“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Sunday, June 21, 2009

[00r2] The Right Steps

words: 3850
rating: NC17
(Part of the Intimate series)

Donghae walked back to the living room where the other members were watching a movie. He leaned against the corner, a shoulder against the wall. One arm hugged his torso while his opposite hand loosely covered his mouth as he thought silently. His eyes wandered across the living room to where Eunhyuk sat watching the movie, sitting on the ground with his back against the front of the couch and his legs stretched out before him.

Donghae glanced over his shoulder to the dark hall where some light streamed from the open bathroom door. Steam was slowly dissipating from the room into the cooler dorm and he could see Heechul standing before the sink, a towel wrapped around his waist. He didn’t need to realize what had happened in the bathroom just moments ago. But at the same time, he couldn’t help but feel… inspired.

When the movie had finished and the members of Super Junior who had been watching the movie were dispersing to their own separate dorms, Donghae was with Eunhyuk, Yesung and Ryeowook when they were putting on their shoes.

“Going out?” Eeteuk asked with a yawn as he eyed his bedroom door sleepily,

Donghae shook his head, “I’m going to sleep at the other dorm tonight. So you get the room to yourself, hyung.”

“Maybe I’ll pull your bed over to make mine bigger,” Eeteuk smiled to himself as he said bye to the other members and walked off to his room.

Eunhyuk raised a curious eyebrow, silently asking him a question. Donghae stared back at him pointedly and, as if knowing what the other was thinking, Eunhyuk pinked. He ducked his head as he finished pulling on his shoes, avoiding Donghae’s eyes.

The four of them climbed into the elevator. Eunhyuk went to a back corner, pressing himself against it, his arms crossed over his torso. Donghae followed him, leaning a shoulder against the back wall to block the others’ view of Eunhyuk, as if they were going to have a private conversation.

“Tonight?” Eunhyuk asked quietly, his eyes staring straight ahead to the panel of elevator buttons.

“Yes, tonight,” Donghae replied huskily, his face just inches from Eunhyuk’s.

Eunhyuk gave him the briefest of glances before looking ahead once more, “Don’t get any ideas, we’re in an elevator, not to mention Yesung and Ryeowook are two metres away.”

“They can’t see your body from their position,” Donghae stated, his arm, which wasn’t against the elevator’s back wall , was now reaching towards Eunhyuk’s hidden body, “And they certainly can’t see my face,” he continued, his hands creeping underneath the hem of Eunhyuk’s shirt, “So, you’ll have to keep yourself quiet.”

“We’re just going one floor down,” Eunhyuk hissed quietly at him, “Can’t you just wait until we’re in my room?”

“That’s too long for me,” Donghae murmured as he slipped his hand inside Eunhyuk’s jeans, beneath the waistband of his boxers. “And… I can stop if you want,” he replied innocently just as his hand ran the length of him.

Eunhyuk tried to hold onto his groan and ended up choking on it, coughing loudly. He glanced over Donghae’s shoulder at Yesung and Ryeowook who looked at him with concern. He could feel his cheeks burning as he insisted, “I… I think I’m getting sick.”

“I think this feels too good to be ‘getting sick’,” Donghae whispered as he wrapped his fingers around Eunhyuk and made one, slow stroke.

Eunhyuk tightened his folded arms to keep himself from visibly shaking. He kept shifting his feet to focus strength into them when his entire body was growing weak. He chewed on his bottom lip as Donghae moved his hand up and down in an excruciating pace. He felt the elevator shift slightly as it reached the floor,

“Donghae,” Eunhyuk muttered through gritted teeth.

Smirking, Donghae subtly slipped his hand from Eunhyuk’s jeans and then silently pocketed his hands as he turned away from Eunhyuk to face the doors. Eunhyuk scowled as he tried to pull the hem of his shirt lower, at least enough to cover the front of his jeans, but it was all in vain. As the elevator doors slid open, Eunhyuk grabbed Donghae’s arm to stop him, allowing Yesung and Ryeowook to exit first. However, Yesung and Ryeowook made no move to exit.

Eunhyuk glanced at them, “Hyung?”

“There’s something I need to get at the store, so Ryeowook’s coming with me,” Yesung explained, “You two go ahead.”

Eunhyuk nodded and quickly bolted out of the elevator, dragging Donghae with him. Once the elevator doors slid close, Eunhyuk looked at Donghae.

“Come with me,” Eunhyuk practically hissed as he grabbed Donghae’s arm and pulled him down the hall towards the building’s stairwell. He pushed open the door and waited for Donghae to follow him in. Once they were both in the stairwell, Eunhyuk closed the door firmly behind him and leaned back against it,

“What are we doing here?” Donghae inquired.

Suddenly, Eunhyuk grabbed him and pulled him until their mouths met. Donghae tried to pull away, but Eunhyuk held his face between his hands and only after Eunhyuk ran the tip of his tongue along the seam of Donghae’s lips did he break the kiss. Eunhyuk only allowed Donghae to move his head back enough to see him clearly, “You have to take care of this,” he said huskily as he moved his hips forward until his hardness brushed against Donghae, then he moved back against the door once more, “And there’s no cameras here.”

“Ah, so you didn’t want to stop,” Donghae grinned. He closed the distance between them until his lips were at Eunhyuk’s ear, “You were gone the whole day, filming for the show,” Donghae whispered as his hands went to Eunhyuk’s front, undoing the jeans.

“It was so much fun,” Eunhyuk admitted, trying to keep some sanity as Donghae’s hand slipped into his boxers once more.

“Is this more fun?” Donghae asked quietly as he traced his fingertips down his length. Eunhyuk bit down on his lip to stop from vocalizing himself. “Is it?” Donghae prompted as he brushed his thumb against the tip of him.

Eunhyuk was grabbing his arms now, in an attempt to stop his body from visibly shaking. What Donghae was doing was sending little jolts of electricity through his body. He nodded his head violently in silent reply.

“I could do this for hours,” Donghae contemplated as he wrapped his fingers firmly around Eunhyuk, “But,” he ran his tongue along the edge of Eunhyuk’s ear, “I know something that’ll be more fun.”

Eunhyuk tried to grab at him, to stop him, but Donghae slipped through his arms and dropped down to his knees before Eunhyuk. He pushed down Eunhyuk’s jeans with his boxers, exposing him completely.

“It’s been awhile, old friend,” Donghae murmured the sight before him. Then, he gently kissed the tip. “What do you want me to do, hyung?” He asked as he pressed kisses up and down the length of him. Eunhyuk didn’t answer, so Donghae replaced his lips with his fingers. He slowly stood up again as his hand slowly but firmly pumped Eunhyuk, “Hyung,” he said in a seductive, melodic way, “what do you want?”

Eunhyuk shook his head from left to right against the door.

“No? No what?” Donghae asked innocently as he slowly increased his tempo. “You can’t mean for me to stop this, can you?” He asked just before Eunhyuk grabbed his face and kissed him.

Eunhyuk held him still, his mouth crashing down on Donghae’s. Without waiting for a sign from him, Eunhyuk probed his tongue into Donghae’s mouth. He ran the tip of his tongue along Donghae’s, eliciting a groan from his dongsaeng. He flicked his tongue against Donghae’s as he slowly withdrew his tongue from Donghae’s mouth. He teased the other’s tongue to follow his own until he felt Donghae’s tongue between his lips. Sweeping his tongue along Donghae’s, he began to gently massage Donghae’s tongue, sucking on it gently.

All the while, Donghae free hand was slipping beneath Eunhyuk’s shirt, his fingers tracing higher and higher. He brushed a thumb over one of Eunhyuk’s nipples just as he slightly tightened his hand around the length of him. Eunhyuk moaned into their kiss. Donghae took this opportunity to pull his lips from Eunhyuk’s. He quickly moved his hand from Eunhyuk’s shirt and brought his thumb to his own lips. He ran his tongue over the pad of his thumb, wetting it. Then, he slipped his hand back beneath Eunhyuk’s shirt and brushed the wet tip against Eunhyuk’s nipple, garnering another stifled moan.

“Please,” Eunhyuk murmured as he felt the jolts of electricity heating his entire body.

“Ah, now you can speak,” Donghae smirked at him as his thumb circled Eunhyuk’s nipple again and again. “Please what?”

“Mouth,” Eunhyuk managed as Donghae’s fingers dance about the tip of him, “Not… not hand.”

“You mean down here?” Donghae asked innocently as he dragged the pad of one finger along Eunhyuk’s length. All he could manage this time was another violent nod. Smiling smugly, Donghae slowly lowered himself once more. “But hyung,” Donghae said in the same innocent tone as before, “You have to tell me what to do.” His hands moved to Eunhyuk’s hips, pressing him firmly against the door, “Do you want me to kiss you?” He brushed his lips against the tip of him; “Do you want me to lick you?” He dragged his tongue slowly along his length, “Or,” he felt Eunhyuk grow very still, “Do you want me to suck you?”

Eunhyuk could barely process the words coming from Donghae’s mouth because that same blessed mouth was surrounding him and encasing him in warmth - glorious and wet warmth. Donghae undulated on him as his tongue massaged him, swirled about him. He felt Eunhyuk practically pulsating between his lips and then suddenly, he removed his mouth all together.

Eunhyuk felt as if the door were the only thing keep him upright, his hands gripping Donghae’s shoulders tightly. He felt as if the electricity that was once shooting all around his body was now building in one spot, concentrating and growing in intensity. He felt as if it were going to break him when he felt a sudden loss of heat. He stared down at Donghae with wild eyes,

“You have to tell me what to do,” Donghae repeated before licking his lips with the tip of his tongue.

Eunhyuk tried to form sensible words, but his mind was gone. All he could do was tighten his grip on Donghae’s shoulders. Donghae glanced at the tip of Eunhyuk and saw a single drop. His tongue darted out and caught it. He looked up at Eunhyuk, his tongue still holding the precious drop before he withdrew his tongue into his mouth and made an exaggerated swallow.

Eunhyuk felt his mouth go dry suddenly at Donghae’s overt actions. He tried to lick his own lips, but it didn’t help. He found himself gripping Donghae even harder as another part of him seemed to get harder as well. He swallowed hard, “S-s-suck…” he managed,

Donghae looked up at him with a blank stare, “Hmm? I didn’t hear you.”

“S-suck,” Eunhyuk stammered and then added a weak, “Please…”

Donghae tilted his head to the side, regarding him silently for a moment. Then he smirked, “Sorry hyung, I didn’t quite catch what you were-”

“DAMN IT JUST SUCK ME ALREADY!” Eunhyuk exclaimed exasperatedly, his hands tightening on Donghae’s shoulders to the point of bruising.

“Since you asked so nicely,” Donghae teased lightly as he brought his lips to Eunhyuk once more. He flicked his tongue against Eunhyuk once and then opened his mouth to take him in.

He moved his lips up and down Eunhyuk slowly at first, but when he felt Eunhyuk struggling to hold in his moans, he sped up. Eunhyuk’s fingers were pressing into his shoulders painfully, which only drove Donghae more. He sucked hard, allowing his teeth to graze the full length of him.

Eunhyuk felt the electricity building again, heating him in one place. He felt cracks in his resolve, felt his strength leaving his legs. He choked on air as he swallowed his cries. He felt Donghae’s mouth on him, could hear what he was doing. Donghae moved faster and faster and soon it was hard to breathe. Out of his control, Eunhyuk felt his body move, jerking his hips towards Donghae.

Donghae felt Eunhyuk pulsate beneath his tongue, so he moved just a bit faster and sucked just a bit harder. He knew Eunhyuk was at the edge when Eunhyuk himself was trying to push Donghae away as he always did right before release. This time, however, Donghae wouldn’t allow him. He gripped Eunhyuk’s hips firmly, stabilizing him against the door just as he felt Eunhyuk spill into his mouth. It was warm and salty and he drank every last drop of him.

Smirking at him, Donghae slowly rose to his full height as he pulled Eunhyuk’s boxers and jeans up for him. “Now, wasn’t that fun?”

Eunhyuk weakly reached out, cupping Donghae below, “Not as much for you,” he muttered, feeling him hard.

Donghae ran his fingers through Eunhyuk’s hair, brushing it back from his forehead, “You’re too tired to finish,” he said gently, “I can do for myself.”

“But, it’s not fair-”

Donghae moved his fingers to Eunhyuk’s lips, silencing him, “If you want to make it up to me, then watch because that’ll help me finish faster, okay?”

Eunhyuk’s eyes clouded over almost immediately at his words. He managed a small nod before replacing his fingers with his lips in a brief, chaste kiss. Then, turning on his heel, Donghae walked over to the stairs which led to the next higher level in the building. Stretching his arms to the ceiling as if getting ready to run a marathon, he plopped down on the lower steps, settling himself on the cool cement.

When Donghae shifted his hips so he could easily undo his jeans and push down his boxers enough to free himself, Eunhyuk realized his mouth was still dry and he slowly slid against the door, down until he was sitting. Leaning back with one elbow propped on a higher step, Donghae used his other hand to stroke himself.

He touched the tip of himself, feeling the beginnings of his own release trickle out. Using it as lubrication, he wrapped his fingers around himself and moved his hand up and down in firm, slow strokes. While he was catering to Eunhyuk’s needs, even when they were still in the elevator, Donghae had been growing hard in his jeans. However, it was when Eunhyuk dragged him to the stairwell, and kissed him so damn passionately, and moaned so damn sweetly, and jerked his hips so damn uncontrollably that Donghae grew hard to the point of painful.

At the remembrance of it all, Donghae could still hear Eunhyuk’s laboured breathing, feel Eunhyuk pulsating in his mouth, taste the saltiness of him, see the desire darkening his eyes. Biting down on his lip, Donghae looked at Eunhyuk, their gazes locked immediately. He peered at him, as if trying to read his thoughts as his hand moved lazily up and down, circling as he did so. Although he kept his eyes focused on Eunhyuk, he also saw tiny movements in his peripherals that gave away Eunhyuk’s state of mind. He saw Eunhyuk’s Adam’s apple move as he swallowed slowly and hard. He saw Eunhyuk’s hands on the ground by his hips clenching. He saw Eunhyuk dig his feet into the cement ground.

He saw the front of Eunhyuk’s boxers peeking from his still-opened jeans. He saw them tent and knew that Eunhyuk was ready again. He began to move his hand faster, his hand gaining strength as his whole body thrummed as if he were wrapped in a thousand blankets. He felt himself pulsating beneath his hand, felt the feeling slowly go from his legs as all strength and stamina was focused on one thing. He bit on his lip harder as he felt the heat building and building. Just a little more, he thought, just a little…

Eunhyuk was kneeling before Donghae before he even realized it. Eunhyuk took Donghae’s face and kissed him hard, his tongue sweeping into Donghae’s mouth almost immediately. He kept thrusting his tongue over and over until finally he broke the kiss, leaving them both panting.

“I’m… finishing… this… now,” Eunhyuk breathed heavily.

He stood before Donghae, pulling his boxers down enough to let himself go. He grabbed Donghae’s arm and dragged him to his feet and turned him so that Donghae’s back faced him. Donghae shimmied his hips enough so that he could pull down his jeans and boxers. He had barely pushed them to his knees when Eunhyuk grabbed his hips and thrust into him. Donghae let out a loud cry that turned into a grateful moan which echoed off the stairwell’s cement walls. His hands grasped at Eunhyuk’s and fell back against Eunhyuk’s chest.

“Move your feet,” Eunhyuk murmured, his lips against Donghae’s ear,

“What?” Donghae managed as his body got used to the familiar feeling of Eunhyuk within him.

“Move your feet up a couple of steps,” Eunhyuk managed,

“I’ll fall-”

“You won’t,” Eunhyuk insisted, his hands gripping him tighter, more protectively.

Slowly, Donghae shifted one foot a step above then the other. He did it until his thighs were parallel to the ground and Eunhyuk leaned against him so that his feet were propped against the steps securely. He felt unsure of this position, unsteady of his balance when Eunhyuk began to move his hips. Eunhyuk slowly moved his hands down Donghae’s thighs until he cradled both in the crook of his arms. With a more secure hold on Donghae, he began to move his hips faster.

Donghae, who was so close to release just moments ago, could already feel the heat seeping through the cracks. After his last cry, he held nothing back and his pants and grunts filled Eunhyuk’s ears like music. He felt Eunhyuk moving within him, the friction of their bodies sparking thousands of fires all over Donghae’s body. This was the second time Eunhyuk had been hard and he knew that it wouldn’t be long for his hyung.

Donghae felt the precipice close, could feel the release of the fire building. However, it wasn’t enough. “Hyuk…” He croaked out,

“What?” Eunhyuk gritted,

“Let me get on my knees,” Donghae stated,

Eunhyuk stilled himself, “What?”

“Let me get on my knees,” Donghae repeated, taking this time to regain his lost breath, “It’ll let you move better.”

“But this is cement,” Eunhyuk stated, the concern evident in his tone,

“I’ll be fine,” Donghae insisted and at his silence, added, “I need you to go harder.”

At hearing those words said so desperately, so throatily, Eunhyuk withdrew from Donghae’s hot body and slowly helped him to the ground. Almost immediately, Donghae knelt on the stairs, his hands propped against the stairs again. He looked over his shoulder at Eunhyuk and only managed a weak, “Please.”

Eunhyuk immediately closed the distance between them and had barely laid his hands on Donghae when he surged into him. Donghae let out a moan of relief when he felt Eunhyuk enter him again. This time, when Eunhyuk moved, it was even faster than before. Donghae bit down on his lip when he felt the fires grow in his body,

“Harder,” he grounded out.

Eunhyuk gripped his hips painfully and thrust into Donghae with all he had, eliciting a moan from both parties. He hissed at the wonderful pain of it, their hips crashing harder and harder. Eunhyuk didn’t think it possible, but watching Donghae service himself was unbelievably erotic. Never before had he done so nor had Donghae asked it of him; he’d have to rectify that for the future. He had grown hard again almost immediately when he saw Donghae’s first stroke. When Donghae’s hand had begun to move with unbelievable speed, Eunhyuk had grown even harder than before and he could no longer sit still.

Now, he was pounding into Donghae like never before. Donghae’s pants and cries kept echoing in the stairwell. What little sense Eunhyuk had kept telling him that anyone on any floor could hear them if they stepped into the stairwell. However, all his senses were saturated with Donghae and he realized he didn’t care who would be scandalized by their sounds.

Eunhyuk could feel the electricity reach its maximum capacity just as Donghae felt the flames reach their highest temperatures. Eunhyuk gave all he had into his final thrusts as he moved one hand to Donghae’s front and pumped him almost as hard as his hips were moving.

Donghae released first, letting out a loud groan. He braced himself on the stairs as the joint feeling of Eunhyuk undulating in him and his hand pumping him overwhelmed him. The fires swept through him like spring rain and he could feel his body glorifying in it. Eunhyuk felt Donghae’s muscle clench around him, pumping him and he couldn’t control the cry that escaped his lips. When he felt Donghae grow limp before him, he moved his hand back to Donghae’s hips to hold him as he thrust a few more times, releasing himself completely - once more - into Donghae.

Donghae leaned his forearm on a stair and pressed his closed eyes against it. His lungs were shaking as he struggled for air while the rest of his body was still shaking from his release. He felt Eunhyuk grow soft within him, could feel the evidence trickle down his legs slowly. Eunhyuk with drew from him and then collapsed onto the stairs beside him.

He turned his head enough to peek at Eunhyuk beside him. Eunhyuk lounged against the stairs, staring up as he also regained his breath. Slowly, he tucked himself back into his boxers and fumbled as he redid his jeans. As if sensing his eyes, Eunhyuk gave him a side-long glance and smiled. He reached for Donghae and pulled him into his lap. Donghae lifted his hips enough so that he - with Eunhyuk’s help - could pull his boxers and jeans back up; he didn’t have the strength to redo his jeans.

Donghae leaned against Eunhyuk, could feel them both damp through their t-shirts. Eunhyuk’s lips against his temple were warm, his breath hot against his skin. Eunhyuk closed his eyes as his arms lazily wrapped around Donghae. They smelled of sex and he could taste Donghae’s salty sweat on his lips.

“That was…” Eunhyuk trailed off, not knowing how to describe what just happened.

Donghae twisted his torso so he faced Eunhyuk. His hands moved to cradle his face, “If that’s what happens after you disappear for a whole day to go film a show without me, that needs to happen more often.”

Eunhyuk smirked, “Agreed.”

They had enough strength left for one small, sloppy but sweet kiss.

(Yesung & Ryeowook's story: Curious Red Button)


papermonkeys said...

So. Freaking. Omg.
Hot like mad ass hot.
At the staircase? Hyuk you're so impatient.

maiki-rashu said...

I almost died from nosebleed xD
Still well written and the ending is sweet. =D