“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Saturday, June 28, 2008

[029] Raging Storm

theme: o29. Sea.
pair: Sungmin/Shiwon
rate: NC17
words: 4647 (Longest.. by a paragraph LOL)
#: 34/100

It had seemed an eternity since the last time they had a vacation together. Actually, how much of a vacation is it if they were filming an music video? However, they enjoyed it nonetheless. They were able to travel to a lesser populated island off the west coast of Korea, and after filming was done for the day, were given free reign for the rest of their day until filming resumed the next morning.

It was on the final day of shooting the video that the members of Super Junior began to feel the down of having to leave such a beautiful, quiet island and return to their mainstream lives again.

During one part of filming, each member had to sing while standing in the surf. Shiwon stepped forward when his turn arrived and Sungmin’s ended.

“Great job hyung,” Shiwon said, dimpling as he smiled past him.

Sungmin gave him a short nod as Eeteuk came over and gave him a towel to dry off and keep warm.

“Thank you,” Sungmin stammered as a gust of wind embraced them, sending a chill through his soaked body, “For only standing in the surf and not actually moving at all… you get really wet.”

Eeteuk laughed, “Yeah, that’s why I’m glad I got it over and done with three days ago. Now you’ll have to go home soaked.”

“I can change back at the villas,” Sungmin argued as his eyes remained on Shiwon who was singing along to he music, his hands gesturing to the melody expressively.

“We’re not going back to the villas,” Eeteuk blinked, “We’re going straight to the docks after we finish here, the last boat leaves in at six for the mainland, so in an hour.”

“Hmm?” Sungmin asked absent-mindedly, his gaze glued to Shiwon,

“Yeah, that’s why we packed earlier,” Eeteuk explained, “They’re probably moving all of our luggage now as we speak.”

“Oh… okay,” Sungmin murmured,

Eeteuk looked from Sungmin to Shiwon and back again, “You should confess to him already,” Eeteuk suggested casually,

Sungmin snapped out of his reverie and turned his attention - fully - to Eeteuk, “What!?”

Eeteuk nodded towards Shiwon, “Shiwonnie; confess to him already.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sungmin insisted,

Eeteuk rolled his eyes, “I’ve seen it all week we’ve been here, Min, you can’t fool me.”

“What do you mean?”

Eeteuk sighed, “If you’re going to play stupid… you keep watching him… when he’s eating… reading… the other day at one of the villas when the air conditioner broke and he took off his shirt… you were watching him every time all the time,”

Sungmin blushed profusely at being called out, “Don’t be crazy,”

Eeteuk watched him a moment before insisting, “It’s nothing to be ashamed about,”

“But… he’s a guy… and… and I’m a guy,” Sungmin muttered,

“So?” Eeteuk scanned the area before his eyes spotted their desire, “Kangin-sshi!” He called.

About ten feet away Kangin, who had been talking with Kyuhyun stopped in his tracks, Kyuhyun following his lead confusedly. Kangin looked over at Eeteuk and Sungmin,

“Watch this,” Eeteuk muttered before winking at Kangin.

Kangin turned to Kyuhyun and told him something, Kyuhyun continuing to walk away without him. Seconds later, Kangin stormed over and grabbed Eeteuk by his shirt collar,

“What was that!?” Kangin demanded, “You said you’d be discreet,”

Eeteuk waited silently as Kangin hissed at him for a few more seconds before smiling at him, “I love it when you’re mad.”

Kangin paused and blinked at him for a moment. Suddenly, his cheeks flushed and he released his hold on Eeteuk. He took an obvious step backwards, “You’re infuriating,” Kangin accused before turning on his heel to leave.

Before Kangin could completely escape, Eeteuk called his name. He looked over his shoulder at him. Eeteuk tilted his head slightly and gave a sincere smile as he said simply, “Saranghae.”

Kangin’s blush brightened as he glanced at Sungmin then back at Eeteuk and muttered, “Me too,” then hurried off to catch up with Kyuhyun again.

Eeteuk watched Kangin until he was out of sight then turned back to Sungmin, “See, nothing wrong with it.”

Sungmin gaped. He glanced at Eeteuk and where Kangin had been before he stammered, “You? And Kangin-sshi?” Eeteuk nodded, “But… when? How?”

“When? First day we were here. How? I cornered him,” Eeteuk explained as if he were talking of commonplace things such as the weather. Then he narrowed his eyes and stared hard at his dongsaeng, “You tell no one, Min. Personally, I don’t care; but Kangin’s very sensitive about the issue and wants to tell people when he feels is the right time.”

Sungmin nodded before giving him a slanted look, “Then what’s the point of me telling Shiwon-sshi if we’d have to hide it?”

Eeteuk looked back over at Shiwon standing in the water as he sang and moved for the camera, “If you feel for Shiwonnie a fraction of the amount I love Kangin… then it doesn’t matter if you have to hide it or not, all that matters is your feelings for him and having him by your side for as long a time as possible.”

Sungmin watched as Shiwon wrapped up his filming and came out of the water shivering. Shiwon walked over to them instantly, “How did it look?” He grinned, “I always get nervous when we do solo scenes.”

“You did great,” Sungmin insisted.

Shiwon’s smile got brighter, “Ah really? Thanks. I’ll catch you later, I want to grab a towel.”

Sungmin watched quietly as Shiwon ran off shivering. He felt Eeteuk’s hand comfortingly on his shoulder, “Hyung, it worked out for you… but what if Shiwon rejects me? Or worse, what if I completely lose him - even as a friend?”

Eeteuk squeezed his shoulder affectionately before answering, “Well… then you have to decide whether he’s worth the risk or not.”

An hour later, Shiwon came up to Eeteuk, “Hyung, have you seen Sungmin-sshi? I can’t find him,” Shiwon said as he looked around on the docks.

“He said something about looking for something at the villas,” Eeteuk said casually as he looked off in the direction of the housing they had stayed in, “He insisted he’d be back before the ferry took off.”

“How much time until the ferry leaves?” Shiwon asked,

Eeteuk looked down at his watch, “Half an hour.”

Shiwon bit his lip as he watched the crew begin moving things onto the ferry. He looked down at his own watch, “Okay, I’ll go get him - try to stall the ferry if we’re not back by six-thirty!” Shiwon insisted before dashing off towards the villa.

Eeteuk watched, a smile forming on his lips. He was unperturbed as someone moved beside him and slung an arm about his shoulders, “What are you up to?” Kangin’s voice came low in his ear,

“Nothing,” Eeteuk replied simply as Shiwon disappeared down the path between the trees,

“Then why’d you tell Shiwon that the ferry leaves at six-thirty when it leaves… oh, about now?” Kangin inquired,

Eeteuk moved away from Kangin and started heading onto the ferry. Once Kangin was in step with him again, he replied, “I didn’t need help telling you. But there are two members on this island that need a little push.” Once on the ferry, he moved to the railing with Kangin beside him, “So, I think some time alone on the island is just the push they need.”

Kangin shook his head as he smiled as he leaned against the railing so his side was flush with Eeteuk’s, “You’re infuriating.”

Shiwon checked the villas the crew and members had used, forgetting which Sungmin had stayed in and - of course - he had to find Sungmin in the last one he checked. He found Sungmin in the bedroom, beneath the bed - of all places.

“Hyung? What are you doing under there?” Shiwon asked as he steadied his breathing and rapid heart,

“I lost something,” Sungmin explained as he finally came out from under the bed and grinned, “I found it. It must have come off and was kicked underneath.”

“What is it?” Shiwon asked as he finally caught his breath,

“The bracelet you gave me last Christmas,” Sungmin explained, “Come on, we’d better head back to he ferry before it leaves without us,”

Shiwon looked at his watch, “No, we’re still good for time. We have at least twenty minutes.”

Sungmin blinked, “That doesn’t sound right… I ran here when it was ten minutes to six.”

“Yeah… and the ferry leaves at six-thirty,” Shiwon said,

Sungmin’s eyes widened, “It leaves at six!” He grabbed Shiwon’s wrist and looked at the time, “It’s ten after!”

Immediately both bolted from the villa and hurried back down to the docks. However, by the time they got there, the ferry was just before the horizon and the sky had opened up to a summer storm. Shiwon collapsed against wooden railing as he caught his breath for the second time in ten minutes, while Sungmin cursed and looked around the docks for another ferry, a boat - anything to get them back to the mainland; it was hopeless.

“Why did you think it left at six-thirty?” Sungmin asked,

“Eeteuk… said so…” Shiwon muttered as he steadied his ragged breathing,

Realization dawned upon him of the situation, “That sneaky little… he did this on purpose,” Sungmin said bitterly,

“Why would he leave us here on purpose?” Shiwon inquired,

“Because he wanted us-” Sungmin’s hand flew to his mouth. He silently cursed himself, he had said too much, but it was too late to take it back now.

Shiwon cocked his head and regarded him curiously, “He wanted us to what?”

Sungmin shook his head, “Let’s go back to the villas. We’re just getting soaked out here and maybe we can convince the owners to give us another night.”

“Bathroom’s all yours,” Sungmin said as he came out from the bathroom drowning in an oversized bathrobe,

Shiwon laughed at the sight of him,

“It’s the only size they had,” Sungmin defended, “Go have a shower before you catch a cold,” He prompted as he walked over to the kitchen set and started making a pot of coffee.

Shiwon watched him a moment before complying and disappearing into the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later, Sungmin heard the bathroom door open, but stayed where he was. He stood by the patio door watching the storm. The rain poured heavily as lightning pierced the night sky and thunder shook the island. He had been watching it silently, knowing that despite its fierceness, the storm outside was no match for the storm raging within. He downed the rest of his coffee before finally turning around to face Shiwon,

“There’s some coffee on the-” Sungmin suddenly lost all ability to speak. The grip on his mug lessened until it fell to the ground.

Shiwon looked at him confusedly. He had come out of the bathroom, steam pouring out from behind him, with a towel atop his head and began drying his hair with vigorous strokes,

“Coffee? Great, just the thing to warm me up,” Shiwon said as he gave up on his hair and tossed the towel on a nearby table.

Sungmin, who had knelt down to pick up the porcelain pieces, looked up and had to stop himself from gasping. The image Shiwon was presenting had to be illegal: clad in just a towel slung low about his hips; remnants of his shower trickling down his body, doing fantastic things to Sungmin’s imagination; and hair that was usually perfectly brushed and styled was wild, dripping of water and made him look deliciously feral.

In his observations of Shiwon getting coffee, Sungmin had stopped paying attention to what he was doing and sliced his palm on a sharp piece of porcelain. He yelped out of shock before biting his lip and hissing quietly at the pain. He picked up the rest of the pieces and hurried over to the kitchen and dumped the debris into the garbage can.

On his way to the sink, Shiwon noticed the blood and immediate took hold of Sungmin’s hand, inspecting the damage, “Are you okay?” Shiwon asked, suddenly disinterested in a hot cup of coffee.

“Ah yeah, it’s just a cut,” Sungmin insisted,

“But you’re bleeding a lot,” Shiwon stated,

“I’m a bleeder,” he offered lamely.

Shiwon, without a second thought, licked away at the blood from Sungmin’s palm. The cut finally exposed, Shiwon said, “It’s a pretty big cut, hyung.” He moved to drag Sungmin over to the sink when Sungmin stopped him, “What’s-”

Before Shiwon could get another word in, Sungmin suddenly pulled him in for a kiss. While watching the storm, he decided that all his feelings in the world wasn’t worth the risk of completely losing Shiwon from his life. He would rather continue loving him silently than confess, be rejected and lose a very good friend. Seeing Shiwon come out of the bathroom had tempted the devil in Sungmin, having Shiwon lick his hand obliterated all thought.

As if suddenly realized what he was doing, Sungmin pulled back immediately. He grabbed a dishtowel, wrapped it around his hand and presumed to walk away from Shiwon. His thoughts were raging and all were asking him what the hell he had done.

He didn’t get far before Shiwon grabbed his arm and pulled him to look at him. Sungmin stared up at him with surprise and - dare he? - hope. However, all Shiwon did was drag him back to the kitchen where a first aid kit was located. In silence, Shiwon quickly and efficiently bandaged Sungmin’s right hand, stopping the blood flow and protecting it from infection.

“Thanks,” Sungmin muttered as Shiwon put away the first aid kit. Now free from him, Sungmin proceeded back to the patio in hopes of running away from Shiwon, possibly jump from the patio if need be. He was nearing the patio when thoughts of perhaps Shiwon would forget everything that had happened. However, he entertained those thoughts for only a brief moment before he felt Shiwon’s strong hand on his arm again. Slowly, he turned around, bracing himself for pain.

However, Sungmin was only met with a swift kiss. When Shiwon pulled back, he stared at Sungmin and said simply, “I had to make sure you wouldn’t bleed to death first.” With that, Shiwon captured his lips again with his own, his hands cradling Sungmin’s head.

Without really thinking, Shiwon felt himself being shuffled backwards until the edge of one of the beds was pressed against his legs. Unceremoniously, he knelt back on the bed as he pulled Sungmin closer to him. As he knelt on the bed with Sungmin standing before him, their lips locked, he reached down and undid the tie of Sungmin’s robe.

The robe fluttered open and Shiwon wrapped his fingers about Sungmin. The kiss deepend as Sungmin groaned into Shiwon’s mouth, tasting remnants of coppery blood on his tongue. Shiwon tightened his hold just a fraction while using steady, strong strokes. The increase in friction set a fire deep in the pit of Sungmin’s stomach. It warmed up his body considerably, almost to the point of unbearable. He broke the kiss as the intensity of the heat reached new heights. He buried his face in Shiwon’s shoulder, holding onto him desperately as Shiwon continued his ministrations.


The word was breathed before Sungmin even formed the plea in his head. His face burned at the embarrassing request, but soon his whole body burned as Shiwon obeyed. He was well towards what he believed people called enlightenment when he pushed Shiwon away from him.

“Hyung?” Shiwon said in askance when suddenly Sungmin pushed him onto his back, his legs dangling off the edge of the bed. He didn’t have to ask anymore when Sungmin knelt beside the bed, tore away the towel and lowered his head to Shiwon’s body. “Sungmin-sshi, no! You don’t have -” His words caught in his throat as he felt Sungmin’s mouth hot and wet around him.

Each lick, stroke, suck brought Shiwon closer to the edge. The edge of what, he wasn’t sure but he was damned sure he wanted to find out. He felt his blood coursing with a newfound heat in his body, felt his heart beat rapidly against his chest to the point of burning, and yet - as he felt Sungmin’s mouth on him, knew he didn’t want it to end like this. He was at the edge of ecstasy when he managed to pull Sungmin from him. He tugged on him until Sungmin fell atop him and pulled him in for a fierce kiss.

Soon, Sungmin was kneeling, his hands gripping the railing that made up the headboard. Shiwon knelt behind him, the front of his body flush against the back of Sungmin’s. His body roamed Sungmin’s as his lips paid homage to Sungmin’s neck and shoulder.

“Please…” Shiwon murmured against his neck.

Sungmin nodded and braced himself against the railing and wall as Shiwon entered him in one thrust. Sungmin let out a cry, his hands fisting against the wall as Shiwon grunted at the sudden tightness around him, his cheek pressed against Sungmin’s.

“I’m sorry…” Shiwon breathed as he was horrified to feel Sungmin’s tears on his cheek. He wrapped an arm around Sungmin’s torso, his hand over his heart. The other hand, Shiwon reached for Sungmin’s bandaged fist. He clasped it until Sung manipulated it so that they were holding hands, their fingers laced together.

Shiwon remained still, waiting for Sungmin to get use to him. Sungmin breathed heavily, feeling Shiwon pulsate within him. His heart filled with thoughts of Shiwon as he silently thanked Shiwon for waiting for him. When the heat that had rekindled in his stomach became unbearable again, Sungmin turned his head enough to kiss Shiwon’s cheek. That was answer enough for him and slowly, Shiwon began to move within Sungmin.

Shiwon had decided to take things slow with Sungmin, especially since it was both their first time. However, soon he found himself nearing the precipice again and, with that in sight, his desire began to over come him. His hips increased their tempo and his hold on his hyung’s torso and hand tightened in an attempt to control the rest of his raging body. He was tiptoeing the line again when he realized - yet again - that he didn’t want it to end like that.

With a resolution he didn’t realize he still possessed, Shiwon pulled out of Sungmin and turned him to face him. Shiwon took his face in his hands and kissed him hard, passionately, as if it had been an eternity since they last kissed - it certainly felt it. As their kiss rivalled the storm outside of their villa, Shiwon slowly lowered their bodies to the bed.

Sungmin relished in the weight of Shiwon’s body on top of him, absent-mindedly wrapping his arms about his dongsaeng in a means to bring him closer. Unceremoniously, Shiwon pulled at one of Sungmin’s knee around his hip to bring them yet even more closer. Shiwon groaned melodically at the new feel of being totally and completely flush against his hyung. He groaned again when Sungmin began to rock his hips causing a beautiful friction.

This time, asking and permission were no longer needed. Shiwon re-entered Sungmin with a powerful thrust garnering a collective sigh from the both of them. Sungmin kept his arms about Shiwon, holding him tightly while Shiwon kept one hand on Sungmin’s knee he had raised and one hand at the nape of Sungmin’s neck. With their mouths no longer joined, Sungmin and Shiwon gazed into each other eyes as their lower bodies joined in a long and rhythmic waltz.

Sungmin began to tear again from the pain that accompanied the pleasure, so he shut his eyes tightly to fight the tears.

Shiwon brushed his lips softly against both of his eye lids. Kissing away the tears, he whispered, “It’s okay… don’t close your eyes.” Sungmin obeyed and never looked away again.

Soon Shiwon buried his face against Sungmin’s shoulder, “Need… harder…” he murmured.

Sungmin moved one of hands to Shiwon’s head and held it against his shoulder lovingly, “Go ahead,” he insisted quietly, his voice barely a whisper.

“Thank… you,” Shiwon breathed before suddenly thrusting at full force for the first time.

A cry escaped Sungmin’s lips from the power, but the cry turned into a moan so fast, he wasn’t sure if the cry had ever happened. Their hold on one another tightened considerably as if loosening their embrace even a fraction would lose the passion and the fire that they had been slowly building. Shiwon’s hips moved at a steady and slightly quick pace, but each thrust carried with it a power that rattled the bed they laid upon.

Suddenly, Shiwon slowed down, and decreased the strength of his movements. Sungmin stared at him with bitter surprise. The fact that Shiwon was smirking like a fox did not help.

“Shiwon…” Sungmin grunted, rocking his hips in a weak attempt to regain the momentum they had just seconds ago.

“Hyung…” Shiwon replied simply, continuing at his pace.

Sungmin felt the frustration build, along with the intense longing for completion. However, Shiwon seemed fine at his current pace. It was slow, excruciatingly slow and Sungmin found himself close to strangling his dongsaeng if he kept going like that.

Finally, his desire raged violently within him and he could no longer take it, “Shiwon! Please!” Sungmin exclaimed desperately. He gaped when Shiwon stopped altogether, pulling out completely, “What-”

“I wanted to hear you beg,” Shiwon smirked at him before grasping him tightly and slamming into him powerfully.

Sungmin howled at the pain, the pleasure, the feel of having Shiwon completely in him again. His breathing staggered and deepend with each thrust and when Shiwon’s hips lost their rhythm, he knew Shiwon had finally completely succumbed to his passion. Each thrust brought them closer to completion and right before they reached the summit, their mouths found one another in a passionate yet gently kiss as they rode out their storm together.

Soon it was not just Sungmin burning or Shiwon jumping the edge; instead, they were both burning and falling into ecstasy’s abyss together. Further and further they soared as their completion pulsated, rippled through their bodies in delicious waves until it was over. Shiwon lay atop Sungmin, his head buried in Sungmin’s shoulder; Sungmin held him tightly, waiting for Shiwon to regain his senses. Long after they had both returned from their cataclysmic reprieve, they lay in the bed, intertwined. Their breaths calmed, their hearts pounding in unison, sweat and remnants of their joining evident on their bodies, but neither cared. They just wanted to stay in each other’s arms, in each other’s warmth, just a little bit longer.

The next morning, Sungmin sat on the sand where they had been filming just the other day. He sat with his knees raised, his arms crossed atop them. The storm had cleared the warm air that covered the island since the first day Super Junior had arrived there and now, it left the island with a cool chill. The sky was a pale, misty blue and sun was covered by a thin layer of cloud. He kept his eyes out on the blue sea water before him that shone like jewels. Even when Shiwon came and sat beside him, he kept his gaze ahead of him.

“The owners said they got in contact with our managers and last night’s been paid for,” Shiwon said, breaking the peaceful silence that had surrounded Sungmin since he had come out on the beach an hour prior.

Sungmin loved the sound of his voice, but felt a sadness when hearing his words. The moment they boarded the ferry, they’d be returning to their lives. Their lives in the spotlight, in the mainstream. They were idol stars, they couldn’t have scandals with other guys - let alone another member. He suddenly understood why Kangin wanted discretion for his relationship with Eeteuk. Before when Eeteuk had told him, Sungmin thought Kangin as selfish and yet, now that he was faced with a similar - if not same - situation, Sungmin understood that Kangin wasn’t selfish, if anything, he was trying to protect both Eeteuk and himself.

With that thought fresh in his mind, Sungmin looked beside him at Shiwon. As if feeling his gaze, Shiwon looked back and smiled warmly at him. Seeing that smile, and his expressive eyes, Sungmin felt the urge to protect Shiwon from the wolves he knew the reporters would be. With a heavy heart, he knew to protect Shiwon - to completely shield him, everything that had transpired between them the previous night had to end the moment they boarded the morning ferry.

“Shiwon…” Sungmin began, tearing his eyes away from him. He wouldn’t be able to say what he had to say if he was looking at his dongsaeng. So, he turned his gaze back to the waters and forced them to stay there,

“I don’t have any illusions of the consequences hyung, so don’t presume to think I don’t know what last night complicates,” Shiwon interjected. He reached out to Sungmin and forced him to look back at him, “And if you’re about to say words suggesting we end things now - now after we’ve finally come together - I won’t let either of us leave this island.”

“But Shiwon,” Sungmin got on his knees, turning to face him completely, “You know how things are back on the mainland - you know how our lives are while we’re in the limelight. We cannot be anything less than perfect.”

Shiwon looked out at the water, hot tears stinging his eyes. “But… I love you, hyung,” Shiwon grounded out as the tears brimmed his lashes.

At the sight of such a sturdy-looking, strong Shiwon cry, Sungmin felt his heart ache for his sad dongsaeng. He came closer and wrapped his arms around Shiwon’s shoulders, pressing his lips to his temple, “This isn’t about you loving me, or me loving you,” Shiwon looked at him at the sound of his declaration of love. Sungmin nodded at him briefly before tightening his embrace and continuing, “If we continue once we get back to the mainland, we’d have to be discreet - more discreet than we’ve ever been… even, we might even have to hide it from the other members. If this ever got out Shiwon, you know the consequences will be bigger than we could even imagine. We would have to be very careful.”

Shiwon turned his head again and accepted Sungmin’s kiss. It lasted a moment, but it was sweet for what it was; an agreement. Sungmin released his hold on Shiwon and sat back down beside him,

“And-” Sungmin added as he shoved Shiwon powerfully to the point that he toppled to his side, “If you make me beg like you did last night, I will end things!” He threatened darkly,

“I won’t,” Shiwon promised as he got up and sat up properly again, “So… we’re still together?” Shiwon looked over at him and grinned, dimpling brightly,

Sungmin glanced at him, his cheeks pinking, “Yes,” he said gruffly, looking back out at the sea,

“And, you love me too, hyung?” Shiwon prompted in a sing-song voice that Sungmin wasn’t sure was cute or annoying at the moment. Sungmin furtively glanced at Shiwon to figure out which it was; apparently both, the dongsaeng was being annoyingly cute. Shiwon caught the glance and smiled even brighter, causing Sungmin to look away. Shiwon suddenly wrapped his arms about Sungmin, almost causing him to fall to the ground as he answered defiantly,

“I guess.”


jishu said...

aaawww...that was cute..
minus the smut...coz that was hot XD making sungmin beg~ *__*

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don't be creeped out by the fact that i'll most likely be reading all the porn first lol. i'm on a smut withdrawal and need to get that fixed before i can think of anything else.

but i think the fic was super great. the kangteuk was sweet on the side too~

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need i mention that i had to stop reading halfway, just so that I can wipe away the drool that flowed out of my mouth because of the beautiful love making session ???

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wow simin so good ^^. Please write simin story more