“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Thursday, July 3, 2008

[061] Surrender

theme: o61. Disguises.
pair: Yesung/Yesung
rate: NC-17
words: 6075
#: 41/100

He combed his hair in a way that made him want to punch the mirror. He walked in a way that made him feel awkward. He smiled in a way that didn’t reach his eyes. He dressed in a suit that felt too tight. His life had become not of his own but he didn’t fight it. He had allowed himself to turn into something that didn’t feel natural, but it felt safe, and so he let it over take who he was.

Seven days a week, Kim Yesung was a businessman, working as an accountant - and a good one at that. However, despite his honest living, those he worked for couldn’t say the same thing. He worked for the illegal, the covert. He worked for a secret branch of the Korean gangsters that lived and worked from Seoul. At first he was weary of doing such a job, despite the high salary they offered to keep his mouth shut. But after a month, his anxieties slowly melted away - sort of.

He got to know some of them by name. They were normal people in broad daylight. They were lawyers and doctors; teachers and janitors. They had families they went home to and provided for. In the day time, they lived the life Yesung always wanted; no one knew that once darkness came, they became cold gangsters who didn’t even bat an eyelash to murdering someone who crossed them.

That’s how Yesung had gotten the job, he worked as an accountant to this woman and her family. When her husband finally met him, he gave Yesung a proposition and - in dire need of money - Yesung accepted.

Seven days a week, Yesung was an accountant to the Korean mob. However, one night a week, he allowed himself to get away from all of those men with their double lives and disguises. He allowed himself to come to a small, quiet bar and drink until he forgot about his own double life and disguise. He allowed himself to be JUST Kim Yesung.

It was at this bar that he first saw him. He looked young, but Yesung knew he couldn’t be too young to be working at the bar. The boy would always come in at ten o’clock dressed in black pants and a white shirt, his hair wet and still dripping of water as if he just jumped out of the shower. He would laugh with the bar owner as he stepped behind the bar and chat with a few of the regular customers.

Sungmin was his name. Yesung had learned it one night when he was passing the boy talk to a flirtatious girl. She had been singing his name and Sungmin had a fake smile plastered on his face as she left him an overly generous tip (and seven digits).

It was one evening when Yesung was particularly hating the person he had become when he came to the bar early, surprised to see Sungmin was already there, opening the bar for the night instead of the owner.

“Ah, sorry, you guys aren’t even open,” Yesung muttered as he glanced at his watch, nine-thirty. He usually came at a quarter to ten and the owner would always let him in and they would chat for a few minutes before regulars began to come in; but that day, he had a stronger urge to drink away his self-hatred. It wasn’t a popular bar, it was small in size, pathetic with its attendance, and yet, it always managed to keep paying off its rent. Perhaps, Yesung would think dryly, because he managed their bills as well.

Sungmin blinked at him a moment before shaking his head, “No, no, come in,” Sungmin insisted as he hurried put down chairs from table tops and atop the bar counter, “I’m almost done setting up anyway.”

“Where’s Youngwoon?” Yesung inquired, referring to the bar’s owner,

“Had some errands,” Sungmin explained as he went behind the bar, “So he asked me to come in early and open up shop for him. He said he’d come later to close, to check up on things for the night.” He ran a hand through his hair then stood with hands on hips as he surveyed the bar; everything looked ready to open, “Can I get you a drink?”

Yesung put down a few bills, “Just what I always get. A glass of ice and full bottle of whiskey.” Sungmin produced what was asked for and Yesung took the glass and bottle and sat at the end of the bar beside the wall and slowly began to drink.

It was close to two in the morning when the bar began to close. Yesung slapped down a bill for a tip and began to slowly make his way out. Once out in the cool, fresh air, Yesung was hit with sudden sickness. He walked around into an alley and lost the contents of his stomach. He had drunk away his sorrows and hatred, all right - only to cough it all back out onto the side of an alley wall. Once he was done, he straightened and wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve, suddenly feeling better and - even worse - sober.

Sighing heavily, he walked out of the alley to hear voices, and drunk ones at that.

“How about a romp in that alley over there?” A man said.

A body was pressed against the door of the bar, obviously trying to distance themselves from the drunken man as much as possible. The man hovered over the person, his face inches from the others,

“I don’t usually go for the likes of you… but your face is so pretty, I’ve decided to change my taste just for you,” the man slurred, his body swaying.

Yesung was about to walk away and mind his own business when he saw the man being forcibly moved away. He looked over out of pure curiosity and was shocked to see it was Sungmin who was standing by the door, now his hands outstretched from pushing the burly-looking man away from him. The man, gaining some semblance of balance, turned on Sungmin and moved to pin him against the door again. However, Sungmin was fast. He grabbed the drunkard’s wrist, side stepped him and twisted his arm behind his back.

He tugged at the twisted arm, “No, means no,” Sungmin’s usually happy voice came in a low, fierce growl.

“I just… wanted… to play,” the man stammered, his face pressed up against the door’s window.

“You want to play? I can play,” Sungmin stated in flat tones, his words carrying a vicious undertone as he tugged harder at the man’s arm, digging it into the drunk’s back. “We can play ‘Sungmin breaks an idiotic drunk’s arm’… how does that sound?”

“No! Please!” The drunk begged, his words strong yet slurred.

“Ah, Sungmin, having fun again?” Yesung said suddenly as if he had known Sungmin for ages. He approached the two and the drunk blinked at him confusedly, “I told you not to kill anyone while I was gone,” Yesung scolded lightly as he grabbed Sungmin’s wrist, pulling him away from the man and to his side, dropping a kiss to his lips.

“Aish, he belongs to you!?” The drunk exclaimed, suddenly regaining courage after being released from captivity,

“I belong to no-”

“Yes, and what of it?” Yesung interjected, stepping in front of Sungmin before the man. Sungmin made to move, but Yesung gripped his wrist harder, painfully to the point where Sungmin bit his lip to stop himself from cringing.

“I ought to teach that kid some manners!” The man slurred angrily,

“It looked like he was going to teach you a thing or two,” Yesung commented coolly, “And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll walk away now and never bother him again.”

“Oh yeah!?” The man replied, poking a finger into Yesung’s chest, “Why should I?”

“You experienced a glimmer of what he’s capable of,” Yesung stated simply,

“Ohhhh.. I’m so scared!” The man mocked,

Yesung’s eyes narrowed angrily, his grip unknowingly tightening even more on Sungmin’s wrist. “If you were scared by the show of his strength just now… you’d die at the thought of mine.”

“Oh yeah? A twerp like you? You don’t look like much to me! All thinking you’re high and might and such because you wear a pretty little suit. Probably rolling in the big bills and think you’re better than the rest of us!” The drunk exclaimed, prodding continuously at Yesung’s chest.

With lightning-fast reflexes, Yesung grabbed the man’s finger and twisted it back. The man fell to his knees easily, cringing in pain, “I can break your finger. I can paralyze you for the rest of your life. I can make you loose your sight, swallow your tongue or go deaf - all with just my right hand. Seeing as I already have your finger here, I can start there and go down the list I’ve just said.”

“No! Please! I’ll go! I’ll leave him alone - both of you! Please!” The man pleaded, suddenly completely convinced.

“Is there some trouble here?” A voice boomed in the quiet night,

“Ah! Youngwoon-sshi, nothing!” The drunk insisted as Yesung released his finger and he got to his feet, “I was just leaving, I was - right? Really I was!” He stumbled off into the night before anything else could be said or done.

Youngwoon, dressed impeccably in a black suit with silver pinstripes watched the drunk a moment before turning his eyes on his only employee and favourite regular; “I leave the bar in your hands for one night and I come to find my favourite customer terrorizing my most idiotic customer? I think I need an explanation,” Youngwoon crossed his arms over his chest. The appearance of authority and intimidation, he bellowed, “Now!”

“The drunk was harassing Sungmin,” Yesung explained before Sungmin could answer, “I stepped in before anything went wrong.”

Youngwoon raised an eyebrow at Yesung, “You stepped in?” Yesung nodded. He glanced at Sungmin, “You needed help?”

Yesung, suddenly confused at the owner’s words, looked back and forth between employer and employee. Sungmin stood there, a defiant look in his eyes, arms crossed,

“I did not. I was handling the situation fine when he rudely interrupted,” Sungmin defended, “I could’ve handled him on my own.”

“You were going to break his arm!” Yesung accused,

“I wouldn’t talk if I were you; you were giving out your own threats a moment ago too,” Sungmin countered,

Youngwoon regarded him silently a moment before smirking, “What would the agency say if they heard you needed help with an over-aged drunk?”

“They won’t say anything because you won’t tell them anything,” Sungmin grounded out angrily,

Youngwoon chuckled at Sungmin’s expression. He walked over to the door, clapping a hand on Sungmin’s shoulder as he went, “Tell you what, if you escort Yesung-sshi home, I won’t say a word.”

“Ah, I don’t need an escort,” Yesung insisted,

Youngwoon shook his head as he unlocked the bar’s door, “It’s later than you’ve ever left here, and these streets are mean to those who look and dress like you.”

Yesung found irony in those words when the owner was dressed just like him, perhaps even more prominent and posh.

“Believe it or not, but Sungmin is more than qualified to be your bodyguard, so please, accept this young man’s escort so he can save face with those he knows,” Youngwoon said with a smile before disappearing into the bar and closing the door firmly behind him.

On the way to Yesung’s apartment, it began to pour. Despite being caught in the rain for twenty minutes, when his building was in sight, they still ran the last few feet until finding shelter inside the dry lobby. The security guard at the front desk blinked at the pair, standing at their arrival to offer what little help he could offer.

Yesung raised a hand to stop him, “Water won’t kill us Park-sshi,” he insisted to the guard who nodded and sat back down. Yesung looked over at Sungmin, “Come up and I’ll give you some dry clothes. The least I could do since you… escorted me.”

Sungmin, shivering from being wet, could do no more than nod and follow him into the elevator.

The moment they entered Yesung’s apartment, Sungmin knew he underestimated the life Yesung lived. He had always seen Yesung come in, watched him for months now. Sungmin had clustered him into the category as dead-beat drowning their sorrows away in alcohol. But from the looks at the building - let alone his apartment - Yesung was far from a dead-beat down on their luck.

The apartment building was high class, one of the best in Seoul, boasting of housing some of South Korea’s biggest celebrities. The lobby was all tiled-floor and mirrored windows; even the inside of the elevator seemed to be plated with gold. Yesung’s apartment, was far from modest. He lived in the penthouse.

His eyes wandered about as Yesung disappeared down a hallway. The moment they stepped out of the elevator, it opened up to Yesung’s living room which had one glass wall which overlooked the city lights of Seoul. The couches were upholstered with black leather, surrounding a coffee table made of glass and legs that were sculpted into dragons. The sitting area focused around fifty-three inch plasma screen that was set into the wall. The archway leading to the kitchen was dark, hiding the luxuries from Sungmin’s eyes, but he could pretty much imagine what was in there.

“These should fit, you’re not that much smaller than me,” Yesung said as he appeared again with clothes draped over one arm, and towels over the other, “Bathroom is second door on the right, and this,” he handed the towels, “is if you want to take a shower.”

Sungmin took the offerings and headed in the designated direction. Half an hour later, Sungmin came out of the bathroom clad in black trousers and a shirt he left unbuttoned; his clothes hanging in the bathroom to dry. He found Yesung sitting on a couch watching television.

“Before I thank you for getting me dry, I want to clarify for the record - that I could’ve handled that man by myself,” Sungmin stated as he sat down in a black leathered couch adjacent to the one where Yesung sat,

Yesung glanced over at him a moment before looking back at the television, “Probably… but you need to learn to cool your head and not be so rash.”

“You got pretty rash back there too!” Sungmin argued,

“I wasn’t going to just let him insult me,” Yesung said simply, “Besides how strong can you be? You’re not exactly made of muscle like Youngwoon.”

“I’m stronger than you,” Sungmin defended angrily.

Yesung turned off the television, stood up and walked over to Sungmin, stopping right before him. “Oh?”

“Yes! Just because you’re older than me, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stronger! And another thing - just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you can just kiss me whenever you want!” Sungmin exclaimed, flushing at the memory of the chaste kiss from before,

“So… what you’re saying is that you’re stronger than me… and that I can’t kiss you whenever I want?” Yesung concluded as he stepped closer until he was almost touching Sungmin’s knees with his legs,

“That’s exactly what I’m saying!” Sungmin said exasperatedly,

“Then prove me wrong,” Yesung murmured. He kneeled a knee on the couch between Sungmin’s legs, planted his palms on the back of the couch on either side of the younger boy’s head. Immediately, Sungmin raised his hands against Yesung’s chest and began pushing him away. However, Yesung moved in closer, and closer until finally, their lips met in a slow and seductive kiss.

Yesung broke the kiss and made a trail along Sungmin’s jaw line to his ear and whispered, “Prove me wrong Sungmin… push me away. Stop me,” he prompted as he ran the tip of his tongue along Sungmin’s ear before taking the lobe into his mouth.

Garnering a stifled whimper from Sungmin, Yesung returned his lips to Sungmin’s and immediately slipped his tongue into Sungmin’s mouth. Sungmin continued to push at Yesung’s chest and shoulders, but Yesung deepened the kiss, engaging his tongue in a rough yet passionate duel and brought his knee higher between Sungmin’s legs.

Sungmin let out a soft groan when he felt the hardness of Yesung’s thigh pressed firmly at the apex of his legs. He felt the fire burning below his belt and all urges to push away Yesung dissolved in the fire. His hands which were pushing violently against Yesung’s chest, suddenly traveled up and around his neck, pulling Yesung closer to him.

Yesung slipped his hands inside Sungmin’s unbuttoned shirt and caressed the cool skin beneath the cloth. Sungmin leaned his head back against the couch as Yesung kissed his way down to Sungmin’s collar bone, sucking and playfully biting him as his hands traced slow lines on his body, slowly moving to his waist band. Hit with the urge to rid the younger boy of his clothing, Yesung stopped his caresses and moved his hands to Sungmin’s collar, pushing the shirt off his shoulders then stopped, the shirt pooling at Sungmin’s elbows,

“What is it?” Sungmin asked suddenly, straightening his head and looking at Yesung confusedly.

Yesung knelt there staring at the right side of Sungmin’s chest just below his collarbone was a tattooed outline of the Korean version of the taiji design, the taegeuk. Yesung, as if in a trance, stared at it, his hand automatically going and tracing the circle and curved line within. Suddenly, he snatched back his hand as if burned and jumped back onto his feet,

“Why didn’t you say so before?” Yesung demanded, eyes narrowed,

“I didn’t want you to stop coming to the bar,” Sungmin said simply, “I recognized you almost immediately from your files.”

“I’m surprised those haven’t been blacked out yet or burned,” Yesung grounded out, “So why are you here? On a mission? Or are you one of those fanatics that hate me so much that decide to assassinate me themselves?”

Sungmin shook his head to all his questions, “We started at the agency at the same time - five years ago, but within two weeks you were already a full ninja in the agency while I was still training.”

“I believe the term used now is spy,” Yesung muttered but gestured for Sungmin to continue,

“Your entire career was one of the most famous in the agency. Within four years, you had over 100 completed missions - each successful and done within seven days. Also, there was no holes, no leaks, so you were always untraceable to your enemies and the death count was always to the minimum,” Sungmin stated with awe in his voice and eyes, “You were the best agent in South Korea - possibly even the entire world.”

“Well, that was all ended over a year ago and - for the record - I had 104 cases,” Yesung said in flat tones as he crossed his arms, “So, after you’ve recounted my own life for me, how about you explain why you’ve targeted me if it’s not a mission and you’re not a fanatic out for my neck.”

“The end of your career was so abrupt, so surprising… while there were fanatics that hated you, I questioned it. I could not - would not believe that someone I admired so much was really a double agent,” Sungmin shrugged, “Over 100 cases - well.. 104 cases, and after four years it’s suddenly revealed you’re a double agent? That doesn’t make sense.”

“You’ve followed my career so closely - did you not read the reports? I’m sure they mentioned how I’ve been building myself up within the agency only to wait until the perfect time to implement the plans set up by the… well, no point in re-incriminating myself,” Yesung stated dully,

“Of course I’ve read the reports. I’ve read everything that’s had to deal with your career with the agency. I don’t know, maybe I hoped it was all fixed by the agency so you could BE a double agent with the mob,” Sungmin sighed, “I… you… It’s just that you were - are - the person I always aspired to be in the agency - even after you deflection.”

“So what, I happen to walk into the bar you work and you recognize me, hoping to find out the so-called truth?” Yesung snapped,

“It’s no coincidence I work at that bar,” Sungmin dropped his gaze, his voice lowering,

“Of course it isn’t… Youngwoon spoke of the agency,” Yesung sighed, “Then you specifically tried to find me?” Sungmin nodded, “Why? Just to ask me ‘oh, by the way, did you really betray the agency? Or were you framed?’.”

“Were you framed?” Sungmin glanced up with hopeful eyes,

Yesung threw his arms in the air, “No I wasn’t framed! I was caught in my own double mission and that’s what happened. The only reason I wasn’t punished or thrown in jail because besides being a double agent and even the possibility of leaking out thousands of secrets, I still did 104 missions.”

“So that’s why you work for the Korean mob now? Because you’ve returned to your original team?” Sungmin asked quietly,

“Once discovered in the agency, I was dropped from both sides. A member saw me as a pretty good accountant and offered me a desk job,” Yesung answered as he retreated to the couch where he sat before;

He sat there confused. why was he giving Sungmin his entire life’s story? Not only did he just talk to Sungmin for the first time today, but he was also from the agency. He should’ve kicked Sungmin out of his apartment the moment he saw the mandatory tattoo, but he didn’t. Now he was walking in dangerous territory. A shadow passed before him and Yesung looked up to find Sungmin standing before him.

“Whatever we are, whatever we were- that has nothing to do with what happens between us tonight,” Sungmin stated simply,

“How can that have nothing to do with tonight?” Yesung asked as he stared up at him through the darkness,

“Because tonight is just about you and me. What we just talked about involves other people and tonight, they don’t exist. So everything else that involves the world outside this apartment is irrelevant,” Sungmin answered, his voice quiet but firm, “Besides… I want you.” He knelt a knee on the couch between Yesung’s legs. Yesung reached out, grabbed his slender hips and pulled Sungmin until he was straddling his hips, “And you want me,” Sungmin muttered before leaning down and kissing him full on the lips.

As their lips met in a sweet reunion, Yesung’s hands roamed up from Sungmin’s hips. His hands skimmed across his chest, pushing off the shirt again, this time finishing it and throwing it to the floor. Sungmin ran his fingers through Yesung’s perfectly combed hair until he held Yesung’s head in his hands, pressing it closer to his own as he deepened the kiss. Yesung’s hands, once divesting Sungmin of his shirt, returned to his waist. He gripped Sungmin’s waist, almost to the bruising point, holding him still as he grinded their hips together.

Sungmin moaned into his mouth at the feel of the friction of their cores rubbing against one another. At this point, Yesung took the opportunity darted his tongue between Sungmin’s lips and caressed the inside of his mouth, tasting Sungmin. As Sungmin wrapped his arms around Yesung’s shoulders, holding their bodies flush, Yesung wrapped an arm about his waist, his free hand going to the front of Sungmin’s black trousers. He brushed his hand across the front, garnering another moan from the younger man.

In the midst of their passionate kisses, Yesung used his free hand and undid Sungmin’s pants, slipping his hand far beneath the waist band and taking hold of him in his hand. Sungmin broke the kiss at the sudden feel of skin against skin, gasping for the air he lost. Yesung began to stroke him and Sungmin’s breath hitched higher and higher with each caress. Unable to do or think of anything else but the older man’s hand on him, Sungmin buried his face in Yesung’s shoulder, his arms tightening about Yesung’s shoulders.

Sungmin felt like he was on fire. His blood surged with newfound strength and his entire body was hot. His hands, his toes, even a thin layer of perspiration formed at his hairline from the heat. He unconsciously bit Yesung’s shoulder as a means to hold in the screams of pleasure fighting to be released. Yesung held Sungmin against him with his arm as his hand continued its ministrations. He turned his head just a bit so he was able to drop a kiss to Sungmin’s neck. He tasted the slight saltiness of his skin and was rewarded with a groan when he ran his tongue along the column of his neck.

Soon, Sungmin began to find the heat unbearable, wanting nothing more than his release. He held onto Yesung tightly as he began to murmur his pleas.

“Just a little more…” Yesung whispered, his lips at his ear, “It can only get better… just wait…”

After a moment, Yesung tightened his hand around Sungmin just a bit, stroking a fraction harder. He handled him more roughly, more vigorously and suddenly, Sungmin could no longer take the fire. Yesung’s name was on his lips when he found his release, the heat escaping his body in glorious ripples. The older man continued to pump Sungmin as he shook with his completion. When it passed, Sungmin kept his head on Yesung’s shoulder, his face turned towards his neck. Sungmin pressed a kiss to his Adam’s apple as Yesung retracted his hand, sticky with the proof of Sungmin’s passion.

Sungmin’s cheeks burned as Yesung raised his hand to his mouth, licking it clean, “You taste salty…”

“What… what do you want me to do?” Sungmin asked quietly, his lips pressed against Yesung’s neck,

“What are you willing to do?” Yesung countered, his voice soft and sultry at the same time,

“Anything - everything, so long as it’s between you and me,” Sungmin murmured as he straightened up, gazing down at Yesung, “The first moment I saw you at the agency, I knew I wanted you.”

Yesung suddenly, slid out from beneath Sungmin and stood from the couch, walking over to the glass wall. He leaned a shoulder against the glass as he gazed out into the night sky. Sungmin sat on the couch, confused and dejected. As Yesung looked out into the city, Sungmin stood and began looking for his shirt, thinking of nothing more than running from the apartment and never returning to work again. He found his shirt partially beneath the glass coffee table when Yesung finally turned back to look at him.

“Sungmin-sshi,” Yesung said quietly, solidly.

Sungmin straightened, his shirt held loosely at his side. He was the portrait of someone who had been totally and completely satisfied. His short hair was ruffled, standing up and sticking out in places; his skin shone with a thin layer of sweat and glowed pink from his exertions; and the most promising of signs was his pants that were still unbuttoned, and unzipped that was precariously hanging on his hips.

“Let’s not talk of outside things anymore,” Yesung stated as he walked over to him and held out his hand, “Tonight is just about you and me, right?”

Sungmin nodded as he placed his hand in Yesung’s waiting one,

“You want me,” Yesung said,

“Yes,” Sungmin muttered as Yesung tugged him to him.

Yesung wrapped an arm around Sungmin, holding his body flush against his own. He leaned his face down to the side until his lips tickled Sungmin’s ear with his soft breaths, “And I most certainly want you.” He moved his head to brush his lips against Sungmin’s in a teasing kiss. Then he dropped his arm from Sungmin’s body and slowly lead him down a dark corridor to his bedroom.

The bedroom was as light as the living room. The windows were cast open, moonlight spilling into the spacious room. Sungmin had no time to admire the posh furnishings of this room because before he knew it, he was on the bed and Yesung was on top of him. Their mouths found one another in a rough and urgent reunion. Yesung had his forearms placed on either side of Sungmin’s head, propping himself up as Sungmin’s hands cupped the nape of his neck, holding his head secure against his own.

Yesung nudged a knee between Sungmin’s thighs, urging them apart until finally, he settled between his thighs. Sungmin felt Yesung hard against the apex of his legs and deepened the kiss accordingly, their tongues meeting in a fierce duel of strokes and caresses. Sungmin moved his hands to Yesung’s shirt and, as they continued their kisses, began to slowly unbutton his shirt. He pushed it down Yesung’s arms and he flung it to the ground. He broke the kiss and straightened, pulling off the white undershirt he wore beneath the button-down.

At the sight of Yesung’s naked torso doused in moonlight, Sungmin got to his knees so they were both kneeling on the mattress. Yesung watched quietly as Sungmin’s eyes roamed over his body, mesmerized as his hands followed the same path as his gaze. His fingers swept across the hard flat planes of his chest- paying special attention to the taiji tattoo, caressed Yesung’s defined abdomen appreciatively until, finally, Sungmin lay his fingers on the top of the belt buckle.

Yesung raised a hand, tipping Sungmin’s face to look at him with his forefinger. Their gazes locked as Sungmin undid the belt buckle and zipper. His hands sought Yesung’s hips and slowly slipped the pants and his boxers from his hips. When they pooled at his knees, Yesung manoeuvred it until he was able to peal both pieces away and throw them onto the ground.

Once completely naked, it was Yesung’s turn to divest Sungmin of the last thing that kept him covered. With his pants already undone and hanging loosely about his hips, it was easy ridding Sungmin of his pants and boxers; Sungmin didn’t even realize it had happened until he felt Yesung’s thighs press up against his. He glanced down in shock at seeing both of them naked and flushed at the sight. Yesung tipped his face upwards again with a finger beneath his chin and Sungmin accepted his kiss as Yesung slowly laid them both down onto the mattress.

This time when Yesung lay nestled between Sungmin’s thighs, it was skin against skin and the sensation was mind-blowing. This time when Yesung began to grind their hips together as their mouths clashed in a cataclysmic, urgent kiss, Sungmin couldn’t help but whimper at the fire that started between his legs and burned through the rest of his body.

It wasn’t long before the feel of Yesung hard against his stomach became painful to Sungmin. He broke the kiss to explore Yesung’s face, pressing kisses everywhere: the bridge of his nose, the apples of his cheeks, his defined jaw line until he made his way to Yesung’s ear and whispered what they had both been waiting for, “Now.”

“Now?” Yesung pulled back to look down at him with worried eyes, “Are you sure you’re ready?”

“If you don’t do it soon - very soon - I will kill you,” Sungmin threatened, eyes narrowed and voice low and dark, “You know I’m capable of it.”

Yesung smirked at him as he reached down for Sungmin’s hips and raised them accordingly. He pressed a kiss to Sungmin’s shoulder as he murmured, “I’m still the better agent.” In one swift thrust, he entered the younger man.

Sungmin’s cries filled the room at the sudden intrusion. The stretching was unbelievably painful to the point that tears filled his eyes and streamed down his face. Yesung raised his head enough to kiss Sungmin’s clenched eyes. Yesung was biting hard on his lip to keep from releasing his own screams. Sungmin was tight and hot and surrounded him like a form-fitted glove. He remained still, his forearms once again planted on either side of Sungmin’s head, propping him up. Sungmin lay, the hot tears stinging his eyes as his body slowly adjusted.

“I’m sorry…” Sungmin muttered, his face reddened with exertion, but more so from embarrassment.

Yesung shifted his weight onto one arm so he could reach up and wipe away Sungmin’s tears. He brushed his lips against Sungmin’s, “There’s nothing to be sorry for,” He murmured against his lips, “I’ll wait for you.”

“I’m sorry,” Sungmin turned his head to the side.

Yesung nuzzled his neck in an attempt to comfort Sungmin. After a quiet moment, Yesung began to feel less of an intrusion and more as his other half. He felt completely full of Yesung and feeling him pulsating within, began to light the fire again.

Sungmin turned his head back, catching Yesung’s lips with his own. As their lips met in a gentle and sweet kiss, it was answer enough for Yesung and slowly, very slowly, he began to move within Sungmin. Yesung continued the mouths joined to keep Sungmin’s mind off of the joining of their lower bodies. After a few minutes, Sungmin’s tears dried, leaving his eyes sparkling from the effort.

As Yesung’s thrusts came at a slow and steady pace, he could feel something within him building and building. He felt it filling between his thighs, in his stomach, in his chest - more and more. With each thrust, with each kiss, it filled him up more.

He could hear Sungmin’s heavy breaths, and his own stifled moans. He could taste Sungmin on his tongue and lips. He could see the beautiful passion written on Sungmin’s face. He could smell their scents mixing with an edge of saltiness. He felt Sungmin’s body against his everywhere. His senses were encompassed with Sungmin and only him. And it felt indescribable.

Sungmin’s hands caressed Yesung’s face as he explored Yesung’s mouth with his tongue. He gasped into Yesung’s mouth when he felt the older man’s hand on his hip, gripping painfully. His gasps turned into moans of complete pleasure when Yesung increased the force of his movements. The fire was everywhere in his body now, but now he thrived on it anticipated its end. For Yesung, he felt as if his body were ready to burst if he continued to be filled with the unfamiliar feeling.

Yesung had been controlling his movements to accommodate Sungmin’s pain, but seeing Sungmin in his pleasure made Yesung lose his hold on the situation. Suddenly his hips increased their tempo; his hand on Sungmin’s hip gripped to the bruising point; the power of his thrusts heightened until even he began to cringe at the pain; and his mouth ravaged Sungmin. His entire body, suddenly overtaken with desire, moved feverishly to quicken the completion.

Sungmin let out melodic sounds as Yesung gave in to the pleasure. He cried out when the fire finally overtook his body in a shattering climax. Yesung continued his ministrations as Sungmin shook from his completion. Seeing Sungmin sated and completely drunk off ecstasy, Yesung found himself on the precipice of his own climax. As pleasure rippled through Sungmin, it caused him to clench around Yesung in short but strong intervals. Then Yesung found himself completely full, wave after wave of satisfaction washing over him as he reached his peak.

Sungmin held Yesung’s head to his heart as Yesung collapsed atop him, his body still slightly trembling from his reward. He felt as Yesung’s breathing slowed and when his heart calmed and synched with his own.

Once the haze of their passion passed over, Yesung raised his torso so he was looking down at Sungmin. His eyes searched the younger man’s eyes for a moment before leaning down and capturing his lips in a sweet but short kiss. He broke it almost as soon as he started it and moved his lips to Sungmin’s ear.

“You were right about everything.”

(For the sequel: Struggle)


Hokum said...

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The storyline's really good though, I think you could really make a whole story with that (without the pron, i mean.) I mean, yeah, smut was HOT, but I found myself wondering about the backstory and how far you could've progressed with it. Anyway.

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I agree with hokum, the storyline is really interesting, i would like to see more of it.. if it's even possible :P

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