“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Sunday, August 22, 2010

[00SJ22] feminine!Heechul pt 5

words: 1058
rate: PG13
(Day 22 of the Fanfiction series.)

“If I ever get my hands on a fanfiction author…” Heechul grounded out as he plopped down at the dining table on the twenty-second day of the challenge.

“Isn’t Shindong an author?” Kibum asked from his seat across from Heechul,

“Yes,” Heechul spat, “Just wait until I see him.”

“And why are you at our dorm?” Yesung inquired, glancing between the two members,

“Since SJ-M is in China again, Heechul has no one else to – is that a turtle on your head?” Kibum blinked as he eyed the little shell balanced atop Yesung’s dark locks,

Yesung blinked, reached up, touched the shell and brought it down just as little legs and a head popped out, “Oh! That’s where you’ve been hiding! You’re a sneaky one!” He grinned as he joined the other two at the table.

“What did the fanfiction authors do to you, now, hyung?” Sungmin asked as he joined them at the table,

“They’re always dressing me up in pink,” Heechul scowled, “Making me all feminine again.”

“Pink isn’t so feminine anymore,” Kibum commented,

“He’s right,” Sungmin nodded as Yesung’s turtle began to make its way towards him,

“And Sungmin loves pink,” Kibum added,

“I do,” Sungmin nodded again,

“And it doesn’t help that you have pink on your clothes now,” Kibum continued,

“True,” Sungmin agreed again,

Heechul uncrossed his arms and scowled down at his t-shirt, “But the pink lettering on black makes it stand out more!”

“Why are you even wearing a Team Shiwon shirt?” Kibum questioned,

“Hankyung left me behind, didn’t he?” Heechul countered,

“But… Shiwon left for China, too,” Kibum replied simply.

“You want me to take off this shirt, then, Kibummie? Huh? You want me to walk around shirtless? Naked!? WHY DO YOU WANT ME NAKED!?” Heechul demanded, jumping to his feet as his palms slammed onto the table.

Kibum slowly raised a brow, folding his arms over his chest, “No body wants to see you naked. I promise you.”

“Not the way these writers write,” Heechul said as he fell back down into his chair. Slowly, he began to clutch the front of his own shirt with his hands, “Describing my beautiful body with their words… talking about hands caressing my skin… it’s like their words are undressing me as I read them!”

“Then don’t read those kinds of stories!” Kibum exclaimed,

“And then they have me dressed in pink and silk…” Heechul looked away, his cheeks flushed, “It’s like I’m a damn concubine for that Chinaman.”

“Well… you do jump Hankyung often,” Sungmin commented, “And drag him off to dark corners.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m the concubine! Why can’t he be one of mine?” Heechul demanded,

“You want a concubine?” Yesung blinked,

“I have Hankyung and according to the writers I have Shiwon… so, instead of calling me the slut, why can’t they be my concubines?” Heechul hissed, “Always placing me into the role of the woman and then giving me the double-standard like I’m not a man also.” He sat back in his chair and crossed his arms, “I can’t see why I’m the only one in Super Junior who’s not allowed to have a mistress or two.”

“Maybe because no one can picture Hankyung or Shiwon as a mistress,” Kibum stated bluntly, “They’re both just too man-”

“Finish your statement and I’ll retaliate Kibummie,” Heechul threatened darkly,

Kibum raised his brow again, “-Ly.”


This was followed by an exasperated exhalation from Kibum and the loud sound of a door quickly shutting. Yesung turned his attention back to those at the table with him,

“I think Eunhyuk was about to join us and then thought better of it,” Yesung stated,

“That’s it, I’m never wearing pink again,” Heechul sighed,

Kibum, Sungmin and Yesung glanced at each other, suddenly seriously worried,

“Hyung,” Kibum said, emphasizing the word with his tone, “There’s no need to take it that far.”

“Isn’t there Kibummie? Isn’t there?” Heechul questioned, his tone forlorn, his eyes flat, “How else am I to protest the writer’s words about me? How else am I to extract change from the fanfiction world? I must be the change I want to see in fanfiction.”

“You’ve totally butchered that saying,” Sungmin shook his head,

“What saying?” Heechul asked,

“That’s what Ghandi said,” Sungmin explained,

“No, no, no… Sungmin, are you feeling okay? I said it. I just said it, not this Ghandi person,” Heechul waved his hand flippantly as if erasing his dongsaeng’s previous statement. “This Ghandi person isn’t even in the room.”

Sungmin glanced at the other two, but Yesung was quietly scolding his turtle and Kibum merely shook his head in defeat.

“So, you’re never going to wear pink? Ever again?” Sungmin prompted,

“Nope. In fact, I’ll just wear black,” Heechul nodded decisively,

“So you’re going to be ‘emo’ now?” Kibum leaned forward, startled,

“What? No, no… why would I want to be that person? Who is Emo? No, I’m going to be Heechul, like I’ve always been,” Heechul said,

“Emo isn’t a person it’s a style,” Kibum explained,

“Well, obviously they don’t have style. What kind of name is Emo?” Heechul scoffed,

“No, hyung, it’s not a person –”

“That’s it,” Heechul stood up abruptly, “Sungmin, let’s go.”

Sungmin, glancing at Kibum confusedly, slowly stood up, “Me? Where are we going?”

“I’m giving you all of my pink clothes,” Heechul said swiftly, sternly, “Anything pink or containing pink.”

“Are you giving him the shirt off your back too?” Kibum asked sarcastically. When Heechul pulled the shirt off and tossed it to Sungmin, Kibum sighed heavily as he stood and began to follow them to the other dorm, “Oh my Buddha, I was just kidding.”

“Hey, Heechul, do you have this shirt in a smaller size?” Sungmin asked as he admired the pink print on the black t-shirt.

“Heechul, wait!” Yesung called out.

The other three members paused by the doorway, glancing back at Yesung. “Yes?” Heechul replied,

“Do you have turtle-sized shirts? My little friend here wants a Team Hankyung one,” Yesung grinned.

Heechul blinked, glanced at Kibum and Sungmin before all three raced out of the dorm. Yesung blinked and then shrugged, turning back to his beloved turtle,

“Don’t worry, one day, turtle-discrimination won’t exist,” Yesung insisted. Then he paused and leaned closer, “What’s that? Oh, yes, I do think pink would suit you, too.”

(Day 23: The Best Man for the Job)


Anonymous said...

The weirdness of Yesung XD
The Heechul XD

I loved this

catherine ndja said...

Yesung and his turtle are just..... *sigh, speechless*