“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[00m1] CheonSa & Hokum's Real-Life Fangirling

Warning: This post contains a lot of crack, some real life fangirling & a lot of censored photographs. XD

Hello my dear readers!
So, as some of you may have read Episode One of the Campus Life series. If not go? I don't know, you don't necessarily have to read it to understand what cracktacular stuff I've been up to today after an all-nighter.

So, in Episode One, readers saw Kyuhyun doing some crazy stuff just to get Yesung's name. Also, in the dedication I mentioned how my friend -she comments once in awhile & used to edit for me- Hokum's life inspired Kyuhyun's actions which, in turn, caused me to have the same reactions as Eunhyuk in that story.

Well, today proved that dedication thoroughly, however, my part in it wasn't as innocent as Eunhyuk's (especially since I was guiding her through some of it and doing my own part as well XD ). SO! Just to prove that Kyuhyun's actions aren't completely far-fetched & that they truly were inspired from dearest Hokum...

Here are the pictures we (like I said, I was no passive participant) took today while at the amusement park. Added are some commentary about what I believe is going on in the photos.

And the story begins...

So, you know how amusement parks have those game stalls? The first one we went to had a very attractive looking boy. Hokum & I acknowledged this immediately. So, after being at the park for... about an hour, we back-tracked to that first stall so we could get a picture of said boy. Now how did we do this? We asked Hokum's sister to pretend she was interested in the game & we'd take pictures of her playing the game when, in reality, we were aiming for Boy1.

So, there's Hokum's sister & her friend "playing the game" while said boy is in the back. Yes, I covered faces to protect privacy & whatnot.

Next! About... 3-ish hours later and about 3-4 coasters, Hokum's sister (who shall now be referred to as Sister) & her 2 friends had just gotten off a coaster and ran to where we waited for them (someone has to watch the bags, so it was our turn). They said that there was a boy behind them in line (about a row behind) and how cute he was. What happens? Sister's friends & Hokum run off to watch him exit the coaster (he was in the batch after theirs). So! While Hokum pretended to take a picture of the friends at the exitway, she really was aiming for Boy2!

Now, Sister & her friends are a young and lively lot. What happened next my dear readers? They followed him. What was I supposed to do? Follow them! However, this is when my role turns from passive to active. You see, I'm pretty good at using a camera... sometimes, I wonder if I should have become a paparazzi cameraman. Anyway... the following pictures were caught by me in a very subtle way as we were waiting for Hokum to finish a game at one of the stalls.

We believe he was there with his girlfriend & some other friends. But he was THAT good looking! And sometimes, one must take opportunities as they come lest they never come again! (Yes... I am trying to justify our shenanigans.)

I cropped this picture. You see the hair on the right side? that's where Sister's face was. I was taking a picture of her with a logo, but in reality, the camera was on zoom and aimed past her at Boy2.

So, after that we decided to go back to our rides & our own fun. Besides, there's a limit to the point of fangirling yes? Apparently fate had other plans... About two hours later Sister & friends had just gotten off a coaster and Hokum & I were waiting around. Suddenly, who appears but Boy2! However dear readers, there's a difference between this Boy2 and the previous Boy2. Why? Because he is now sans shirt! Truly, it would've been a sin NOT to somehow capture his picture. As JaeJoong titles it "VICK" for visual shock!

At this point, Hokum's skills are pretty awesome. She was sitting on the ground supposedly looking through her pictures, when in reality, she was getting pictures.
Later that day when we looked back, I made a story for these series of photos. Here's how it goes:

Boy2 innocently sitting with GF waiting for friends.

Boy2 looks around & happens to be looking at camera when Hokum takes the picture. (I swear, after seeing this picture I was thinking "...He knows... He knows!!")

Boy2 looks back and GF & chat,chat,chats. (&In my mind I'm still secretly panicking and thinking of ways to run away.)

Boy2 & GF happen to look towards us, acknowledging, yes... this isn't the first time we've come across each other... yes... we do have our cameras out again. (In reality, it could have been they were just looking around & what not... but the paranoid side of me was screaming that they knew!!)

A few minutes later, Boy2 & GF are reunited with their friends (they were on the same coaster as Sister & her friends). GF is probably telling their friends how there are these two crazy girls taking stalker!pictures of her boyfriend, Boy2.

GF is explaining to her friends how she wanted/wants to hurt/attack us for doing such a creepy thing.

They all laugh at how she'll ninja!kill our butts.

...We never saw them after that. Although that second time was completely coincidental! So, my dear readers, there IS basis for Kyuhyun's antics in that story.

Moral of the story...
Never give CheonSa&Hokum a camera near VICKs.



Anonymous said...

That was so awesome, and I wish I could do something like that, but my friends are boring. Sometimes it's good to do crazy things like that.

But your skills as a paparazzi cameraman is a tad worrying. =P

Hokum said...

Worrying... or awesome? =]

Kim said...

lol, that was pretty crazy!
and yes, you have the skills beyond a paparazzi camera person, very very good!