“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Friday, July 3, 2009

[004] Episode Two

theme: oo4. Chocolate
pair: Yesung/Shindong
rate: PG
words: 5352
#: 85/100
(Episode Two of the Campus Life series)

Spring Semester 1, April

It was the second month of the Spring semester when it first began. Kyuhyun was waiting outside of the dormitories with Eunhyuk. When Yesung appeared from the direction of his own dorm, he was eating chocolates.

“It’s not even eight in the morning,” Kyuhyun stated, eyeing the chocolates curiously,

“Well if I left them until later, they’d melt,” Yesung explained as he gestured for them to follow him to the bike racks. He popped a small cube of chocolate into his mouth, “Want some?”

Kyuhyun nodded, holding out a hand. Instead, however, Yesung grabbed that hand and pulled Kyuhyun closer until their lips met. After a moment, he released Kyuhyun and continued on towards the bike racks as if nothing had happened.

“I want some too, but please put it in my hand,” Eunhyuk stated, holding out a hand.

Yesung rolled his eyes as he gave Eunhyuk one. He eyed Kyuhyun’s reddened face, “Why so shy? That wasn’t your first kiss, was it?”

Kyuhyun shook his head, stuffing his hands into his pockets, “No.”

Eunhyuk raised an eyebrow, “You two have been together for almost a month, you should know that wasn’t his first kiss.”

“You’d be surprised,” Yesung muttered as he sprinted ahead to his bike.

“What does that mean?” Eunhyuk stopped and turned to Kyuhyun,

“That… that was our first kiss,” Kyuhyun explained as he glanced around at the other students.

“What? But… it’s been… what, three weeks?” Eunhyuk blinked, “When I first started dating Donghae I kissed him within the first three sec-”

A hand clamped over Eunhyuk’s mouth as Donghae appeared beside them, “You’re too loud in the morning, Eunhyuk.” He turned his eyes to Kyuhyun, “Hey Kyuhyun.”

“Morning hyung,” Kyuhyun replied.

Kyuhyun watched silently as the two conversed quietly. During the first month of school, Kyuhyun had met Eunhyuk’s boyfriend. During the early weeks of his acquaintance with Eunhyuk, he had thought Donghae was the name of a girl. After meeting him, however, Kyuhyun learned that Eunhyuk and Donghae had met in their first year since they were both majoring in music at SJ University. They had gotten together in the latter half of their first year and had been together ever since. However, due to Eunhyuk being captain of the dance team, they decided to keep it quiet.

“So what are you two up to this morning?” Donghae asked as he slipped his hand away from Eunhyuk’s mouth.

“Well, we were discussing how Kyuhyun and Yesung just had their first kiss,” Eunhyuk replied,

“Some couples like to take it slow,” Donghae offered as he clapped a supportive hand on his dongsaeng’s shoulder,

“They’ve been together for three weeks,” Eunhyuk said in a flat tone,

Donghae retracted his hand, “Really? That’s… that’s a long time to just have your first kiss, Kyuhyun. Is Yesung your first relationship?”

Kyuhyun felt his cheeks heat up as he shook his head, “I dated all through high school-”

“First boyfriend?” Donghae prompted,

“No… One of my relationships in high school was with a guy… and I’ve had a fling or two with other guys,” Kyuhyun replied,

“And you took that long with all of them?” Eunhyuk inquired as Yesung headed back towards them, walking his bike,

Kyuhyun shook his head, “No… I… I’ll tell you about it later.”

“I’ll catch up with you guys at lunch,” Yesung said as he reached them, swinging a leg over his bike,

“The math building isn’t that far,” Eunhyuk stated,

“It’s farther than where you have to go,” Yesung replied as he turned his eyes to Kyuhyun, “Are you meeting with us at lunch?”

“I can’t, I have a meeting with a professor,” Kyuhyun replied. When he saw the slight drop in his boyfriend’s expression, he quickly added, “After classes?”

“Um… I have to work, but come by the billiards club,” Yesung offered. He leaned over to kiss Kyuhyun goodbye and almost instinctively, Kyuhyun turned his face so that he kissed his cheek. He pulled back slowly, a peculiar look in his eyes, “I’ll see you guys later then.”

“Ah, hyung, can I catch a ride with you? My class is on the other side of the math building,” Donghae asked. Yesung nodded and Donghae climbed onto the bike’s seat, “See you after school?” He looked at Eunhyuk.

“At practice? Yeah. You can’t come to lunch?” Eunhyuk asked,

“Can’t, told my brother I’d meet up and have lunch with him,” Donghae explained.

Eunhyuk nodded and he and Kyuhyun watched as Yesung turned his bike towards the main campus buildings, “Oh, Yesung, where’d you buy the chocolate? It’s really good.”

Yesung looked over his shoulder at them, his eyes brushing over Kyuhyun before landing on Eunhyuk, “I’m not sure where you buy them. A secret admirer left them for me.” Without so much as a backwards glance, Yesung rode off with Donghae behind him.

Eunhyuk blinked as he looked at Kyuhyun, “Um… Kyuhyun-”

“We’ll be late for class,” Kyuhyun practically spat as he crossed his arms and began stalking off.

Eunhyuk looked around the campus food court and, after a few moments, spotted Yesung. He bounded over immediately and plopped down at the table where Yesung sat with their friend, Shindong.

“You’re never on campus for lunch,” Eunhyuk said as he looked at Shindong, “You’re usually only here for afternoon classes.”

“Yeah, I know. This is insanely early for me,” Shindong laughed, “but Yesung asked me here so I came.”

“Shindong’s my secret admirer,” Yesung replied,

Eunhyuk blinked, “What? But… Shindong’s straight.”

“Quite thoroughly,” Shindong agreed, “Nor do I hold any feelings for Yesung besides the platonic.”

“But he just… I’m so confused,” Eunhyuk ran both hands through his hair.

Yesung leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms loosely, “I’m sure my adorable boyfriend explained to you how this morning was our first kiss?” Eunhyuk nodded; “This is my plan to bring us closer.”

“My plan,” Shindong corrected; “Once - Kyuhyun, was it? - starts to feel that someone else is hitting on Yesung, he’ll start getting all riled up and - BOOM - solution,” he grinned.

Eunhyuk gave them both a slanted look, “And what if your plan backfires and Kyuhyun breaks up with hyung, instead?”

Shindong glanced at Yesung, never thinking of that possibility.

Yesung blinked from one to the other. Finally he narrowed his eyes, “That won’t happen. I won’t let it happen.”

“Well, you better make sure of that,” Eunhyuk stated, “Because I didn’t put up with Kyuhyun’s crazy stalking just to have you two break up in the end.”

“Hey, I’m completely dedicated to my relationship,” Yesung defended, “That’s why I’m doing this. It’s him who’s holding back, keeping me at a distance.”

“Have you ever asked him?” Shindong inquired, “Asked him why he’s like that with you?”

Yesung nodded with a sigh, “He says that’s the way he is.” He glanced at Eunhyuk and noticed how his friend was fidgeting suddenly. He narrowed his eyes again, “What did he tell you?”

Eunhyuk looked at him, alarmed, “What? Nothing.”

“You’re a horrible liar,” Shindong stated,

“Look, Kyuhyun’s my friend and so are you. Don’t make me choose sides,” Eunhyuk said as he stood up, “I’ll see you at work later,” and before anymore could be asked of him, Eunhyuk jumped from his seat and bolted out of the food court.

“That was interesting,” Shindong noted,

“That was infuriating,” Yesung muttered, “Kyuhyun will tell Eunhyuk but won’t tell me? Damn it, I’m his boyfriend.”

“But Eunhyuk’s his friend,” Shindong reminded lightly, “That’s far more safer than a boyfriend, more stable. If there’s a reason why Kyuhyun acts the way he does towards you, it’s easier and more comfortable for him to confide in a friend like Eunhyuk, rather than his boyfriend.”

“He stalked me for the first few weeks of school and now that we’re together - now, he decides to get all shy and docile? What the hell,” Yesung stated in a low growl, “I’m not asking for a lot, not really. Honestly, I could spend hours just talking with him, but sometimes I’d like a kiss. A real one. Like, seriously, is that asking for a lot? After three weeks?”

“In all honesty, I’m surprised you haven’t jumped him by now,” Shindong said simply, “In all the time I’ve met you, you were always pretty fast in your relationships.”

“It’s not my fault all my girlfriends spread their legs so easily,” Yesung defended, “Besides, don’t think I haven’t tried jumping him.”

“The fact that you’re willing to go so slow for him says a lot,” Shindong said, “And when I say slow, I mean glacier-slow.”

“Trust me,” Yesung muttered, “I know.”

Kyuhyun hesitantly knocked on the office door, “Professor Lim?”

His Professor was standing by a tall window in the office. With one hand on his hip, the other hand holding up a book, the Professor turned his head towards Kyuhyun. Dressed in black slacks and a simple, white button-up, his Professor was possibly one of the most casual of lecturers on campus. He slowly lowered the book, pushing up his sleeves to his elbows as he did so,

“Jo-sshi, you’re late,” he said, snapping the book close,

Kyuhyun blinked for a moment before a flow of excuses left his mouth, “My last class ran until the last minute and then there was traffic to get out of the lecture hall and then there was an -”

Professor Lim grinned, “Calm down, I was kidding,” he insisted as he walked over to his desk and placed down his book. “Come take a sit,” he gestured to the chairs on the other side of his desk as he sat down in his own chair.

Tentatively, Kyuhyun approached the chairs and sat on the edge of one, “You asked me to come here?”

“Yes, it’s about your latest assignment you handed in,” Professor Lim explained as he pulled it from the top of a stack of other assignments. He opened it before himself and scanned it briefly as he said, “You’ll have to forgive me for saying, but I had to check your assignment for plagiarism - it was that good.”

Kyuhyun gaped, “R-r-really? But… I suck at literary studies.”

“Apparently not,” he chuckled slightly, “Your story of how the main character is so in love with the stranger that he begins to stalk her… the way you described events and emotions… it was all so believable, so descriptive that I was hard pressed to not believe you did these things yourself.”

“Well I just thought about if I were in that situation,” he forced a laugh, “and about how desperate I might be.”

“You did a great job,” Professor Lim insisted, “the anxiety, the desperation - you described the emotions so intricately, so meticulously… it was so hard not to start to feel these emotions as I read.”

“So… there was nothing wrong with my assignment?” Kyuhyun prompted, not realizing he had been tense and holding his breath this entire time.

Professor Lim looked up at Kyuhyun then, eyes narrowed, “Eh? I asked you to come because I wanted to congratulate you on a good paper. Didn’t I tell you?” Kyuhyun shook his head, “Oh… now you know.”

Kyuhyun blinked, this was his professor? He didn’t seem like the same one from class. A knock on the open door broke Kyuhyun’s thoughts,

“Hey Heechul-ah, where are we going to eat? I’m starving,” Kyuhyun twisted in his seat as he heard the familiar voice,

“Donghae?” He gasped at the same time the other said, “Kyuhyun?”

“What are you doing here?” They asked each other in unison.

“I’m… I’m in a meeting with Professor Lim,” Kyuhyun explained, “You?”

“Professor Lim is my older brother,” Donghae explained as he crossed the room and stood beside his brother, “Can’t you see the resemblance?”

“None at all,” Kyuhyun said dryly,

“So what did Kyuhyun do to garner a meeting, Heechul-ah? Was he bad in class? Cheating? Plagiarising?” Donghae teasingly inquired as he grinned at Kyuhyun, swinging an arm over his brother’s shoulders,

Professor Heechul Lim rolled his eyes as he extricated his brother’s arm from his shoulders, “Student-professor confidentiality, and what’s all this ‘Heechul-ah’ business? Last time I checked, I was still older than you.”

“Ah, sorry, sorry hyung,” Donghae said mockingly, “But seriously, Kyuhyun’s not in any trouble is he? He’s a good kid.”

“Kid? I’m only two years younger than you,” Kyuhyun muttered,

“He’s fine, I called him here to praise him for an assignment he handed in,” Heechul explained, “A story about this guy who falls in love with this stranger at first sight and becomes so obsessed-”

“I wouldn’t call him obsessed,” Kyuhyun murmured,

“And desperate-”

“It’s not like he was pining or anything,” He could feel heat creeping up his neck,

“That he begins to stalk this person - all just to find out what their name is,” Heechul stated, “Exceptionally written. So much that I had to go over it with a comb to make sure none of it was plagiarized.”

Donghae narrowed his eyes in thought, “Why does that story sound familiar?” Kyuhyun shot him an alarmed look, “Wait… isn’t that how you-”

“DONGHAE DON’T SAY IT!” Kyuhyun exclaimed,

Heechul blinked, looking back and forth between his student and his brother, “Don’t tell me… this story is TRUE!?” He let out a laugh, “Jo-sshi, I had no idea you were this kind of person!”

Donghae grinned, “And now he’s dating them! See hyung, he could write you a sequel!”

Kyuhyun buried his face in his hands, “Now I see the resemblance.”

“Where do you get these chocolates?” Yesung asked as he leaned against the cashier counter in the billiards club where he and Eunhyuk worked.

Shindong, who stood on the other side grinned, “It’s good, isn’t it? Made them myself.’

Yesung blinked, “No way, this is awesome,” he said as he popped another piece of chocolate into his mouth, “I like being paid by chocolates,” he stated as he pulled over Shindong’s textbook closer to him.

Shindong laughed, “So is Kyuhyun coming in tonight?”

Yesung nodded absentmindedly as he flipped the page of the book, “That’s what he said. So, I should save some chocolates until then.”

“The rate you’re eating them I should start making double for you,” Shindong noted dryly,

“I should start charging double,” Yesung chuckled slightly, “Especially since I’m tutoring you when I refuse to tutor anyone else.”

“Hey, if I can get off by paying you with food, I’ll take it,” Shindong stated as Yesung flipped the page back then turned the textbook to face him.

As Yesung began to explain the concept of what that chapter was teaching, Eunhyuk came into the club dressed more casual than that morning. A simple white shirt had replaced his fitted t-shirt from the morning and grey track pants that he had pushed up to his knees had replaced his jeans. With a small towel hung around his neck, he came around the cashier counter and dropped his backpack to the ground,

“Sorry you had to hold down the fort alone,” Eunhyuk replied as he walked over to them,

Yesung waved him off, “It’s not the first time you’ve had dance practice and it hasn‘t been busy because of midterms,” He looked from the empty club to the wall clock, “You’re usually later, end practice early?”

Eunhyuk shook his head as he wiped his forehead then stuffed his small towel into his backpack, “Donghae offered to take over so I could come in earlier.” He straightened and twisted his upper torso to relieve his muscles, “I think the team’s starting to suspect.”

“After almost two years, I’m surprised they didn’t realize it soon. Especially after you got captain and Donghae got vice,” Yesung stated,

He shrugged as he approached them, “What you guys do- AISH! You’ll teach Shindong but refuse me?”

“Shindong’s easier to teach,” Yesung replied flatly, “Besides, you have Kyuhyun and Sungmin offered to help you when he can.”

“Who’s Sungmin?” Shindong asked lightly as he continued reading his textbook,

“He used to work here with us before he started getting more serious with his studies in first year,” Yesung explained, “He’s in the science program, but we had some math classes together after he quit.”

“More chocolate!” Eunhyuk exclaimed as he reached for one just as Yesung smacked his hand, “OW!”

“I need to save some for when Kyuhyun comes,” Yesung stated, closing the small, origami box in which Shindong had placed the chocolates in,

Eunhyuk rolled his eyes, “You two are the most sneaky pair… Kyuhyun stalks you, you trick him. A little honesty could go a long way.”

“It’s hard being honest when he’s not honest too,” Yesung defended,

Eunhyuk waved him off as he grabbed a cue from a rack, “Yeah, yeah… I’m going to play a round since no one’s here.”

“I know with midterms and whatnot you guys aren’t as busy as a week ago, but have you guys hired yet?” Shindong asked as he closed the textbook,

“No, but we did mention it to the boss, she agreed it would help, especially since it’s just me and Eunhyuk working here,” Yesung chuckled softly as Shindong stored his book in his bag, “It’ll really help since my workload is getting crazy and Eunhyuk and the dance team are preparing for a competition after midterms.”

“Oh, newbie on the premises,” Shindong said quietly as the door opened and Kyuhyun entered,

“That’s Kyuhyun,” Yesung muttered before saying aloud, “I was starting to think you wouldn’t show up.”

“Why? I told you I would,” Kyuhyun said, slightly defensive as he approached the pair,

“Kyuhyun, this is Shindong,” Yesung introduced the two, “He’s a regular here and at some point Eunhyuk and I started talking to him.”

“Hey kid,” Shindong smiled at him,

“Everyone calls me that,” Kyuhyun sighed as he saw the origami box, “What’s in there?”

“Because you are a kid,” Yesung replied swiftly and adding, “More chocolates. Was left here with the boss when I got here.”

“You’re secret admirer?” Kyuhyun asked lightly as his eyes narrowed, belying his easy tone,

Yesung nodded as he opened the small, paper box, “And these are possibly even more delicious than the ones these morning,” He stated as he tossed one into his mouth. He held out a small piece to Kyuhyun, “Want to try?”

Kyuhyun dropped his satchel bag to the ground just as he turned his back to him, “No thanks,” he replied simply, “Oh, Eunhyuk’s playing. I’ll go join him.”

“He seems to be getting farther from you rather than closer,” Shindong observed quietly as Kyuhyun reached Eunhyuk.

“He’s not unaffected,” Yesung said as he loosely crossed his arms, “I could tell by his eyes. He’s pissed, especially when I offered him the chocolate.”

“Well, don’t be too mean,” Shindong warned lightly as he slung an arm through one of his backpack straps, “Convince him to stay late with you after you close the club. Spend some time with him, maybe the chocolates you’ve been getting has made him sweeten up.”

“I hope so…” Yesung nodded as his eyes remained glued to the freshman, “It took me three weeks to finally taste him.”

With Shindong’s advice fresh in his mind, Yesung handled the last - and few - customers of the night. Eunhyuk came over after locking the door behind them,

“Twenty people all night, you’d think SJ U was upping their game in the midterm department or something,” Eunhyuk stated,

“What about you? Are you ready for your calculus exam?” Yesung inquired as he began counting the till,

“Enough to pass,” Eunhyuk sighed, “I haven’t bothered Sungmin lately because of midterms and Kyuhyun tries as best he can. A computer geek’s mind is different from a music nerd’s.”

Yesung laughed out loud, “Here, you might need these more than me,” He stated as he pushed the origami box towards Eunhyuk just as Kyuhyun returned from the bathroom,

“Eh? But there’s still a good dozen in here,” Eunhyuk replied, looking into the box tentatively as he felt his mouth water just at the memory of their taste.

Yesung furtively glanced at Kyuhyun before continuing to count the till’s money, “Go ahead, the rate this person’s been sending me chocolate, I’ll probably have some waiting for me when I go back to the dorm.”

Eunhyuk grinned as he held the box to his heart, “If you’re sure,” he carefully packed the box in his bag, “I’m glad it wasn’t too busy. We can close so fast tonight.”

Yesung took out the money tray from the till and handed it over to Eunhyuk, “I’m actually done with this. If you put it into the computer and put it away in the safe, you can leave after.”

Eunhyuk raised an eyebrow, “You sure?”

Yesung nodded, “I can sweep up and brush down the pool tables, it’s not a big deal,” he glanced at Kyuhyun, “You’ll stay with me right? Keep me company?”

Kyuhyun, who had been fuming since Yesung’s previous comment of getting more chocolate, blinked a moment before nodding, slightly mollified.

“There you go, I won’t even be alone,” Yesung stated.

Eunhyuk nodded and took the money tray to the office. Once they were alone together, Yesung grabbed a broom and began sweeping the entire floor as Kyuhyun sat by the cashier counter and watched him.

“Do you really think you’ll get more chocolates?” Kyuhyun asked after a few moments, breaking the awkward silence which had fallen upon them.

Yesung paused for the briefest of seconds in his sweeping before he answered, “I don’t know. Whoever it is gave me two boxes in one day. They could take a break, they could even give up. Who knows.”

“You don’t have to eat them, you know,” Kyuhyun muttered just loud enough for him to hear,

“It’s a waste of chocolate, and pretty good damn chocolate-”

“What does it say when you eat someone else’s chocolate?” Kyuhyun questioned then, his eyes locked on Yesung.

The older of the two stilled his motions and looked across the room at Kyuhyun, “It’s just chocolate.”

“IT’S NOT JUST CHOCOLATE!” Kyuhyun exclaimed.

Yesung propped the broomstick against a pool table and swiftly strode over to Kyuhyun. He placed his hands on the edge of the counter, on either side of Kyuhyun, trapping him with his arms. He leaned until their faces were centimetres apart, “Okay, so maybe it’s not just chocolate. But maybe I like thinking someone is sweet on me once in awhile.”

I’m sweet on you!” Kyuhyun stated fiercely,

Yesung pushed away from the counter just as Eunhyuk returned from the office, “It doesn’t seem like it,” he murmured before spinning on his heel and returning to his sweeping.

Eunhyuk blinked at the two, had he interrupted something? He slowly picked up his backpack and pulled it on, “Um, everything’s in the computer and the safe’s all balanced. Wasn’t that much money to put in.”

Yesung nodded from where he swept everything into a dustpan, “Alright, I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah. I’ll see you in class, Kyuhyun,” Eunhyuk said as he came around the counter, unlocked the door and left.

Silence fell between the two once more as Yesung brought the dustpan over to a garbage and emptied its contents. After returning the broom and dustpan to its closet, he went over to the front door and locked it once more. He went behind the counter and pulled out a big brush they used to clean the pool tables,

“If you’re bored, why don’t you play a bit? It’ll take me ten or so minutes to finish,” Yesung said casually as he walked over to the closest table.

Kyuhyun silently hopped off his stool and grabbed a cue from a rack on the wall. Heading over to one of the pool tables, he set up the balls and walked to the opposite end of the table and readied to break. From across the room, Yesung furtively watched Kyuhyun as he brushed down a pool table. With a loud clack, Kyuhyun broke the triangle of balls with the white ball. He moved around the table and Yesung heard the clacks and thuds associated with hitting the balls and the balls rebounding off the sides. He heard Kyuhyun’s muttered swears as he missed hole after hole.

Finally, Yesung laid the big brush on his current table and walked over to Kyuhyun, “Do you want some help? Pointers?”

Kyuhyun straightened from where he was hunched over with the cue at the ready. He glanced down at the scattered balls which he failed to sink any in the past seven minutes. He sighed heavily as he held out the cue to Yesung, “Yes, please.”

Yesung gently pushed it back towards him, “Let me see how you shoot first. We’ll work from there.”

Kyuhyun nodded and obediently bent over again and hit the ball. Yesung grabbed the ball and placed it where it had been before then came up beside him. Wrapping an arm around Kyuhyun’s waist, he elongated his one arm to run beside Kyuhyun’s which was propped on the table to aim the cue. His fingers ran along Kyuhyun’s arm to his hand, adjusting the placement of his fingers which altered the base of which the cue was resting on.

“Keep your hand steady so the cue can stay on its path,” Yesung said, his head beside Kyuhyun’s. His arm which was around his boyfriend’s waist slid until his hand was on Kyuhyun’s hip. He pressed it gently into a different position, “Don’t bend too much or you’ll stress your back and cause a stress on your shot as well.”

Slowly, Kyuhyun felt as Yesung’s hand move from his hip to his other hand which held the cue at the ready. He felt the older man’s fingers wrap around his own, their bodies flush as Yesung curved around his body. He felt Yesung pull his hand and the cue back slightly, allowing him to control completely.

He turned enough so his lips played against Kyuhyun’s ear, “And when you’re ready… you pull back and hit the ball. Not to hard and not to soft.”

The cue hit the white ball with a clean ‘click’ and then it seemed as time stilled. Kyuhyun watched at the ball travelled across the table and hit another ball into a side pocket. He watched with bated breath as the white ball stilled and then slowly, ever so slowly, Kyuhyun turned his head towards Yesung, their lips a hair’s breadth apart.

Yesung stared into Kyuhyun’s dark eyes. He could feel his heart beating rapidly as his blood rushed through his body towards a certain appendage. He wanted Kyuhyun, badly. His lips were for the taking, but Yesung knew he couldn’t. If his plan with Shindong was to work as it should, Kyuhyun had to be the one to initiate. It couldn’t be Yesung once again.

Yesung’s eyes swept over Kyuhyun’s. His hands tightened around Kyuhyun’s and it took all he had to let go of him and make to move away. He had begun to turn when Kyuhyun dropped the cue on the table, his hands on Yesung’s shoulders, stopping him. Yesung looked at him, his eyes holding a silent question.

Kyuhyun searched Yesung’s face for what seemed like forever before his gaze dropped from Yesung’s face. Yesung felt his boyfriend’s hands loosening their hold from his shoulders, so he brought his own hands to Kyuhyun’s hips, holding him captive.

“Why won’t you kiss me?” Yesung asked quietly, softly, “I’ve asked Eunhyuk and he won’t tell me. I’ve asked you before and you said that’s how you are… but it’s not, is it? Your eyes just now… you want me as much as I want you,” his hands tightened on Kyuhyun just a fraction for effect, “So why won’t you? Were you like this with the ones before me?”

“No,” Kyuhyun heard himself admit. He felt his cheeks heating, but refused to look at Yesung,

“So I’m not as good as them,” Yesung muttered as his hands slipped form Kyuhyun and he made to leave again.

Kyuhyun gripped his shoulders tightly, possessively, “NO!” He exclaimed as he finally raised his eyes. When Yesung looked at him imploringly, Kyuhyun could feel the painful beating of his heart and the burning of his lungs. He was scared to tell him, but he was more scared of losing him. Somehow, he managed, “You’re more than them… so much more.”

“Then why?” Yesung asked earnestly as their gazes locked, “Why do you hold me close with one hand,” he took one of Kyuhyun’s hands from his shoulders, holding it firmly in one of his own hands, “And then push me away with the other?” He took Kyuhyun’s other hands and pressed it flat against his own chest, his hand covering Kyuhyun’s.

“Because I don’t want to mess up,” Kyuhyun admitted, his voice small and quiet, “I don’t want our relationship to end up like all the ones I’ve had before… I want this to be different.”

“So your solution is to hold me at bay?” Yesung inquired as his hands dropped form Kyuhyun’s but then moved to cradle his face, “It doesn’t work that way, Kyuhyun. You can’t play this pull and push game with me…”

“So… you’re breaking up with me?” Kyuhyun breathed the words, feeling them choke him on their way out of his mouth,

“No, I’m asking you to trust me,” Yesung replied as he closed the last bit of distance between them, their bodies flush once more as his hands held Kyuhyun’s face tenderly, “I don’t know where we’ll end up. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but that doesn’t mean we have to fight against what we feel.”

“Yesung… I’m trusting you,” Kyuhyun said quietly, his arms wrapping around Yesung’s waist,

“Kiss me,” Yesung replied, his words holding a question, a hesitation.

Kyuhyun leaned in, his lips meeting Yesung’s. The one earlier that day couldn’t be counted as their first kiss simply because Kyuhyun wasn’t a willing participant. This first kiss held the essence of what made a first kiss. It was tentative and slow. It was sweet and endearing. It tugged at the heart while at the same time sent the body on edge, hinting at the possibility of something more, something greater.

Kyuhyun broke the kiss after a moment and just looked at Yesung hesitantly. Yesung gazed at the other and smiled softly, “Thank you.” He turned them so Kyuhyun was between him and the pool table. He moved his hands to Kyuhyun’s hips and lifted him onto the table, moving so he stood between Kyuhyun’s thighs,

“I know I was making us go slow before, but this is a little-”

Yesung laughed lightly at him, “I just want to kiss you,” he explained, his hands on either side of Kyuhyun’s hips, “A real kiss.”

“That was a real kiss,” Kyuhyun argued,

“True, but I want more,” Yesung replied before he swooped in, capturing Kyuhyun’s mouth with his own.

Their lips moved against one another and Yesung ran his tongue along the seam of Kyuhyun’s lips. He felt the other hesitate, so he pressed his lips even more firmly against Kyuhyun’s. Finally, he felt Kyuhyun obediently part his lips and Yesung entered his mouth. His tongue swept into Kyuhyun’s mouth, tasting him. Kyuhyun’s arms instinctively wrapped around Yesung’s neck, holding him firmly against him as their kiss deepened.

Yesung stepped closer to Kyuhyun until their bodies were flush once more. Kyuhyun groaned into their kiss when he felt Yesung hard against him. Their tongues slid against one another, caressing, stroking, tasting - oh, how they tasted one another. When Yesung finally broke their kiss, they were both panting, Kyuhyun clinging onto him as he tried to regain his breath.

“How was that for a kiss?” Kyuhyun teased lightly,

“Sweeter than chocolate,” Yesung murmured affectionately before kissing him once more,

“By the way,” Kyuhyun whispered against his lips, “I'm secretly really good at billiards.”

(Episode Three)


Anonymous said...

You are awesome! That was sooo good!

(And I love this pairing so....)

Anonymous said...

Oh God. Those things you make me feel *faints*

giinnaaa said...

It was total cute making Kyu jealous to get a kiss from him. He came far from all the stalking to a shy little thing.

I'm totally craving chocolate now :D

Anonymous said...


Kim said...

aww! That was cute, even sweeter than chocolate ^^

Anonymous said...

Lol, making Kyu jealous? CHECK!

I loved that it worked. And thank you for writing KyuSung! I almost never see it so that was awesome!

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