“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Thursday, June 5, 2008

[056] Messy Misdemeanours

theme: o56. Filth.
pair: Donghae/Ryeowook
rate: G
words: 1184
#: 9/100

“Ryeowook - GET IN NOW!” Donghae exclaimed angrily,

“Ahhhh but it smells in there!” Ryeowook cried, his hands hovering above the edge of the building’s collective trash bin,

“Of course it does - it’s garbage and because of you I have to be in here, so get in,” Donghae said exasperatedly.

“But it’s so… filthy!” Ryeowook argued,

“Yeah, well, I’m already in here,” Donghae replied. Knee deep in the garbage already, he had rolled up his pants to above his knees and stood akimbo, glaring at the younger Super Junior member, “Ryeowook, I could have said no. I could have walked away and let you get in trouble with Kangin when he came home from his radio show - but no, I thought ‘I’ll be a nice hyung’ and jumped into the trash bin. Now, repay me back and jump in beside me.”

“Oh… okay,” Ryeowook said trembling, “Aiyahhhh!” He screamed as he placed his hands on the bin’s edge, “It’s so dirty!”

Donghae rolled his eyes, “If you’re freaking out about that, wait until you get in here.”

“Ah - I’m not doing it! I’d rather tell Kangin!” Ryeowook argued, jumping back from the bin, holding up his hands for an inspection,

“You’d rather tell Kangin that you accidentally threw out one of his favourite shirts when you were throwing away old rags from the laundry room?” Donghae inquired lightly, “We have twenty minutes before the time he usually gets home.”

“Ah, fine I’m getting in!” Ryeowook said decisively and climbed into the bin before he changed his mind again. “Everything’s so dirty and… dirty!” Ryeowook stated, effectively pinching his nose to avoid smelling the filth and decay around him.

Donghae, who had proceeded to a corner of the bin to search for the bag of old rags, looked over his shoulder, “It’s not so bad once you get use to the smell. And be thankful it’s the middle of autumn and not summer. If it had been July or August, I would’ve handed you over to Kangin myself.”

“I know it’s my fault, I should’ve been paying more attention,” Ryeowook apologized as he kicked over a bag to see what lay beneath, muttering: “This is so dirty,”

“What’s done is done. And in some twist of fate I got pulled into this too but hey - I’m here now and I’ll stay with you to the end… whether that end be finding that damn shirt, or having to explain the circumstances to Kangin,” Donghae said as he turned back to his work, finally calmed down, “oh.. And Ryeowook, that hand you’re using to pinch your nose - touched the bin, remember?”

Horrified at Donghae’s truth, Ryeowook promptly removed his fingers form his face and looked for somewhere to wipe off his hands before realizing - helplessly - that he was surrounded by… well, trash. With nothing else for it, Ryeowook relented to touching the bags of trash with his hands - he’ll have two showers that night.

“Hey Donghae… how mad do you think Kangin will be?” Ryeowook asked after ten minutes of silence had passed between them, muttering ‘dirty’ as he continued,

“Hmm… well, it is one of his favourite shirts - he got it with our first pay,” Donghae explained, “How did you even realize you threw it out this morning?”

“He was looking for his shirt and said how it was in one of the piles in the laundry room,” Ryeowook explained as he hesitantly bent over and opened a bag to find nothing but old fast-food boxes within, “So then when he left the laundry room without finding it, I realized I threw it out with the rags.”

“Was he upset when he left the dorm?” Donghae inquired as he moved onto the next corner,

“I don’t know, I was searching ever corner of that laundry room still,” Ryeowook answered, “I just know he still left on time because I heard the front door close and Kyuhyun saying bye to him.”

“Well, that’s some good news. If he couldn’t find his shirt AND was late for his radio show, he’d be doubly mad later when we tell him about it,” Donghae said lightly, finding a twisted positive in Ryeowook’s story.

“You’ll tell him with me?” Ryeowook blinked in surprise,

Donghae straightened and faced him, “Of course. Ryeowook, I’m standing in trash, sifting through it for you - I’m not going to leave you hanging afterwards.” He grinned as he went back to work, “Who knows, maybe after all this trash-bin swimming I’ll get in a good enough mood to tell Kangin for you.”

“Tell Kangin what?” Startled, both members turned around to find Kangin standing beside the trash bin. Sporting a jacket, his hands stuffed in the pockets he looked at them peculiarly, “Whatever it is, I bet it’s not as interesting as why you two are in that trash bin.”

“It’s… related,” Ryeowook admitted hesitantly, barely able to look his hyung in the eye.

Kangin raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms, “Why? What happened?”


“I accidentally threw out the shirt you were looking for earlier,” Donghae spoke up before Ryeowook could get more than a word in, “So I asked Ryeowook to help me look for it before you came back.”

“So you’re dumpster diving because you threw out my shirt?” Kangin surmised in solid tones as Donghae nodded,

“I’m really sorry hyung, I’ll even buy you a new one,” Donghae promised, “I know it meant a lot to you and everything-”

“If you’re willing to go searching in a dumpster for it, then it shows how sorry you are,” Kangin replied,

“Really?” Ryeowook gasped,

Donghae gave him a slanted look, “You’re not angry?”

“No,” Kangin said decisively,

Donghae peered at their hyung suspiciously, “Why aren’t you angry? In any other circumstances you would be.”

“Because,” Kangin unzipped his jacket and revealed the shirt he was wearing, “I found my shirt. It was under my bed. But I appreciate the effort. Now, both of you get out of there and shower - hyung will cook for you to show his appreciation,” he said between fits of laughter, “I don’t know how long I could’ve continued to hold in laughing… you should’ve just said something!”

He had begun walking away when he looked back over his shoulder. Donghae had cornered Ryeowook in the dumpster,

“Ka…ka… Kangin-hyung!” Ryeowook called out,

“Oh, no you don’t! I jumped into a trash bin for you and for what? FOR NOTHING!” Donghae said as he placed his hands firmly on Ryeowook’s shoulders, “You’re going down!”

“What!? No!” Ryeowook cried just as Donghae pulled Ryeowook into the garbage, prompting a horrified cry as the dongsaeng found himself lying amongst the garbage.

Without a second though Donghae jumped down from the bin and looked over at him smiling, his attitude doing a complete reversal. He grinned before turning to catch up to Kangin, “Hyung I want Beijing fried rice!”

Before completely abandoning the trash-covered dongsaeng, Kangin called back in a mischieviously scolding tone, “Are you coming Ryeowook? Don’t you know? You shouldn’t play in dumpsters; it‘s dirty!”


Hokum said...

a little predictable, but still completely LOLZ.

whatxsarahxsaid said...

I wouldn't get in the dumpster, either. (but omg, I would be so scared of Kangin.) What a good hyung Donghae is.

Ryeowook is too cute. =P