“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[MS9] From the Outside

words: 5357
rate: PG13
(9th Cycle of the Mourning Song series.)

9th Cycle: From the Outside

You were never like the others,
you were never truly there.
Sometimes I wonder if
you truly told me
everything in your heart.

And I know I can be distant,
and I know I act just like you
so, if I ever made you doubt me
just remember these words.

Three days later; Friday; First week of November 20XX

'I'll pick you up at 6, is that ok?'

Kyuhyun quickly calculated in his mind where the sun's position would be at that time. He was sure it would be low enough in the sky that he wouldn't need to worry too much of sun exposure. If he completely covered himself in clothing, he could also attribute that to the cold weather. Somehow, miraculously, he had been gifted with the friendship of his favourite singer. He didn't want to spoil it just because he wasn't like other people who could freely walk in the sun.

'Yeah. Are you sure it's okay I come?'

Kyuhyun was pretending a hesitance when he was bubbling with excitement. When Lee Yeon had messaged him earlier that morning, he had been happy. When she asked him to come with her to an interview for moral support, he had been ecstatic. How could he say no? Meeting Lee Yeon had been a dream come true. Becoming friends with her... well... that was just indescribable for the Young Master.

'I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't sure.'

He exhaled, not even realizing he had been holding in a breath. He typed in his next message, his thumb hovering over the 'send' button. It was a few simple words formed into a personal, probing question. It was okay for him to ask though, he was sure. They were friends, but perhaps he was being presumptuous? But she had asked him in such a way that prompted questions, indeed, if anything, made an opening for questions to be asked.

'Just wondering. Why do you need moral support?'

Inhaling deeply, he shut his eyes tightly and pressed send. Quickly, he closed his phone and then put it on his desk. He stared at the phone, unbelievably nervous as he awaited the reply - if she chose to reply. The phone vibrated against the desk, the sound almost piercing in the silence of his office. Slowly, ever so slowly, he reached for the cellular, actively afraid he had just ruined his budding friendship with the celebrity.

‘I’m pregnant.’

Kyuhyun’s jaw slowly dropped. He had suspected, but having it confirmed was completely different. He felt elation and excitement rise up within him. He felt the urge to tell everyone, have them share the happiness, too. He paused then, reflecting upon his reaction. It was one thing to be happy for her, it was a complete different thing to be so ecstatic. Indeed, when he analyzed it deeper, the happiness, while in part was for Lee Yeon, another part was a happiness for himself, as if this pregnancy somehow affect his life and, quite deeply, if his emotions were believed. A part of him distantly wondered if he was truly becoming a crazy fanatic.

‘Congratulations. I’m guessing you’re announcing it in the interview?’

‘And some other things,’ came her cryptic reply.

Kyuhyun was about to contemplate whether or not to quiz her on what she meant when the door opened. He looked up expectantly and couldn’t help feeling disappointed when it was not Mijoon who walked through the door. Indeed, when he was leaving the house that morning and the assistant wasn’t outside with the car waiting for him, he had the distinct feeling of going back to bed and avoiding the outside world. It was a startling realization how much he heavily relied upon the assistant day-to-day. It was a soul-shaking realization how much his happiness relied upon having the assistant with him. He pushed the thoughts away, afraid to examine them too closely.

“Good, you’re here,” his father stated as he approached the desk,

“Why wouldn’t I be here?” Kyuhyun questioned,

“Choi-sshi hasn't been here this week,” his father shrugged, “And if Choi-sshi isn’t at work, I only half-expect you to be here as well.”

Kyuhyun raised a brow, “You do?” he inquired as he pushed away the twinge of hurt he felt in knowing Mijoon hadn’t told him of his absence.

His father looked at him sternly, “Of course. The reason we hired him is to ensure your safety during the day.” When Kyuhyun stared at him with a befuddled expression, his father prompted, “What?”

“I knew Mijoon was hired under the requirement he be available at any notice during the night should I ever have the need to work nights only… but I didn’t know he was hired to protect me. I thought he was just an assistant,” Kyuhyun answered,

“He is just an assistant. He’s here to assist you during the day so that you don’t accidentally die,” His father said exasperatedly, as if was being told to detail the weather.

“I just meant –”

His father held up his hand to silence him, “No, I don’t have time for this idleness. I came here to give you this,” He took out a keycard on a lanyard from his pocket. He held it out across the desk for his son.

Kyuhyun took it and stared down at it, confused, “A new security system? Will this replace the keycards we have in our badges then?”

His father shook his head, “This isn’t a keycard for security. However, you must use it prior to entering any boardroom,” his father explained, “By the end of the month, it’ll be any room you enter in the entire building – except your own office of course – but, for now, it’s only for the boardrooms.”

Kyuhyun blinked, “Okay.”

His father hesitated, as if wanted to say more. Kyuhyun merely watched, patiently waiting with the mysterious keycard in his hands. His father swept his gaze over him before nodding, as if he was satisfied, then turned and left without another word.

Kyuhyun jumped from his chair and ran to the door, carefully opening it as quietly as possible. He stuck his head out to see his father walking down the hall. He waited as his father turned a corner and was out of sight. Kyuhyun immediately left his office and strode toward one of the boardrooms on his current floor.

Once he was outside a boardroom, he found a sensor beside the door that hadn’t been there before. Curious, he waved the keycard before the sensor and a little green light glowed. He opened the board room door and stepped just inside the doorway. He watched just as opaque shades slid down over all the windows, completely blocking out all sunlight as the electric lights automatically turned on.

His jaw dropped again as he looked down at the keycard.

That’s what this is for?” He murmured, dumbfounded, “But, why…”

He trailed off as the revelation hit him. This was his father’s response to what had happened in the meeting that past Tuesday. Once again, he was startled. Not only had his father not fired a single soul who had been in the boardroom that day, but he had also effectively implemented a way so that a mistake like before couldn’t happen again.

“Wait a second…” He muttered as he slowly headed back to his office. He began counting off fingers, “It’s been three days and already… all the boardrooms!?”

He shook his head in disbelief as he took out his cellular and did the first thing that came to mind: he messaged Lee Yeon.

‘Either my father just got a heart… or he’s momentarily gone insane.’

'What!? Those are two completely different things!'

Kyuhyun chuckled softly as he returned to his office, leaning back against the door. They were indeed, but with his father, well, they pretty much amounted to the same thing. He couldn't recall his childhood or his teenage years, but for the few years he did remember, his father had always been distant. He saw more of his mother, who was reserved, but she still had her moments like how she came to all of his transfusion appointments at the hospital. His father just... wasn't around.

"No, that's not true," he murmured to himself as he thought back.

A year after he finished school, his father had moved them from Seoul. His father had been around a lot then. He had worked from home and, sure, had been locked inside his study more often than not, but he had been home. Almost every day for a year, his father had been at home, at every meal. Then, they moved back to Seoul and his father was like a ghost.

"We were so close to being a family," he sighed quietly as he looked back down at his phone.

'That's my father.'

A typhoon could threaten to drown you
and I'd still swim against the currents.
A quake could try to bury you
and I'd still go to hell to save you.
The world can crumble around us
and I'd still hold your hand.
So let's face another tomorrow together.

You were always protecting me,
never realizing I had your back.
You were strong for me
and would rather run away
than let me see you weak.

“Don’t hesitate! Go after the pureblood!” Kyuri commanded into her headset.

She paced in the command room, a semi-circle of computers before her, technicians before them, quickly typing and following her instructions to track the team of hunters she was commanding that evening. She had been requested to take on the case as a Head Hunter specifically because the pureblood had escaped other groups of hunters and they needed her skills as a tactician.

She paused in the centre, one hand idly, lightly drumming fingers against her protruding stomach. Her eyes swept over all the screens on the wall before her which enlarged and displayed all of the computer screens. In a matter of seconds, she was able to take in all of the information of all the computers.

“Computer four, pull up a map of Incheon, computer two, pull up a map of northern Seoul,” she instructed.

Together, the two maps combined with computer five and created a bigger map on the front wall of Seoul and west of Seoul to Incheon. Computer six’s display showed a zoomed-in view of Seoul, little dots of coloured lights displaying where the Hunters’ current positions were.

“Hana! Dul! Take three lefts and try to circle around to trap the pureblood,” Kyuri stated, as her eyes gazed around again.

Her eyes momentarily paused on the screen where the pureblood’s profile was shown on several different windows. Her eyes stared at the number of reported attacks since the case was first opened a month ago. Kyuri felt that any number bigger than zero was more than enough, but this particular pureblood’s count was in the double digits.

She silently cursed whichever Council Member had received the case. If they had called upon her sooner, then perhaps the number would have been lower. Indeed, she wasn’t even aware of the case until the day before when Head Hunter Lee approached her, suggesting she take over the case instead of just advising him on the next attempt. He had been the third Head Hunter to be assigned the case.

“He’s too fast!” one of the five Hunters exclaimed through their communication system,

“Then be faster!” Kyuri retorted, crossing her arms above her stomach.

According to her original plan, the Hunters should have captured the pureblood within 27 minutes. However, the vampire had proven to be faster than any of them and, now, her team was just even struggling to catch up. She needed them faster. She needed Kibum leading the team.

“If you don’t capture that pureblood and eliminate the threat, he’ll only keep coming back for more victims,” Kyuri reminded, her voice like cold steel, her eyes narrowed as it took in the screens once more.

“Computer seven – I want railway maps. Computer eight – I want subway maps. If this vampire decides to go underground or catch a train, I want to know where they can go. They cannot leave the city!”

“We’re losing him!” Another Hunter cried out, their laboured breathing audible through Kyuri’s headset,

“Don’t waste your breath telling me!” Kyuri scolded, some of the computer technicians cringing at the whip in her voice.

She watched as the five dots came together again on the zoomed-in map. She waited, hearing only the sounds of heavy breathing. Suddenly, it was silent. She blinked, confused for a moment.

“What’s going on?” She questioned,


“Come in! What is going on!?” She repeated,


Some of the computer technicians glanced at her, all equally confused.

“They’re still all together, have they got the pureblood?” She murmured as she approached one of the technicians, “How’s the transmission for communication?”

“Our end is working perfectly,” the technician replied. She raised a hand to her screen, “But their end shows no transmission.”

Kyuri’s eyes widened, “No transmission? Either they’re all dead and their sets are smashed, or they’re all alive and their sets are smashed, or –”

“We lost him,” a voice interrupted.

Kyuri blinked, “What!?”

“We lost him,” the Hunter repeated,

“You lost him or you stopped chasing him!?” Kyuri demanded, her hand gripping the back of a technician’s chair tightly,

“The vampire was driven out of Seoul; they’d be crazy to come back,” another Hunter insisted,

“So, you stop doing your job just because they’ve left the city!?” She questioned angrily, “Have you all forgotten that Incheon is part of our Hunting district!?”

“Maybe he’ll board a plane and leave Korea,” a Hunter joked lightly,

Kyuri’s nails dug into the seat, “Return to base immediately and don’t any of you dare show your faces to me again,” she said quietly, steadily, then ended the transmission from her end. She pulled the headset down to hang around her neck, “He has the nerve to joke? He has the bloody nerve to joke after not just failing a mission, but failing a mission regarding a pureblood whose body count is in the double digits!?”

The technicians slowly swung around in their chairs to face her. None of them were sure if the Head Tactician was talking to any of them, but at that moment, they were afraid of not paying attention to her just in case. They watched her silently, cautiously.

“I’m not crazy, right? This isn’t the pregnancy hormones talking, right? Incheon is in our district!” Kyuri insisted,

“Yes, ma’am,” a technician answered,

“And even if it wasn’t, we continue with the mission! We’ll inform the Head Hunter of that district later, but we continue the mission until it’s complete!” She began pacing again, “What is wrong with these Hunters!?”

“Ma’am… perhaps you should… return to your office?” A technician suggested tentatively, “Getting so… agitated cannot be good for the baby.”

Kyuri sighed heavily, “Indeed… Ugh! Hunters!” She threw up her hands in exasperation as she turned towards the door, “Save your files for the case, document everything you had to do and then send me a report once you’re all done,” instructed calmly; she had no quarrel with the technicians.

Kyuri retreated to her office, turning on her computer immediately. She pulled up the case files on her two monitors. On one monitor, she maximized the pureblood’s profile. On the other monitor, she maximized a map which indicated where all attacks were reported to have taken place. Her eyes began to plan over the map, trying to deduce where the pureblood would strike when it returned to Seoul because, despite what the Hunters believed, he would return to Seoul. The pureblood could go anywhere in the Gyeonggi province, go across South Korea, but she knew he wouldn’t, he would return to Seoul.

She took into account all of his reported attacks to date – reported, because she knew he had many more that were never reported; probably remaining as unsolved murder cases with the city police department. She took into account where they had lost the pureblood. She was processing the data and had calculated a general area of where the pureblood was most likely to attack again. She sighed heavily, sending out a request to the Council Member in charge to increase security in the area she predicted. She could only hope they did as she suggested.

She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. Had she been on the mission, they would have gotten the pureblood. The mission wouldn't have ended until they caught the vampire. She wasn't running on arrogance at the belief that if she could be in the field, they would have succeeded. No, she was running on years of experience, of success. She was running on years of never quitting until the job was done.

She wasn't sure how long she sat as thus, thinking about the past and when she could command a team from the field, when a knock at the door broke her reverie. Before she could even reply, the door burst open and the team of Hunters she had been commanding entered. She schooled her expression, crossed her arms firmly over her chest in an attempt to suppress her boiling anger.

"Ma'am, he was fast - wicked fast," a hunter insisted as they approached her desk,

"Yeah, we'd blink and he'd be a mile away already!" Another replied,

"And, when we did catch up to him, he was incredibly strong," a hunter stated,

"It would be five to one and he'd still overpower all of us," another piped,

More excuses poured from their mouths, until, finally, one pleaded, "Please, ma'am -"

"I suggest you all leave."

All of the Hunters turned around, startled to find Head Hunter Kim Kibum standing in the doorway. He strode forward, they moved out of his way instinctively. He saw the expression on his wife's face and knew what it meant. There was once a time when she was known for being a calm and collected Hunter and Head Hunter. She had guarded herself from the world, scared to let anyone get close, save him.

And, then, she had reunited with her brother and all the arguments that arose between the twins seemed to demolish her cool facade. He knew that, now if she schooled her expression, it was to hide or control some greater emotion. He didn't have to guess that she was keeping her temper in reign.

"You failed because you are lacking as Hunters," Kibum stated, his voice even and, yet, there was the hint of a scold in his tone; "The reason for your failure is because of that. Nothing more, nothing less." He stood before her desk and turned to face the Hunters. He stood with feet shoulder-width apart, arms crossed over his chest, "Jo-sshi's tactics are flawless; it's one of the reasons that she is Head Tactician for the Council, why we're the only Council to have this title."

His dark gaze swept over the Hunters, who looked as if they wanted to say something, but wouldn't do so because they feared him. "If a plan has ever failed it was not because of the plan itself, but because of the Hunters. If the vampire is too fast, then you become faster. If the vampire is too strong, then become stronger or, learn how to use their strength against them."

"But, sir -"

Kibum's stare hardened, "Are you interrupting me?"

The Hunter swallowed hard and shook his head.

Kibum's eyes narrowed ever so slightly in a rare show of emotion. When he was silent for long enough, the Hunters showed tension, the urge to fidget beneath his glare. Eventually, he spoke again,

"Leave now before you all lose your jobs," Kibum said quietly,

The Hunters turned to leave when Kyuri spoke up, stopping them in their tracks.

"If any of you ever disobey my orders again, whether it be on the field or not waiting for my permission to enter my office..." Kyuri's gaze bored into their backs, "They will never find your bodies."

The five Hunters left immediately.

After the doors closed behind them, Kibum walked around the desk, sitting on the edge as he stared down at his wife. He picked up her hand and brought it to his lips, "You're going to explode if you don't express yourself."

"They let a pureblood get away, Kibum... it has one of the highest reported attack counts I have ever seen. They let a damn pureblood get away and act like its nothing!" Kyuri fumed as she clutched his hand tightly; "I should have started on my own attack count with those damn Hunters... in our day, Kibum, the Hunters were great. They didn't whine or complain - they did their job and did it right."

"You talk as if we're old!" Kibum exclaimed, brows rising. His thumb stroked the back of her hand affectionately, "We've known about vampires for years. What's the difference with this one?"

"The difference is that a pureblood has escaped in a city where our children live," Kyuri stated, her grip tightening almost painfully so.

Kibum kissed her hand again as he slipped from the desk. He turned her chair to the side and knelt before her, pulling her closer until he knelt between her knees. He raised his hands to her face, framing it, "I will protect you, Kyuri. I will protect our children," he vowed. He leaned forward, pressing a kiss to her protruding stomach, "I will protect our family with all I have until my dying breath."

Kyuri smiled softly at his beloved face. She leaned down and brushed her lips against his.

"Let's hope it never comes down to that."

And I know I can be stubborn,
and I know you have your pride
so, if you're ever scared to rely on me,
just remember my words.


A hundred could surround you
and I'd still fight for your freedom,
Death could come knocking
and I'd still beg for your life
The world can crumble around us
and I'd still hold your hand.
So let's face another tomorrow together.

So lay your hand in mine,
Trust in my forever,
Let's do this again,
do this together.

"You have no idea how happy I am you came with me," Taeyeon said as she smiled at the young man beside her,

"Well, you're right, this interview will be a big deal for your fans," Kyuhyun replied. He glanced once more at her hand which had caught his eye when he had entered the town car when it had caught the light. "Not only are you revealing your pregnancy, you're even being open about your... engagement?"

Taeyeon nodded, "I said when we first met that I was kind of married. We've been engaged for years, we're just waiting for one final detail before we have the ceremony."

"So, not that I'm not glad to be here, but why didn't your fiancé come with you?" Kyuhyun inquired,

"He's a teacher and lives on campus," Taeyeon explained, eyeing him peculiarly, waiting for some sign that he recognized anything she said; "I visit him on weekends, so it would've been a waste of gas for him to come into town just for us to go back to campus afterwards."

Kyuhyun was going to ask her where her fiancé worked, the urge to know rising in him. He immediately squelched the thought, once again wondering if he was becoming a crazy fan after all. He silently scolded himself, not realizing the answer sooner. If he lived on a school campus, then, obviously, it was some post-secondary school. He wasn't sure why, but he thought of his old high school, Shim Jang Academy. It was far from the city, north of Seoul. He couldn't have commuted every day, could he? Or was it possible to live on campus even if it was just a high school?

He pushed his thoughts away as he asked suddenly, "Your fiancé... He... He knows about me right?"

Taeyeon blinked, "No. Why?"

Kyuhyun's jaw dropped and Taeyeon laughed in response. "He... If he... He wouldn't think you and I... Is he the jealous type? Is he good with a gun!?"

Taeyeon laughed even more, "I was just kidding, Kyuhyun. He knows about you. Yes, he is the jealous type, I don't know how good he is with a gun, but he trusts me and, believe it or not, he trusts you, too. He knows you're my friend."

"I... I never thought I'd ever meet you Lee Yeon, let alone become friends with you," Kyuhyun admitted.

He had never had friends before, at least, he couldn't remember any before he left SJA and, afterwards, he certainly never had time to make friends. It was strange, however, how quickly he became comfortable with Lee Yeon. They messaged each other often and, even though he had his hesitations, there were no limitations on what they messaged one another about. Also, ever since he got into the car, he was worried that it would be awkward between them, yet, it hadn't been. They fell in together as if they were old friends that had known each other all their lives.

Taeyeon swallowed hard, a lump forming in her throat. She had been surprised that her plan had worked, that Kyuhyun would agree to be her friend and he followed through. Sometimes, their text conversations made her feel as if she had her cousin back; her best friend back. Then, the sad realization that he wasn't truly back would hit, like when he had called her by her stage name.

Kyuhyun tilted his head as he regarded her, "You look... different somehow."

Taeyeon grinned, "It's probably because I don't have any make-up on. They'll do my make-up backstage before the interview."

"I don't think you need the make-up," Kyuhyun said honestly, "You look different without it, but not bad-different. In truth, this makes me wonder how much make-up they do put on you."

"At least ten pounds of make-up," Taeyeon joked,

"Well, if you're ever worried, you don't need the make-up," Kyuhyun smiled.

His gaze then swept over her wavy locks that were pulled back into a loose bun. He thought about then of what little he knew about her and what she had revealed since they first met. He knew what he was about to say could offend people, that he was being presumptuous. However, he felt that with her, with Lee Yeon, it would be okay. He felt as if he could do no wrong with her. It was both a comforting and overwhelming feeling.

Finally, he supposed, "The make-up, the hair... You've been doing all you can to hide from the public even while you're before them, haven't you?"

She smiled ruefully at him, "Other than my songs, everything I have ever done was to protect my personal life. It works though. I debuted two years ago and no one has ever even guessed at what you just have."

"Can I suggest something?" Kyuhyun asked tentatively,

"Of course," She said with a light, melodic laugh,

"If you're going to reveal you're pregnant and engaged to the world, why don't you go all the way?" Kyuhyun asked, "Don't let them use all the make-up they usually do, don't straighten your hair. Go out there as yourself."

"Show the world me?" She mused, a small smile on her face. Finally, she shook her head, "No, I can't."

Kyuhyun nodded, "It was bold of me to suggest such a thing."

She shook her head, "No, no, no. Even though I'm telling the world a little bit more about me, I still have the rest of my personal life to protect."

"Your fiancé?" Kyuhyun prompted,

She nodded, her smile growing, "Yes. I don't want him to be affected just because of my job. Especially, since he's a teacher, I don't want him being hounded by students."

"You said you were engaged for years. I'm guessing you two were together before you debuted, hmm?" Kyuhyun inquired,

"Yeah. I've actually known him since I was a little girl," Taeyeon admitted. She glanced out the window and noticed they were close to where the filming would take place. "Although, we've only been together for just over three years."

"It must be nice to have someone like that," Kyuhyun mused,

Taeyeon regarded him before asking hesitantly, "You said that you were sort of involved with someone. Are you and that person -"

"Ah, yeah we... well, anyway, I just meant how you had your fiancé in your life for such a long time," Kyuhyun cleared his throat before he added, "You're my first friend."

Taeyeon blinked rapidly, feeling the threat of tears pressing against her eyes. She struggled hard to keep the tears from her eyes, to stop herself from launching at him and hugging him tightly. She worked hard in order to keep herself from just telling him that he's had her; that they've been friends for just as long as she's known her fiancé.

Taeyeon managed a smile, "I don't have many friends."

The car came to a stop.

"Are you coming in?" Taeyeon inquired,

"I'll wait here," Kyuhyun said, "They might see us together and think things."

Taeyeon laughed melodically, "You're right." She put her hand on his and squeezed gently, "Thank you for coming, I'll see you afterwards."

Kyuhyun suddenly saw images flash through his mind. He saw the little boy who grabbed her hand and ran with her. He saw the little boy who pulled her onto his back and carried her. He saw the little boy who took off his sweater and draped it on her head as it rained heavily. He suddenly pulled his hand away from hers, staring at her as she looked back at him, hurt evident in her eyes.

"That's why he looks so familiar," Kyuhyun stated as he fumbled with his jacket pocket and pulled out the photograph he had been obsessing over since he had received it. He stared down at the three smiling faces, "I knew he looked familiar but I couldn't remember why. I had seen him in your memories."

Taeyeon's eyes widened just as Kyuhyun slowly raised his gaze to her, "What did you just say?"

Kyuhyun gaped, "I..." He inhaled deeply, steadying himself, "We're friends, right?" Taeyeon nodded, "I... When I have physical contact with someone, even if there's clothes in between us, I can read or see whatever is in their minds. And, when we first met and you hugged me I saw what was in your mind. At that time it was a little boy and we were talking about your inspiration for your songs."

"Yes... I grew up with him, too," Taeyeon admitted,

Kyuhyun blinked and the stared back down at the photograph, "Too? Then... This photo... is this you?" He held out the picture to her,

Taeyeon glanced at it, "Yes... Kyuhyun, where did you get that?"

"I got it from... well... my sister," Kyuhyun said tentatively, "I just met her and... but wait, why would my sister have this photo? And... and why does this boy... the boy from your past... Why does the boy from your past look like my nephew?"

Taeyeon stared at him for several heartbeats, her almond-shaped eyes sad and shining with unshed tears. She clasped her hands in her lap, her heart beating painfully against her ribs as the words lodged firmly in her throat. She shifted towards the door, hand on the handle, surprised that her hand was shaking,

"That boy in the picture... is you," Taeyeon confessed quietly,

"What!?" Kyuhyun stared at the photo, surprised that he couldn't even recognize himself. He realized then, that he never saw any childhood photos of himself, not even a family picture. His gaze flew to her, "But... but that means you and I... Your songs are about..." He shook his head, "But you said he was basically dead... You said... I'm not dead!"

Taeyeon reached over, her hand cupping his cheek lightly, affectionately, "You don't remember our childhood, or your sister... you don't remember me. Haven't you been dead to me?"

She lowered her hand, her fingertips lightly grazing his jaw as she opened the door. She heard the rapidly approaching footsteps of a bodyguard and her assistant. She glanced over her shoulder at Kyuhyun, "We'll talk after... I promise I'll answer any questions you have."

She slipped out of the backseat and the door closed firmly after her. Kyuhyun settled back against the leather seat and sighed. He ran a hand through his hair as he stared back down at the old photograph.

"Why does everyone know more about me than I do?"

A typhoon could threaten to drown you,
a hundred could surround you,
a quake could try to bury you,
death could come knocking,
The world can crumble around us and
I'd still hold your hand.
I'd still hold your hand.
So, let's face another tomorrow together.
Another tomorrow together.
Please, take my hand.

(10th Cycle - Shattered Remains)

A/N: So, this is implied, but I thought I should mention it just in case some people don't realize it. The reason Mijoon is missing at the beginning of the chapter is because he was exposed to the sun in the last chapter. If you recall, it was quite a bit of sun. He's still recovering and can't leave home, regardless of the fact he fed at the end of the last chapter, he hasn't fed since then.
As revealed at the end of the last chapter, Mijoon is, in fact, a vampire. Mijoon has never been mentioned to be out in daylight and, if it is, he's usually holding an umbrella. Kyuhyun has always assumed the umbrella was only for his benefit... little does Young Master know. So, yes, just clearing that up. =)


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And so now that he knows that its him in the picture he'll start asking questions right?! To everyone???? And who will he meet next??? And when will you update again???

Sorry about that lol
But seriously update soon, pwease >_<
I'll love you foreeeever♥

Anonymous said...

Kyuri is awesome. Seriously. I always like the way she talks. And commands.

Another mystery revealed! I hope Taeyeon will tell Kyuhyun everything he needs to know.

I'm still curious about Mijoon, though... Who is he, actually?!!!

Ah..... I love the update. You made me more confuse than before. khekehkehkeheke...

love you always, Cheonsaa

chigire said...

It fits.
(plus, you made Kyuhyun's sisters name sound like his ie.Kyuri. So it makes sense that Mi Joon is Zhou Mi's brother... so yeah)

Kyuhyun, why can't you remember??

I love this series too much. It's breaking me </3