“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Sunday, December 20, 2009

[00SJ14] The triple threat

words: 1024
rate: PG13
(Day 14 of the Fanfiction series.)

He was tired. Super Junior had been practicing until late into the night the previous evening and he must have only gotten three hours of sleep before he felt himself being pulled out of slumber. It started with the soft sound of his name on another’s lips. He murmured his rejection to wake up and turned his back to whoever it was who said his name. Again, his name was repeated. He recalled telling whoever-it-was to go away. When his name was repeated yet again, he rolled over so he could face the person and opened his eyes,

“What-AH!” Eeteuk practically jumped (whilst lying down) and then buried his face in his pillow, breathing hard, “Why. Are. You. So. Close?” He moved his head just enough so one eye could stare at the other member, “Hmm, Kibum?”

The younger member was sitting on the ground beside Eeteuk’s bed, slouched over so his chin was resting on the mattress. When Eeteuk had rolled over, their faces had been just inches apart. “I wanted to wake you up.”

“Then do so like a normal person,” Eeteuk murmured as he finally rolled onto his side to face Kibum directly,

“To do that, I’d have to raise my voice,” Kibum stated in the same soft tone he had used earlier, “And if I do that, I could end up waking up Donghae and he’s just too cute when he sleeps.”

Eeteuk narrowed his eyes, “So you wake me up instead?”

Kibum nodded, “I need to talk to you, hyung.”

Eeteuk sighed, “What is it, Kibummie?”

“Hyung, what’s my occupation?” Kibum asked,

Eeteuk blinked, “You’re… an idol?”

“More specifically.”

“You’re… you’re Super Junior,” Eeteuk stated confusedly, “Just like the rest of us.”

Kibum sighed, as he leaned his cheek on the mattress, “Thank you.”

Eeteuk manoeuvred himself into a sitting position, his blanket wrapped around him and the appearance of a raccoon stuffed-toy on which Eeteuk propped his chin on. “What’s all this about?”

“I’ve been reading fanfiction, hyung,” Kibum admitted, whispering at an even lower volume than before as if he were revealing some top-secret government information,

“No! Kibum, why!?” Eeteuk hissed, as if he could never forgive the younger man again for his indiscretion.

“Because of the challenge, damn it. After realizing I was rarely in any fanfictions… and then all that… that… Eunhae bullshit,” he emphasized ‘Eunhae’ with a peculiar growl in his tone, “I thought maybe if I keep reading, then things would look up, that maybe I was just reading all the mean fanfictions.”

“And…?” Eeteuk prompted tentatively.

“I was wrong,” Kibum replied woefully, “All these authors, they call me… they call me an actor!”

Eeteuk blinked, opened his mouth to talk, shut his mouth and then blinked again. “Kibum… you are an actor.”

“You sound just like them!” Kibum accused, his eyes flashing with betrayal. “Heechul-hyung’s right, you probably write fanfiction.”

Eeteuk resisted the urge to smack a hand over his own face out of frustration, “Kibum… the last person you want to listen to is him. He’s the one who brought all this turmoil to Super Junior and Super Junior-M.”

“But hyung, he’s right,” Kibum said, raising his head from the mattress,

“SHHHH!” Eeteuk’s gaze bounced around the room before he hissed, “He’ll hear you!”

“His room is down the hall,” Kibum replied,

“That doesn’t stop him,” Eeteuk insisted, “He’ll hear you somehow and Shiwon called me crying one night about Heechul having cameras everywhere. Poor Shiwon was scared that his innocence had been tainted and it took me an hour to explain that his innocence was only in danger if Heechul cornered him –”

“As he’s wont to do –”

“And jump his bones –”

“Like poor Hankyung-hyung,” Kibum nodded his head in agreement,

“But anyway, why are you so upset about being called an actor? You wanted to concentrate on acting, Kibum,” Eeteuk reminded,

“Well, they make it seem like I’ve turned my back on Super Junior, but that’s not true!” Kibum insisted, “It’s almost as if the director schedules filming whenever I’m needed in Super Junior! You know, I bet she writes fanfiction too!” Kibum’s jaw dropped, “It makes so much sense! All the writing she does… ordering people around to do what she wants on set… Hyung! The director is a fanfiction author!”

“Or the director is… a director,” Eeteuk said dryly, “That’s what directors do, Kibummie.”

“Or it’s just a cover!” Kibum insisted. Suddenly, he gasped, “Oh. My. Buddah.”

“You’ve been talking to Shiwon, I see,” Eeteuk murmured before adding, “What now?”

“Hyung… the director isn’t just a fanfiction author! No… now that I think of it, she’s so much worse!” Kibum said, “She MUST be a netizen! That’s how they’re always one step ahead of us… all those fan-taken pictures… it’s the only solution!”

“Or netizens are frickin’ crazy,” Eeteuk muttered quietly, full aware that despite being in the safety of their dorm, somehow, the netizens would find out about his statement. He sighed, “Kibum, if you don’t want to be known as an actor –”

“But I do want to be known as an actor,” Kibum interrupted,

“Then what do you want?” Eeteuk asked sincerely,

“I want them to know that I’m still part of Super Junior,” Kibum said simply, a sad tinge to his famously, bright smile.

“Of course you’re still part of Super Junior!” Eeteuk exclaimed, “Kibum, Super Junior cannot be Super Junior with only twelve members! We’re not pre-Kyuhyun!”

Slowly, the younger man’s smile brightened. He climbed onto the bed and pulled the SJ leader into a grateful embrace, “Thank you, hyung.” Suddenly, he felt Eeteuk’s body go rigid in his arms, “Eeteuk? What’s wrong?” He pulled away from the hug enough to look at his hyung’s face directly, but the leader was staring at something past Kibum.

The answer to Kibum’s question came in the voice of his own beloved, “First my bed, now Eeteuk-hyung’s bed? What’s next? Heechul-hyung’s bed?”

“Not even Heechul’s that kinky –”

Kibum immediately slapped a hand over Eeteuk’s mouth to silence him. Slowly he looked over his shoulder and attempted his best smile, “Donghae… you’re awake.”

(Day 15: The nice guy)


Anonymous said...

Poor Kibum =[ So sad. 'least he has Donghae. I loved the "mean fanfiction" part. Oh oh! And how close Kibum was to Eeteuk. I LOLed at that part quite loudly.

followurdestiny said...

ahww Kibum...
and oh oh paranoia is raising it's ugly head xD

Anonymous said...

Aaw. Kibummie... T-T