“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Sunday, September 14, 2008

[049] Desires

theme: o49. "What's the difference?".
pair: Hankyung/Hankyung
rate: NC17
words: 5240
#: 71/100

He could calculate the distance of two objects to two decimal points just by looking at them. He could call the set of complex numbers simple. He could calculate long division in his mind. He could recall the first 149 decimals of pi, which reflected his IQ that was 149. He could do all these things and yet he couldn’t understand what the attraction was to him.

It was during the glorious two-week break between school years at the latter half of February, that Hankyung was at Jeju Island. It was just after noon when Hankyung walked out to the pool of the hotel in which he was staying. He found an empty beach chair and claimed it before a leathery-tanned old woman got to it. When she began to curse at him, he merely replied in Mandarin which sent the old woman storming off.

He smirked to himself as he took off his shirt and laid back on the chair beneath the big umbrellas and took out his book of crossword puzzles,

“Nice front,” a voice commented.

Hankyung looked up to find a man taking a beach chair next to his which had just become vacant. The man had his back to Hankyung, wore his swimming shorts low on his hips and had nothing else but his towel. Hankyung forced his eyes away from the man’s naked torso and focused his eyes on his puzzles,

“T-t-thanks,” Hankyung stammered as he fought the flush that was threatening his cheeks,

The man laughed the melodic laugh of a bass, “I meant how you pretended to that old woman that you couldn’t understand her… although your front is nice too.”

This time Hankyung did pink in his cheeks, so he kept his attention to his book as he asked, “If it was so good, how did you see through it?”

The man finally turned around and Hankyung found it suddenly hard to breath. The man was young, certainly younger than himself. He had silky black hair that begged for fingers to run through them and eyes that danced with a vitality that Hankyung hadn’t seen in the mirror in years. But what caught Hankyung’s attention the most was his smile. The young man’s smile was big and bright, and made his entire face light up. It was captivating, overwhelming and - as Hankyung found it hard not to smile back - contagious.

“Well, you are carrying around a book of crossword puzzles… and the book is clearly written in Hangeul,” The young man answered, pulling Hankyung out of his daze,

“Seems I’ve been found out,” Hankyung offered a small smile.

The young man opened his mouth to reply before he looked over his shoulder. Hankyung snuck a peek towards the pool where yells were coming from. Two other men in the pool were wrestling in the water and waving over to the young man.

“Seems my friends miss me,” The young man apologized, “I’ll see you around…?”

“Hankyung, my name is Hankyung,” He prompted,

The young man smiled brilliantly, “Nice to meet you Hankyung-sshi. My name is Kyuhyun.”

It all started with that chance meeting on the pool deck. Afterwards, Hankyung found himself running into Kyuhyun everywhere. Be it the elevator riding down or up together, in the hotel lobby with his friends, out in a shop by the boardwalk, or just a few hours on the beach - they kept meeting up. They would talk for a few minutes to a few hours, but no matter what they would always enjoy one another’s company.

A few nights before he was to return home, Hankyung went down to the hotel’s bar with his book of crossword puzzles. He ordered a rum and coke then took a seat at the far end of the bar counter. He had only gone through four words when someone sat down next to him,

“I haven’t seen you drink in the past week and half, don’t tell me you’re starting now,” Hankyung said absent-mindedly as he kept his eyes to his book, “Kyuhyun.”

“No such luck,” He replied before ordering a simple bottle of water from the bartender, “I just needed a place for quiet and on my way out of the hotel I happened to look in and saw you here.”

“Why’d you need a place for quiet? Your friends too loud?” Hankyung inquired as he filled in another word,

“What? They’re not gay,” Kyuhyun stammered,

“I meant they’re too excitable, but that crossed my mind too,” Hankyung smirked as he put down his pen and reached for his drink, “And you still haven’t answered my question.”

“They started fighting and I had to get out of there,” Kyuhyun explained as the bartender came back with his bottle of water and then left them to their privacy,

“I thought you three were the best of friends? Or so you’ve told me,” Hankyung said as he put his book down and finally looked at Kyuhyun,

“We ARE the best of friends. But that’s the problem, we know each other so well that we know how to hurt each other too,” Kyuhyun explained before opening his bottle and taking a long swig,

“I see,” Hankyung crossed his arms lightly about his torso, “So-”

“Can I stay with you tonight?” Kyuhyun interjected, “It’s just that when they start fighting it can get pretty bad and…” He trailed off as Hankyung reached out and downed the rest of his drink.

Hankyung stood up from the bar, pocketed his pen, tucked his book beneath his arm and left a bill on the table to pay and tip the bartender. He made to leave the bar when he paused and looked over at Kyuhyun, “Coming?”

Hankyung was sitting in bed finishing his crossword puzzle when Kyuhyun came out of the bathroom dressed in a robe. Steam poured out of the white-tiled bathroom room as Kyuhyun padded over to the bed and sat on the edge of the bed,

“Thanks again for letting me stay here tonight,” Kyuhyun said quietly,

“You are aware this is the seventh time you’ve thanked me since we got up here?” Hankyung asked absent-mindedly as he filled in another word.

“I won’t be a bother too. I don’t snore and I’m completely fine on the couch,” Kyuhyun insisted,

“Mhmm,” Hankyung replied as he finished another clue. He got down to the final clue and he stopped a moment to think. Instinctively, he brought the pen to his lips and bit down on the end.

Kyuhyun watched his motions, daring not to blink. Before he could even think, Kyuhyun reached over and pulled the pen from Hankyung’s mouth. When he opened his mouth to question him, Kyuhyun merely silenced him with a kiss. It was short but provided enough enticement for what could be. He pulled back and stared at Hankyung,

“Sorry… I’ve just wanted to do that for a long time,” Kyuhyun said quietly as his hand dropped away from Hankyung’s.

Kyuhyun made to get off the bed when Hankyung suddenly grabbed him and pulled him beneath him. Kyuhyun was startled to find himself on the bed and looking up at Hankyung. “If you think you’re still sleeping on the couch after that, then either you’re really stupid, or a huge tease.”

He smirked up at Hankyung, “The latter describes me best,” He insisted as he reached a hand to the back of Hankyung’s neck and pulled him down for another kiss.

The kiss was slow and sultry. Hankyung ran his tongue along Kyuhyun’s lips and he opened them in welcome. Hankyung probed Kyuhyun’s mouth with his tongue, deepening the kiss. Supporting his weight on a forearm, Hankyung reached with his other hand to open the tie of Kyuhyun’s robe. He sent out a silent prayer of thanks when he hand felt skin once the robe lay open.

His hand sought out Kyuhyun and the younger of the two moaned into the other’s mouth at the sudden intimate caress. Hankyung ran the pad of his thumb over the tip and Kyuhyun had to break their kiss to gasp aloud. Hankyung caressed Kyuhyun with a single fingertip, causing a delicious shiver to run up and down Kyuhyun’s body. When Hankyung took Kyuhyun completely with his hand, Kyuhyun had to bit down hard on his bottom lip to stop from screaming out.

Kyuhyun moved both of his hands to Hankyung’s shoulders as he counted to caress and stroke and fondle him. With each touch of his hand, Kyuhyun’s grip on Hankyung’s shoulders tightened just as something deep within himself began to tighten like a wet cord.

As his hand was busy with Kyuhyun below, Hankyung paid homage to Kyuhyun above with his mouth. He pressed kisses along his jaw line and down his neck. He gave special attention to the rapid pulse in Kyuhyun’s neck, even going as far as gently biting down on it, enticing a moan from Kyuhyun.

He tightened his fingers around Kyuhyun and stroked him slow and firm. Kyuhyun clenched his eyes tightly as the feeling within tightened and tightened. His hips lifted off the bed into Hankyung’s wonderful ministrations.

“Please…” The word was low and gritty and imploring.

Hankyung said nothing but lifted his lips from Kyuhyun’s neck and the next time they came into contact with his skin, they were much, much lower than before. He began by pressing a line along Kyuhyun’s length. Then, as if the butterfly-light kisses weren’t enough to tease him out of his mind, Hankyung ran the tip of his tongue up and down his length.

Kyuhyun grabbed fistfuls of the linens below him as Hankyung took him completely in his mouth. The tightness that he had felt was gone from his mind, for all Kyuhyun could think about was Hankyung surrounding him with his beautiful lips, seductive tongue and hot, wet mouth. As Hankyung began to undulate on him, Kyuhyun instinctively began to lightly rock his hips into the motion. When he felt Hankyung lightly graze his teeth on him, Kyuhyun’s mouth fell open and he could no longer control the moans that he had been fighting.

Hearing Kyuhyun moan was beautiful to Hankyung’s ears, but until he had him screaming and calling his name, everything would be out of tune. With one hand lightly holding Kyuhyun’s hip, Hankyung used the other to reach behind Kyuhyun. With one finger he gently probed at Kyuhyun from behind. Immediately, Kyuhyun sucked in a sharp breath at the sudden and new sensation. When Hankyung’s finger behind him began to match the actions of Hankyung’s mouth, Kyuhyun began to lose his grip on the sheets. He felt his strength leave him as his body began to shake.

Suddenly, that tightness returned with a vengeance. It coiled tighter and tighter until it snapped. Wave after wave of release crashed down on Kyuhyun as Hankyung removed his hand from behind him, but continued to utilise his mouth.

After Kyuhyun was sated, his arms lay haphazardly to his sides, thrown in such satisfied carelessness. He stared up at the ceiling trying to regain his senses. On the final fringes of his climax, Kyuhyun was startled when Hankyung came into his eyesight again. How could he forget about Hankyung after what he had just done?

Hankyung’s lips came crashing down on Kyuhyun’s. This time it wasn’t slow or savoury as before. This time it was urgent and heated. When Kyuhyun wrapped his arms about him, he was startled to find Hankyung was naked. How long had he lain there in the bliss of his completion? Obviously long enough for the older man to undress.

“I taste myself on you…” Kyuhyun murmured as Hankyung pressed kisses all over his face,

“But I want to taste my name on your lips,” Hankyung said, his lips at Kyuhyun’s ear. He ran the tip of his tongue along the edge of his ear and Kyuhyun felt that internal coil begin to tighten again.

“Then… do it…” Kyuhyun replied boldly. He was never the proactive type, but in this - with Hankyung - he felt he could do anything.

“As you wish,” Hankyung murmured against his shoulder. He ran a hand down Kyuhyun’s side, over his hip, beneath his thigh and then lifted his leg to wrap around his waist.

“It’s going to hurt… isn’t it?” Kyuhyun suddenly questioned.

Hankyung looked suddenly into Kyuhyun’s eyes, seeing the genuine panic. Hankyung realized it would be Kyuhyun’s first time and decided to make it as painless as possible. “It is,” he replied simply, “A lot… but then it’s going to feel even better.”

Kyuhyun opened his mouth to argue but Hankyung stopped him with a kiss. It was another slow kiss. Hankyung dragged it out, leading Kyuhyun with his tongue. Hesitantly, Kyuhyun tasted Hankyung with his tongue this time. He dragged his tongue along the top ridge of Hankyung’s mouth, eliciting a moan from the him. Their tongues met in -at first- a tentative manner, but soon they were moving together, alongside one another.

As Hankyung pulled Kyuhyun deeper and deeper into the kiss, he began to slowly enter him. Kyuhyun’s eyes shot open at the sudden intrusion and he tried to pull his face away but Hankyung used his free hand to hold him in place.

Hankyung broke the kiss when he tasted the saltiness of tears. Kyuhyun held him tightly against him as Hankyung went in deeper and deeper.

“Kyu…Kyu…Kyuhyun…” Hankyung stammered as he moved his face back enough to look clearly at him, “Look at me.”

Hesitantly, Kyuhyun opened his eyes, staring up at Hankyung as the tears continued to trickle down his face,

“It’s painful for me too,” Hankyung insisted,

“How can it be-” Kyuhyun began to argue angrily when Hankyung silenced him with a kiss. When Hankyung pulled back again Kyuhyun stated, “Stop interrupting me with kisses!”

“It is painful for me. You’re so tight I feel I could break you at any moment. You’re so hot I feel like I’m suffocating,” Hankyung murmured, “If this is going to get better for either of us, you’re going to have to relax.”

“How can I relax when someone is shoving their-” Hankyung’s lips captured Kyuhyun’s again. After a brief moment, he pulled back only to hear Kyuhyun remark, “Stop doing that!”

“Then stop whining like a child!” Hankyung snapped,

“I am NOT whining!” Kyuhyun defended,

“Well stop screaming,” Hankyung replied,

“I’m not screaming!” Kyuhyun argued,

Hankyung smirked down at him, “You will be when I’m done with you.”

Kyuhyun gaped at the sudden turn in their ‘argument’. “W-w-what!?”

“I’m in you completely,” Hankyung explained, his voice suddenly soft and sultry.

As Kyuhyun paused to actually access the situation, he realized that the pain was gone. Oh, there was a soreness, but it was a good soreness. He could feel himself completely full of Hankyung and could even feel Hankyung’s blood pulsating within him.

“Kyu…Kyuhyun,” Hankyung pressed his lips to his shoulder, “I can’t wait any longer.”

In silent reply, Kyuhyun tightened his leg around Hankyung’s waist. Slowly, Hankyung began to move in and out of Kyuhyun. If Kyuhyun thought having Hankyung in him felt wonderful, having Hankyung move within him was mind-blowing. However, it wasn’t long before they both became frenzied by the friction between them. Their hips moved in sync with one another but as they approached the end, they were becoming faster and harder, craving more.

Hankyung took the leg that was around his waist and then hooked it above his shoulder, opening Kyuhyun more to him, allowing himself to get in deeper. He moved a hand to the small of Kyuhyun’s back, pressing him against him, lifting him from the mattress. He entered him again and again, each thrust pushing them both closer and closer to completion.

Suddenly, Kyuhyun felt that feeling of beautiful release. His eyes shut tightly as his whole body felt as if it were contracting and relaxing all at once.

“Hankyung…” He moaned.

It was music to his ears and with one final, powerful thrust, Hankyung let out his own cry of pleasure and found his release within Kyuhyun.

The next morning when Hankyung awoke, Kyuhyun was gone.

A few days later, Hankyung found himself where he usually found himself for nine months out of the year, the classroom. He sat at his desk in the front of the lecture room with his papers before him. Ten pages of names, each a student he would be professing to that term. He glanced at the clock on the wall, only an hour more until he would meet this year’s batch of university hopefuls. He had gone through two pages of names when the door to his classroom entered and one of his colleagues entered,

“You must really love teaching to end your vacation early,” the professor stated.

Hankyung glanced up from his papers to find the infamously, flamboyant Psychology professor standing before him. He was dressed in black pants and a black-and-white striped shirt. “You look like a mime, Heechul-sshi.”

Heechul, as the professor was named, ran a careless hand through his chin-length locks before grinning, “How’d you guess?”

Hankyung’s jaw dropped, “What!?”

“A test I want to give the students at the beginning of this year,” Heechul explained as he came over to the desk and sat on the edge, “The whole judging-things-by-their-cover and all that nonsense.”

“So what you teach is nonsense?” Hankyung asked, amused, as he raised an eyebrow,

“No, what the students think is nonsense, my job is to teach them to stop being stupid,” Heechul corrected matter-of-factly despite the mischievous grin on his face, “But back to the point - you were supposed to come back from Jeju yesterday. How come I heard you were at the pre-term meeting yesterday?”

“I got back three days ago,” Hankyung replied easily as he returned to his class lists, “How come you weren’t at the meeting?”

“I had to take my cat to the vet. Stop diverting my attention,“ Heechul rolled his eyes, “That still doesn’t answer WHY you were here.”

“Well you didn’t ask WHY,” Hankyung countered, “You asked HOW COME… which can be interpreted in different-”

“Will you just answer the question?” Heechul interjected exasperatedly,

“I just had a lot of work to catch up on so I ended my vacation early,” Hankyung answered casually,

“Work to catch up on? With what? All the stuff from last year was over and done with. What could you possibly have to work on that dragged you back from vacation early?” Heechul demanded,

“As a professor and one who enlightens the youth of tomorrow, I have to keep myself up-to-date,” Hankyung stated,

“Up-to-date? Mathematics hasn’t changed for quite some time,” Heechul pointed out,

“What’s the difference? So I come back a few days earlier than anticipated,” Hankyung said with a slight shrug of his shoulders,

“You may be the best Mathematics professor at SM University - that doesn’t give you enough reason to come home early,” Heechul stated sternly,

Hankyung rolled his eyes as he looked back down at his class lists, “You make it sound like SM U. would crumble to the ground without me.”

“Not SM U. but perhaps my world,” Heechul sighed in mock forlorn.

“Why do you teach Psychology and not Theatre?” Hankyung wondered out loud,

“They don’t take me seriously in Theatre. At least in Psychology the students have to assume I’m serious about half of the flippant things I say,” Heechul grinned,

“You’re more a psycho than a psychologist,” Hankyung muttered, “Just go away.”

“Ah-ha! So that’s it!” Heechul cried as he jumped to his feet, a finger pointed at Hankyung,

“What’s it?” Hankyung asked,

“You were dumped at Jeju,” Heechul stated matter-of-factly,

“What!? I was not!” Hankyung argued,

Heechul crossed his arms as he paced before Hankyung’s desk, watching him cautiously, “Mhmm… I can see it now. The usual tentative and predictable professor sheds his usual person for someone different, someone more - risqué! You meet someone on chance and then after that initial meeting you can’t stop thinking about them,” Heechul paused as he turned on his heel to pace the other way, “And then one night you perchance upon them once more. This time is different - this time there’s promise of more. It starts with a look and then a touch. And then suddenly it’s a passionate embrace that leads to more - SO MUCH MORE!”

Hankyung, leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest, “If you’re so smart then what happened next?”

Heechul stopped pacing and looked at him as if he were crazy, “Obviously, you were dumped. Hence why you returned early and why you’re so snappish this morning.”

“I don’t know where you get your crazy ideas, but you’ve let your imagination get ahead of you this time, Heechul-sshi,” Hankyung said coolly as he picked up one of his papers again,

Heechul scoffed as he headed towards the door, “They’re not crazy ideas, it’s a science called Psychology. As it happens, I specialize in it also,” He glanced over his shoulder at Hankyung before exiting, “Also, I can read you like a book. You reacted to strongly to my accusation before I even presented sound proof - you might want to work on that before trying to outsmart Kim Heechul!” After tossing him another mischievous grin, Heechul slipped out of the classroom.

Conversations with Heechul always ended with a headache. Hankyung learned this the first year they taught together at SM U. two years ago. His headache continued until his second class of the day. Hankyung stood by the white boards at the front of the lecture room, arms crossed loosely as he watched the first years slowly fill in the seats.

Without looking at any of his lists, he could always tell which class were freshmen. They would peek into the class room with uncertain eyes. Glance about at the other students as if gauging whether or not their peers had contagious diseases and then situate themselves in a seat that they would call ‘theirs’ for the rest of the term.

As the last few people were rushing in to be on time, Hankyung turned his backs on them and picked up a marker and began writing on the white boards a mathematical equation,

“You’ve all been to the first day of a class all your lives, so you know this is a test,” Hankyung called out as he wrote out the complex equation with such ease, without thought, “I want you all to answer this. How long it takes you and your accuracy will tell me which level you’re at. Once you feel you’ve completed this question, raise your hand. Once everyone is finished, we’ll answer it together.” When he finished it out, he stood to the side and looked down at his wristwatch, “Begin.”

He watched them all with a critical eye. Some had pulled out their calculators, so used to relying on technology to solve all of life’s problems. Others were writing down feverishly and then scratching out what they had written, only to write more. Others still were staring at the board with mouths wide open; these poor souls were in over their heads.

A hand shot up, “Yes?” Hankyung called to the boy,

He lowered his hand as he kept his eyes to his paper, “I think… I think I’m done,” He answered hesitantly before raising his gaze.

Hankyung nearly dropped the marker that instant. That boy in his classroom and the young man he had spent a memorable night with were one in the same. As if disbelieving the thought, Hankyung strode quickly to his desk to his list of student names. Because of Heechul’s interference he hadn’t gone past the first two pages. There near the bottom of the third page was a name he wanted to leave behind on Jeju Island: Kyuhyun.

“Kyu- Jo Kyuhyun?” Hankyung looked up at him. He never knew Kyuhyun’s name and at that moment he prayed it wouldn’t be right, prayed that Kyuhyun was a vastly popular name amongst young males.

He nodded in response.

Hankyung swallowed hard as he straightened to his full height and tried to regain what little strength he could. He wanted to turn away and pretend it was just another person with the same name, but he couldn’t. Just by looking at him, he knew. They were 13 metres away from one another - Hankyung calculated, not caring about those two decimal points at the moment - and although Hankyung’s sight wasn’t that great without his contacts in, he knew it was Kyuhyun. If his eyes weren’t sure about his identity, his ears sure as hell were. How could they have forgotten his melodic, sultry bass voice?

“Professor?” Kyuhyun prompted,

“W-w-we’ll wait for the rest to finish then… since you were the first one done, you can come down here after and answer the question,” Hankyung stated before adding under his breath, “Along with some questions of my own…”

Class was almost finished when everyone was finished. Hankyung called upon Kyuhyun to approach the boards and write out his solution. Kyuhyun came down the steps empty handed and began solving the question. Others may have assumed he memorized his solution, but Hankyung could tell, the way he would occasionally bite the side of his cheek or pause before writing, that Kyuhyun was solving it all over again. He finished it again soon after he had begun and, as Hankyung looked it over, confirmed it was correct.

“We’re out of time for today,” Hankyung said as he began erasing all Kyuhyun had written, “So I want everyone to go home and try to solve this again. Tomorrow we’ll go over how it’s done and then the real work begins.”

As Hankyung had his back to the students, who began packing up, Kyuhyun made to return to his seat,

“I don’t care what class you have next, you’re staying once everyone’s gone,” Hankyung’s voice was low and harsher than he had meant it to be.

Kyuhyun gave a subtle nod before heading back to his seat and packing his stuff up. When Hankyung was done with the board he returned to his desk and pretended to look over his notes. In reality, his head was facing the desktop, but his eyes were watching Kyuhyun.

Two of the other students called him to hurry up, but Kyuhyun said he had to talk to the professor first. As Hankyung watched them dash out without Kyuhyun, he recognized them as his friends from Jeju Island. Kyuhyun closed his mailbag and swung the strap across his shoulders. He came down the stairs again in a casual pace,

“You wanted to talk to me Hankyung?” He said flippantly before adding, “Or should I call you Professor?”

“Why the hell didn’t you tell me you were just a university freshman?” Hankyung demanded as he looked up from his papers,

“Because when we met I wasn’t… not yet,” Kyuhyun replied simply as he shoved his hands into his pockets,

“You know what I mean,” Hankyung said evenly,

Kyuhyun shrugged, “I didn’t think it would really matter.” When Hankyung raised an eyebrow, he continued, “I never really expected to run into you again… let alone have you as my teacher at school.”

Hankyung ignored the sudden pain he felt in his chest as he suddenly began packing his papers away into his bag, he wouldn’t have another class that day until the evening; “No wonder you never drank. It’s because you’re not legal.”

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes, “I’ve been legal since the beginning of February. I never drank because I don’t drink; not often anyway.”

“Fine, whatever - you didn’t tell me about your age, that’s partially my fault for not asking,” Hankyung muttered,

“Well you looked too young for me to consider you could be a professor,” Kyuhyun stated with a shudder, “You’re probably really ancient.”

“I skipped a few grades in school,” Hankyung snapped as he closed his bag with enthusiasm,

“Thank God,” Kyuhyun sighed, “Because if you suddenly told me that you were thirty-five or something-”

“You’d regret everything that happened between us?” Hankyung interjected, his words laced with bitterness.

Kyuhyun blinked, startled at the sudden attack, “No, that is-”

“Which brings me to my next question, why didn’t you say goodbye before you left in the morning?” Hankyung asked,

“I didn’t want to wake you,” Kyuhyun insisted,

“It’s common courtesy when you sleep with… in someone else’s hotel room,” Hankyung grounded out,

“Well, you did say I thanked you too much the night before,” Kyuhyun shrugged, “Had I known you wouldn’t have minded more thanks, I would have gladly woken you up. Besides, I had an early flight home and-”

“That’s why I couldn’t find you afterwards,” Hankyung muttered,

Kyuhyun’s eyes widened, “You looked for me?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving the next morning?” Hankyung questioned, ignoring Kyuhyun’s inquiries,

“Would that have changed anything?” Kyuhyun countered,

“It would have changed everything!” Hankyung exclaimed, throwing his arms into the air exasperatedly,

Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes, “Then I’m glad I didn’t tell you.”

He turned to leave but Hankyung jumped in front of him, stopping him, “Kyuhyun, you can’t let anyone know what went on between us in Jeju,”

“Why don’t we just forget-”

Hankyung grabbed his upper-arms tightly, “I’m serious. Teacher-student relationships are forbidden, if any of the faculty hears of us - we could both get in trouble.”

“We slept together - it was one night,” Kyuhyun said as he pulled out of Hankyung’s grasps, “I never even expected to see you again, so don’t worry about it coming from me.”

“And you’re friends? Those were the ones you were with in Jeju, right?” Hankyung crossed his arms loosely,

Kyuhyun nodded, “Yes, but Eunhyuk-sshi and Sungmin-sshi won’t say anything if I ask it of them.” Kyuhyun paused to leave when he turned back, “Don’t teachers have student lists? When my name came up didn’t you wonder?”

“I haven’t gone through all of them,” Hankyung replied, “Besides, I never knew your family name.”

Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes again as he crossed his arms over his chest, “I have something to complain about you too - why didn’t you ever tell me that Hankyung was your full name?”

Hankyung blinked, “because it’s not.”

Kyuhyun, startled, suddenly opened his mailbag and began to go through the contents before pulling out his class schedule, “But here it says Calculus - Professor Han.”

“I forget that they use my Chinese name,” Hankyung said simply. When Kyuhyun’s jaw dropped he continued, “My name is Han Geng. When I came to Korea, I adopted another name. Some know me as Han Geng, and a small handful know me as Hankyung. So, I didn’t lie about anything.”

Kyuhyun shook his head with a sigh, “I have to go, I’m late enough for my next class.”

Hankyung nodded but before Kyuhyun completely left, he called after him, “Remember- no one can find out.”

Kyuhyun looked over his shoulder, “I told you not to worry. Besides, it was just one night.”

As Hankyung watched him bound out the door, that pain returned to his chest. He ignored it profusely as he collected his things and left his classroom. If Kyuhyun was going to think of it as just one night, then he would too; no matter how much it hurt.

(For the sequel: Revealed Desires)


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kyuhyun... i fall in love with this guy lately... and it was just awesome that you wrote this kyuhan.... and an amazing story too.... love this too much....

followurdestiny said...

ohh sequel! sequel! Can't wait! ♥

Anonymous said...

I love your writing! This is fantastic so far, I can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

you're a fabulous writer !
i love hankyu...there's not
a lot of that around

and kyu's so cavalier about
what happened O.o
i bet he still wants hannie XD

Anonymous said...

omgg noo wayy! just one night, but it's so hard to tinkk that when hannie thinks more of it then he may should have

Anonymous said...

HA! Another student/teacher relationship!

I'm already addicted!!! *__*

-off to read the rest-

Anonymous said...

Awww I love Kyuhan, love your story, but I like it more Kyu being top and Geng bottom hahahahaha ;)