“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Monday, February 2, 2009

[sum] Campus Life Series

SJ University is a prestigious school in Incheon. It is here that thirteen lives intertwine with one another. Lives that are filled with love and hate, success and failure, life and death - all come together at this school. Meet these people, read about their life stories and learn why these four years of school are supposed to be the best.

Spring Semester 1
Episode One
It's Kyuhyun's first year at SJ U, but he's found something - or rather someone - that appeals to him more than the curriculum. Spirited and passionate, he'll do anything to get what he wants.

Episode Two
Had it been Valentine's Day, he would've understood. But when Yesung starts receiving chocolates from a secret admirerer in the middle of the spring semester, he doesn't know what to think.

Episode Three
It's the middle of the first semester and Sungmin's already used up all the money his parents gave him for the whole semester. His parents refusing to wire him more money until the autumn semester, Sungmin needs money. Fortunately, he sees an ad for someone in need of a tutor.

Episode Four
For years, Ryeowook has been in love with his neighbour in his childhood home. After being rejected from SJ U, he works hard at his second choice university. After a year at a different school, he's finally able to transfer to SJ U to be with him.

Episode Five
Hankyung is doing his grad studies at SJ U in theatre and drama. Personable and outgoing, he befriends a new face in the stage crew, promising to help them build their confidence.

Autumn Semester 1
Episode Six
As the seasons change, Eunhyuk is bed-ridden with a horrid fever. Isolated from the outside world, even his boyfriend refuses to visit him. His only connection to the world outside of his dorm room is his room mate.

Episode Seven

Donghae moves about college life, listlessly. Heartbroken, he decides the only course to take to begin mending his heart is to confront the person who did this to him.

Episode Eight
Shindong is surprised when one autumn night, his cousin shows up at his house. Seeing him broken and lost, Shindong takes it upon himself to bring his cousin back to life.

Spring Semester 2
Episode Nine
Rich, powerful and determined, Shiwon arrives at SJ U in his fourth year of university studies. However, this heir gets his world shaken when he meets the captain of the dance team - the first person who seems unperturbed by his money, powerful father or arrogant pursuit.

Episode Ten
Life comes to a halt when two strangers meet by chance at SJ U's northern gates. One talks about his past to teach the other how to live his present in order to have a happy future.

Episode Eleven
Kibum has always been a perfectionist whenever he got up and acted on stage. He hates the new favoured rookie in the school's drama association because he's not perfect and constantly messes up. But maybe this person's the one who has the most in common with Kibum.

Episode Twelve
Ever since Eunhyuk got sick in the autumn of last year, it seems his one professor - whom he unfortunately got again this year - is constantly on his back about this and that. However, one night he escapes to a dance club in Seoul and happens to see none other than Professor Kim.

Episode Thirteen
Best friends when they were children, two SJ U students reunite and reminisce about when life was simple. Making up for lost time, each comes to terms with problems they've both been having in their lives.

Autumn Semester 2
Episode Fourteen
After a reckless night in Seoul, Shiwon continues life in SJ U with burdens weighing him down. The memory of that one amazing night makes Siwon feel more alive than he ever thought possible. What happens when he's given a chance to be with the person who made him live again that night in Seoul?

Episode Fifteen
Heechul always thought it would be weird teaching at the school where his brother attended. However, these two brothers suddenly feel fortunate that they could both be there together to depend on one another - especially after hearing that their widowed father is getting remarried.

Episode Sixteen
It's been a year since he's had his heart broken and Donghae is still healing from what happened. However, when he's convinced to talk with his exboyfriend again, Donghae soon learns that this man is changed. Can they ever get back together when Donghae is reluctant to both forgive and forget?

Episode Seventeen
Kangin transfers to SJ U at the beginning of the autumn semester. A sunbae he had been in love with at his previous university is now teaching at SJ U and Kangin switched schools just to be with him again. However, what good can be done when his new room mate turns out to be not only exboyfriend from high school, but his first love?

Characters (Spoilers? Possibly? Warning ^_^)

Eeteuk: A professor at SJ U. Sunbae to Kangin when he was doing his grad studies.

Heechul: A professor at SJ U. Donghae's older brother.

Hankyung: A grad-student at SJ U. Star of the drama association. Shindong's cousin. (Second year grad student in the beginning of series. Third year grad student in the second half of series.)

Yesung: A grad-student at SJ U. Dated Kangin in highschool. Works at a billiards club with Eunhyuk. (First year grad student in the beginning of series. Second year grad student in second half of series.)

Kangin: A grad-student at SJ U. Dongsaeng to Eeteuk at his previous university. Dated Yesung in highschool. (First year grad student when he transfers to SJ U.)

Shindong: A part-time student at SJ U. Hankyung's cousin. (Because of his part-time status he's in his third year for the entire series.)

Sungmin: A student at SJ U. Neighbours with Ryeowook in their hometown. (Third year student in the beginning of series. Fourth year student in second half of series.)

Shiwon: A student at SJ U. Heir to a company fortune. (Fourth year student)

Eunhyuk: A student at SJ U. Growin up, was best friends with Kibum. Works at a billiards club with Yesung. Captain of the dance team. (Third year student in the beginning of series. Fourth year student in second half of series.)

Donghae: A student at SJ U. Heechul's younger brother. (Third year student in the beginning of series. Fourth year student in second half of series.)

Ryeowook: A student at SJ U. Neighbours with Sungmin in their hometown. Part of the drama association. (Second year student in the beginning of series. Third year student in second half of series.)

Kibum: A student at SJ U. Son and brother of celebrities. Part of the drama association. Growing up, was best friends with Eunhyuk. (Second year student in the beginning of the series. Third year student in second half of series.)

Kyuhyun: A student at SJ U. National champion for billiards. (First year student in the beginning of the series. Second year student in second half of series.)


sachikaoguri said...

I can't wait till this new series comes out,
but I want to complete For Two before I read this one!
All your stories are the BEST~


keyla_yeppo said...

your summary looks very interesting
ermm.. your spoiler also
can't wait for the series to begin

Anonymous said...

Give me a Yewook? Please? Please? *begs* I need and thirst for some Yewook and you're the only one that can give me the excitement I need.. Please.. but I'm excited either way. XD