head to look at Eeteuk and blinked a moment, as if he were slowly processing the words, “Eh? Shiwon-sshi? Of course he knew, he was the first one I told.”

Eeteuk and Heechul stared at each other in shocked silence before Eeteuk asked, “And… he was okay with it?”

Donghae tilted his head, regarding Eeteuk, his usual blank stare on his face before he answered, “Yeah. He even thought it was cute,” Donghae said the last bit as his face flushed. Donghae shook his head as if banishing his sleepiness as he ran his hands through his hair and getting to his feet, “C’mon hyungs, we’ll be late.” He headed for the door.

Eeteuk and Heechul, still too stunned to think, finished what they were doing and followed Donghae in surprised silence.

Between tapings of a new music video, the Super Junior members sat in randomly placed chairs, eating their lunch. As the end of lunch drew closer, Donghae and Eunhyuk ran off to the bathroom before they had to resume taping. Once they were gone, Kyuhyun sighed as he put his dishes on a nearby table for the clean up crew,

“I miss Donghae,” Kyuhyun muttered as he sat back down in his chair between Sungmin and Kangin, Hankyung sitting on the other side of Kangin.

Kangin blinked, “Donghae? But… why?”

Sungmin stood up and hugged Kyuhyun from behind, leaning his chin on his head, “Don’t worry, you’ll see him again soon.”

Hankyung and Kangin looked at each other, startled before Hankyung prompted, “But… Donghae? Why?”

“He’s just so cute,” Kyuhyun sighed,

Kangin blinked, “But, Sungmin…?”

“And he’s a pretty shade of yellow,” Kyuhyun continued as if in a daze,

“He’s more of a pale brown…” Hankyung commented,

Kyuhyun let out a deep sigh again as Sungmin released him from his embrace, “I miss my fishy. I sing to him every night, you know,” Kyuhyun said looking at his hyungs, a light of pride in his eyes,

Kangin gave him a slanted look, “Does… Shiwon know this?”

Kyuhyun cocked his head, confused, “I haven’t told him, so I don’t see why he would know… SHOULD he know?”

Hankyung and Kangin nodded their heads, “I think it’s very important you get Shiwon’s opinion on this,” Hankyung insisted,

Kyuhyun gave them an odd look before getting up, going across to Shiwon and complying to their suggestion. Their eyes grew wide as Kyuhyun talked to Shiwon and Shiwon smiled and even laughed a bit.

“Sungmin, aren’t you… a little bit… worried?” Hankyung asked hesitantly,

“About what?” Sungmin replied, his eyes still on Kyuhyun who continued to speak with Shiwon,

“About Kyuhyun singing to Donghae every night,” Kangin explained,

“Oh that? Why should I be worried? He loves Donghae. I find it endearing,” Sungmin said, a smile appearing on his lips before he got up and joined his dongsaengs.

Hankyung and Kangin watched him then looked at each other, both completely puzzled.

Two days later, Super Junior was given a day off since they completed their new music video. That afternoon, Eeteuk, Heechul and Hankyung entered their dorm with Kangin to find Kyuhyun and Donghae already there in the living room. They eyed the two suspiciously; how long had they been there together? How long had they been alone? And did Sungmin and Shiwon know?

Kyuhyun sat on the ground, his back against the couch, legs crossed with a fish bowl in his lap. Donghae sat by the computer, strumming his guitar softly as he read new music he had just written on his composition program.

Eeteuk noticed something written, forming with the curve of the bottom of Donghae’s guitar, “Why is ‘Kyuhyun’ written on your guitar, Donghae?”

Donghae stilled his hand and looked down at his guitar, as if forgetting what was there, “Ah, I forgot I had written that-”

“You wrote it half an hour ago,” Kyuhyun said dully as his eyes were glued to an action movie on the television that had been adapted from a game Kyuhyun loved.

Donghae grinned sheepishly, “I forgot; well, I figure I might as well write it so people would know my guitar’s name.”

The four other members looked at each other then back at Donghae as Heechul concluded, “Your guitar is named Kyuhyun?” Donghae nodded, “So… when you said you slept with Kyuhyun ever night in China… you meant… your guitar?”

Donghae nodded again.

Hankyung and Kangin growing suspicious, eyed the fishbowl in Kyuhyun’s lap. As if feeling their stares, Kyuhyun looked up at them, forcibly tearing his eyes away from the television,

“Yeah, hyung named his guitar Kyuhyun and I named my new yellow tang, Donghae!” Kyuhyun grinned brilliantly,

“So your fishy is named after Fishy?” Hankyung said slowly,

Kyuhyun nodded as he looked back at the television, “And when you said you sang to Donghae every night… you meant… your pet fish?” Kangin concluded,

“Every night,” Kyuhyun answered immediately.

The other four members looked at each other with disbelief, the need to swoon evident on all of their shocked visages. Donghae and Kyuhyun jumped at the sound of the front door slamming, surprised to find their hyungs gone. They looked at each other and shrugged, resuming what they had been doing before:

Kyuhyun in Donghae’s arms and Donghae on Kyuhyun’s lap.


Anonymous said...

OMG, that was just so brilliant! xD ♥♥♥
I really loved the last sentence!

"Did you tell Siwon?"
every time that came up, I laughed; the image of religious Siwon kept on popping up, and it was just sp hilarious!

anyway, good fic, thanks for sharing! ^^ ♥

Anonymous said...

Very amusing. <3
Great job as usual~

akira said...

“And he’s a pretty shade of yellow,” Kyuhyun continued as if in a daze,

“He’s more of a pale brown…” Hankyung commented.

xDDDD I died.

Anonymous said...

Immediately he sprung from Kyuhyun’s grasp and grabbed his luggage from the conveyor belt, glaring around him as if challenging people to try to take his luggage. Soooo cute.

I cackled throughout the whole story. It was just too funny and cute. Misunderstandings are always great. ♥♥♥