“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

[00SJ1] feminine!Heechul pt 1

words: 1035
rate: PG13
(Day 1 of the Fanfiction series.)

It was, in Heechul’s mind, the perfect time to have a meeting; Super Junior never had meetings.

First, he called up Kibum who was the farthest away filming some movie or another; he said he was never going to brush his hair again which caused Kibum to worry frantically, not even saying goodbye as he hung up the phone. Then, he called Hankyung and demanded he bring everyone from Super Junior-M to the dorm. He told the same lie and Hankyung, knowing Heechul quite well, was so startled, he began yelling out commands in mandarin before hanging up. Finally, Heechul called the other dorm, and spread his lie further before coming to the dining room of his own dorm and calling forth the members who lived with him.

Within half an hour, fifteen young men were scattered in the dining room and living room of the 12th floor dorm where Heechul lived.

Kibum, who had somehow arrived before SJ-M and the members who lived on the 11th floor, looked at Heechul, “Hyung, what’s wrong? Did something happen? Is Heebum sick again?”

Heechul suddenly slapped down a single sheet of paper onto the dining table. The fourteen other men tried to crowd around the table, trying to get a better view. Kangin had wrapped his arms around Eeteuk’s hips and lifted him so they could both see; Hankyung had made space so Henry could squish in and see; Donghae, who was one of the last to arrive with SJ-M, merely climbed on Shiwon’s back (the latter didn’t notice); and somehow, Sungmin had managed to climb onto the table, sitting with his legs crossed.

They peered at the letter,

“What is it?” Donghae asked as he hung from Shiwon’s broad shoulders, “Change in our contract?”

“No,” Heechul said, pausing for dramatic effect, “It’s fanfiction!”

The others were silent as they all turned their gazes to him.

Kangin slowly lowered Eeteuk to the ground, no longer needing to see the paper, “Are you telling me, that I cancelled dinner with my parents -”

“Maybe he has a good reason!” Eeteuk exclaimed, his hands covering Kangin’s which were already fisting,

Hankyung, ever the one to side with Heechul, crossed his arms and slanted him a look, “We’re debuting tomorrow with Super Girl… This was our last practice before we perform live tomorrow…”

Kibum slapped a hand over his own eyes, “Are you serious, hyung!? I told the director I couldn’t film because you were most likely near-death!”

“Heechul, you’d better have a good reason and you’d better make it fast,” Eeteuk stated, “I can’t hold them off for too long!”

“I have a very good reason!” Heechul exclaimed, a fist slamming onto the table top, “In every fanfiction, I’m the one who’s always catching!”

Fourteen pairs of eyes blinked at him.

“Catch… ing?” Sungmin murmured, his jaw comically, slowly dropping,

“Like… baseball?” Ryeowook piped,

Yesung immediately covered the younger member’s ears with his hands, “Heechul! We have the innocence of young boys to protect!”

Kyuhyun ruined the effort however, by practically collapsing against Zhou Mi in a fit of stifled laughter. Heechul glared at the laughing dongsaeng, before looking back at the others seriously, arms crossed defiantly,

“Well I want to know why the hell I’m always catching and never pitching!” He stated angrily,

Shindong laid his forehead on the table top, “Oh my God, he’s serious.”

“Of course I’m serious! What, I can’t be the one in control? I’m the one who’s always following, always being driven into rather than driving!?” Heechul demanded, trying to set the offending piece of paper aflame with his dark glare,

Henry covered his own ears, “Hankyung! Make him stop!”

Hankyung, who was now pinching the bridge of his nose, sighed heavily, “Heechul, we understand how… frustrating… this must be for you-”

“We really don’t understand,” Shiwon muttered as Donghae and Eunhyuk, the closest to him, nodded their silent agreement;

“However,” Hankyung continued, lowering his hand from his face and looking at the older member warily, “It’s just fanfiction.”

“If it’s just fanfiction, then I challenge all of you to one month of fanfiction!” Heechul exclaimed. The others stared at him in confusion, so, he elaborated, “Everyday we will all,” he emphasized this by sweeping his gaze over the other fourteen men, “Read at least one fanfiction a day! If – IF – we can go at least one day without something to say against fanfiction, then I’ll let the matter rest and I’ll never mention it again. HOWEVER! If I’m right, you all have to admit it – AND!” He turned his eyes to Eeteuk, his lips twisting up in a smirk, “You all have to call me hyung.”

“I’m not even Korean,” Zhou Mi stated,

Heechul whipped his gaze to the other man, “All, Zhou Mi. I can accept being called ‘ge’.”

“Do we have to do this?” Eunhyuk looked to the eldest,

Eeteuk glanced at Heechul before sighing, “Otherwise Heechul won’t shut up about it.” As if to support this statement, Heechul nodded his head solemnly, “It’s just one story a day, guys, and it’s only for a month.”

“Don’t we head off to China soon?” Shiwon looked to Hankyung who nodded in reply.

“That doesn’t mean you can’t read one story a day,” Heechul argued, “And a quick call is all that’s needed if there are any complaints. AND – this requires complete honesty!” Heechul stated, staring at the other members challengingly, “If you have even the slightest complaint about the story you’ve read, you HAVE to report it to at least two of the other members.”

At Eeteuk’s apologetic look, the other members grudgingly accepted the fanfiction challenge, Heechul still upset over the fanfiction that lay on the table.

“I can’t believe a single piece of paper caused so much trouble,” Kibum muttered resentfully as he stood from the table,

“Well, how would you like it if fanfiction was being based on lies?” Heechul challenged, “Right Hankyung? I’m not always on the bottom!”

Skin the colour of chilli paste, Hankyung silently retreated to his room; the others didn’t see him for the rest of the evening. Unfortunately, the other thirteen men were unable to sleep either, Heechul’s words echoing in their memory.

(Day 2: Eeteuk is Umma)


followurdestiny said...

lolz... everyone rushing to Heechul's 'meeting' XD... and the cause being fanfiction XD...
I wonder what the outcome will be, but Heechul will probably win XD

Anonymous said...

*lol* I love the idea
and Heechul...that was unneccessary information...poor Hangeng

Anonymous said...

omg...i effing LOVE you!! you are so freaking brilliant

Anonymous said...

Awwhh!! But I love Heechul! <3
Hehe was rather amusing though