“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Sunday, June 12, 2011

[00SJ30] The Perfect Plan

words: 1305
rate: PG13
(Final Day of the Fanfiction series.)

It was the last day.

30 days in total.

The challenge was completed.

What started as a hot-headed challenge thrown to the other fourteen members of Super Junior and Super Junior-M had turned into a fanfiction frenzy. Indeed, some had read more the past month than in their entire lives. What started as a seemingly harmless challenge had turned into something that had affected all of their lives; some for the good, some for the bad.

Mostly for the bad.

The members were all crammed into the dorm in which Heechul lived. Some were sitting on couches, the others on chairs by the dining table, a pair by the computer and, others still, sprawled on the ground since all other sitting areas had been occupied. Even with all the members present, Yesung still had the audacity to bring along one of his turtles. Granted, it took up no sitting space as it was happily kept on his head. The members did not question this.

“I can’t believe we actually finished the damn challenge,” Hankyung muttered from his place on the ground. Heechul sat behind him on a couch, absent-mindedly braiding the Chinaman’s hair,

“I can’t believe we actually have to call him ‘hyung’,” Eeteuk sighed from his seat at the dining table, “No one even calls me ‘umma’. Even Hongki hasn’t called me ‘umma’ for the past two days.”

“He’s hardly going to randomly call you up just to call you ‘umma’,” Kangin rolled his eyes,

“I, for one, am mightily grateful the challenge is over,” Shiwon added, “I can’t believe I questioned my faith for a bit just because fanfictions portrayed me as some bible pusher.”

“I can’t believe you’re still carrying that teddy bear,” Henry murmured as he laid on the ground, his fingers laced beneath his head,

“Now, I told you that Heechul is having a t-shirt made for you,” Yesung gently scolded the turtle he had retrieved from his head, “Patience, little one, patience!”

“Is it just me, or does he just get weirder and weirder?” Zhou Mi inquired, sitting across the table from Yesung, staring in pure befuddlement.

“I agree, I think he should have chosen a ‘Team Hankyung’ shirt instead,” Ryeowook said innocently, oblivious to what the other member had meant,

“They spend too much time together,” Eunhyuk said to the other members, sitting on one of the couches,

“Do you know who spend too much time together? You and Donghae,” Kibum stated aloud from his seat beside Kyuhyun as they sat before the computer together,

“Just spend more time with us and that won’t have to happen,” Donghae suggested lightly. He sat on the end of the couch closest to the computer and was able to reach out and gently pat Kibum on the back.

Shindong, who sat at the end of the dining table which faced the entire room, looked up from his laptop, “You know what I noticed? Sungmin is the only member who didn’t once complain to Heechul.”

“I have nothing against fanfiction,” Sungmin shrugged, sitting adjacent to him, “You all had complaints and, some of them did touch on me,” he ignored the sudden narrowed gaze from Zhou Mi, “However, I still have nothing against the stories, even after this past month. I enjoy reading them now, if anything…”

“How did you even notice that?” Kibum inquired, twisting in his seat to look across the room at Shindong, “I certainly would never have noticed that about Sungmin had you never said anything.”

Shindong shrugged as he looked back at his laptop.

“It’s because he’s been writing about us!” Kyuhyun exclaimed.

“What!?” The other members exclaimed as Yesung said excitedly to his turtle, “Yes, little one, a plot twist!”

Kyuhyun, eyes still glued to the computer screen, explained, “I found Shindong’s website… all his stories for the past month have been about us!” He murmured as he quickly scanned a page, “The Great Fanfiction Challenge… he’s been writing about this stupid challenge!”

Thirteen pairs of eyes glanced towards Shindong.

He, in turn, glanced towards the only member who wasn’t looking at him; “Heechul… seems like we’ve been caught.”

“You had to drag me in, didn’t you?” Heechul scoffed, “You were caught, I was not.”

The other members swung their astonished gazes to the person responsible for the challenge.

Heechul leaned back in the couch and sighed heavily, folding his arms loosely about his torso; “Well, I’m pretty sure everything you’re all thinking right now is close to the truth, if not dead on. Shindong came to me at the end of last month and was bemoaning the fact that he hit a writer’s block. His stories are actually quite popular amongst the fandom, so, after not updating for a few months, he was starting to feel… desperate.”

“Hardly desperate, but I was in search of new inspiration,” Shindong said, taking up the story from where the older man left off; “So, Heechul suggested what if we created our own inspiration. He would sow some seeds and I would reap the situations for my stories.”

When the members’ gazes slowly narrowed at him (with the exception of Sungmin who had already explained he had nothing against fanfiction and Yesung who was quickly explaining the situation to his turtle), Shindong leaned back in his chair and sighed, “It’s a very popular series, if it makes any of you feel better.”

“It looks like the most popular ones is… Mother Eeteuk and… um… nothing…” Kyuhyun trailed off as he suddenly tried to cover the screen from Kibum’s eyes,

EUNHAE!?” He exclaimed, jumping to his feet,

“At least Kyumin isn’t one of the popular stories,” Zhou Mi stated, having walked over to the computer and looking over the list on the site,

“Too bad it’s one of the most popular in the fandom,” Donghae murmured, earning a scowl from Kyuhyun,

“I don’t make the pairings, I just write about them,” Shindong defended innocently as he returned his attention back to his laptop,

“That’s not true, you admitted to making the pairings yourself,” Eunhyuk accused, “You admitted it to me and Donghae!”

“Oh, what a surprise, Donghae and Eunhyuk, together again,” Kibum exclaimed monotonously (apparently that was only possible for Kibum to do) as he glared down at his boyfriend,

“Well, at least the fandom is recognizing me as your mother,” Eeteuk cried, “At least someone is!”

“Teukie… you originally hated being the mother of Super Junior,” Kangin murmured,

“Well, a man’s got to be a man!” Eeteuk defended, “And now we all have to call Heechul ‘hyung’!”

“Oh Buddha,” Siwon sighed as he picked up the television remote in an attempt to drown out the sudden ensuing arguments amongst the members,

“Weren’t you going back to God?” Henry asked as he shifted his place on the ground so as better to see the television screen,

“Some Buddhists would argue it’s a lifestyle rather than a religion,” Ryeowook commented knowingly,

“My turtles all practice Buddhism, but they attend church on Sundays also,” Yesung said proudly,

“Heechul, what did you do to my hair?” Hankyung asked as his fingers felt the braided locks, “I’m half-wondering if most of your complaints were false,” he muttered as he tried to undo the braids,

“Hmm… some were, some weren’t,” Heechul shrugged as he slipped over the armrest of the couch and walked over to Shindong, “What are you writing now?” He asked quietly,

“Why, this entire confrontation of course,” Shindong answered easily, “This entire conversation is pure gold to a writer.”

“It has been amusing this past month watching them,” Heechul agreed,

“Write more Kyumin stories,” Sungmin prodded, leaning over to look at Shindong’s screen, “Then, send the links to Zhou Mi,” he grinned, “Kyuhyun is going to suffer!”

“Bloodthirsty bunny,” Heechul glanced at Sungmin,

“That would make an interesting plot,” Shindong said in a considering tone,

The three members glanced before them as the members continued arguing with one another.

“All of this because of fanfiction,” Sungmin chuckled softly,

“All of this because of Heechul,” Shindong corrected,

The member in question shrugged simply as he smirked smugly, “You can’t make this stuff up.”



Anonymous said...

loveeeeeeeeeeeeee :) <3

Lil_aqua_chic said...

Lol!! So its all shindong's fault lol! U know I never noticed that about min either =X whoops?

Ajani said...

XD Yesung's conversations with his turtles were just golden <3

I agree, plot twist >:D “Bloodthirsty bunny" <- XD

I LOVED THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, everyone was just hilarious and I couldn't believe it was HIS idea the whole time. If only I had suju in front of me whenever I had writer's block ;A;

I'm kind of sad, this was my first ever suju story, and you were my first ever suju author who introduced me to the fandom, and now it's finished ;-; but I loved it~ Glad it's finished too :D

Relax and take a breather~ You did an amazing job and rest your mind I hope ^-^

Thank you again for posting this story~! <3

PoOjA said...

THIS WAS AWESOME! I can't believe it has come to an end :(

It was fantastically written and totally hilarious. I love this ending-Truly a masterpiece.

All the characters were so cute: Yesung with his turtle, innocent Ryeowoon, Siwon and all of them were fantastic:D

Anonymous said...

I'm totally enjoy this whole series... I have a good time reading it.. :D

Anonymous said...

This was amazing pure awesomeness. Totally loved the ending. XD

Anonymous said...

LOVE THAT.specially heechul.he is amazing and locks on hankyungs hair was awesome.thanks for this.

x k e l l y x e m o x said...

THere are no words enough to describe how awesome you are~
And I totally didn't notice that about Sungmin~ DAMN~
This makes me wanna re-read the entire series again~ >.<