“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Friday, April 10, 2009

[spin] Succession

rate: PG13
words: 5282
(Part of the Succession series; sequel to the Surrender series)

A young man stood up from his leather chair and stretched his arms to the ceiling. He rolled his neck and shoulders to alleviate the stiffness that had accumulated while he was going over the numbers his accountant had produced for him earlier that evening. He walked around his desk to the couch in his office and placed a hand on the shoulder of the person sleeping there.

Gently, he shook the shoulder, “Jungsu, wake up. Going home now.”

“What time is it?” The man on the couch sleepily muttered as he slowly rose from the couch. He ran a hand through his dishevelled hair as the other, younger man walked over to a coat stand and pulled on a black blazer with silver pinstripes that matched his pants.

“Closing in on four in the morning,” He replied as he opened the office door and waited for Jungsu to join him,

“You always work such late hours, Youngwoon,” Jungsu said almost accusatorily as he walked through the office door,

“You didn’t have to come… or stay for that matter,” Youngwoon defended as he turned off the lights and locked the door behind them, “Besides, what do you expect of my work hours when the bar opens at ten at night and closes at two in the morning?”

Jungsu shrugged as they made their way through the small, dark bar. Youngwoon locked the front door behind them and a taxi was waiting for them outside. Youngwoon held the back door open as Jungsu slid into the back seat, followed by Youngwoon shortly after,

“Long night, eh Kim-sshi?” The driver asked with an air of familiarity,

“Ah, you know how it is,” Youngwoon replied as the driver pulled away from the curb and started driving,

As they drove on, Jungsu slowly tipped over until his head rested on Youngwoon’s shoulder. He smiled down at the older man before turning his gaze out the window as the dark and empty streets passed by. Suddenly, something didn’t look right.

“Wait! Stop the car!” Youngwoon exclaimed, jolting Jungsu from his sleep once more. The taxi hadn’t completely stopped when Youngwoon jumped from the taxi. He turned to look down the street they had just driven through, “What the hell?”

Jungsu climbed out of the taxi and the drive followed suit, asking: “What’s going on?”

Jungsu came to Youngwoon’s side, a question dying on his lips when he saw what his boyfriend did; “But… but we’re still in neutral territory!” Jungsu exclaimed angrily,

Youngwoon narrowed his eyes on the sight before them, his fists clenching at his sides; “That doesn’t seem to matter anymore.”

Donghae melted into the other’s arms as the other deepened the kiss. In his arms, he held someone who had been his friend from childhood, but was also his enemy. They had been living together for the past year, and still they found it hard to forget their clashing realities outside of their bedroom and home.

A familiar beeping pierced through the passion and Donghae disengaged his lips from the other’s, “Leave it, Donghae,” the other insisted, his lips pressing against Donghae’s jaw,

“Shiwon,” Donghae sighed as he felt his lips trail to his neck. The beeping continued and blindly, he reached out to the nearby bedside table and grabbed his phone, answering it; “Hello?”

With a low growl, Shiwon rolled off of Donghae, swinging his legs over the edge until his feet met the ground.

“What? Are you serious?” Donghae exclaimed as he shot up into a seated position, all thoughts of desire swept from him.

Shiwon looked over his shoulder at him for a moment before planting his elbows on his knees, folding his hands and leaning his chin on his mounted hands.

“No, no, it’s alright, really,” Donghae insisted as he edged off the bed and, sandwiching his phone between his ear and shoulder, as he walked over to a chair in the corner and began tugging on his jeans, “No, I wasn’t sleeping.”

“You sure as hell weren’t,” Shiwon muttered bitterly as he glanced at the clock on the bedside table.

The clock glowed red, showing that it was closing in on five in the morning. They had been sleeping peacefully when Donghae had awoken during the night. Instead of going back to sleep, he had begun to pull Shiwon out of sleep and into a seduction.

“I’ll be there within half an hour,” Donghae promised before closing his phone and pocketing it. “Shiwon…” he began as he walked over to a dresser and pulled out a t-shirt,

“Just go,” Shiwon replied in a resigned tone,

“I know lately it seems like I’m hardly around,” Donghae sighed as he pulled on his shirt and looked at the other apologetically,

“Lately? How about the past year Donghae? How about since we moved in together?” Shiwon countered bitterly, his eyes narrowed angrily,

“What do you expect-”

“I expect you to at least TRY to be home,” Shiwon interjected, “Or at least WANT to-”

“Don’t even start!” Donghae exclaimed, “Of course I WANT to be here! You know what I do,” He alluded to his job for the government, specifically the section dedicated to spies called the Agency; “If the Agency calls-”

“The Agency can go to hell for all I care!” Shiwon growled from his seat on the edge of the bed, his hands now clasping his knees tightly,

“I don’t argue when you have work to do,” Donghae reminded, his voice quiet and tight;

“My work doesn’t take me away from home,” Shiwon countered, his eyes dark at the mention at his own job as the leader of an organized criminal gang in Seoul.

“I thought we agreed we wouldn’t talk about work when we’re together,” Donghae stated, trying to find some peace between them before he had to run to the Agency’s headquarters. “I don’t know why you had to mention it.”

“YOU mention it whenever you pick up that damned phone whenever it rings! YOU mention it whenever you leave just after coming home!” Shiwon accused, his knuckles whitening from his ever-tightening grip on his knees to control himself; “If anyone broke that agreement, it was YOU, Donghae.”

Donghae locked gazes with Shiwon for an excruciating moment. His eyes pleaded with Shiwon, apologized a thousand times over during that one moment. He opened his mouth as if to speak, then closed it. Silently and without a look back, Donghae swiftly exited the bedroom.

Shiwon sat on the bed, scarcely breathing as he heard Donghae downstairs. He heard the front door slam behind him. Finally, Shiwon got up from the bed and walked over to a window that overlooked the front of their house. He saw the lone shadow that was Donghae step away from the house. He saw Donghae look up at the window and immediately stepped back into the shadows to hide him from view. With bated breath, he watched as Donghae broke out into a mad dash down the empty street.

The following night, the bartender of Youngwoon’s bar was seated at a desk as the accountant of the bar held the bartender’s face captive in his hands, their lips pressed together and moving as one.

“Yesung…” the bartender groaned into the kiss as the accountant caressed his tongue with his own.

Yesung moved a hand to the other’s neck, letting his other hand slowly drag down the bartender’s body, “Sungmin… think we have time?” Yesung smirked against his lips,

“I hope so,” The bartender, Sungmin, sighed as he wrapped his arms around Yesung, pulling their bodies flush together,

“But don’t we open in a few minutes?” Yesung asked as he mischievously placed his hand on the desk so that his wrist pressed against Sungmin’s core; “Shouldn’t you go out there and set up the bar?” He pressed against Sungmin teasingly harder,

“I already did,” Sungmin insisted as he moved closer to Yesung, his body shivering from the contact between his legs, “Yesung… it won’t… take that long,” he practically panted as Yesung began to move his arm suggestively against him,

“On the contrary, I think it will!” Yesung said cheerily as he pulled away from Sungmin completely, “Now, you should go back out there before Youngwoon starts looking for you.”

Sungmin suddenly pushed him up against the wall, eyes narrowed dangerously, “If I go out there now, Youngwoon will no longer have an accountant,” Sungmin threatened,

Yesung rolled his eyes as, in a flash, he grabbed Sungmin’s arm and twisted it behind his back. “Really?” Yesung asked, his voice husky in the other’s ear, “It seems to me that I have you completely under my control,” He stated. To further prove his point, his free hand came and pressed against Sungmin’s chest and slowly caressed a path down his body, stopping just at his belt buckle.

“I’ll kill you when we get home later,” Sungmin growled, despite his breath hitching ,

“Hmm…” Yesung wrapped his arm around Sungmin’s waist and tugged his arm higher against his back, garnering a gasp of pain from the bartender, “I have a feeling you wouldn’t be able to go through with it,” He murmured, his lips like feathers against Sungmin’s ear, “You just love me too damn much,” Yesung whispered before he ran his tongue along the edge of his ear,

“Damn you, yes…” Sungmin breathed as his eyes fluttered close and he pressed back against Yesung’s strength.

“I always had a feeling you two were into some kind of sadist-masochist stuff.”

Yesung’s hands dropped from Sungmin’s body as they turned their gazes to the office door where Youngwoon stood, arms crossed.

“And I always knew it was a good decision to have separate offices,” Youngwoon stated with a shake of his head. Then, his eyes turned sharply at Sungmin, “I believe we’re opening now?”

“Ah… of course, Boss,” Sungmin grinned at him and, throwing one last angry look at Yesung, left and headed to the front of the bar to open for the evening.

“I would really appreciate it if my accountant and my bartender kept there hands off one another while at work,” Youngwoon stated casually as he stepped into the office and took a seat at one of the chairs before the desk,

“Like you and Jungsu don’t do anything whenever he happens by after work,” Yesung scoffed as he took a seat at his desk, leaning back in the leather chair and crossing his arms loosely about his torso, “Besides, what do you expect when you ask us to open for you without you around to supervise?”

“I expect some profession decorum,” Youngwoon rolled his eyes, “Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something without Sungmin here.”

Yesung’s eyes suddenly sharpened their attention on the bar’s owner, “Oh?”

“Yes, you see, last night-”

“Youngwoon, Yesung,” Sungmin came into the doorway again,

“I should’ve closed that,” Youngwoon muttered as he turned in his chair, “Yes?”

“Jungsu’s here… he said he wants to talk to all of us,” Sungmin explained before disappearing from view again.

Yesung glanced at Youngwoon, “Does this have anything to do with last night?”

Youngwoon nodded as they both stood from their chairs, “I’m guessing. I was assuming they’d do something like this and wanted to warn you.”

Yesung blinked, stopping in the doorway to look over his shoulder at his friend, “They?”

Youngwoon sighed, “The Agency.”

When Youngwoon and Yesung reached the front of the bar, there were a few people already scattered around the dim place. As it got closer to midnight, more people would come to forget their hard week at work by the drink. They headed straight to the closest end of the bar where Jungsu stood, waiting as Sungmin handed out some beers to customers.

As they approached, Jungsu gave Youngwoon a meaningful look, nodding as if answering a silent question in the younger man’s eyes. When Sungmin helped the last customer, he immediately headed over, wiping his hands on a dish towel he kept slung over one shoulder.

“What’s going on?” Yesung asked, suspicious from Youngwoon’s words earlier.

Jungsu reached into the blazer he wore, supposedly into a hidden pocket and pulled out two black, leather card holders. He placed them on the bar for the others to see. Instinctively, both Yesung and Sungmin reached for one and opened it. They switched holders then looked at Jungsu,

“Our badges,” Sungmin muttered as he looked down at his badge, a red stamp over it saying ‘retired’.

“We handed these in a year ago,” Yesung stated, eyes narrowed, “Why are we getting them back?”

Reaching into his blazer once more, he pulled out two manila envelopes and placed them on the bar again, “One last mission,” Jungsu explained, his manner more serious than they ever had seen of one of the Agency’s department heads, “That’s all they ask. One more. Whatever you decide doesn’t affect our friendships, but they knew I knew how to contact you two.”

“How long do we get to think?” Yesung asked, picking up an envelope and staring at it, almost as if he hadn’t seen them before; that life seemed like a distant memory.

“As soon as possible is preferable… especially once you read what’s in those envelopes,” Jungsu answered, crossing his arms loosely about his torso,

“And you… will you be apart of this mission?” Sungmin asked as he hesitantly picked up the other envelope, almost relishing the feel of the familiar manila between his fingers,

Jungsu nodded, “Donghae was informed earlier this morning also.”

Yesung glanced at Youngwoon who had wanted to warn him about this; “This sounds serious.”

Youngwoon returned the stare, his eyes black as night, “You have no idea.”

Youngwoon sat in his leather chair, his feet crossed and propped on a corner of his desk. His arms were crossed loosely as he stared off at a spot on the wall. He reflected over the conversation he had with Yesung just moments ago, after they had left Jungsu and Sungmin at the front of the bar. He heard the door open and close, but remained still.

“There’s more… isn’t there?” Youngwoon asked quietly,

“I was given a third badge… and a third envelope to hand out…” Jungsu confirmed as he pulled out the items and placed them on Youngwoon’s desk.

“It’s been over five years since I was on a mission,” Youngwoon said as his eyes slowly floated over to the envelope on his desk and the leather holder he assumed had his bade; “Even then it was one mission… my first mission…” He slowly reached out for the card holder and opened it, bringing it closer as he stared at his picture from so long ago; “I was naïve until that mission… I’m not naïve now.” He looked up at Jungsu, “I have my reasons for leaving after that first one.”

“I know,” Jungsu said quietly, softly; his emotions reflected in his almond-shaped eyes, “That’s why I didn’t give it to you publicly.”

Youngwoon pocketed the badge and picked up the envelope, just staring at it for a pregnant pause; “I’m assuming they’ll want me for my specialization in Assassination?”

“I’m assuming the same,” Jungsu shrugged, “I didn’t look in the envelopes,”

“What are they asking of you?” Youngwoon asked, his eyes glued to the envelope in his hands,

“Undercover work,” Jungsu explained, “I am head of the department.”

“They can’t send anyone else?” Youngwoon asked quietly. Since they had first gotten together, he never questions Jungsu on his work. This time, however, felt different. This time, he felt as if he might lose him.

“No,” Jungsu answered, his voice soft and stern at the same time; “If they could, they would’ve done so… they wouldn’t have asked me to find three retired agents and beg them to help.”

“Beg?” Youngwoon looked at him then,

“They said if it comes to that, to do so,” Jungsu replied.

After a moment, Youngwoon placed the envelope back on the desk, “You want this mission, don’t you? They didn’t even have to ask you,” He looked up at the older man as if he could read his thoughts.

“We both saw the same thing, Youngwoon,” Jungsu stated, his voice suddenly like ice at the memory; “It was brutal and inhumane and I won’t allow it to happen again! I can’t!”

Youngwoon silently held out a hand to him. Jungsu took it and allowed Youngwoon to pull him around the desk and to his side; “One of them was one of your agents… weren’t they?”

A harsh flame entered the agent’s eyes, “Both were.”

Youngwoon tilted his head slightly, regarding Jungsu a moment before asking, “You weren’t going to tell me, were you? If I hadn’t asked, you would have never given me my badge or the envelope.”

Jungsu shook his head, “You think I want to see you like those two? You think I want to put you in danger-”

“But you’ll be in danger,” Youngwoon interjected,

“I always am… but you retired for a reason… I wasn’t going to ask it of you when there wasn’t a need,” Jungsu stated resolutely, “You won’t, will you?”

“Let me worry about that,” Youngwoon said quietly as he lowered his feet from his desk and pulled Jungsu onto his lap,

“Youngwoon-” He effectively silenced Jungsu with his lips.

It was dark in the penthouse apartment. The only light streamed in through one side of the living room which was made up of all windows and led out to a veranda. When the bathroom door opened, steam poured out into the darkness and Sungmin stepped out wrapped in an oversized bathrobe. As he headed out towards the veranda, he had a manila envelope in his hand.

When he had first stepped out of the bathroom, he immediately felt the soft summer breeze blow in from the open doors. Quietly, he padded through the apartment to the veranda and slowly made his way across it towards the pool. He saw from a distance, Yesung lying by the pools edge.

As he approached, he caught more sight of Yesung. He lay there with hands laced behind his head and his eyes closed in a state of relaxation. Beside him was the twin to Sungmin’s envelope and a mug that probably held hot coffee at some point. Sungmin dropped his envelope to the veranda floor and sat down on the other side of Yesung, crossing his legs as he sat.

“The apartment’s going to get all humid from the steam,” Yesung stated as he opened his eyes and looked up at Sungmin,

“How did you know I didn’t turn on the fan?” Sungmin asked,

“I would’ve heard you, just as I heard you tying the tie of that robe,” Yesung replied easily as he rolled so he was on his stomach, reaching out with a hand and tracing the water’s surface with his fingers.

“Your skills as an agent are annoying sometimes,” Sungmin muttered. He closed his eyes as a summer breeze embraced them. It was past three in the morning, but he felt wide awake after his bath when they came home from work just forty-five minutes before. What made him more awake, was what he read in the manila folder; “Yesung…”

“Twelve agents murdered in the past month,” Yesung interrupted, as if immediately knowing what Sungmin was going to say; “Twelve; two of them just the other morning… All of them from different apartments… There must be some reason.”

“There probably is… they just won’t tell us until we agree to the mission,” Sungmin agreed, “What was in your envelope?”

“Just a note from the chief saying what I’ve just said… you?”

“Same…” Sungmin answered,

“Do you want to take the mission?” Yesung asked as he rolled back onto his back and looked up at Sungmin,


“Min… Five of those agents were from Assassinations… they were your colleagues; don’t tell me you don’t-”

“OF COURSE I DO!” Sungmin exclaimed bitterly, “You think I get news like this and I’m unaffected? Especially knowing that five of them were most likely my friends at some point? Of course, Yesung, I do want to. I want to so much and I’m just pissed off that it took the damn Agency this long to come and find me!”

“I never asked you to quit because I did,” Yesung said softly,

“But I never wanted to make you worry,” Sungmin countered, “After what happened last year…”

“You could’ve died,” Yesung said gruffly, the sight of a knife buried within Sungmin flashed in his memory,

“And I didn’t want to put you through that again,” Sungmin explained, “I don’t miss what I had to do… but the adrenaline was what I loved… what I missed.”

Miss… I see you sometimes… when you’re cooking and you’re holding a knife… when we’re watching an action movie… even at work and some idiots are drunk enough to get into a fight…” Yesung sighed as he gazed up at Sungmin, “You still miss it.”

Sungmin said nothing, but took Yesung’s hand in both of his and just stared at it, as if it were intricate and foreign.

“You should take the mission,” Yesung stated quietly.

It took Sungmin a moment to register what he heard. The words floated on the summer’s light wind and he doubted what he hoped he had heard from Yesung. His eyes locked with the older man’s, “But Yesung… I don’t want to worry you!”

“You won’t,” Yesung insisted quietly as he reached up and pulled Sungmin for a kiss, “I’ll be with you every step of the way,” he promised before pressing his lips against Sungmin’s.

It had been a long time since Yesung had ever sat in a room like that. The walls were thick cement and the only way in and out was one door. The table in the centre was just a sheet of metal and lights shone from the corners of the room. Suspended from the ceiling was a clear, large piece of glass that span practically the length of the table below.

Yesung leaned against the cement wall, a foot propped against it to balance himself as stood like a statue, eyes closed and arms crossed. Sungmin sat at the table with Donghae, but all were silent; the room and circumstances begged for silence.

Finally the door opened and Jungsu entered, dressed in a black suit. He closed the door behind him and turned off the lights in the room. A soft click was heard and the glass sheet gave off a soft, white glow. Yesung could practically see through the darkness as Jungsu handled a small remote and pointed it at the glass.

Soon, the glass looked like a black computer screen and Jungsu pocketed the remote once more. The glass showed small folders just as a computer screen might. Jungsu approached it and click on one of the icons floating in the air. Suddenly, the screen was divided in half with one side showing a new set of square icons and the other half containing a window popped up showing what looked like a scan of a newspaper article,

“Early yesterday morning at oh-four-hundred, an agent and a former agent came across two bodies,” Jungsu said, his voice crisp and emotionless.

He reached for one of the icons at the side and dragged his finger along the glass surface as he moved the icon into the other half of the black screen. Then, a photograph was shown of a lamppost and hanging from it were two bodies, their necks wrapped with a rope and tied to the post as it curved above them.

“The bodies, were two agents,” Jungsu stated, a sliver of emotion breaking through his professional tone. He had known the agents, had worked with them, talked with them, laughed with them… “They are two of twelve agents that have been murdered this month alone.”

Quickly, he touched another icon and dragged it into the window. This time, it showed the portrait of a young man with a cruel smirk and dark, narrowed eyes, “All these agents have in common is that they were working to bring this man down. Last month he escaped from a prison he was being kept at. From years of good behaviour, he had been moved from a high-level security holding to a medium-level… had we been in charge, that would not have happened. However, what’s happened has happened and the Chief of Police has formally apologized for that.”

He touched another icon and brought it into view. Now, the picture of an older gentleman appeared, his face showed a soft and kind expression, “Let not his face fool you. He was one of the most revered of mob bosses in South Korea, also one of the most feared. According to those who ever had the chance to deal with the man, he executed his illegal businesses with the least amount of blood shed as possible. That, however, was only possible because of the reputation he attained before becoming boss. Before becoming a boss, he had committed over dozens of murders. When he rose in the ranks, he changed his ways, but his followers feared of what would happen if he did change back.”

“He looks familiar,” Donghae commented,

“I doubt you’ve ever had to deal with him,” Jungsu crossed his arms lightly as he gazed up at the photo on the transparent screen, “I have met the man once and that was over six years ago. Ironically, he was brutally honest and idiotically just. He admitted to all the charges brought upon him and in the same breath, reminded that no deaths had occurred. Because of the way he dealt business with us, we gave him a high fine with no prison time in exchange for names. However, he didn’t feel we gave him enough names and practically demanded we increase the fine for his release.”

“Why would he do that? He’s a mob boss,” Sungmin stated,

“We’re not completely sure, but we have an informant that would give some insight to it,” Jungsu answered,

“What’s his relationship to the other guy?” Yesung asked quietly,

“Father and son,” Jungsu explained, “But the father died years ago and, coincidentally enough, our informant is also the son’s only living relative.” He pulled out the remote and a soft click was heard again. The glass plane was dissolved of its light and the agents could hear Jungsu walk and turn on the lights in the room. He turned his eyes on Sungmin and Yesung, “Before I let in the informant, I need to know that you two agree to this mission.”

“What does this mission entail?” Yesung asked, “We weren’t told that yet.”

“The goal of the mission is to find the son and infiltrate whatever following he’s gained. We need to get him back. Despite his violent record, we doubt he could’ve pulled off these many murders - especially on agents - without help,” Jungsu explained, “We’ve had agents from Assassination, Covert Investigations and International Intelligence and Defence on the case… and each of them has been murdered.”

“What changed things?” Sungmin asked as Jungsu handed them each a sheet with the photo and name of each agent who had died. His voice took on a harsh tone as he recognized names and faces, “Why did the Agency wait so long to contact us?”

“Honestly, I don’t know Sungmin,” Jungsu replied, his voice suddenly sounding normal to them again, “Perhaps it’s because of the brutal way the bodies were put on display this time… or perhaps it’s because I personally took over the case… I don’t know.” He sighed heavily as he ran a hand through his brown hair, “All I do know is that no where is safe anymore.”

“Wasn’t that always the case?” Donghae asked. He had been called in immediately by Jungsu the morning the bodies were found and both decided the best ones for the job, but with Jungsu being a department head and Donghae just being another agent, he didn’t know as much as Jungsu had been told.

“This time it’s different,” Jungsu explained, his voice solemn, “The bodies were found in neutral territory. That means we all have to be even more careful than before, we can no longer call that place safe… even Youngwoon’s bar.”

Yesung slammed his palms on the table, he had pushed off from the wall before when Jungsu had turned to hand him the paper of names and pictures; “It means the city’s not safe for agents or the mob members either… Over the past year, agents and gangsters alike had sought out that area because it was safe; it was the one place that neither of our sides had to watch our backs or worry if our guns were loaded.” He looked up at Jungsu, his eyes were like glaciers; “What happened yesterday morning wasn’t by accident; that guy was trying to make a statement, wasn’t he?”

Jungsu nodded, crossing his arms over his chest, “He was making a deliberate threat to both sides.”

Sungmin sighed heavily, placing a hand on Yesung’s arm to calm him. Yesung replied by pushing from the table and just letting his arms hang at his side, by he clenched his fists to contain his anger. “This is one heck of a last mission they’ve sought us out for.”

“It wasn’t by chance,” Donghae spoke up, “Jungsu and I knowingly suggested they bring back the top agents from those departments to take on this case.”

“As it happens, that includes the two of you… and if we take into account final practical examinations,” Jungsu sighed, “That would include Youngwoon too.”

“I knew he had the highest of our batch…” Sungmin began,

Jungsu shook his head, “He beat out all other years previous to when you two joined the Agency and no one’s been able to beat his record since.”

“The only one who probably would’ve come close to beating Youngwoon’s scores, if not beating them altogether, is the person standing beside you,” Donghae added,

“But… Yesung’s examination scores can’t be found anywhere, even before his name was blacked two years ago,” Sungmin stated,

“That’s because I didn’t have to take final examinations,” Yesung explained, “Everyone knows how I became an agent after two weeks; well… they considered those two weeks proof enough.” He looked from Sungmin back at Jungsu, “You said there’s an informant?”

“Does this mean you agree to the mission?” Jungsu countered,

“Yes,” Sungmin was surprised when Yesung answered ahead of him. Earlier that morning on the veranda, before the sun had risen, he was sure Yesung was agreeing to it for his sake; now, he knew that Yesung had found his own reasons.

“Then I’ll get the informant,” Jungsu replied as he turned and left the room.

“So this informant is a gangster also?” Sungmin asked, turning his chair to face Donghae,

“That’s what my information says,” Donghae answered looking at the papers before him, “We’ve never met them before and I’m sure Jungsu just met them before this meeting. Apparently, he’s also the son’s cousin.”

“If he’s a gangster in Seoul, there’s a high possibility he’s part of Shiwon-sshi’s gang, if not one of the lesser branches,” Yesung stated.

The door opened and Jungsu re-entered with the informant behind him. As he stepped aside to let the other man enter, a silence fell upon the other three agents. The informant was indeed part of Shiwon’s gang and not from a lesser branch. Jungsu closed the door behind them as Yesung, Sungmin and Donghae found themselves face-to-face with Shiwon himself.

(For the sequel: Survival)


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