“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Friday, April 3, 2009

[RQ] Perfection

pair: Sungmin/Donghae
rate: NC17
words: 4072
(Sequel to Stay and Flawed Perfection; last in the 'Perfect Couple' series)

Written for all of those who wondered about and wanted more of the Perfect Couple series.

“Happy birthday, Hae,” Sungmin murmured before wrapping his arms around Donghae’s neck to bring him closer. His hands bandaged from his burns from earlier that day prevented him from lacing his fingers, so he locked his wrists to keep his hold on the other.

“This isn’t about my birthday, Min,” Donghae whispered as they knelt on Sungmin’s bed in the dorm. “This is about you… and me…”

It had been a month since he was last able to touch Donghae, let alone hold him as thus. When Sungmin saw the look in Donghae’s eyes, he knew he was where he should be. His gaze locked with Donghae’s as he closed the distance between them. His eyes fluttered close as he felt Donghae’s lips on his own in a passionate yet sweet kiss. Then slowly, slowly, he felt Donghae lower them both down to the mattress.

Sungmin felt Donghae’s lips move against his and ran his tongue along the seem of Donghae’s lips in askance. He felt Donghae part his lips and Sungmin slipped his tongue into the other man’s mouth, deepening the kiss. Donghae tasted sweet, familiar, right. It had been too long since he last touched Donghae, held Donghae, kissed Donghae.

Sungmin reluctantly released his hold on Donghae long enough so that the younger could kneel up and pull off his shirt. Sungmin watched as he saw that familiar body become visible to him. The late afternoon sun drifted into the room, casting a golden glow on Donghae’s pale skin. Sungmin’s eyes raked up him until finally he was looking into Donghae’s eyes again and it was confirmed once more how right this was. He saw all of Donghae’s emotions in that stare. He saw the longing; he saw the lust; more importantly, he saw the love.

Slowly, Sungmin raised his bandaged hands towards Donghae in silent invitation. Instead, Donghae wrapped his fingers gently around Sungmin’s wrists. Slowly, he supinated Sungmin’s hands and leaned towards them. Sungmin clenched his eyes, preparing for the pain that would accompany touching his injured hands. However, he felt none. Instead, he felt the wings of butterflies on the light bandages surrounding his hands and fingers. He opened his eyes to see Donghae flutter kisses lightly on his burned and bandaged hands.

Donghae kept his gaze on Sungmin as he held Sungmin’s hands to his lips, caring for them with a gentleness and tenderness Sungmin had never known; he wanted to cry.

Then, Donghae lowered himself onto Sungmin and their lips met once more. Donghae dragged out the kiss, making it slow, lazy and seductive. He didn’t allow Sungmin to deepen the kiss, but when he chose to, he swept his tongue into Sungmin’s mouth. As he caressed the inside of his hyung’s mouth, he heard Sungmin’s muffled moan.

Hesitantly, Donghae broke the kiss and trailed kisses along Sungmin’s jaw and paid homage to the pale column of his neck. Sungmin tilted his head back to give Donghae more access, his eyes closing instinctively. He felt as if little fires were being ignited wherever Donghae touched, his tongue a cool reprieve on his burning neck. He tried to wrap his arms around Donghae once more, but his dongsaeng held his wrists and pinned them against the mattress on both sides of his head.

“I need you to want me,” Donghae’s lips caressed Sungmin’s ear, his words tickling him.

“I do want you,” Sungmin insisted quietly, holding in the laugh that wanted to leave him,

“Not enough,” was all Donghae said before he traced his earlobe with the tip of his tongue.

Sungmin wanted to protest, but a moan flowed from his lips instead. Instinctively, his back arched, pressing his body flush against Donghae’s and with startled realization, felt Donghae hard against his pelvis. That was all he could think about when he suddenly felt a cool breeze play along his abdomen. He looked down to see Donghae raising his shirt up, pressing kisses to his skin as it was revealed. Without barely moving him, Donghae managed to slip Sungmin’s shirt off and tossed it to the ground to join his own.

He ran his hand up and down Sungmin’s naked torso, his lips trailing down from his neck. He tongue flicked over one nipple and Sungmin began to pant. Donghae brought his hand to Sungmin’s other nipple, his fingertips teasing and rubbing, rolling until it got hard. With his tongue, he lathed and lapped, sucking at them and even playfully nipping at them. Beneath him, Sungmin was arching away from the bed, biting down on his lip to stop from crying out for more.

Suddenly, Sungmin propped himself up on his elbows to stare at Donghae as Donghae stared back at him, his hand cupping Sungmin below.


“You’re mine, remember?” Donghae interjected, his voice deep and husky as he rubbed Sungmin through his jeans.

Sungmin wasn’t sure how to reply. He and Donghae had never gone past heated kisses, this was new to him and yet… Eyes locked with Donghae’s, Sungmin slowly nodded.

Not needing anymore invitation, Donghae undid Sungmin’s jeans, slipping them down and off Sungmin along with his boxers. As that part of him sprang to life immediately, Sungmin burned red and allowed his torso to fall back onto the bed, his eyes shut tightly. He was startled to feel Donghae’s lips against his own for a moment. He opened his eyes when Donghae broke the kiss,

“I want you to watch me,” He instructed softly as he slowly moved down Sungmin’s body, his eyes never leaving Sungmin’s.

Weakly propped on his forearms again, Sungmin watched as Donghae touched his tongue to him. A yelp escaped Sungmin’s lips, and he wanted to look away from embarrassment, but Donghae’s gaze held his own. He bit down hard on his bottom lip as Donghae caressed him with his tongue. When Donghae finally took him into the heat of his mouth, Sungmin wanted to close his eyes and fall away, but Donghae wouldn’t let him.

As he moved his mouth up and down Sungmin, sucked on his length, Donghae kept his eyes locked with Sungmin’s. Donghae watched the fire in Sungmin’s dark eyes; saw them glaze over with passion. He couldn’t help himself and disengaged his mouth from Sungmin, only to move up and capture his hyung’s cry of protest with a hard kiss.

Sungmin was startled when he tasted a peculiar saltiness in the kiss. He moaned into the kiss as Donghae’s tongue caressed his own. Then, his breath caught in his throat when he felt Donghae’s hand close around him.

“Does that feel better, Min? Or my mouth?” Donghae asked gruffly as he dragged his lips from Sungmin’s to his ear. He ran his hand slowly but firmly along Sungmin, “Hand or mouth, Min?” The elder let out a shuddering moan in reply, “Hand… or mouth… Min?” Donghae repeated teasingly, his hand stilling.

Sungmin’s eyes opened, staring at him wildly, his body separated from all calm reasoning, “Hae!” He pleaded,

“Answer me,” Donghae said with a smirk as he ground his hips against Sungmin’s.

The feel of his dongsaeng’s rough jeans against his sensitive skin sent delicious shivers throughout his body. Sungmin threw his head back, panting, “Mouth… Mouth Hae… please.”

Donghae brushed his lips over Sungmin’s, “That’s what I thought,” he breathed against the light kiss before moving down his body once more.

Sungmin was about to scold the young man when he felt Donghae’s lips on him again. All words left him; Donghae’s ministrations leaving him breathless. Donghae moved up and down him, sucking harder than before. Sungmin thrashed against the mattress, his hips rising instinctively to meet Donghae’s lips. He ground his arms against the bed to contain the heat that now pulsed throughout his body. He wanted to grab something - anything - but his burned hands disallowed that. So, he writhed on the mattress, his breathing staggered and shallow as his body burned from the excruciatingly wonderful heat of Donghae’s mouth.

Donghae’s hands came to Sungmin’s eager hips and stilled them against the bed. Sungmin didn’t mind until Donghae slowed what he was doing. Sungmin held his breath as he silently willed Donghae to go faster, trying desperately to push up against Donghae’s firm hands.

“Hae!” Sungmin exclaimed, his plea on his lips. He could feel the heat building, could feel his body reaching its limit before it couldn’t take much more. He violently tried to push against Donghae’s hands, flailing against the mattress as he wanted to feel more; so much more. “HAE!” He yelled this time, but any more protests were swallowed up when Donghae suddenly grazed his teeth all along Sungmin’s length. A cry of glorious relief poured from Sungmin’s lips as wave after wave of heat pulsed from his body. He felt his body cooling from his climax as distantly he still felt Donghae’s mouth on him, sucking greedily until there was nothing left.

Sungmin gazed at Donghae through heavy lids as Donghae came up to him, capturing his lips in a sweet and consuming kiss. He tasted the saltiness of his climax and he tasted Donghae; the two were a dangerously erotic mix. The kiss went on forever, the taste like a drug to Sungmin and he made a cry of protest when Donghae broke the kiss. For a moment, they just lay like that, Donghae atop him, their gazes locked. Sungmin saw once more into Donghae’s heart, saw his feelings completely. Taking a deep, steadying breath, Sungmin cleared his eyes to let Donghae see into his own heart.

Donghae saw the moment that Sungmin opened himself completely. He saw a peculiar light shine in his hyung’s eyes and saw so much more. He felt a his heart clench at that moment, wondering how he had lived without this man for a month;

“Please,” Donghae managed, his hands going to Sungmin’s face, cradling it gently.

Hesitantly, Sungmin nodded. Donghae lowered his lips to Sungmin’s once more, their lips moving together in a beautiful waltz. One of Donghae’s hands slipped to the back of his neck, cupping it as his other hand travelled down his hyung’s body, his fingers wrapping around his limp form once more,

“I thought you…” Sungmin’s words were swallowed as he felt that familiar heat down below again,

“I need you to want me again,” Donghae explained, his eyes focused on Sungmin’s; “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“If you do…” Sungmin began to pant, his body still sensitive from his last orgasm. “If you do hurt me… It’s… Just…” His eyes fluttered close as the heat spread from his core to his extremities, “It’s just…” His breathing was laboured, his voice taking on a raspy edge as Donghae’s grip on him tightened, his strokes getting vigorous again, “It’s just what I deserve,” Sungmin grounded out as his heart began beating within his chest fiercely. “It’s just-”

Donghae cut off Sungmin’s words with a kiss; “I wouldn’t have you hurt for any reason,” he murmured against his hyung’s lips.

“Hae… I’m so sorry,” Sungmin opened his eyes as Donghae moved his head back enough to see him clearly, “I’m so-”

Donghae shook his head, “This isn’t about that, remember? This is just about you and me,” he whispered against Sungmin’s ear as he pumped him faster.

Sungmin’s arms wrapped around Donghae’s torso, his wrists locking together since his hands could not. His body twisted and undulated to the pace Donghae’s hand set. He felt the end coming faster than last time, felt the flames licking through his body quicker, burning a path through him that only Donghae could extinguish. He let out a throaty groan as he reached his climax again. Donghae continued to stroke him; this end wasn’t as strong as the last, but it came quicker and it left Sungmin even more sensitive than before.

Feeling his hand wet and covered from Sungmin’s completion, Donghae used a finger to probe Sungmin’s entrance. Sungmin’s arms tightened around him as he squirmed at the strange and uncomfortable feeling. Donghae lubricated Sungmin with the evidence of the climax, he gently worked Sungmin’s opening.

Sungmin sought Donghae’s kiss, his tongue slipping into Donghae’s mouth just as his dongsaeng’s finger slipped into him. He deepened the kiss, concentrating on it to get his mind off what Donghae was doing with his hand.

His hand still holding Sungmin’s neck, Donghae held Sungmin to the kiss as he worked Sungmin as gently as he could, sensing the discomfort in the other man. He tried to still his breathing, focus his mind, but it was hard with what he was doing; it was hard when Sungmin was kissing him like that; it was hard when he had been hard for quite some time now while Sungmin had already climaxed twice.

Sungmin’s eyes opened when he felt Donghae’s hips grind against his own which was naked. The jeans seemed even more rougher against his sensitive skin, but what he realized even more how much harder Donghae felt than before. He broke the kiss and as Donghae leaned his forehead against his own, Sungmin noticed how hard Donghae was breathing, despite being on the giving end this entire time.

“Hae,” Sungmin murmured softly, “It’s okay… I know what you need… Go ahead.”

Donghae, head still leaning against Sungmin’s and eyes peacefully shut, nodded in silent compliance. He untwined himself from Sungmin, kneeling above him. He stared down at Sungmin, all his love evident in his eyes as he undid his pants. With one swift motion, he slipped his jeans and boxers from his body and kicked them to the ground.

Sungmin took his fill of Donghae’s naked form. The sun was setting now, and the pink light that filtered into the room kissed the dongsaeng’s skin. Sungmin ran his gaze slowly up Donghae’s body, his eyes appreciating every curve and contour. He reached out his hands and Donghae knew what he wanted, grasping his forearms and pulling Sungmin into a kneeling position.

Using the backs of his bandaged hands, Sungmin ran them along Donghae’s body, making sure to kiss ever part of Donghae’s skin with his hands.

“Beautiful,” Sungmin whispered as he leaned down, pressing a kiss to the hollow of Donghae’s neck. His arms wrapped around Donghae’s waist, pulling their bodies flush against one another as his lips massaged little kisses along the column of Donghae’s neck. “So damn beautiful,” he repeated as his kisses moved higher until Sungmin was staring directly into Donghae’s eyes, “So damn perfect.”

Donghae felt his heart wildly beating at Sungmin’s words, dripping with sincerity; he felt hot tears sting his eyes as he saw the blatant adoration and love in the other’s eyes. Suddenly, all the hot passion within him cooled and he wanted nothing more than to love this man; love him slowly so that he felt every movement, remembered every moment.

He raised his hands to Sungmin’s face, cradling it preciously in his hands as he captured his lips with his own. The kiss was slow and sweet, invoking tender memories of their time together before the break up. As their tongues met and caressed one another in a slow seduction, Donghae gently lowered them to the bed once more.

One hand cupping the back of Sungmin’s neck once more, Donghae brought his other hand to the back of one of Sungmin’s knees, hooking it on his hip. He urged Sungmin’s hips to raise more and pressed the tip of himself against Sungmin’s opening, glad to feel he was still wet. Hesitantly, Donghae broke the kiss, instead holding Sungmin’s head against his shoulder as slowly, he pushed in the head.

A cry ripped through Sungmin’s throat as he felt he was being torn in half. His wrists locked behind Donghae’s neck, his eyes glued to the ceiling as his vision blurred with hot tears. His heart was pounding painfully in his chest and his lungs were gasping for air as Donghae pushed in a little more.

“Hae… it hurts… it hurts so bad,” Sungmin cried as he felt himself being stretched.

“I know Min… I know,” Donghae murmured, his breath kissing Sungmin’s ear. He pushed in a little more and Sungmin let out a strangled sob, “I can stop… I can stop.”

Somehow, Donghae’s words broke through Sungmin’s pain and he shook his head violently in refusal, “No… No Hae,” He grounded out, hugging him tighter, “It hurt more to lose you.”

“We don’t have to do this for you to keep me,” Donghae insisted, raising his head enough to see Sungmin’s face clearly,

Sungmin shook his head again, “I want this… I want this for me… for you… for us.” Donghae’s eyes searched Sungmin’s for a silent answer, so he nodded.

“I’m sorry,” Donghae whispered before lowering his mouth to Sungmin’s.

As their lips met in a kiss meant to distract, Donghae pushed even more into Sungmin’s body. Sungmin cried into their kiss. He turned his head away from Donghae’s, burying his face into his dongsaeng’s shoulder. Donghae moved his hand which had been cupping Sungmin’s neck, so that that arm wrapped around his shoulders, holding Sungmin more securely to him. Taking a steadying breath, Donghae pushed even further into his hyung. Sungmin bit down hard on Donghae’s shoulder to stifle the scream that wanted to escape his lips.

“Easy… easy…” Donghae managed in a strained voice as he felt Sungmin tense around him. He turned his head to press a kiss to the other man’s temple, “I wanted to cause you the least amount of pain… but perhaps going slow made it worse.” Sungmin didn’t reply, “I’m going in fast and hard now Min… it’ll hurt, but it won’t be as drawn out, okay?” Still no reply, “Min. Okay?” He nuzzled his nose against Sungmin’s temple.

In reply, Sungmin turned his head, his lips meeting Donghae’s.

Donghae gripped Sungmin’s thigh against his hip tighter and, taking a deep breath, slammed the rest of himself into Sungmin’s body. Donghae tasted Sungmin’s scream; feeling his heart clench painfully when he felt Sungmin’s tears on his own cheeks. He felt Sungmin’s arms tighten around his neck, so he secured his arm around Sungmin’s shoulders more.

Sungmin fought the cries that wanted to be borne from his body, felt the pain jolt throughout his body. He disengaged his teeth from Donghae’s shoulder, pressing his lips against the bite marks. He breathed slowly, feeling Donghae still in his embrace. He could feel Donghae’s laboured breathing, could feel the tremble in his hold as he concentrated to keep control. Sungmin shut his eyes tightly, willing his body to adjust faster, willing the pain to go away.

The pain ate at him, then ebbed. The intrusion was still there, the throbbing still burned, but now accompanying it were threads of a different feeling; a familiar feeling. As they lay still for a moment longer, Sungmin began to feel Donghae pulse within him, felt their beats sync together. Suddenly the pain seemed to hint at something more, something so much more. Sungmin tried to shift his hips to accommodate Donghae better and let out a surprised cry; moving had amplified one of those familiar threads and his body knew what he wanted before even he realized it.

“Hae,” Sungmin gasped as he raised his hips again and felt another thread - of what he now recognized as desire - shoot through him, “Please.”

“Thank you,” he grounded out as this time, Donghae lowered his forehead to Sungmin’s shoulder as he began to move his hips.

In a rhythm that seemed to match the pulses Sungmin felt, Donghae moved in and out of Sungmin slowly. Sungmin heard Donghae groan into his shoulder with each thrust; could feel Donghae shiver with each rub. He held Donghae against him as slowly, the pain was a faint memory, replaced by something greater.

Sungmin was tight around him, painfully so; wonderfully so. Donghae gritted his teeth to stop himself from moaning his pleasure as he undulated against Sungmin. His hands gripped Sungmin tighter as he tried to keep his lust under control. For too long he had kept the fires in check; for too long he had kept his passion on the back burner so that he could give to Sungmin first. Now that he was finally getting his, his hold was straining, threatening to break under the pressure of his building desire for his hyung in his arms.

“I want more too,” Sungmin whispered, as if reading his thoughts.

Donghae held onto his control a moment longer before Sungmin’s words registered and obliterated his hold. His fingers gripped Sungmin to a bruising point as his pelvis moved fluidly as if moving to a faster beat. With each thrust, Donghae seemed to be garnering more strength despite his heart pounding and his breathing staggered.

When Donghae had begun to quicken his pace, he had adjusted his angle slightly and suddenly all those threads of desire Sungmin had begun to feel suddenly strengthened and amplified their hold on the older man. Sungmin’s breath hitched more and more with each pound of Donghae’s hips against him.

The fire was back again with a vengeance. It raged in Sungmin’s body and flowed into Donghae’s. It lit their skin on fire, awakening all of their senses to each other. Sungmin had never been more aware of Donghae and Donghae of Sungmin. What they saw, what they heard, what they smelled, what they tasted, what they felt was completely of just one another, creating a perfect harmony between their bodies.

Sungmin felt his skin tingle with the heat and he bit down on his lip, knowing he was reaching the end again. Donghae filled him again and again and even though Sungmin couldn’t get enough of what he wanted, his body was reaching its limit. His body convulsed suddenly with heat saturated in all things Donghae. He wanted to cry out his name and did so as he pulled Donghae’s lips to his own;

“I love you, Donghae,” he breathed into their kiss.

Donghae tasted his name in Sungmin’s kiss, felt him tighten and contract around him. The heat that had been building since this began wrapped around him, coiling around him like a rope made of flames. Those tongues of fire licked desire throughout Donghae’s body as Sungmin felt the ending shocks of his own completion.

The heat tightened around him more and more until he couldn’t take it. He let out a growl as his climax hit him powerfully. He dug his face against Sungmin’s shoulder as wave after wave of pleasure swept through his body, starting from his core and darting to the rest of his body.

Donghae closed his eyes as he felt contentment wrap around them, the heat which had erupted from them, now settling around them like a warm embrace. He pressed a kiss against Sungmin’s shoulder; “I have never stopped loving you, Sungmin.”

Feeling his heart skip a beat and tears fill his eyes, Sungmin held his beloved dongsaeng securely, protectively as eventually, the last of his orgasm trickled through him. Even after it was over, they remained as thus: in each others arms with Donghae’s head in the crook of Sungmin’s shoulder. Chests pressed together, they could feel each other’s raging hearts slowly calm down, their rhythms still beating as one.

When he could feel reality creeping around them and strength re-entering his body, Donghae slowly propped himself on his forearms above Sungmin. Their bodies still slick from sex and covered in a thin layer of perspiration, Donghae gazed down at Sungmin and thought he never looked better;

“Did I hurt you a lot?” Donghae asked quietly, concern dispelling the dark lights of desire form his eyes;

Sungmin raised a bandaged hand to Donghae’s face, brushing back damp strands of hair with the back of his hand, “Yes… but I’ve long forgotten about it.” He offered a small smile at his dongsaeng, “That was amazing.”

Donghae felt his heart turn over at that smile, never resenting the weakness he had for that man and his smiles. He shook his head as he turned it enough so he could press a light kiss to Sungmin’s injured hand; “It was perfect.”

Sungmin opened his arms to Donghae and his dongsaeng gently lowered himself once more, “Only when we’re together,” Sungmin whispered before accepting Donghae’s kiss; “Only then are we perfect.”


Anonymous said...

awwww... i love you for this.
haemin = my secret otp.

Anonymous said...

When I read at miracle that there was a sequel of Flawed Perfection I nearly died. I love it! I love it so much I was all day happy! I read a little bit before going to my uni and then I was all day nearly screaming because I wanted to read the other part. lol
Srly, I love your writing skills and this fic. HaeMin is going to be forever and ever my otp and fics like this one makes me so happy. ♥♥♥

Thanks for making a sequel! :) You're awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sungmin opened his arms to Donghae and his dongsaeng gently lowered himself once more, “Only when we’re together,” Sungmin whispered before accepting Donghae’s kiss; “Only then are we perfect.” Soooo sweeeeeet.

I'm pretty much a blank slate when it comes to Suju pairings, but I really really like this one. I'm glad they're together. And it's totally for forever.

Daniella Ramdhanie said...

Loved it, never thought about this pairing before but it was surprisingly good. Keep writing you're amazing at this :)

bonchan said...

love this story so much ^^. Please write haemin again. I like your writing style. Details yet beautiful ^^