“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Saturday, September 27, 2008

[096] Untamed Desires ((Extended version))

theme: o96. "I like you. I like you. I like you.".
pair: Eeteuk/Kangin
rate: NC17
words: 8631
#: 75/100
(Spinoff of Desires and its sequels, Revealed Desires, Forbidden Desires & True Desires)

“I like you. I like you. I like you.”

He understood culture and he understood society. He also understood how these two things affected the self. What he couldn’t understand was how either of these things could possess a person to write that repeated statement on the last question for a sociology exam that was worth half their grade.

Professor of Sociology, Park Jungsu searched the ten levels of the SM University’s library for his idiotic student who would risk his grade by writing that on his final exam. It was on the eighth floor of the library where Jungsu found the student who possessed the student number at the front of the exam. Tucked away in a corner of that floor, at a table by themselves, Jungsu approached them. He smacked the back of their bent head with the exam.

“Hey!” The student exclaimed, suddenly grabbing the back of their head and looking up, glaring at Jungsu, “Professor Park!?”

“Kim Youngwoon, right?” Jungsu demanded,

“Yes,” The student replied, still rubbing the back of his head, “What if you had the wrong student?”

“I know who you are, I wanted to make sure you were still sane and knew your own name,” Jungsu countered. He threw the exam before Youngwoon, atop the books he had laid out, “What is that?”

Youngwoon looked down at what had been thrown, “My sociology exam,”

“I mean,” Jungsu picked it up, flipped it to the last page then threw it back down, “That!”

Youngwoon didn’t have to look to know what his professor was pointing to this time. Instead, he pushed it onto empty desk space beside him and returned to his work, “I think it’s quite obvious what that is.” He flipped a page of a text book then continued writing, “Any idiot can tell it’s a confession. You have a Ph.D., I expected you to get it right away.”

“But why?” Jungsu demanded, picking up the exam, crossing his arms as he did so,

“Well, you’re a Sociology professor, isn’t it the norm of one person to confess their feelings to another person whom they feel some affinity for?” Youngwoon asked innocently as he looked up from his notebook to the four textbooks spread before him. He suddenly stood up and walked off between the bookshelves,

Jungsu caught up to him as Youngwoon stopped, hands on his hips and reading a row of books for another reference book for his work. “Damn it, you know what I mean by why!”

“I answered why, so there must be another thing you’re alluding to by asking why, but I can’t answer what you’re alluding to if I don’t know what you’re alluding to. Therefore,” Youngwoon reached up and pulled down a thick, green textbook before looking at his professor, “I answered the obvious question of why.”

Frustrated, Jungsu followed his student back to the table. “Fine - why did you write it? A bribe to pass the exam?”

“If our conversation for the past few minutes hasn’t proved it, then why don’t you go through my exam- which I’m sure you haven’t done yet - to answer your question?” Youngwoon suggested lightly as he sat back down at his table, going through the index of the book he had just gotten, “I don’t need bribery to pass your exam.”


“Sometimes, a confession is just a confession,” Youngwoon interjected with some finality as he opened up the book to a page and continued writing.

Jungsu watched him a few minutes longer, knowing he had just been dismissed by a student. Repressing the growing urge to strangle his student, Jungsu stormed off.

A few evenings later, Jungsu was in his classroom, long after the last student had left his exam. As he sat at his desk, he closed one of the exam packages and placed it on his desk before him. Leaning back in his chair, he stared at the exam cover. On the front was a student number and he knew that those ten digits belonged to Kim Youngwoon.

The arrogant brat hadn’t been lying; he knew his stuff and he knew enough to pass the exam with flying colours and without bribing the professor.

Jungsu sighed heavily. It was his first term teaching and this is what he had to deal with - a student professing their feelings for him? What irritated Jungsu more, perhaps even more than Youngwoon’s explicit and impromptu confession, was the fact that Jungsu knew the face to the name when he had looked up the identity behind the student number.

When he had seen Youngwoon that first day of classes amongst the sea of students he taught day in and day out, Jungsu couldn’t help but feel a physical attraction to the other man. He was just a bit taller than Jungsu with a strong -but not bulky - built. At first, Jungsu had fought against it, but the first time he had seen Youngwoon smile and laugh, he knew he was lost.

One to fall in like easily, Jungsu labelled his crush just as such: a crush. However, he was presented with two problems - one being the fact that the crush did not diminish, the other being that his crush was also his student. As the end of term approached, Jungsu hoped that next term, he wouldn’t have Youngwoon in his class again, but apparently the term would not end as easily as Jungsu had previously predicted. On the last day he thought he’d ever have to see Youngwoon, he skimmed through the youth’s exam only to find the burdening confession.

Frustrated, he picked up the exam as he stood from his desk and flipped to the last question.

“I like you. I like you. I like you.” He read out loud to himself, “Damn it,” he swore as he threw it back onto his desk. He strode over to the window, not seeing as the exam slid across the top of the desk and fell to the floor with a soft thud.

As exams continued for the first term at SM University, Jungsu found it hard to put Youngwoon out of his mind. One day, Jungsu was in the library. Up on the top level of the library, he was in a section of reference books long forgotten. Stretching high above him to reach what he needed, suddenly another hand swatted his away and grabbed the book for him.

Jungsu stood still as that hand easily brought down the book and pressed it against his chest. At his back he felt a warmth and at his ear, he felt a soft breath tickle his skin. Absent-mindedly, Jungsu wrapped his arms around the book. When the warmth left him, Jungsu turned just in time to watch Youngwoon walk off and disappear around a corner.

Another day, Jungsu was one of the last to leave the school one evening. As he left a building and headed out to one of the parking lots, he was suddenly accompanied by Youngwoon. They walked in complete silence and Jungsu said nothing when he felt Youngwoon’s fingers intertwine with his own. Actually, he wasn’t the one to disengage their hands. The moment they reached his car, Youngwoon released his hand. A silent invitation played on his lips as he watched Youngwoon turn on his heel and walk off into the darkness.

Another day still, Jungsu was returning from the library with a stack of reference books, on his way to his office. The moment he left the library, he stumbled and the books went flying. With a heavy sigh, he bent to pick up the first book. By the time he went to reach for another, he found himself staring down at a pair of shoes. He stood up to find himself standing beside Youngwoon, the rest of his books already stacked in his student’s arms. Without being asked to, Youngwoon carried the books across campus back to Jungsu’s office.

Once inside his office, Youngwoon put down the books on Jungsu’s desk. He made to leave the moment the textbooks hit the table, but before he could completely walk past Jungsu, Youngwoon felt a hand wrap around his wrist. He paused and looked back at Jungsu who held onto him firmly. Their gazes locked for a moment, a light of hope shining in Youngwoon’s eyes.

Jungsu felt his heart clench at the light in the youth’s eyes and knew he would never want to see him lose that light. Hesitantly, he dropped his hand away from Youngwoon, turning his back on him. He listened and knew that Youngwoon stood there for a moment before leaving, the office door shutting firmly behind him.

It was on the final day of exams when Jungsu was called to the boardroom for governors. When he entered the boardroom, he was startled to find six out of the seven governors who made up the Board of Governors sitting at the front of the boardroom. Before them, sitting in a chair in the middle of the room was Youngwoon.

“What’s going on? All I was told was that I was summoned here by the Board of Governors,” Jungsu questioned as he approached the council, standing beside the seated student,

“Professor Park, what is this?” One of the governors, who sat on the left side of the empty chair in the middle, held up an exam package.

Jungsu felt his heart stop. A coldness washed over him as he eyed the package in the governor’s hand. He knew what it was without even seeing it up-close; there was only one answer that would bring him and Youngwoon there, together.

“It appears to be one of the exams I’ve handed out this term,” Jungsu said nonchalantly, clenching his fists at his sides to calm his nerves.

“Yes, well, a janitor found it a few evenings ago while cleaning a classroom - your’s I would assume - and seeing that it was an exam, handed it to your department head, who then brought it to us,” the governor said, “The Board of Governors decided to wait until the final day of exams to handle this… situation.”

“What situation?” Jungsu asked coolly, “If that’s the exam I think it is - considering Kim-sshi is here - then you’ve taken a senior’s prank out of proportion.”

“We don’t take answers like the one that was given on the last question, lightly Professor Park,” The governor, “And we already know it was not just a prank.”

Jungsu’s gaze swept over the other five governors who had remained silent since he arrived. He forced himself not to look at Youngwoon, but he knew the impulsive twit wouldn’t deny his confession even if it meant his place at SM University. He gritted his teeth and said nothing, what could he say if Youngwoon already admitted to the truth behind his statement on the exam?

“We feel, Professor Park, that the University cannot condone such actions. In the past certain procedures were executed in handling these… situations, and we’ve decided to continue with tradition,” The governor stated as he placed the exam package on the table, “Therefore-”

“What the hell is going on here?”

Jungsu suddenly looked over his shoulder towards the double-doors that lead into the boardroom. There standing in the doorway in an immaculately black suit was the Head Governor; the seventh governor on the Board who had been missing. Jungsu glanced back towards the other governors. The six that sat on either side of the empty chair in the middle had suddenly all gotten very pale, especially - Jungsu noticed - the governor who had done all the talking.

The tension in the boardroom had suddenly increased as the Head Governor strode towards the council, stopping just on the other side of Youngwoon’s chair. Jungsu furtively watched the governor from the corner of his eye.

“G-g-governor Choi,” The governor from before addressed hesitantly,

Governor Choi Shiwon crossed his arms over his chest. His thick eyebrows narrowed and eyes dark and menacing, he glared at the council before landing on the man who greeted him, “I believe I asked a question.”

“You see, Choi-sshi-”

Governor Choi,” Governor Choi interjected icily,

“You see, Governor Choi, the student beside you wrote some… very inappropriate things on the last exam question a-a-and Professor Park never reported it,” the governor stammered as his hands began to fuss with the exam package before him, “Suggesting an unacceptable relationship between the two-”

“Show me,” Governor Choi demanded in a harsh tone,

“Pardon?” The governor asked hesitantly as Governor Choi glared at him,

“The exam,” Governor Choi held out his hand, “NOW!”

The governor suddenly scrambled from his chair, dashed around the council to hand the Head Governor the exam and then took an obvious step back. Jungsu watched the abrasive governor with dancing eyes, but the moment the exam package entered Choi’s hands, all humour left him. Jungsu stood completely still, his gaze focused on the wall above and behind the Board of Governors.

Governor Choi flipped to the last page where the answer in question was. As closed the exam, he crossed his arms again, “Why the hell wasn’t I informed of this meeting?”

“Governor, your language - you’re in front of a student,” the governor tried to calm his voice, if not his attitude,

“What does it matter? From what I can see you’re already trying to fuck up his education - what’s a few foul words from me going to do?” Governor Choi retorted angrily, “Now I want someone to answer my damn question or there will be hell to pay and more!”

“It… it was a situation that had to be dealt with immediately-”

“Bullshit, this exam is dated a week and half ago,” Governor Choi snapped, “What other excuse do you have?”

“A-a-and you were unreachable-”

“Every day for the past two weeks I have been in my office in the administrative building,” Governor Choi countered easily, “For fourteen days I’m working my nose to the grindstone to make sure SM University is run smoothly, only to be asked a few moments ago from one of the secretaries why I wasn’t at the meeting with the other Board of Governors.” He paused a moment to pass his dark gaze over the other six council members, “This meeting is dismissed,”

“But, Governor Choi, a decision hasn’t been made yet,” The governor stammered, taking another small step backwards,

“This meeting is dismissed,” Governor Choi repeated slowly, sternly, icily, “If you leave within the next three seconds you may not have to start looking for another place of employment!”

Jungsu stood still as he watched the council members scramble from their chairs and dash from the board room. Before the final governor, the one who seemed to be leading the pack, could leave, Governor Choi approached him, grabbing him by the collar,

“Tell me, what is tomorrow?” Governor Choi asked coolly, glaring down at his fellow peer,

“T-t-the first day of Summer vacation,” He stammered,

“And how long does it last?” Choi continued on, his voice like steel,

“M-m-mid July until late A-A-August,” the threatened governor replied,

“And everyday of that vacation, you along with the other governors will be in my office trying to convince me that you’re worth your trouble,” Choi stated before releasing his collar, “Now go while I’m still giving you this chance to keep your sorry ass here.”

Without hesitation, the governor ran from the boardroom, the double doors swinging wildly to a close behind him. Choi approached the council’s desk and placed the exam on the table. He took a deep steadying sigh before turning around to face Youngwoon and Jungsu. Leaning his hips back against the table, he crossed his arms,

“I believe I said this meeting is dismissed,” Governor Choi stated as he eyed them with a softer expression,

“But-” Youngwoon stood from his chair, confused at the situation,

Jungsu held up his arm, blocking over the youth’s chest to stop him from moving forward, “He’s giving you a pardon - I suggest you take it,” Jungsu stated, his eyes on the Head Governor.

Youngwoon paused a moment, before picking up his backpack from the foot of his chair and quietly leaving the boardroom.

“That was damned decent of you to excuse him,” Jungsu blurted out the moment the doors closed behind Youngwoon,

“Yes well, I find myself in the most peculiar of moods in which I want to rebel against the council as much as possible,” Governor Choi replied nonchalantly, “So if there are any other students that are amorous towards you, this is their time.”

Jungsu chuckled, “No, just that one.”

“As much as I hate what happened here, you know what school protocol is,” Choi said, suddenly serious, “After this, I can’t help you again -friend or no friend.”

“I guess having a roommate during college helps,” Jungsu offered before sighing, “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet. Despite what I said before, I can’t fire that jerk,” Choi admitted quietly, bitterly, “He still has an uncle who was alumni here and that uncle generously supports the school. As much as I want to kick that fucker to the curb, his rich uncle benefits the school as a whole and that more than makes up for his shortcomings as-”

“A governor?”

“A human being,” Choi corrected. He sighed as he glanced over his shoulder at the exam that lay on the table, “Have you already marked this exam?”

“Yes. And I swear the mark that student receives is well deserving even without the last question,” Jungsu insisted,

“I believe you,” Choi replied simply as he picked up the exam and held it in his hand. He tore out the final page before handing both the exam package and offending piece of paper to Jungsu, “That’s the only way both can survive in this university.”

Jungsu looked at the exam in his one hand and Youngwoon’s confession in the other, “You mean separately,” he stated and Governor Choi merely nodded his head. Jungsu nodded his understanding as he pocketed the confession, “I’ll be leaving first,” he stated as he turned on his heel and headed out the door.

Before Jungsu left, he heard his name. He turned sideways to look over at the Head Governor who hadn’t moved from his place,

“If what happened in this boardroom didn’t say enough to you, let me say it now - be careful,” the Head Governor’s words were quiet and strong.

Jungsu watched him a moment before Governor Choi pushed off from the desk and walked over to a window, staring into the late afternoon. After a moment, Jungsu turned and left, the governor’s words fresh in his mind.

It was close to midnight when Jungsu was roused from his bed. Swearing and cursing his damned doorbell as he descended the stairs of his two-level home, he answered the door in a pair of heart-print, white boxers. He looked through the front door’s peephole and was startled to see the person standing on his door step.

He opened the door, suddenly completely awake and totally startled, “Youngwoon,” He greeted, the surprise evident in his voice, “You live on residence… and I live an hour away from the school - by car. How the hell did you get here?”

“The buses run until one o’clock,” he shrugged, dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt.

“And how do you even know where I live?” Jungsu questioned,

Youngwoon shrugged, “Telling you I even know your cell phone number won’t better my position, would it?”

“What are-” The rest of what he had to say was cut of by Youngwoon’s lips. He suddenly stepped back, breaking the kiss, “You shouldn’t smoke,” Jungsu stated, tasting the remnants of tobacco on Youngwoon’s lips.

Youngwoon, without another word, reached a hand to Jungsu’s neck, pulling him in for another kiss. Jungsu pushed the youth away forcibly,

“You shouldn’t drink either,” Jungsu said. The kiss was deeper this time and Jungsu tasted the alcohol on the student’s tongue. When Youngwoon made to close the distance between them, Jungsu held up a hand to stop him, “We were just given a pardon today - going any further would be throwing that gift right back at the Head Governor’s face.”

“Today was also the last day of term. I’m not your student,” Youngwoon stated as he grabbed Jungsu’s hand from the air and pulled him, closing the distance between them,

“That doesn’t matter - protocol forbids a teacher to date any student,” Jungsu stammered as he stared up into Youngwoon’s eyes,

“For the next month I’m not a student, at SM U. anyway,” Youngwoon said simply as he gazed down into his professor’s eyes, “Now are you going to kiss me or do I have to do all the leading?”

Jungsu replied by standing on the tips of his toes and capturing Youngwoon’s lips.

After a brief moment, Youngwoon broke the kiss and looked into his eyes, “What now?”

Jungsu stepped out of his embrace, but still holding his hand, led him deeper into the house and up the staircase to the second level. Surrounded by darkness, Jungsu navigated them through the dark house until they reached his bedroom. Once inside, he released his hold on Youngwoon’s hand and turned to face him fully.

Youngwoon closed the distance between them and taking Jungsu’s face into his hands, swept him into a searing kiss. At first, as if all that lay between them suddenly bombarded Jungsu, he resisted the kiss, even tried to push the younger man away. However, Youngwoon persisted, one hand holding his head to his own, the other hand roaming down his cheek to his shoulder, down Jungsu’s torso and then to the small of his back, holding him captive.

His tongue probed Jungsu’s sealed lips, but still Jungsu resisted. Finally, with his hand firmly splayed across Jungsu’s lower back, Youngwoon situated one of his thighs between Jungsu’s and then pulled their bodies flush together. When a groan escaped from the older man’s lips, Youngwoon took his advantage and slid his tongue through parted lips. Once their kiss deepened, all of Jungsu’s previous inhibitions melted away.

Suddenly, Jungsu’s hands were on him. They caressed down his front and up under the hem of his shirt. Slender fingers burned their way up Youngwoon’s flat abdomen to his hard chest. As their tongues matched one another, Youngwoon pressed Jungsu tighter against him until the feel of the younger man’s thigh had Jungsu rubbing himself against it.

Feeling Jungsu hard against him with only a thin layer of material between them, it released something inside Youngwoon and suddenly he backed them up towards the bed. When he felt the bed at the back of his legs, Jungsu scrambled onto it, pulling Youngwoon with him until they were on the bed, the younger man atop him.

Youngwoon broke contact with him once, to pull his shirt over his head and toss it to the ground. Once half-divested, he came down to Jungsu again, his lips and hands everywhere. He pressed kisses along his hyung’s brow to his temple then down to his ear. As he traced the curve of his ear with his tongue, he grinded his hips into Jungsu’s, garnering a deep-throated moan.

While Youngwoon kissed and licked and touched every part of Jungsu’s torso, Jungsu grabbed his hips and grinded into him, hard. His hands moved between them and unbuttoned and unzipped Youngwoon’s jeans. With deft hands, he pushed his pants and boxers over Youngwoon’s hips then Youngwoon kicked them off.

“It’s hardly fair when I’m the only naked one,” Youngwoon murmured before sucking at the pulse point in his neck,

Jungsu slipped his boxers off and kicked them to the floor, evening out their circumstances. This time, when Youngwoon rubbed their cores together, a thrilling shiver ran through Jungsu from the top of his head down to his toes. Youngwoon pressed against him, hard as a rock. He bent his knees, straddling Youngwoon’s hips, bringing them impossibly close together.

“No more games,” Youngwoon rasped, as he raised himself enough above Jungsu to look directly into his eyes. His hands moved down Jungsu’s body to his legs, raising them and hooking them over his shoulders, “I need to be inside you - now.”

“Good,” Jungsu replied, his breath hitching as he felt the tip of Youngwoon probing his entrance, “Because I need you. Now.”

Gripping Jungsu’s hips tightly, Youngwoon entered in one, fluid motion, eliciting a stifled scream from Jungsu. He bit down hard until he tasted copper on his tongue to stop the scream from leaving his lips. He clenched fistfuls of the sheets beneath them, tensed his whole body to stop from yelling out from the pain.

“It’s your first time,” Youngwoon stated, keeping still as best he could for Jungsu’s sake. When Jungsu remained silent, he pushed in deeper, “Isn’t it?”

“Yes, damn it!” Jungsu hissed, tightly closing his eyes, fighting back the stinging tears from spilling.

“Why didn’t you-”

“Because I wasn’t going to let someone younger than me boast about having more experience,” Jungsu cried out as he breathed in heavy, staggered gasps of air as his body felt remnants of being torn in half.

“Jungsu… I can’t… control,” Youngwoon gritted his teeth and his fingers tightened painfully on Jungsu’s hips - anything to control the flame that had ignited in him.

“Just go ahead already!” Jungsu cried as he felt Youngwoon in him, pulsating, stretching.

“Not until you’re ready,” Youngwoon grounded out, “And that’s not going to happen unless you relax!”

“How can I when all I feel is pain!?” Jungsu demanded,

“Once… you let… your body relax… the pain… will go away,” Youngwoon hissed through gritted teeth.

Jungsu opened his eyes to throw the impertinent brat a glare, only to be met with a serious, sincere stare. Jungsu swallowed hard and as he stared up at Youngwoon, found himself unable to disobey his dongsaeng’s words. Slowly, muscle by muscle, he let himself relax. Surprised, he found Youngwoon to be right as the pain was slowly placed with an ache. An ache that called for more, that craved for more.

Suddenly the pulsating of Youngwoon within him filled him completely, syncing them together. The stretching that had once caused pain, suddenly sent electricity to his extremities. This time, when he looked up at Youngwoon, Jungsu bit down on his bottom lip and nodded his head.

Seeing the slight fear enter Jungsu’s eyes and the nibble on his lip, Youngwoon leaned down, brushing his lips against Jungsu’s. Finally, he started to move within him. He started out slow and steady, but that flame had spread to his blood and it was coursing heat throughout his body. He wanted to be slow and controlled for Jungsu’s sake, but he couldn’t - not anymore, not after feeling Jungsu hot and tight around him, withering beneath him.

He thrust into him hard and fast, their bodies moving against one another igniting both fire and electricity within them.

Jungsu’s breath hitched higher and higher, his lips parted as he panted with each thrust, “Y-Y-Youngwoon,” he hissed each time he felt the younger man pound into him, bringing him closer to the edge.

He was teetering on the edge of ecstasy when Youngwoon withdrew almost completely and then slammed into him, tearing him apart all over again. This time, there was no pain, this time there was only a hot white fire that washed over Jungsu, his dongsaeng’s name on his lips as he found his release.

Youngwoon continued to thrust into Jungsu, harder and harder each time as he felt Jungsu clench around him with his release. However, it was hearing his name being cried out at Jungsu’s climax, that Youngwoon found his own completion. He drove into him more and more until he pumped the last drop of him into Jungsu and when he was completely sated, he collapsed atop him, his head tucked in the crook of Jungsu’s neck.

Jungsu wrapped his arms around him, holding Youngwoon’s head against his chest, feeling the youth’s heart pound violently while his own heart fought to break through his ribs.

“I’m sorry I didn’t relax sooner,” Jungsu murmured, his lips pressed against the top of Youngwoon’s head,

“There’s nothing to apologize for,” Youngwoon replied as he kissed Jungsu’s salty skin, “It was my first time too.”

A few hours later, Jungsu sat in an armchair in the corner of his bedroom. The armchair was placed by a window for mornings when he wanted to drink coffee and watch the sun rise. He glanced towards his king-sized bed where Youngwoon lay asleep, sprawled beneath the sheets. The moment he heard Youngwoon’s breathing even out, signalling his sleep, Jungsu had extracted himself from the bed, pulled on his boxers and retreated to his chair.

Arms crossed loosely about his torso as he leaned back in his armchair, Jungsu kept his eyes on the young man in his bed. In all truth, Youngwoon wasn’t that much younger than him. Due to a combination of skipping grades in primary school and then taking advanced courses in high school and university, Jungsu had completed his Ph. D. by the time he was twenty-one. In any other circumstances, dating someone two years younger than him wouldn’t have fazed Jungsu in the slightest.

However, these weren’t any other circumstances and in reality, he was a professor and Youngwoon was a student at the same school. What had happened this evening, over the past three hours, had broken all the school laws that they were to abide by. But, Youngwoon made one reasonable point before anything truly happened - for the next month, he was not a student.

“You’re like a perverted old man when you watch me sleep,”

Jungsu was pulled out of his reverie by the sleepy voice. He watched as Youngwoon sat up in the bed, rubbing his eyes. As if in a trance, Jungsu stood up from the chair and padded over to the bed, standing at the side just staring down at the young man in his bed,

“I’m not old,” Jungsu defended quietly,

“No, you’re not,” Youngwoon agreed easily as he held out a hand to him. Jungsu placed his hand in Youngwoon’s and allowed the youth to pull him onto the bed. Youngwoon pulled him onto his lap until Jungsu straddled his hips, “If anything, you’re eeteuk.”

“What?” Jungsu asked as Youngwoon placed his hands on his hips, “I’m what?”

I could spend forever in his hands…

“Special,” Youngwoon explained as his hands roamed up his hyung’s naked torso to his face where his fingers cradled the sides of his head, “So, you’re teuk.”

“That doesn’t flow that much,” Jungsu murmured as he leaned down and brushed his lips against Youngwoon’s,

But I only have four weeks…

“That’s why I said eeteuk,” Youngwoon smiled against his lips, “My Eeteuk.”

Jungsu wrapped his arms around Youngwoon’s neck, “Now that flows much better,” he whispered before ending their idle chatter with a kiss.

I’ll just have to make those four weeks count…

Youngwoon slipped the covers from between them so that they were once more skin on skin. His hands roamed over Jungsu’s body as his mouth explored his hyung’s. Jungsu felt Youngwoon’s tongue caress the top of his mouth and he moaned into the kiss as his arms tightened around his neck. He felt Youngwoon’s tongue slide along his in a sinfully slow caress.

“You’re too good for this to be your first time,” Jungsu murmured as Youngwoon trailed a line of kisses along his jaw,

“If you prefer to think I slept with other people go right ahead,” Youngwoon laughed as he turned them, pulling Jungsu beneath him. He stared down into his hyung’s eyes, “If you like, I can tell you I slept with hundreds more - men and women.”

A dark light entered Jungsu’s eyes as he narrowed them, “Youngwoon…” His voice was low and threatening, his embrace around Youngwoon’s neck tightening exceptionally,

Youngwoon leaned down and ran his tongue along the column of his neck until his lips were at Jungsu’s ear, “There has only been you,” he murmured, his lips tickling Jungsu’s ear, “And if I’m as good as you say I am, it’s only because I’ve lived this moment hundreds of times in my mind and dreams over this term.”

“It better be,” Jungsu replied as Youngwoon raised his head to look down at him again. He smirked, “Because if not, there are other students throwing themselves at me - especially this time of year.”

Suddenly, the brightness in the youth’s face vanished, replaced by a darkness Jungsu had never seen before. Supporting himself on his forearms so that he wasn’t crushing Jungsu, Youngwoon held his face between his hands, “No one else, Jungsu,” his voice was a low growl, “You’re mine, remember?”

Before Jungsu could reply, Youngwoon’s lips came crashing down on his. This kiss was raw and hot, his tongue thrusting into the older man’s mouth. “These lips are mine,” Youngwoon hissed as he pulled his lips away.

He pressed kisses down his chin and neck. He kissed a trail down the centre of his chest and abdomen, taking care to tongue and nip at Jungsu’s chest along the way. He flicked the tip of his tongue roughly against a flat nipple, eliciting a moan from Jungsu, “This body is mine,” Youngwoon stated as he broke contact again.

Slowly, he moved down Jungsu’s body to his hyung’s hard, erect core. He pressed a kiss to the tip, “And this is certainly mine,” His voice was a feral growl, but Jungsu heard none of it. All he could sense was Youngwoon’s glorious lips on him.

Youngwoon circled the tip of Jungsu with his tongue and then caressed the full length of him with just his tongue. Jungsu began to pant with each of the tongue’s strokes. His body was on fire and Jungsu could do no more than cry out with each maddening caress. He thought he knew nothing but fire until he felt Youngwoon surround him with his hot mouth - then he knew only white hotness.

His lips parted as a groan escaped. It was soon swallowed up as Youngwoon covered his lips with his own. “Only mine, right?” Youngwoon asked against his lips, his hand replacing his mouth below.

Jungsu nodded his silently reply as he clenched his eyes shut, pushing himself into Youngwoon’s hand.

“Say it,” Youngwoon’s voice was husky in Jungsu’s ear, “Say you’re mine,” He demanded, grazing his fingertips lazily along Jungsu’s length.

His eyes shot open and he glared at Youngwoon, “What!?”

“Say. You’re. Mine,” Youngwoon prompted, a hint of a smirk on his lips. He pumped him once, slowly.

“W-w-why!?” Jungsu hissed as he raised his hips off the bed, trying to feel more from just a hand.

Suddenly, Youngwoon removed his hand altogether, “Say it,” He repeated, his eyes gleaming as he gazed down at Jungsu.

Jungsu let out a growl, reaching for himself when Youngwoon refused to continue. However, Youngwoon grabbed both of his wrists in one hand and pinned it above Jungsu’s head, “No-no-no,” He smirked down at him, “Say it.”

“Damn you!” Jungsu exclaimed,

“It’s just two words, Jungsu,” Youngwoon said simply, “Say it and I’ll do what. Ever. You. Want.”

Immediately, Jungsu raised his eyebrows at the sudden prospects. Eyes narrowing but a hint of a smile tugging on his lips, “Fine.”

“Say it,” Youngwoon taunted in a sing-song voice,

“I’m. Yours,” Jungsu stated slowly, solidly, before smirking, “You’re the only one I undress in my head while I teach.”

Youngwoon chuckled huskily as he released Jungsu’s wrists and pressed his lips against his hyung’s. When he broke the kiss, he smiled down at him, “That’s right,” slowly, he moved down Jungsu’s body until his breath tickled his core, “My eeteuk.”

The next morning, Jungsu left the bed quietly and swiftly so as not to awaken Youngwoon. As he dressed, his eyes kept wandering back to the naked man in his bed. It was the first day of summer vacation and he would have loved to sleep in and wake up with Youngwoon together, but even if vacation started for the students, the teachers still had the exams to mark within three days of the last day. So, after leaving a note for Youngwoon on the bedside table, he left the house in silence.

It was around ten o’clock when Jungsu checked the time. Youngwoon would be awake by now surely. He knew the young man wouldn’t awaken too early, not from the intensity of the alcohol he tasted in his kisses the first hour they were together. Stretching his arms into the air, Jungsu reached for his office phone with a peaceful sigh,

“I knew I’d find you here,”

Jungsu straightened, startled at the disturbance. He was surprised to find the Head Governor standing in his office’s doorway, “Is something wrong?”

“Did you know that Kim Youngwoon requested a complete and immediate transfer from SM University just under a week and a half ago?” Governor Choi asked,

“What?” Jungsu jumped from his office chair. Immediately he picked up his phone and called his own house.

“After yesterday, I wanted to look in on Kim-sshi and I found his transfer request. It was dated a few days after the date on his exam package for your class,” Choi explained as Jungsu waited for someone to pick up the phone, “I don’t know how because usually it take at least a few weeks, but it was approved a few days ago.”

“Where did he transfer to?” Jungsu questioned, as he slammed his phone down on the receiver; thirteen rings was answer enough;

“He requested for JYP University - Busan,” Choi answered,

“Could the little bastard choose a far enough place?” Jungsu hissed as he saved his work on his computer and shut it off, grabbing his car keys as he went,

Governor Choi placed a hand on Jungsu’s shoulder before he pushed past him in the doorway, “Had I known… I’m sorry Jungsu…”

Jungsu reached across to his shoulder and gripped his friend’s hand, “So am I, Shiwon… so am I.”

When the end of August came, it brought with it the beginning of Autumn and the beginning of the second term of the year. Students were slowly trudging back to school and classes for the first time in a month, and to call them gloomy would be an understatement. One of those students walked towards his first class of that term - and that school - nervously. He didn’t know what it would be like at this university, but hopefully if he continued working hard as he had done at his last school, then he’d be just fine.

As Kim Youngwoon entered his Sociology class, he was started to find a familiar face at the front of the class, standing and talking to his professor. As he sat down in a seat near the back of the amphitheatre, he couldn’t stop himself from watching as his former professor - and one-time lover - smiled and laughed with his current professor.

While the seats slowly filled up, Youngwoon paid more attention to the two professors at the front of his class. He had heard from other students on residence at JYP University that his Sociology professor was the most beautiful of all the female teachers at JYP U. However, as he watched her interact with Jungsu, Youngwoon thought she paled in comparison. And as she laughed and batted her eyelashes at Jungsu, Youngwoon fought the urge to go down there and strangle the woman. Barely.

As the start of class neared, Youngwoon hoped and prayed that Jungsu would leave, that perhaps Jungsu wouldn’t even see him.

When the professor addressed the students at the start of class, Youngwoon prayed even harder.

“-Now enough about me, as you can see there is someone else down here with me. This is Professor Park, he’s a Sociology professor at SM University. We actually went to graduate school together and he was in the general area and decided to visit the campus while he was in Busan,” The Professor explained, “So, he’ll be observing the lecture as we trudge through two hours of Sociology - also, he’ll be free after class if anyone has any questions for him, he’s a very brilliant person.”

Jungsu gave her an appreciative smile as he glanced at the students and subtly bowed his head in greeting. Youngwoon willed himself to disappear, but when Jungsu glanced specifically at him and his gaze stayed on him for a second longer than necessary, he knew that Jungsu had known he’d be in that class.

When the class ended, Youngwoon was the first one out the door.

The rest of his day was, thankfully, uneventful. He had three other classes to attend and Youngwoon felt himself quite fortunate to find Jungsu in any more of his classes talking to his professors. After his last class of the day, Youngwoon slowly made his way across JYP U.’s campus to the residence buildings.

As he walked down the corridor to his own single dorm, Youngwoon felt the call of his bed intensify. He was physically - and emotionally - exhausted; all from the first two hours of his classes. When he opened the door to his dorm, he froze immediately, it wasn’t empty as it should have been.

“J-j-j…” Youngwoon stammered, and then just grew silent, not even being able to say his name.

“Busan? Really? You fuck me all night and then move to Busan?” Jungsu demanded. He sat in Youngwoon’s desk chair, arms crossed and one knee crossed over the other.

“…Next time I’ll move farther,” Youngwoon replied dryly as he closed the door behind him and walked over to his bed, slipping his backpack from his shoulders,

“Don’t mess with me right now Youngwoon-sshi - or should I call you Kangin?” Jungsu asked hotly, “Changing your preferred name was a good avoidance tactic.”

“I’m surprised you found me, so apparently it wasn’t that great of a tactic,” Youngwoon countered,

“You still evaded me for four weeks, and you shouldn’t have taken sociology again,” Jungsu retorted, “Otherwise I may not have ever found you here.”

“Then next time I won’t take it,” Youngwoon replied as he crossed his arms loosely over his chest,

“There will be no next time, Youngwoon,” Jungsu stated as he stood up from his chair and closed the distance between them, “This is the last time I’ll ever let you leave me.”

And with that, Jungsu reached out to Youngwoon and pulled him into a kiss. However, before it went on for too long or got too deep, Jungsu pushed him away, breaking the kiss, “It’s my turn to leave you.”

He pushed past Youngwoon to the door but as he stood in the doorway, one hand still on the doorknob, he looked back at his former student, his eyes and voice suddenly icy, “Next time you decide to put your feelings on an answer to an exam question, you better be able to back it up. You’re in luck - your new Sociology professor is way hotter than I’ll ever be.”

Youngwoon watched silently as Jungsu left, the door slamming firmly behind him.

He didn’t know how long he had been sitting in the chair Jungsu had evacuated. All that he knew was that the sun was setting by the time Youngwoon found himself unable to continue to be idle. From his chair, he grabbed the phone on his desk and dialled Jungsu’s cell phone number he had acquired over a month ago. The phone rang three times before he heard it answered,

“Hello?” Jungsu’s voice came from the other end of the line,

“Jungsu-sshi…” Youngwoon greeted quietly, hesitantly,

“What the-”

“If I didn’t leave, they were going to fire you instead,” Youngwoon confessed, his chest relaxing with his words, his shoulders feeling lighter than they ever had been over the past five weeks since he made the request to transfer schools. Silence transpired over the phone for five minutes before Youngwoon tentatively prompted, “Jungsu-sshi?”

“Don’t leave your dorm,”

And then all Youngwoon heard was Jungsu hanging up. He put the phone back down on the receiver and leaned back in his chair. Oh, he had a good five hours’ worth of homework awaiting him in his backpack, but Youngwoon didn’t feel any inclination to do any homework - or anything at all. And so, he sat in his chair as his heart waited.

Darkness enveloped the night sky by the time Jungsu burst through his door. Startled and pulled from his vigil, Youngwoon suddenly sat up straighter in his seat, “The day after you came to me with the exam - in the library - one of the governors talked to me and… and said if I didn’t leave you’d lose your job,” He stood up from his seat, but not approaching Jungsu - his heart couldn’t take being pushed away again; “The board meeting was just to follow protocol and to address the issue to you… but it was already decided I’d be leaving.”

Jungsu held up a hand to stop the flow of words and explanations from the young man’s lips, “That’s why you suddenly became explicit about your feelings? The library, the parking lot, my office… Even that night…”

Youngwoon nodded, stuffing his fists in his jeans’ pockets to stop from grabbing Jungsu and pulling him close; “I knew I couldn’t leave without knowing what if something did happen between us.”

For a moment, Jungsu just watched Youngwoon. Since his confession on the exam, his dongsaeng had constantly been the one to initiate things, to be explicit and take the lead. Suddenly he was quiet and timid and… cautious. Jungsu closed the distance between them and reached up, his fingers holding the nape of his neck. Standing on the tips of his toes, Jungsu brushed his lips against Youngwoon’s,

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Jungsu asked as his heels touched the ground again,

“I didn’t want you to stop me from leaving,” Youngwoon explained quietly, his hands retracting from his pockets and seeking a place on his hyung’s hips,

“I meant when I was here earlier - in your dorm - four hours ago,” Jungsu replied dryly, fighting the smirk from his own lips,

“I didn’t know if I should or not…” Youngwoon admitted, “Being transferred here had a reason and… I had to think.”

Jungsu tilted his head as he gazed up at Youngwoon, regarding him a moment before saying in a light scold, “Well, next time think faster. I was halfway to Seoul!”

Youngwoon stared down at Jungsu for a five-count before asking timidly, “And had I waited two more hours before I called you?”

He saw the anxiety in Youngwoon’s eyes; felt the tension in his hold; and heard the young man hold his breath. Jungsu wrapped his arms around Youngwoon’s neck and held him close, his lips pressed against his shoulder, he murmured,

“I would’ve come back even if you called me a year from now.”

“Never thought I’d be back here again, and certainly not to teach,” Youngwoon commented as he entered a lecture room, walking across to the desk at the front and placing his brief case atop the table. He glanced to Jungsu who entered in after him, “And I probably never would have come back if you never meddled.”

“Damn it! I told you I didn’t put the last professor up to it! I didn’t tell him - oh recommend Youngwoon - I swear I didn’t! I was the most shocked person when-”

Amidst his rambling, Youngwoon had crossed over to him and swiftly silenced his flow of words with a kiss. He pulled back, a smug smile on his own lips, “I was kidding, and I’m glad that at least this time while I’m at SM U, I can be with you publicly.”

“You must be the infamous Kim Youngwoon,” Jungsu and Youngwoon glanced towards one of the doors where a man entered wearing a black business suit and pink bunny slippers on his feet,

“You spoke too soon,” Jungsu muttered before introducing, “Youngwoon this is - as surprising as this seems - one of our colleagues, Kim Heechul.”

“Professor of Psychology,” Heechul stated as he offered his hand and Youngwoon shook it,

“So… am I correct in assuming the black suit contrasting with the slippers is some sort of test for your students?” Youngwoon inquired as his eyes swept the peculiar professor from head to toe,

“Yes it is!” Heechul grinned brightly, “Quite the smart addition to our school! Eeteuk-sshi, why is he with you?”

Youngwoon glanced at Jungsu, “Eeteuk?”

Heechul blinked, “Yes… he tells his closest friends to call him that… he never told you?”

Jungsu rolled his eyes, “Heechul, can I have some privacy please? I’m trying to get Youngwoon settled down into his classroom before students start piling in.”

Heechul scoffed at him before saying his goodbyes to Youngwoon and departing from the classroom. The moment Heechul disappeared from sight, Jungsu let out a deep sigh, leaning his hips back against the closest tabled row.

“I’m assuming by what he said, he’s a close friend?” Youngwoon asked,

“Indeed, but he can be very taxing at times,” Jungsu replied as he ran a hand through his hair,

“But informative - how come you never told me about ‘Eeteuk’?” Youngwoon prompted,

Jungsu stared straight at the whiteboards at the front of the room rather than at Youngwoon as his cheeks pinked, “It’s just a nickname that only my close friends call me.”

“Yes, but you chose it,” Youngwoon stated,

“Well, really you chose it,” Jungsu replied as he tentatively looked at Youngwoon,

“Indeed I did - why did you decide to ask your friends to call you that?” Youngwoon inquired, tilting his head as he regarded his hyung,

“Because they saw me everyday as opposed to just once a month,” Jungsu answered, referring to the schedule they had made for the two of them since Youngwoon had left SM U. five years prior, “And hearing them call me Eeteuk reminded me of you everyday and… in an indirect way, it felt like you were around more than just once a month.”

Youngwoon felt his heart warm at his words and approached Jungsu who still sitting on the edge of the first row’s joined desks. He reached out and cradled the side of Jungsu’s face that wasn’t facing him. Gently, he moved it so that Jungsu faced him,

“Why didn’t you ever tell me any of this?” Youngwoon asked quietly,

“It’s embarrassing,” Jungsu said simply, “Especially since I’m older.”

“You don’t act it,” Youngwoon commented dryly, before adding softly, “but it makes me happy to know, so thank you for telling me.”

Jungsu wrapped an arm about Youngwoon’s waist and pulled him to stand flush against him as he sat. He leaned his head sideways against his dongsaeng’s chest, “I’m glad you don’t mind others calling me by the name you thought of.”

Taking Jungsu’s chin in between thumb and forefinger, Youngwoon tilted his face to look up at him, “The name you can share with whomever you choose, so long as the person stays mine and mine alone.”

“Naturally,” Jungsu replied matter-of-factly. He gazed up at Youngwoon a moment, before a small smile tugged on his lips, “You belong to me, just as I belong to you.”

“That’s right,” Youngwoon then reciprocated with a smile of his own before leaning down and capturing Jungsu’s lips with his own. He smiled against his lips, “My Eeteuk.”


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“I’m. Yours,” Jungsu stated slowly, solidly, before smirking, “You’re the only one I undress in my head while I teach.”

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