“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

[00r1] In Hot Water

words: 3636
rate: NC17
(Part of the Intimate series)

It had been a long day. Heechul tilted his face up to the shower head, his eyes shut lightly as the hot water cascaded over him, soothing his tired body. He had been out shooting a variety show with some of the other members all day. When they had finally gotten home, he had immediately headed for the shower while his roommate who was part of the show (Eeteuk) had joined their other roommates in the living room for a movie. Hankyung, who had also been part of the filming hadn’t gone home with them once it was finished. Instead, he had gone off to the dance studio to meet Henry.

Heechul stretched his arms up to the ceiling as he turned and allowed his back to relish in the hot water. He should have refused to accompany Eeteuk after filming. After the show, Eeteuk and Eunhyuk (who had also been there) had to run off to their radio show and Heechul had gone along with them. By the time the radio show was half done, he was ready to collapse in his chair. He wasn’t sure exactly how he was able to walk to the washroom when it took them two hours before they returned to the dorms after the variety show.

The rush of the water flooded Heechul’s mind, muting all things outside of the washroom. Here, he was able to relax, to collect his thoughts. Most of all, it was the place he could gain some peace and quiet from his roommates whom, although he loved very much, could be quite loud when one was trying to rest. He was completely unawares of the on-goings of his roommates until the curtain to the shower pulled back halfway.

He immediately turned towards the offender, ready to yell them into their own deafness when a hand closed over his lips and he was pressed against the side wall of the shower, his skin shivering on contact with the cool tiles; or was it because of the intruder?

“Hankyung, what the hell?” Heechul hissed when the hand dropped from his lips,

“I’m joining you,” Hankyung said easily from the outside. He stood where he had pushed the curtain away and was slipping out of his sweats, his shirt discarded on the washroom floor before he ever made his presence known to Heechul.

Heechul’s eyes narrowed, “Are you crazy!? Everyone’s at home!”

“Well, I locked the door - something you forgot - and with the movie they were all watching, no one realized I even came home. Besides, being quiet won’t be my prerogative,” His gaze turned wicked as he stepped out of his sweats and drawers, exposing him completely to the equally exposed and thoroughly wet, Heechul; “It’ll be yours.”

Heechul swallowed hard as Hankyung gingerly stepped into the bathtub and pulled the curtain close, further secluding them from the rest of the world. “You’re… you’re insane! I… I should tell you to get out,” he stammered as Hankyung slowly pressed closer until he could feel the heat radiating from Hankyung’s body rather than the stream of water that poured onto them.

“But you won’t,” Hankyung said just before he tilted his head slightly and brought his lips down to Heechul’s.

Heechul wanted to fight, wanted to push him away. However, he felt Hankyung’s chest press lightly against his own and the feel of skin-on-skin… no, the feel of wet skin-on-skin was enough to stop his protests. It wasn’t long before he was yielding under Hankyung’s mouth and, when he felt the tip of the other’s tongue trace the seam of his lips, he parted them willingly. He tasted Hankyung’s tongue sweep into his mouth, caressing each contour and, finally, his tongue joined in the exploration. Their tongues caressed one another, sliding and flicking at each other.

Hankyung broke the kiss and pressed his body flush against Heechul’s. Bringing his lips to Heechul’s ear, he whispered against the roaring water, “Heechul playing the saint?” His chuckle was soft and seductive as his lips brushed his earlobe, “Then how about a game? I play with you and see how long you can keep quiet for.”

Heechul felt something in him rise to the challenge. Then again, perhaps an accompanying part of his anatomy rose as well. He was about to mentally scold himself for being so easy when Hankyung’s fingers slipped around that part of him. He felt the first strong, slow stroke and clenched his jaw just before a surprised groan escaped his lips.

“I’ll have you trembling in no time,” Hankyung whispered as he pumped Heechul. He traced Heechul’s ear with his tongue before running it down the column of his neck. He felt the other become impossibly harder in his hand and, wanting to prove his point, let his hand slip away from Heechul. “I think I’ll explore you with both hands first,” Hankyung murmured as he playfully nipped his neck, just below his jaw.

“You’re more impatient than you’re acting,” Heechul accused, briefly glancing at Hankyung’s obvious arousal.

“But it’ll be so much more sweeter-” He flicked his tongue across a nipple, “-if I first have you-” His teeth grazed slowly over the same nipple this time, “-shaking-” He kissed it, “-trembling-”, He took it into his mouth and sucked gently, slowly for a moment before he released it and looked up at Heechul who had been watching him the entire time, “-begging for me.”

“Bastard,” Heechul’s accusation came out hoarse, practically a beg on its own.

His nipples felt sensitive already. Their position in the bathtub made the stream of water hit them just at their shoulders. The angle of the water made it so that one quarter of his torso was not being bathed in hot water. Instead, it was exposed to the seemingly cooler air of the washroom. The mix of temperatures played merry hell with his sensitivity; having Hankyung there didn’t help.

He watched silently as Hankyung kissed his way slowly down his body. With every inch that Hankyung slowly lowered himself, Heechul felt some part of Hankyung brush against his arousal. He was on the edge of screaming at Hankyung to hurry up when he finally got his wish.

Hankyung pressed his lips to the tip of him and Heechul heard himself shudder with relief. When he felt the tip of himself being taken, Heechul felt the strength leave his legs and he collapsed against the tiles at his back, throwing his head back, not being able to watch him. Hankyung sucked greedily as his hand stroked Heechul slowly, firmly.

When he felt Heechul tremble slightly, Hankyung moved his hands to Heechul’s hips, pressing them firmly against the tiled wall. He took Heechul completely into his mouth, sucking more forcefully, his mouth undulating on him. Heechul was biting down hard on his bottom lip, tasting the trickle of copper on his tongue. His heart was pounding viciously against his ribs and his lungs struggled to get a decent amount of air. He felt as if the apex of his legs were on fire and the tongues of those flames licked through the rest of his body deliciously. The heat was building more and more, unbearably so as he felt himself nearing the precipice.

Closer and closer, Hankyung pushed Heechul to the edge and just when he was about to tip over it, Hankyung removed his mouth completely, straightening to his full length in the shower. Heechul’s eyes opened, staring at him wildly with pupils so dilated with lust.

“You bastard,” Heechul hissed.

Hankyung clamped down a hand on those swear lips immediately, firmly pressing against his body with his own. “Now, now… wouldn’t want the members to know I’m in here… or, to think you’re crazy for talking to yourself.”

Heechul opened his mouth beneath the other’s hand and traced a line in his palm with his tongue. Hankyung moved his hand away but before he could move it too far, Heechul took a fingertip into his mouth, his lips holding it firmly. He pulled that hand with his head backwards until he could feel the wall supporting his head again. He playfully nipped at Hankyung’s finger. He swirled his tongue around it before sucking on it gently, imitating what he wanted the most from Hankyung.

Hankyung’s free hand lay possessively on Heechul’s hip, cementing it there as he pressed his bare hips against Heechul’s. He elicited a groan from Heechul, but before it could grow too loud, he slipped a second finger between those lips. Heechul’s eyes slipped close as Hankyung grinded into him, hardness against hardness. Heechul could feel another cry of relief wanting to escape his lips, so to counter it - to save face with the other members present in the dorm - he closed his mouth firmly around Hankyung’s two fingers and sucked hard on them.

“Looks like I’m not just the impatient one,” Hankyung murmured as he slipped his fingers from Heechul’s lips. He sandwiched Heechul firmly against the cool wall as he ran his tongue along Heechul’s jaw, “but you’re still not begging for me,” He whispered against his temple.

“I’ll never,” Heechul grounded out, “Damn bastard,” he could hear himself panting, but he wouldn’t beg. If anything, he’ll have Hankyung begging him.

However, it seemed Hankyung thought differently. With strong hands on the other’s hips, Hankyung brought Heechul to the adjacent wall where the showerhead hung. He turned Heechul so that he faced the wall then pressed his body flush against the other’s.

“Shall I prove that you will?” Hankyung asked in that low, sultry voice of his. With one hand, he reached up and angled the shower head so it poured water down upon their heads and with the other hand, he caressed down Heechul’s side before reaching his hips. When that hand reached Heechul’s hip, it slowly moved to his front, wrapping his fingers around him once more.

“Why… are you being… like this?” Heechul asked as his breath hitched with each firm stroke, as his sensitive chest pressed even more against the cool tiles, as the hot water warmed every part of his burning body.

“I didn’t like seeing you with another guy,” Hankyung murmured, his lips fluttering against Heechul’s ear,

“What? Eunhyuk?” Heechul managed as he tilted his head to look at his shoulder where Hankyung‘s chin rested. He struggled to keep his eyes open as the water streamed over them, “That was… because you all… hidden camera…”

Hankyung removed his hand, but pressed Heechul’s hips so his arousal pressed against the cool tiles. A moan bubbled from Heechul’s lips, but before they could begin to echo within the confinements of the shower, Hankyung covered Heechul’s mouth with his own.

He held Heechul firmly as he broke the kiss, “Show or not, I didn’t like it… just friends, I don’t care. You were lying together in that tent-”

“It was the mission! I had to!” Heechul whispered angrily at him,

“Your leg didn’t have to wrap around his-”

“You know well that Eunhyuk and I are just friends and all of you set us up for that hidden camera,” Heechul accused, eyes narrowed, “So stop acting so damn jealous!”

“That’s right, I am jealous,” Hankyung murmured as he moved his hips so his arousal pressed against Heechul’s entrance, “So jealous I want to make you scream loud enough that all the members in this dorm… all the members in the dorm above ours… in this entire building know who you rightfully belong to. So jealous I want them to know that only one person can make you as crazy as this,” a hand curved to his front, taking a highly sensitized and hard nipple between thumb and forefinger, “Oh yes, hyung… you’ll do well to never make me jealous again.”

Heechul locked eyes with him, “But you already know all that, Hankyung. You know I’m only yours,” he gasped as he felt Hankyung press the tip into him, “You know you’re the only one who can do this to me,” he took Hankyung’s hand from his nipple, pulling it down to his hardened self. “You know all of that…so why don’t you just end this now?”

“Say what I want to hear,” Hankyung taunted easily as he pulled his hips away from Heechul’s, breaking contact from him completely so that the water streamed between them, almost as if a barrier between their naked and wet bodies.

Heechul slowly turned towards him, his back pressed against the tiles. His eyes locked with Hankyung’s even through the stream of water. His hand moved through the hot water and latched around Hankyung’s marble-hard arousal, “I’m begging you, Hankyung,” he stepped closer, inch by inch until his own hardness brushed against Hankyung’s which was still in his hand, “This is the only time I’ll beg… so take advantage.”

Hankyung immediately pressed him back against the wall, their bodies, their arousals, firmly pressed against one another’s, “I fully plan to,” he answered before his lips crashed down upon Heechul’s.

Immediately, Heechul opened his mouth and his tongue met Hankyung’s in a sweet reunion. Their tongues seemed to duel, seeing who an rub the other even harder. Hankyung’s hands were on his body now, strong thumbs firmly stroking sensitive nipples as one arousal grinded into another.

“Please,” Heechul gasped into his mouth.

For answer, Hankyung ran his hands down until the reached Heechul’s hips. Without breaking the kiss, he bent enough so his hands cupped beneath Heechul’s thighs and pulled them up, opening Heechul’s body even more to his explorations.

“I’ll slip,” Heechul murmured against his lips, as his hands braced themselves on Hankyung’s shoulders, “You always go from behind in the shower!”

“Trust me,” Hankyung said, his eyes staring directly into Heechul’s.

Heechul’s eyes swept over his face, taking everything in, reading the emotion clearly in the other man’s eyes. His fingers tightening on Hankyung’s shoulders, he slowly nodded. Hankyung angled his own hips and then thrust into Heechul with one, firm thrust. Heechul’s mouth opened immediately to scream with relief, but Hankyung slipped his tongue between those lips, swallowing the yell immediately. Heechul held onto him with dear life, finding it hard to concentrate on holding on when Hankyung was throbbing within him and his tongue was sweeping every part of his mouth.

As if knowing what the other was thinking, Hankyung slowly tugged Heechul’s thighs higher and higher until his knees hooked over his shoulders. Then, his hands moved, cupping his hips firmly, possessively, protectively so that Heechul wouldn’t fall. He sensed Heechul tense at the new position, so, with both tongue and hardened self, Hankyung thrust into him to assure the other.

Heechul groaned into the kiss, the angle Hankyung was in rubbing all the right places within him. He broke the kiss as Hankyung began to thrust in and out of him in spaced intervals, each thrust more powerful than the last. He bit down hard on his bottom lip to stop from crying out and refused anymore kisses, not being able to think of anything else but the undulation of the other man’s hips. With each thrust, Heechul gripped Hankyung’s shoulders tighter, locking his knees tighter on him as the water made their bodies unbearably slick.

Hearing Heechul barely breathing, Hankyung knew how close the other was to his climax. So, he moved his hands so one arm wrapped around Heechul’s bottom securely and the free hand wrapped around Heechul’s evident arousal. He thrust slower, but more powerful as his hand began to stroke him faster and faster. Heechul’s pants began to be accompanied by little moans until finally Heechul moved his hands to Hankyung face and bent forward so that he could press his lips against Hankyung’s, his unrelenting scream being swallowed by their kiss and the roar of the water.

Heechul collapsed against the tile wall as Hankyung pumped him dry. Hankyung withdrew from him just before Heechul’s legs slipped off his shoulders, but he held him against his body, knowing Heechul wouldn’t be able to stand just yet.

Heechul looked up at him with heavy-lidded eyes, a hand reaching and cupping the side of his face. His lips pressed against Hankyung’s and moved against them in a sweet kiss. It ended as soon as it began as he murmured loud enough for the other to hear above the noise of the shower, “You’re still hard.”

“Then do something about it,” Hankyung invited, his voice low and husky.

Heechul weakly put a hand to his chest, pushing gently until Hankyung moved to the wall opposite of the shower head. His hands pressed down on Hankyung’s shoulders until Hankyung sat on the thick ledge of the tub. Then, unceremoniously, Heechul dropped to his knees before Hankyung, the water on the bottom of the tub hot and lapping around him. With hands gripping the other’s toned thighs, Heechul leaned forward until he took as much of Hankyung’s length as he could into his mouth.

He sucked hard as his head moved up and down him in a moderate pace. His tongue moved around and up and down Hankyung’s length. He felt Hankyung’s hand on his head, gently pressing him encouragingly as he continued his ministrations. He softly grazed his teeth along the length of Hankyung he could fit into his mouth and was rewarded by a full-body shiver from the other man. He felt Hankyung throb in his mouth, the other feeling rock-hard and unbelievably hot. Heechul tasted saltiness, knowing that Hankyung was almost there. So, he moved his head more and more, trying to take even more of Hankyung into him. He felt the tip of Hankyung press against the back of his throat and felt the need to cough, to gag.

Immediately, that hand that had been pressing on his head was pulling his mouth away. Hankyung tilted his chin so Heechul looked up at him, “Don’t force yourself,” Hankyung insisted as he leaned down and brushed his lips against Heechul’s, “Can I finish this the way I want?”

Heechul could only nod. Hankyung repositioned them so that they were by the wall where the shower head hung once more, the water streaming over their bodies. Heechul gripped the corner of the tub, avoiding the jutting of the faucet. Hankyung gripped his hips painfully and then thrust into him strongly. Heechul choked on a groan as he collapsed against the smoothness of the tub, one arm slipping to the outside side of the tub and hugging it tightly.

Hankyung knelt behind Heechul, curved over him as he pounded into him over and over again. His mind was past the thought of his so-called revenge on Heechul, his jealousy long forgotten as he re-entered Heechul harder and harder and harder still. Suddenly, his own words to Heechul of having to keep quiet were echoing in his own mind as he found it hard to swallow his own cries as he felt Heechul tight and wet and hot around him. He gritted his teeth as he moved faster, the only thing in his mind being the man before him.

Heechul gasped as he hugged the side of the tub, the water hot on his back, Hankyung even hotter within him. He felt that familiar fire dance through his blood once more, could feel the tingling in his fingers and toes as he felt his body being forced against the tub again and again with each powerful thrust. He let out a low hiss, biting on his lip until it bled as he reached gained his climax once more. He felt the water at his knees get warmer and slightly thicker as he felt himself release.

Hankyung could feel Heechul clench around him as Heechul reached climax. He stifled a groan as Heechul’s muscles squeezed him and he clenched his jaw as he felt his body fall over the edge, wave after wave of ecstasy falling over their bodies. His hips moved at a frenzied pace as he allowed Heechul’s body to milk him. He turned his face up towards the stream of water, closing his eyes serenely as his body finally reached completion.

Heechul felt his heart slowly attain a normal beat as his front laid against the cool tub. He felt Hankyung’s body fall against his back, heavy and warm as the water formed a hot blanket over their bodies. It was a few minutes until he felt the last of the tremors that Hankyung’s body went through.

“Showers aren’t supposed to be so dirty,” Hankyung murmured, his lips pressed at the nape of Heechul’s neck as he slipped out of Heechul,

“Look who’s talking,” Heechul scolded lightly, “You’re the one who snuck in here with the others in the living room.”

“We better get out before the others think you’ve drowned and I’ve fallen asleep at the dance studio,” Hankyung said as he slowly rose the full length of him.

Heechul stood up shakily as he turned to face Hankyung, the water slowly cooling from being on so long. He smirked at him, “Still jealous?”

“I was never jealous,” Hankyung replied easily,

“Liar,” Heechul grinned at him,

Hankyung leaned in towards him and, instinctively, Heechul moved back until the tiled wall was pressed against his skin and he could move back no longer. Hankyung moved closer only to turn off the water, he smirked at him as he straightened, moving away from him, “Perhaps.”

Hankyung pulled back the curtain and stepped out of the tub. He grabbed a towel from a closet in the washroom and quickly dried himself off. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he took the towel that Heechul had put out on the counter before his shower. He tossed the towel to Heechul, “You’ll get sick if you stay wet… especially if you’re not wet because of me.”

Heechul scowled at the cheeky dongsaeng as he began to rub himself down with the offered towel, “I’ll get you back.”

“Of course,” Hankyung chuckled as he gathered his strewn clothes and dumped them into the laundry basket in the corner of the washroom. After securing the towel more firmly around his waist, Hankyung glanced at Heechul, threw him a wink before opening the door of the washroom.

“Eh? I thought Heechul-hyung was using the washroom,” Donghae said as he stepped aside for Hankyung to exit.

“He was,” Hankyung said lightly as he walked past Donghae, entering the dark corridor that was filled with echoes from the movie the others were still watching; the sound of the movie drowning out any conversation that was occurring in the washroom’s vicinity.

Donghae stared after Hankyung as he disappeared into his bedroom. Donghae turned and blinked as Heechul stood in the tub, wrapping the towel around his waist. When their eyes locked, Donghae’s eyes lit with realization and Heechul’s eyes widened with shock.

“I… I…” Heechul stammered as he scrambled out of the tub, “That is…”

Donghae turned his head back and forth between the door Hankyung had disappeared behind and to where Heechul stood in the washroom still stuffy with steam. Heechul watched as his dongsaeng’s face slowly reddened until it resembled a ripe tomato. Heechul could do nothing more than plop down on the thick edge of the tub, watching Donghae helplessly. His dongsaeng turned abruptly and moved towards his own bedroom. Above the noise from the movie in the living room and the drip, drip, drip from the faucet of the tub, Heechul just barely heard Donghae scowling,

“I knew there were advantages if I lived in the same dorm as Eunhyuk.”

(Author's note: The show that was constantly being referred to was Jeolchin/Intimate Notes where Kangin/Sungmin & Heechul/Eunhyuk guested in. Yes, this show did spark my realization of HanChul love. No, this show did not inspire this story. This story just randomly came to me the other day, but yes, watch that show! It was awesome! =D )


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