“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Thursday, July 3, 2008

[003] Memories in Silk

theme: oo3. Blindfolds.
pair: Hankyung/Yesung
rate: NC-17
words: 2028
#: 40/100

It was one of the hottest days of summer that year, and the night didn’t get any cooler. The humidity was almost suffocating, making reprieve from the sun’s hot rays seem insignificant. It was one of those nights when Hankyung lay in his single room, the window wide open, his blanket and sheets pushed to the foot of the bed and clad in nothing by his panda-print silk boxers.

It had taken him twenty-two minutes to start drifting off to sleep in the unbearable heat. He had one hand lying idly on his stomach and the other arm slung over his eyes in an effort to block out the moonlight that spilt into his dark room. His body slowly began floating, reality slipping away as slumber was just inches away. In his state, he felt his arm being moved from his face. He swatted at whatever it was, not really comprehending if it was real or if the humidity was affecting him.

A touch of silk.

All it took was the smooth, slippery feeling of silk touch his skin for him to realize, it was real. All it took was the sudden feel of a band of silk wrapping around his eyes for him to wake up. He felt a knot being tightened just as slumber finally slipped away and he found himself abruptly dropped back into reality. He began to sit up, fight off whoever it was that was now holding his wrists down against the pillow on either side of his head.

“Shh… Hyung, it’s me,” the voice was soft and gentle and breathing hot air against his ear.

“Yesung?” Hankyung muttered, swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat. “But… why? What are you… I don’t understand why all of a sudden…”

“I’m tired of just watching you… I’m tired of waiting for you…” Yesung answered, his lips caressing Hankyung’s ear,

“But… why the blindfold?” Hankyung asked,

“For the thrill. For the heightening your senses. For you… tonight is all about just you hyung,” Yesung said quietly, “If I let go of your wrists, you won’t take off the blindfold?”

Hankyung didn’t trust his voice, so instead, he just nodded. As promised, Yesung released his wrists. He moved his hands towards Hankyung’s face, his fingers tracing his jaw line, caressing his cheeks, outlining his eyebrows, his hair line, the bridge of his nose, his partially parted lips.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this,” Yesung murmured as his lips followed the trail his fingers made,

“Not as long as I have,” Hankyung replied as he fought the urge to shiver at Yesung’s touch. “Kiss me,” his cheeks burned at such a bold question, made only because the blindfold made him feel braver.

“As you wish…” Yesung said huskily as finally, his lips pressed against Hankyung’s.

Yesung cradled Hankyung’s face as they kissed while Hankyung’s hands blindly sought Yesung’s body. After finding it, he grabbed his waist and tugged him until Yesung was straddling his hips. Yesung probed Hankyung’s closed lips with his tongue and Hankyung granted access, deepening the kiss. He moaned into Yesung’s mouth as he felt his tongue being caressed by Yesung’s. He had imagined for years what it would be like kissing him and, now that it was happening, it was more than he could ever had hoped for.

When Yesung finally broke the kiss, he left Hankyung breathless. He struggled to regain his breath and his senses when Yesung’s lips kissed his jaw line and down to his neck. Hankyung shuddered gloriously when Yesung ran his tongue along the column of his neck.

“Yesung…” He groaned as Yesung paid homage to his neck again with his mouth; that beautiful mouth that was driving him insane.

Suddenly, Yesung stopped at the sound of his name. Hankyung felt cold at the sudden loss of contact, but was pulled back into the warmth when he felt lips on his collarbone. He bit down on his lower lip when he felt Yesung’s tongue flick across his chest; sucking and licking, pushing him to the edge. When Yesung’s kisses moved lower, he felt a tight coil twist in the pit of his stomach with anticipation.

Lower. Lower. And even lower.

He felt Yesung slowly crawl backwards as he placed kisses down his abdomen, his belly button and along the faint trail of hair leading to into his panda boxers. He nearly screamed with eagerness when he felt Yesung raise his hand, but then his fingers played at the waistband sitting low on his hips, revealing the jut of his hipbones. He grasped the bed sheets beneath his body to stop himself from grabbing Yesung. His blood pumped vigorously as he felt the slow caress of his silk boxers slowly slid down his hips, his thighs, his calves… until finally he heard a quiet swoosh and soft flutter as it fell to the bedroom floor.

“Yesung…” His voice came in a beg that was barely a whisper.

For a moment that felt like eternity, Yesung remained still. A light breeze came through the open window and danced upon Hankyung’s naked, flushed skin. He waited in all expectance and, apparently, his patience paid off. He was greatly rewarded when he felt Yesung’s slender fingers close around him. Yesung’s fingers swirled and twisted around him. They tightened ever so slightly and when he began to move his hand again, Hankyung almost screamed at the sensation.

He felt that coil being to twist again with in. Tighter and tighter as Yesung stroked him faster and faster. He was getting closer to the edge, teetering between reality and ecstasy when Yesung stopped. Hankyung raised his blinded head towards where he assumed Yesung was,

“Yesung?” He asked, his body shocked at the sudden lost of contact.

Yesung remained immobile for a moment. In that moment, Hankyung felt his blood surge with want, felt the coil grow painful with desire. His entire body hummed with anticipation when finally, he felt Yesung’s hot, wet mouth engulf the tip of him. His head fell back onto his pillow as a soft sight escaped his lips.

His body shuddered when Yesung ran his tongue along him as he had done on Hankyung’s neck; but this time it was different. If before it had felt like hearing a string quartet play, this feeling was like hearing a complete symphony.

Hankyung moaned when he felt Yesung’s fingers around him again, caressing his base as his lips kissed and sucked the head. He grasped at the bed sheets, shut his eyes tightly behind the silk blindfold and bit down on his lip to stop himself from yelling out his pleasure. The coil was no longer twisting in his stomach - no, now it was on fire and the heat was spreading throughout his body to his clenched fingers, to the tips of his toes.

He gasped for air as he felt himself facing the gateway to total completeness again. It was in his reach again, but Yesung continued in the same steady pace as he had been for the past few moments. It wasn’t slow, but it was slow enough - excruciatingly so.

“P…P… Please…” Hankyung breathed, his mouth going dry, the perspiration formed at his hairline trickling down his face. “Please…” he begged, his body in dire need to feel complete, to surrender to the ecstasy.

Finally, Yesung took him into his mouth as much as possible, his hands covering the rest. His fingers moved faster, tighter around him as his lips grew rougher, sucked harder. Hankyung could no longer fight his urges and his teeth released his lower lip. His breaths came in deep pants floating from his parted lips. He suddenly held his breath as he reached the threshold and let out a deep, melodic moan when he reached completion. He tried to move Yesung from him, but Yesung held fast as Hankyung climaxed. It hit him so hard, that after a moment, he didn’t have the strength to even attempt to push Yesung from him. His body shook from the ripples of his ecstasy long after Yesung sucked him dry, leaving not a drop left to drink.

Afterwards, he lay in complete wonton abandon in his bed, his body covered in a thin layer of salty sweat, occasional breezes from outside cooling him. Hankyung remained silent as his body stilled, and his blood calmed. He waited for his senses to relax, for the feeling to return to his toes after his climax. He breathed deeply, steadily until his heart stopped beating rapidly against his chest. Slowly, the coil untwisted and the fire washed out.

Hankyung felt exhausted beyond reason, especially since he didn’t really do anything; it was all Yesung. Kind and gentle and totally generous Yesung. The dongsaeng who he had befriended years ago, fell in love with shortly after and had pined for, for so long - too long, it seemed. Weakly, he raised his hand for Yesung’s. A smile formed on his lips when he felt Yesung lace their fingers together and somehow, feel more complete in that moment than when he had reached his peak.

Yesung raised Hankyung’s hand to his lips, dropping a kiss to each finger tip, “Go to sleep now, hyung…”

“But Yesung, you didn’t… I didn’t-”

Yesung held his hand securely, “I told you, tonight is all about you; all for you.”

“Then next time,” Hankyung insisted, moving a hand to remove the blind fold.

Yesung leaned over, taking his hand away from the silk and brushed his lips against his hyung’s, “As you wish… sleep now, I woke you up earlier.”

“Are you leaving now?” Hankyung asked, almost in a panic,

“Not until you fall asleep. You looked beautiful earlier and I hated waking you… so I wish to see you sleep again before I leave. I’ll stand vigil over you until you find your peace in your slumber,” Yesung promised quietly.

Hankyung raised his free hand, feeling about until they found Yesung’s neck and pulled him down for a sweet, brief kiss. When he broke it, he murmured, “I’ve already found my peace…”

He relaxed back into his pillow, against his mattress as he felt Yesung sitting next to him, their hands still intertwined. Suddenly, the heat and humidity of the night no longer bothered him. Hankyung was asleep in twenty-two seconds.

The next morning Hankyung had a skip in his step, a happy tune whistled from his lips and his heart felt fuller and lighter than it ever had been before. When he went to the other dorm, he found Yesung watching television in the living room with Sungmin. Upon seeing the look in Hankyung’s eyes, Sungmin excused himself and stepped out into the balcony, closing the glass door behind him.

Hankyung took the suddenly vacant spot beside Yesung and before anything was said, Hankyung grabbed his head and pulled him into a sweet kiss.

“Thank you,” Hankyung smiled as he pulled away, shaking away the thought that the kiss tasted different than last night.

Yesung blinked at him confusedly, not knowing what he was referring to. He reddened immediately and turned his attention back to the television as his hand sought Hankyung’s and held his hand securely between their bodies. At the feel of his fingers laced with his, Hankyung glanced down at their joined hands, something felt different. Hankyung shook his head and nudged closer to Yesung on the couch.

All the while on the balcony, Sungmin turned his back to them just as Hankyung sat down and pulled Yesung to him; just barely missing the kiss between his two hyungs. He leaned against the balcony railing as he turned his face to the bright morning sun. Subtly, he reached inside his jean pocket and his fingers slipped about the object within. He glanced back just as Hankyung and Yesung returned to watching the television. Then, he looked away again as he pulled out a long piece of silk. Wrapping the smooth material about his slender fingers, he brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply.

It smelled heavily of Hankyung and the humid night he’d never forget.


bluexhyacinth said...

*giggles at the panda-print silk boxers*

yesungxhangeng is one of my fav pairing. this is so nicely done.

for the ending, maybe i'm not understanding completely, or just having a brain freeze from the shock. So sungmin was a voy?!?!

Hokum said...

Haha, you beat me to the panda boxers. XDD Those were pwnage.

I think you're having a brain freeze from all the hot smut that just happened though. I'm pretty sure SungMin wasn't just thrown in there for voyeurism, but more for the fact that he pretended to be YeSung to get with HanKyung. Otherwise, SungMin wouldn't really have had a chance to grab the blindfold from the bedroom.

lilbabidevil214 said...

But their voices.... They are so different... *Mind blanks*

ANYWAY HOT!SMUT WITH HANNIE AND WHOMEVER!! Because everyone should be with Hannie. I love him so!

Poor Sungminnie who can't get who he wants, and poor (this is debatable) Yesung, who is utterly confused as to why Hannie is molesting him...

CheonSa said...

Hokum got it right. I'll try to make my hints less subtle next time.

& yes. the panda-print silk boxers do pwn.
that's why Hankyung wears them.

kim-hae-eun said...

OMGGG NO WAYY! I COMLETELY THOUGHT THAT IT WAS YESUNG THE ENTIRE TIME TILL THE END!!!!!! poor minnie!!!! and SHAME ON YOU HANNIE!!!!!! if you truly loved yesungiee then you would totally know that his hands are smaller than sungminnie's!!!!!!!! and their voices are diff too!!!!!!!
is there going to be a continuation of this??? like i dunno like one day, the secrets of that fateful night is spilled and hearts are broken, in between mixed feelings of hate, disappointment, anger, torn-love maybe?????

misschatelle said...


I didn't expect that, I've got to admit!! XD

Short stories usually have to include a surprising ending... and you're really good at this! :O

(Personally, I never can, my endings are bad, all the time XD)

Anyway.... :O

Kimberly said...

Now that is the best kind of twist, lol.

Daniella Ramdhanie said...

That was a real twist but excellent none the less, great writing :)