“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Monday, September 15, 2008

[015] Revealed Desires

theme: o15. Lick
pair: Heechul/Hankyung
rate: PG13
words: 6058
#: 72/100
(Sequel to Desires)

When Kyuhyun’s next class ended, his professor called him to stay a moment if he didn’t have another class. As Kyuhyun conceded, he wondered why his professors kept wanting to have a word with him after class. As the other students left, Kyuhyun approached the front of the lecture room and leaned his hips back against one of the front desks,

“Professor Park-”

“Please just call me Eeteuk, everyone does and everything else is too formal,” His sociology professor said as he came and sat on one of the front desks beside him,

“But… I thought your name was Jungsu,” Kyuhyun stammered,

“It is,” He replied easily, but gave no other explanations,

“Oh… oh um… Okay. Eeteuk-sshi, what did you want to speak to me about?” Kyuhyun asked hesitantly,

“Well, you were fifteen minutes late for class. And although I give some students time to find class on their first day… the harried way you came in, I felt it was more than just getting lost,” Eeteuk explained, “I know I’m your professor and I’m a stranger to you, but you’ll find I’m a good listener if you need someone.”

“I just ran into an ex,” Kyuhyun said lightly,

“That’s always fun,” Eeteuk replied dryly,

“Well, it’s more of an acquaintance… I don’t know what to call what we had,” Kyuhyun sighed, “We met over the break before the start of this school year and… we connected almost immediately.” Kyuhyun wasn’t sure why, but he suddenly opening up to his professor, “Long story short, I left abruptly and when we ran into each other today, to call them mad is the least of it.”

Eeteuk raised an eyebrow as he crossed his arms loosely, “Long story short as in you slept with them and left without a goodbye?”

Kyuhyun blinked, “How did you-”

“I specialize in Sociology,” he shrugged, “I guessed the norm of freshmen and what I was like.”

“You don’t look that old…” Kyuhyun muttered,

Eeteuk grinned, a single dimple appearing in the left corner of his mouth, “Thanks for noticing! Actually… if I’m calculating this correctly and taking into account those few years I skipped, I’m only a few years older than you, of course I’d probably have to go over those calculations with Professor Han to get that right.”

“Professor Han? As in Hankyung?” Kyuhyun asked, the words leaving him before he could stop himself,

Eeteuk raised an eyebrow, “Only his close… how do you know that name?” Eeteuk watched Kyuhyun carefully as he thought up an answer. When Kyuhyun took a second too long to reply, Eeteuk gasped, “Your ex is Hankyung, isn’t it!?”

Kyuhyun held up his hands to quiet Eeteuk, “Please keep your voice down! If it got out-”

“It’d cause a lot of problems,” Eeteuk nodded knowingly before adding quietly, “Oh, you’re right, mad was the least of what he was.”

Kyuhyun sighed as he stuffed his fists into his pockets, “I know but… had I known I would run into him again, I would have done some things differently.”

“Like not hooked up with your teacher?” Eeteuk suggested cheekily,

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes, “Like said goodbye before I left.”

“How about telling him you were a student?” Eeteuk grinned mischievously,

“I don’t see what the difference is - he didn’t tell me he was a teacher. It was all irrelevant when we were at Jeju Island,” Kyuhyun stated,

Eeteuk nodded in agreement, “Well, I’ll keep your secret, Hankyung’s a good friend of mine.”

Kyuhyun watched Eeteuk warily, “Why do I not feel good about you knowing?”

“Probably because I’m never going to let Hankyung live down the fact that he was dumped by a freshman,” Eeteuk grinned before sighing, “If you have anymore problems with him, just tell me and I’ll take care of him.”

Kyuhyun thought it over quietly. He didn’t want Hankyung to get in trouble with his friends, let alone get taunted by what had happened, “Is it okay if… I just come and talk to you rather than tell you stuff?”

Eeteuk raised an eyebrow, “Ah, the differences between talking to someone and telling someone something - don’t want Hankyung to get in trouble with me?”

Kyuhyun shrugged silently, but that was answer enough for Eeteuk,

“Hankyung told me some of the things that happened at Jeju,” Eeteuk said slowly as he stared straight ahead of himself at the white boards at the front of the classroom, “But I wonder, are you truly frivolous about the entire thing? You did say you connected immediately.”

“I had fun in Jeju, I won’t deny that… and we did connect, that’s for sure. If you’re asking how I feel about having him back in my life I honestly don’t know,” Kyuhyun said simply, “I never expected to run into him again, let alone have to see him most days of the week as my teacher.”

“Kyuhyun! There you are!”

Eeteuk and Kyuhyun looked to one of the doors where Kyuhyun’s friends, the very same who had been with him in Jeju Island, were waiting for him.

“Lunch - food - up for it?” One asked,

Kyuhyun nodded, “I’ll see you in class, Eeteuk-sshi.”

Eeteuk nodded in silent dismissal. Before Kyuhyun got too far he called out, “Thank you for telling me the truth.”

Kyuhyun paused before replying, “We were just talking,” and then he left with his friends.

Hankyung was waiting in line to pay for the food he bought from the school’s cafeteria when Heechul came up to him, still dressed in his mime clothes,

“How were your first classes?” Hankyung asked as he inspected the sandwich he was planning to purchase,

Heechul gave him a big grin and stuck up his thumbs for emphasis,

“I guess your students fell for your trick?” Heechul gave him a slanted look, so Hankyung corrected himself, “I mean your test?”

Heechul nodded again,

Hankyung sighed as the line moved forward, “Are you telling me that you didn’t tell them the truth yet?”

Heechul pointed forwards,

“Forward? In front… Tomorrow? You’re going to tell them tomorrow?” Heechul nodded. Hankyung felt that familiar headache returning. Apparently having a PhD meant nothing when another person with a PhD was playing mime.

Heechul pointed to Hankyung then the floor,

“Me - floor… The cafeteria?” Heechul nodded, “Why am I here?” Heechul nodded once more, “Well, I didn’t have a class the last hour and my next class isn’t until tonight. I’d rather save myself the grievances of going home and coming back, so I thought I’d grab some food before locking myself in my office until my next class.”

Heechul then pointed to his own forehead then to Hankyung.

Hankyung blinked, “Brain - me? What?” Heechul repeated the motion but the blank stare didn’t disappear from Hankyung’s face.

Heechul placed his hands on his hips, “I said I know something about you!”

“Professor Kim - you talked! You broke the mime vow!” A student gasped who had been passing by,

Heechul turned his gaze on the student, sweeping them from head to toe as if trying to recall who they were. He decided it would be better to distract the student rather than explain that he wasn’t a mime to begin with, “The real question - I think - is did I really talk? Am I really talking? What is talking?”

The student’s eyes widened and they walked off slowly, contemplating the questions their professor had just asked.

“That’ll keep him busy until his next class with me,” Heechul grinned,

Hankyung rolled his eyes as the line moved again, “So what is it that you supposedly know about me?”

“A certain Sociology professor told me that someone you met on Jeju Island goes to school here,” Heechul said quietly,

“Eeteuk…” Hankyung muttered bitterly, he was only close to one Sociology professor, but how had he found out? Was Kyuhyun going around telling everyone despite promising not to say a word?

“Indeed! Now, at first I was hurt that you didn’t tell me,” Heechul lamented, “but now that I know - I want to know, who is it?” He asked, smiling brightly and eyes dancing.

Hankyung glanced at him, seeing the mischief in his friend’s eyes, “No.”

Heechul’s expression dropped immediately, “But-but…”

“3000 won,” The cashier said as Hankyung stepped up,

Hankyung went to fish money out of his pocket when Heechul handed over a 5000 won bill. The cashier handed over the change and they walked away, “I paid for your food - now tell me who!” Heechul said, almost bouncing on his feet and licking his lips in anticipation,

“Why do you even want to know?” Hankyung questioned, “You hate meddling in other people’s lives.”

“Wanting to know and wanting to meddle are on completely different levels,” Heechul countered. He moved to stand in front of Hankyung’s path when he bumped into a student, “Ah - I’m so sorry!” He picked up the book the student had dropped,

“It’s okay Professor, really,” the student insisted, bowing to him. When he straightened, his eyes wandered to Hankyung and widened, “Aren’t you-”

Suddenly his companion covered his mouth with his hand, “Come on Eunhyuk, Sungmin saved us seats over there,” Kyuhyun stated, a hand at his friend’s back in an attempt to propel him off,

“Jo-sshi,” Hankyung said casually, slightly bowing his head in greeting,

“Hankyu…. Professor Han,” Kyuhyun reciprocated with a bow before pushing Eunhyuk away.

As the pair walked off, Hankyung couldn’t help but follow Kyuhyun with his eyes. Heechul, however was watching Hankyung,

His eyes widened with realization, “Is that-”

Hankyung immediately pressed his palm to Heechul’s lips, “Finish that sentence and I’ll never speak to you again.”

Heechul nodded and Hankyung removed his hand. Heechul smirked, “I see how we could never be - you like them young.”

Hankyung rolled his eyes as he brushed past Heechul and made to leave the cafeteria, but Heechul only followed.

When Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun reached the table which their friend, Sungmin had saved for them all, Eunhyuk plopped down in his seat and stared at Kyuhyun questioningly,

“So I’m not crazy - That’s the guy from Jeju Island you were always talking to,” Eunhyuk stated as he took off his backpack and pulled out a lunchbox,

Kyuhyun nodded as he pulled out a water bottle from his mailbag,

“Really?” Sungmin blinked as stopped eating his soup to look around the cafeteria, “Where is he? I don’t see him.”

“He already left,” Kyuhyun said as he opened the bottle and took a small sip,

“You called him - oh my God! Kyuhyun he’s a professor!” Eunhyuk exclaimed.

Kyuhyun kicked his shins beneath the table, “Care to say that even louder? Do you know how bad it is that I know what happened, let alone letting the rest of the school know?”

Eunhyuk had the decency to blush before looking down at his lunch and beginning to eat,

“Really? A professor? Which?” Sungmin asked as he put down his spoon,

“Our Calculus Prof,” Kyuhyun answered quietly,

Sungmin picked up his spoon and bit down on it in thought, “I kept wondering why he looked so familiar… And this whole time I thought I was just hallucinating from fatigue,” Sungmin chuckled as he took a hefty spoon-full of soup, “It’s good to have some peace of mind.”

“I’m glad one of us is finding some solace in the discovery that - what was it again - OH YEAH. I slept with our professor,” Kyuhyun muttered darkly, his words laced with sarcasm,

Sungmin rolled his eyes, “It’s not like you knew at the time. Besides, how do you think HE feels? If anyone else found out, he could end up losing his job.”

Kyuhyun sighed, “Which reminds me, you guys can’t say anything to anyone.”

“Of course,” Eunhyuk and Sungmin stated in unison,

“We’re your best friends, we wouldn’t go against what you want,” Eunhyuk said,

“Not to mention we know that the consequences would be bad for you - let alone Professor Han,” Sungmin added, “Don’t worry Kyuhyun, no one will know what happened on the last night we were at Jeju Island.”

Kyuhyun let himself relax for the first time since talking to Hankyung. “Thank you.”

The next day, Kyuhyun didn’t have a class until after noon, however he sought out a teacher long before noon. After half an hour of several faculty members direction Kyuhyun to all extreme directions of SM U.’s campus, Kyuhyun finally found a door with the correct name plate on the front,

“For the last time - you can’t use shopping on your Sociology essay on culture!”

Kyuhyun blinked in the doorway as he stared at Eeteuk sitting at his desk, an exasperated look on his face, “Erm… Eeteuk-sshi?”

Eeteuk reddened and beckoned him in, “Sorry, sorry… I have a student that keeps bothering me, asking if she can … well, I’m sure you heard what I just said. I thought it was her again.”

“Maybe she just wants a reason to talk to you,” Kyuhyun jested lightly,

Eeteuk rolled his eyes as he turned towards his computer, “I don’t want to go through that again…” He let out a sigh before prompting, “So what’s YOUR reason to talk to me? Wait,” he glanced in the corner of his eye, “Is this talking or telling?”

“Talking,” Kyuhyun replied, “Well… more like asking.”

Eeteuk nodded, gesturing for him to continue as he started typing on his computer,

“Well… I know SM U. has a lot of faculty and there’s a small chance you might know who I’m talking about, but there’s this professor that was dressed like a mime-”

“Professor Kim Heechul,” Eeteuk said immediately.

“Are- are you sure?” Kyuhyun asked,

“Is he about,” Eeteuk glanced over at Kyuhyun, looking him from head to toe, “Your height? Maybe an inch or so shorter?”

Kyuhyun nodded,

“Was his hair either down and chin-length, or pulled back in a pony tail with chin-length bangs?”

“Up with bangs,” Kyuhyun answered,

“Yup, that’s Professor Kim - teaches Psychology,” Eeteuk confirmed as he continued his work on the computer, “Why do you ask? Are you taking his class?”

“No, but… I saw him the other day with Hankyung and although Professor Kim looked enthusiastic, Hankyung looked like someone had just told him pi was exactly 3,” Kyuhyun explained,

“Have you ever met or spoken to Professor Kim?” Eeteuk asked absent-mindedly,

“No…” Kyuhyun said slowly, not sure where his professor was going with this,

“Then consider yourself lucky,” Eeteuk said, “Professor Kim is actually a friend of Hankyung and myself. They both started teaching here around the same time, by then I was already in my third year of teaching.”

“Is he a GOOD friend? Because from the way you just talked of him and from Hankyung’s expression,” Kyuhyun trailed off, not wanting to disrespect a teacher, especially in front of one of said teacher’s friends.

“He’s a very good friend,” Eeteuk insisted as he typed away, “However if someone doesn’t know him that well, that person would think Professor Kim wasn’t the greatest person in the world even though - to his very close friends, we know otherwise.”

“So why did Hankyung look not in the least happy to be with him?” Kyuhyun inquired, the questions suddenly flowing from his lips as the answers became accessible,

“Who knows, even to those who care about him the most, Professor Kim can drive a person crazy,” Eeteuk shrugged, “So, why the questions of Professor Kim? Jealous he’s hanging around Hankyung?”

“What? No!” Kyuhyun insisted, “Like I said, Hankyung didn’t seem too impressed to be in his company and I was worried-”

“As a lover?” Eeteuk asked casually,

“As a friend!” Kyuhyun crossed his arms angrily,

Eeteuk finished what he was doing, stood up, came around his desk and leaned his hips back against his desk. Crossing his arms loosely he stared at Kyuhyun with amusement in his eyes, “If you say so.”

Kyuhyun huffed, “I do!”

After teaching a Statistics class on the second day of school, Hankyung retreated to his office. He had barely sat down in his chair when a certain Psychology professor strode in,

“Oh Hankyung!” Heechul said in a sing song voice as he sat down on Hankyung’s desk, staring down at him with a smile,

“Oh go away,” Hankyung muttered as he put his head down on his desk and crossed his arms around his head,

“But I thought you’d like to know I saw your freshman today!” Heechul stated,

“He’s not my freshman,” Hankyung snapped,

“But you want him to be - again, that is,” Heechul teased,

“If you’re going to stay, fine, but don’t talk about him,” Hankyung muttered,

“But I saw him going into someone’s office,” Heechul stated as he looked down at his hands, analyzing his perfectly groomed nails,

“So what?” Hankyung replied, turning his head away from Heechul,

“What if he’s lured into the bed of another teacher?” Heechul asked in mock concern,

Hankyung raised his head and glared at Heechul, “Are you insinuating that it was I who lured HIM? That HE was the victim?”

“Well… it’s either that or you got led by the cock by a freshman…” Heechul looked at him innocently, “Which is it?”

“… Go away,” Hankyung muttered bitterly before putting his head back down,

Heechul sighed heavily, “If you insist, I only wanted to tell you in case you were worried about your freshman-”

“He’s not my freshman!”

“And the fact that I saw him entering the office of a teacher who’s had a past with his students,” Heechul said casually as he hopped off the desk and headed out the door. He had opened the door when he felt a hand grip his shoulder painfully, “But I’m probably just letting that crazy imagination of mine getting ahead of myself…”

“Who?” Hankyung said darkly, suddenly standing right behind Heechul, his fingers almost bruising on Heechul’s shoulder,

Heechul looked up at him innocently, “Our good friend, Eeteuk-sshi.”

When Hankyung abruptly burst into Eeteuk’s room a few minutes later, he found Eeteuk standing before his desk, leaning his hips back and his arms crossed loosely about his torso. Sitting before him in a chair, his mailbag on the ground and lax in his seat was - as Heechul told him - Kyuhyun.

“Hankyung, nice of you to join us,” Eeteuk grinned happily, “This is one of my students, Jo Kyuhyun.” Eeteuk stared at him innocently, his smile big and dimpled, “Have you two met?”

Hankyung ignored Eeteuk’s smiles and stared at Kyuhyun’s back. He hadn’t moved since he had entered and, as far as Hankyung could see, wasn’t about to move or look at him anytime soon.

“He’s actually in my Calculus class,” Hankyung said casually, assuming a nonchalant air, “And I have to talk to him about something,”

“Oh?” Eeteuk raised a curious eyebrow, “And what would that be?”

“Teacher-student confidentiality, you know that,” Hankyung said as Kyuhyun stood up and grabbed his bag, “We’ll go to my office, Jo-sshi,”

Kyuhyun bowed to his sociology professor, “Thanks, Eeteuk-sshi,” and then he walked past Hankyung to the hallway,

“Just start walking down that way,” Hankyung pointed, “I’ll catch up to you in a second.”

Kyuhyun looked at him sceptically before nodding and heading off first.

“You enjoyed that,” Hankyung crossed his arms,

“Thoroughly,” Eeteuk grinned, “So, how’d you know he was with me?”

“Heechul,” Hankyung said simply, “He got me all riled up and then it turns out Kyuhyun was with you this whole time.”

“How’d he get you riled up?” Eeteuk asked as he pushed himself off his desk and went back around to sit before his computer,

“He said that Kyuhyun was with a teacher who’s… been with a student before,” Hankyung answered hesitantly,

Eeteuk froze, his fingers hovering above his keys. He let out a slow breath then continued his work, “That’s a low blow.”

“I think he was just being mischievous,” Hankyung offered tentatively,

“You better be off before Kyuhyun decides to run away from you,” Eeteuk muttered, his smile and bright aura completely dissipated,

“I wanted to ask you how you knew it was Kyuhyun,” Hankyung confessed,

“That can wait for another time,” Eeteuk replied as he focused on his computer, “And when I’m in a better mood.”

“If you say so,” Hankyung said. When Eeteuk said nothing, he knew he had been dismissed. He left quietly, closing the door firmly behind him then sprinted off to catch up to Kyuhyun.

The walk to Hankyung’s office was awkward to say the least.

“So, do you talk to Professor Park often?” Hankyung asked tentatively,

“As often as one would talk to their teacher,” Kyuhyun replied casually,

“You two seemed closer than that… and you called him Eeteuk,” Hankyung pointed out,

“Everyone calls him Eeteuk-”

“Only his close friends do,” Hankyung interjected,

Kyuhyun grew quiet a moment before replying, “Well, he told me to call him that.” Silence fell upon them and as they were approaching his office, Kyuhyun broke it with a question, “Are you and Professor Kim really close?”

Hankyung blinked at Kyuhyun as he reached to unlock his office door and open it for them, “Kyuhyun, we’re in Korea, you’re going to have to be more specific than just ‘Professor Kim’.”

“Psychology,” Kyuhyun offered, not remembering what the professor’s first name had been,

“Ah, Heechul-sshi, yeah he’s a friend of mine,” Hankyung said as they stepped into his office,

“Didn’t look like you were friends when you were in the cafeteria yesterday,” Kyuhyun said casually as he took a seat in the office.

Hankyung’s eyebrows raised in shock as he approached his desk. Could it be that Kyuhyun, in truth, cared more than he had been letting on? He furtively watching Kyuhyun as the freshman sat in his chair, eyes wandering about the office. Instead of sitting in his chair, he sat on the edge of his desk, facing Kyuhyun,

“When you left Jeju Island, did it ever cross your mind that we could run into each other again?” Hankyung asked casually,

“Nope,” Kyuhyun answered quickly - too quickly for Hankyung’s liking.

“It never crossed your mind what would happen under those circumstances? What could happen?” Hankyung prompted, arms crossed loosely,

Kyuhyun’s wandering eyes rested on Hankyung. Looking at him suspiciously he answered, “That’s crossed my mind.”


“And I dismissed it since I never thought we would meet again,” Kyuhyun said simply,

“And yet here we are…” Hankyung stated, trailing off at the end.

“What are you saying Hankyung?” Kyuhyun asked, suddenly standing up from his chair,

“I’m just saying, we’ve been given this chance encounter, should we not indulge ourselves and take advantage of this fortuitous meeting?” Hankyung inquired lightly as he slid off his desk and took a step towards Kyuhyun.

“Chance and fortune are in the eye of the beholder,” Kyuhyun stated sternly, despite taking a step backwards in the direction of the door.

“I think they’re more that just perspective when it comes to us,” Hankyung said quietly, taking another step towards him,

“There is no us, Hankyung,” Kyuhyun insisted as he continued to back up and Hankyung continued to approach, “That ended in Jeju, remember?”

“It didn’t end, it was merely put on pause,” Hankyung countered as he gradually closed the distance between them, the look of a predator in his eyes,

“W-w-well, it did end because my attraction to you ended when I left the island,” Kyuhyun stammered, losing his composure as he felt the door at his back, but still Hankyung approached.

Suddenly, Hankyung was before him, practically against him. He leaned a forearm on the door by Kyuhyun’s head, bringing their bodies ever so closer.

“Did it really end in Jeju, Kyuhyun?” Hankyung asked quietly, his breath tickling Kyuhyun’s ear, “Because it didn’t for me.”

Kyuhyun squirmed, trying to move away from Hankyung, but his teacher suddenly planted a foot in between his own. Kyuhyun then tried to at least turn his head away, but Hankyung’s other hand came up and held the side of his face, forcing Kyuhyun to look at him as he held him captive against the door,

“If anything - you leaving so suddenly kindled the fire,” Hankyung said huskily, his lips now brushing against Kyuhyun’s earlobe every so often, “Hasn’t it crossed your mind - what if you hadn’t left? What if you stayed longer?” Hankyung pressed flush against Kyuhyun, “What if that night never ended?”

Kyuhyun tried to push Hankyung away, but that only caused body parts to rub against each other and an unintended groan escaped through Kyuhyun’s lips. That was cause enough for Hankyung to press his lips against Kyuhyun’s. Kyuhyun fought against him as long as he could but then before he even realized it, he was tasting Hankyung again, his tongue probing into his hyung’s mouth.

One hand still cradling the side of Kyuhyun’s face, Hankyung reached down between them with his other hand and cupped Kyuhyun against his jeans. When Hankyung began to insistently rub him, Kyuhyun had to break the kiss to let out a deep-throated moan.

“You can fight it all you want Kyuhyun, but your body remembers and your body craves,” Hankyung’s voice was low and sultry in Kyuhyun’s ear, “As does mine,” he moved his hand from Kyuhyun and grinded his hips against his dongsaeng’s.

Kyuhyun bit down on his lip when he felt Hankyung hard and against him,

“After I found out you were in my class, all I could think of last night was taking you on the desk or on the floor or against the wall like now,” Hankyung murmured,

Kyuhyun blinked, as if suddenly realizing something. He then forcibly pushed Hankyung off of him, “W-w-we can’t,” Kyuhyun stammered as he tried to curb the heat that was flickering through his body, specifically down below.

“Oh, yes we can,” Hankyung said as he took a step towards Kyuhyun again,

Kyuhyun held up his hands to stop Hankyung, “I can’t,” Kyuhyun stated firmly, eyes narrowed in determination,

“Kyuhyun,” Hankyung held out a hand to him,

“No,” Kyuhyun shook his head as he reached behind him to find the door knob, “I can’t. Not again… not ever…I… I’m sorry.” Kyuhyun’s gaze dropped to the ground, “Maybe you can find someone else who’ll keep the fire going.”

Before Hankyung could respond, Kyuhyun was out the door and gone once more. This time, when pain constricted his chest, Hankyung sat down at his desk and allowed it to stay, allowed it to overtake his thoughts. He knew now what that pain was correlated with and he hated it.

The next morning, the third day of classes and a Wednesday. His Calculus class ran three times a week for an hour, which meant that today, he would have to endure having Kyuhyun so close to him for an hour… and yet he was still so far.

After his second class of the day, which was the one Kyuhyun was a part of, Hankyung packed his things quickly and was out the door before half his students. With a break until later that day, Hankyung immediately retreated to his office.

He sat there for an hour and then a knock came to his door. He didn’t reply, but the door opened anyway,

“I don’t know why you bother knocking when you’re going to come in anyway,” Hankyung muttered as he began opening files on his computer as if he had been busy that past hour,

“Well, I know you’re here when the door’s unlocked. If it was locked I couldn’t have come in, could I?” Heechul asked as he came and sat at a chair by the desk, “What’s wrong?”

“What makes you think something’s wrong?” Hankyung asked tightly as he began to review his lesson for his evening classes,

“Well often you’re in a bad mood halfway through our conversations, but this time you’re mad from the beginning,” Heechul commented easily as he leaned back in his chair, arms resting on the armrests and one knee crossed over the other. Today, the flamboyant professor was dressed in slacks and a simple button-up shirt, his hair pulled back into a ponytail.

“Just something the freshman said yesterday,” Hankyung said absent-mindedly as he focused his eyes on the computer screen,

“Ah, I had forgotten about that,” Heechul said, “I thought sending you over to fetch him from Eeteuk would throw the two of you back together… Had I known it would’ve ended like this I… I wouldn’t have said anything.”

“You still would’ve said something,” Hankyung argued, “You just would’ve gone a different approach with it. But whether or not sending me to Eeteuk’s office was your fucked up idea or not, doesn’t change the fact that I’m the one who messed up.”

Heechul raised an eyebrow, “What did you do?”

Hankyung shook his head, not wanting to go over the details, “Maybe he’s right and I should go find someone else.”

“He said that?” Heechul blinked, “What’s so great about your freshman? He sounds like a jerk!”

Hankyung shrugged as he leaned back in his chair and moved his gaze to the window by his desk, “I wonder if it’s me who’s a jerk, not him… People often have one-night stands and walk away without a thought… and yet here I am trying to get more than just a one-night stand with him.”

“Do you LIKE your freshman? Has that ever entered your mind? That perhaps you’ve fallen for the kid?” Heechul questioned,

“I’ve thought about it, but after yesterday and what we talked about,” Hankyung sighed as he ran a hand through his raven locks, “I don’t know… maybe I’m just a horny Math Professor.”

Heechul rolled his eyes as he stood up and walked over to Hankyung.

“What are you doing?” Hankyung asked as he looked up at his colleague,

“Testing your horny theory,” Heechul said simply as he pushed his sleeves up to his elbows and licked his lips, “Pucker up,” Hankyung opened his mouth to protest, but his words were smothered when Heechul captured his lips with his own.

“Hankyung I wanted-”

Heechul suddenly straightened. Both Heechul and Hankyung stared at the office doorway where Kyuhyun stood, one hand still on the doorknob. Kyuhyun’s cheeks reddened, but Hankyung knew it wasn’t from embarrassment.

Hankyung suddenly stood from his chair, “Kyuhyun, it’s not-”

“I’m sorry I interrupted,” Kyuhyun grounded out, eyes narrowed darkly as his knuckles whitened from gripping the knob so tightly. He bowed to them both before leaving, the door slamming behind him.

Hankyung stood there a moment, dazed when Heechul smacked him in the back of his head, “Why are you still standing here!? Go after your freshman!”

He didn’t need to be told twice.

Hankyung caught up to Kyuhyun easily in the corridor, empty since classes were running at the time. However when he tried to grab him, Kyuhyun would fling off his hold and increase his steps’ speed. Frustrated, Hankyung finally stepped in front of Kyuhyun, when he tried to step around him, Hankyung gripped tightly on his wrist and dragged him over to the nearest, empty classroom.

Hankyung practically threw Kyuhyun within the barren classroom and slammed the door behind him, locking it.

“What do you want!?” Kyuhyun demanded,

“I want you to listen!” Hankyung countered, “What you saw looked bad, I’ll admit - but it’s NOT what you think! HE kissed ME!”

“And why should I believe that?” Kyuhyun replied bitterly, flinging his bag from his shoulder, “That’s one of the most clichéd lines I’ve ever heard!”

“Because it’s true damn it!” Hankyung argued, grabbing Kyuhyun’s upper-arms and holding him still, “Since the moment I saw you sitting in my classroom I’ve wanted nothing more than to have you.”

Kyuhyun shoved Hankyung away from him and took a deliberate step back, “And what? Your solution is to kiss someone else!?”

Hankyung didn’t know how to feel at that moment. Should he feel upset that they were fighting? Or elated because Kyuhyun was jealous. He decided on finishing this argument before feeling happy. He grabbed hold of Kyuhyun’s wrist and jerked him back towards him, “Don’t bitch to me, YOU’RE the one who wouldn’t have me! And I told you - he kissed me.”

“You weave a lot of flowery words, Professor,” Kyuhyun retorted as he whipped his wrist out of Hankyung’s grip and pushed past him towards the door,

“Maybe, but it’s how you feel too,” Hankyung said quietly, turning around to face Kyuhyun’s back as he headed for the door.

Kyuhyun froze in his steps, “No… I… I…”

“Then why else did you get so mad when you saw me with Heechul?” Hankyung challenged,

Kyuhyun stood there quietly a moment, his fists clenched and shaking slightly at his sides; “You don’t go after a person one day and the next day kiss a different person.”

“So you are jealous,” Hankyung said quietly,

Kyuhyun turned on his heel immediately, eyes dark and narrowed again, “Of course I’m jealous! How the fuck am I supposed to feel? Yesterday in your office you had me pressed up against the door, kissing me and…” He trailed off, his face flushing before continuing, “And then today - in your office again - I find you kissing someone else!”

“You told me to find someone else,” Hankyung reminded, crossing his arms loosely about his torso,

“I said maybe you could find someone else - I didn’t tell you to actually go and find someone else,” Kyuhyun stated angrily,

“What changed Kyuhyun? Yesterday you said you can’t; what? Today you can?” Hankyung demanded, eyes narrowed, “If you’re playing some game-”

“It’s not a game!” Kyuhyun insisted, “I still can’t be with you but…”

“You don’t want me to be with someone else?” Hankyung finished,

“Exactly I… I don’t want you to be with… even just the thought,” Kyuhyun threw his arms in the air exasperatedly,

“Why can’t you be with me Kyuhyun?” Hankyung asked finally,

“B-b-because you’re a teacher and I’m a student,” Kyuhyun stammered, startled at the sudden question,

“I was a teacher and you were a student in Jeju, you’ve got to do better than that,” Hankyung said evenly,

“But in Jeju Island there wasn’t a risk of you getting into trouble!” Kyuhyun exclaimed,


“In Jeju, it was irrelevant of what we are… here… here it’s different. Here if we’re together, if we’re seen or found out you could lose your job,” Kyuhyun explained, his voice suddenly quiet, the flush and anger gone from his young face, “If something… if I was the reason your life is shaken and destroyed I wouldn’t be able to forgive…” He left his words hanging in the air, allowing Hankyung to finish it himself.

Kyuhyun picked up the strap of his bag and turned to leave,

“You’re so arrogant.”

Kyuhyun froze and looked over his shoulder at Hankyung, “What did you say?”

“You’re. So. Arrogant,” Hankyung repeated slowly, emphasizing each word,

“H-h-how!?” Kyuhyun demanded, turning back to face him, his hand gripping the strap of his bag tightly,

“You think I haven’t thought of that yet? You think you’re the ONLY one to think of the consequences firsts?” Hankyung questioned angrily, “Why else do you think I was so mad when I found out you were a student? Why else do you think I demanded nothing but secrecy?”

Kyuhyun gazed at him, shocked as Hankyung closed the distance between them. Suddenly, Hankyung’s hands were on his shoulders, holding him again.

“I’ve already thought of all of those, Kyuhyun,” Hankyung stated simply, his voice soft as his hands moved to cradle his dongsaeng’s head, “You’re going to need another excuse to not be with me.”

“If… if… you know the consequences…” Kyuhyun allowed his eyes to flutter close as Hankyung slowly lowered his face to his own, “Then why would you want to… again…”

The rest of Kyuhyun’s questions were swallowed up as Hankyung brushed his lips gently against Kyuhyun’s. Then their lips were together and moving with one another in a slow and drugging kiss.

Hankyung broke the kiss for just a moment to gaze down at Kyuhyun’s eyes, glazed with desire; “You think I’m stupid enough to let you leave me a second time?”

Kyuhyun answered him by pulling him in for another kiss.

(For the sequel: Forbidden Desires)


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