“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Saturday, August 21, 2010

[scene] Scarlet Night, Phase 27, Scene 4

“Damn tease.”

Kyuhyun smirked against his skin. He closed the bite, lapping up the remnants of his feeding. His tongue did a quick swipe of his lips before his hands released Zhou Mi’s hand and thigh. He pressed kisses up the older man’s arm, slowly turning until he was facing him.

Zhou Mi cradled his face, “Are you sure you’re done feeding?”

“Yes, why?”

“Because you won’t be able to move for a few hours,” Zhou Mi practically growled before he leaned forward, his lips practically devouring Kyuhyun’s.

Kyuhyun could do nothing more than close his eyes and allow himself to be swept into the firestorm building between and around them. His hands, pressed against the front of Zhou Mi’s shirt were pinned between them. Slowly, he slipped his hands down and around, his arms embracing Zhou Mi’s waist, leaning even closer to him.

Zhou Mi’s thoughts whirled through Kyuhyun’s mind, shocking and enticing him. He could see himself on the bed, sprawled out on his back, his wrists manacled to the bed posts. He could see Zhou Mi stretched out beside him, his hands and lips –

Kyuhyun groaned as he pulled away from the kiss, his breathing ragged as Zhou Mi slowly kissed his way along the younger man’s jaw; “Damn, Mi… your thoughts are so illegal.”

“Mmm… you love them,” He murmured as his lips cruised down the long column of Kyuhyun’s neck,

“That’s not the only thing I l – you want to do that to me?” Kyuhyun suddenly pulled out of Zhou Mi’s arms although he remained kneeling between his thighs. He looked up at Zhou Mi’s whose face was partially lit by the pale yellow light of the bedside lamp. He knew his face was partially lit up as well, knew that the blush he could feel suffusing cheeks were visible to the older man. “But you only ever… you’ve never even…”

Zhou Mi took a moment to collect his thoughts, trying to remember which racy inclination he had thought just before Kyuhyun had put a few inches’ distance between them. He blinked at the younger man a moment before running his hand through his hair, “I know I’ve never used my mouth and that I’ve always been successful with just my hand…”

Kyuhyun slowly looked away, finding it hard to stare Zhou Mi in the eyes as his face turned a bright shade of apple-red.

Zhou Mi raised a hand, meaning to take Kyuhyun’s chin between thumb and forefinger. Instead, however, he lowered his hand and leaned his head close to Kyuhyun’s side. He reached out with his tongue, lining the edge of Kyuhyun’s ear with the wet tip. He felt rather than saw Kyuhyun’s shiver. Knowing the younger man’s distraction, he pulled Kyuhyun closer to him again as he drew Kyuhyun’s lobe between his lips, his teeth scraping, lightly nibbling.

“All the times I’ve made love to you and you never once thought I wanted to take you into my mouth?” Zhou Mi asked, his words slightly muffled as he continued to nibble. His lips moved, kissing the sensitive, soft skin behind Kyuhyun’s ear, “Never once thought I wanted to taste all of you?” He traced a line down Kyuhyun’s neck with his tongue, “Never once thought I wanted to drink from you, too?”

Kyuhyun swallowed hard as Zhou Mi’s tongue swirled over the strong pulse in his neck, a motion he often did to the older man before biting him and drinking from him, “You… you do?” His hands planted themselves on Zhou Mi’s thighs when he felt his traitorous body swaying as all the blood in his head rushed to a particular appendage; “But… but what if… what if I don’t taste good? Or… or what if… what if I end up… in your mouth?”

“That’s the general idea of it,” Zhou Mi smirked when he raised his head from Kyuhyun’s neck and the younger man finally looked at him again.

Kyuhyun suddenly felt all the blood rush back to his face, the heat creeping up his neck to his cheeks, “Not… not like that… I mean what if I… you-know in your mouth?”

Zhou Mi’s lips assumed their easy smile as his eyes widened in innocent ignorance, “If you what? I don’t know what you mean.”

“If I… if I…” Kyuhyun’s face scrunched up in thought as he desperately tried to scrounge up the courage to say the words that had his face bright red, “If… I…”

Zhou Mi leaned forward, a bare inch between them as his tongue darted out and slowly caressed Kyuhyun’s bottom lip, “Come? In my mouth?”

Kyuhyun’s fingers dug in Zhou Mi’s lips as another delicious shiver shot down his spine and he managed to choke out a breathy, “Yes…”

“Well, maybe that’s what I want,” Zhou Mi whispered as he pulled the younger man against him and he delighted when Kyuhyun arched into him.

“Ugh… why do these thoughts,” Kyuhyun murmured as he tilted his head back, pressed his body against Zhou Mi’s as the latter pressed kisses from his neck to his collarbone, his tongue sweeping back and forth against the bone there, “Make me so… so…”

Zhou Mi raised his head from Kyuhyun’s skin just enough so he could watch the younger man’s face as he tried to both pull away and come closer, “What do my thoughts make you, Kyuhyun?”

Kyuhyun breathed heavily as he cruised his hands higher up Zhou Mi’s thighs as he tried to battle against Zhou Mi’s thoughts, trying to separate which thoughts were his and which were not. At some point, he was sure, they would merge and Zhou Mi’s thoughts would become what he wanted and what he thought.

“Kyuhyun… we have an honesty pact between us,” Zhou Mi murmured as he removed one hand from holding the student to him and raised the hand to Kyuhyun’s face, cupping his jaw.

Slowly, slowly, Zhou Mi’s slender, strong fingers coasted down Kyuhyun’s neck, along his collarbone and over his chest. His fingers traced, teased as his palm slid, caressed. His other arm, still wrapped behind Kyuhyun’s back, shifted, curling beneath the younger man’s bottom and hefted him up, quickly, skilfully slipping his thighs between Kyuhyun’s before the younger man landed in his lap, now straddling him.

When Kyuhyun looked at him suddenly, startled at his change in position, Zhou Mi merely smiled and raised a curious brow, “You were talking about my illegal thoughts?”

For answer, Kyuhyun twined his arms around Zhou Mi’s neck, pulling the older man closer to him as his lips covered the other’s. His lips firmed, became demanding as his tongue slipped into Zhou Mi’s mouth, sought, captured and devoured. He was insistent, passionate, his body slowly growing powerful.

Kyuhyun pulled away suddenly, smug when he heard how heavy and laboured Zhou Mi was breathing. He looked directly into Zhou Mi’s eyes, his own body heaving with his own breathlessness, “Do it.”

Zhou Mi blinked, startled by Kyuhyun’s words, their tone, their clarity and their fierceness, “What?”

“Do it,” Kyuhyun repeated, unconsciously running the tip of his tongue along his bottom lip before taking its plumpness between his teeth, “I want you to do that to me.”

“Are you sure?” Zhou Mi asked, seriousness piercing through his eyes as they dilated with lust,

Kyuhyun nodded, “I’ve never thought of it before but now…” His hands slowly stole into Zhou Mi’s thick, soft hair, “I’m curious… I want to know, to feel… from the beginning you’ve said you would teach me all that I never knew, never even contemplated.” Kyuhyun pressed his torso against Zhou Mi’s, his lips a hair’s breadth away from the other’s, “Teach me this, Mi.”

Zhou Mi barely suppressed a groan, growl, probably something in between, as he flipped them over onto the bed so that he was lying atop of Kyuhyun, still settled between his thighs, but it was Kyuhyun’s knees that were hooked over the edge of the mattress. Slowly, he moved down Kyuhyun’s body, his lips kissing a trail to the treasure he sought as his entire body slid down Kyuhyun like a warm blanket, a sensuous caress that hinted of more, foretold of more.

His lips followed the light dusting of hair that began at Kyuhyun’s navel and led the way down his body, disappearing into his uniform slacks. When Zhou Mi’s lips pressed against where skin met waistband, his knees were on the ground and his hands were at Kyuhyun’s hips. He raised his head, leaning his chin where his lips had been and locked gazes with Kyuhyun who was leaning up on his elbows, watching him.

“Are you sure about this?” Zhou Mi prompted again, his voice unassuming, soft and understanding.

Kyuhyun swallowed hard, tried to clear his throat which felt like a lump had lodged itself there, possibly it was his heart, and he tried to lick his lips which were as dry as his mouth. Scared he would attempt to speak but some not-so-masculine squeak would emerge instead, Kyuhyun nodded. Zhou Mi’s fingers moved over Kyuhyun’s pants, undoing them. Before Zhou Mi could begin slipping them off, Kyuhyun reached out, his fingers barely touching the other’s temple.

When Zhou Mi looked up at him, Kyuhyun said quietly, “Will you go slow?”

“You may not want me to go slow later on… but I’ll go slow,” Zhou Mi smirked up at him,

Kyuhyun slanted him a look, “We went from kissing to sex and skipped most of the in-between… I think I can handle going slow.”

Zhou Mi blinked and then shrugged nonchalantly, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he murmured and then slid Kyuhyun’s pants and boxers down his hips and legs with one swift movement of his hands. He unhooked the younger man’s ankles and feet from both articles of clothing before tossing them to the other side of the bed.

“MI! I’m not a piece of meat or some kind of sweet confectionary!” Kyuhyun exclaimed, sitting up suddenly and staring down at the older man who’s thoughts of devouring him slipped through his mind; “I –”

All thoughts of more objections ceased when Zhou Mi merely smiled up at him and wrapped his fingers along his length. Zhou Mi’s hand began to move up and down him in steady, strong strokes. When he leaned over Kyuhyun’s erection and took the head completely in his mouth without warning, the younger man’s mouth fell open, his hands gripping his knees as his entire world tilted and then flipped upside-down. Each stroke of Zhou Mi’s hand had his hips lifting from the bed as frissons of heat coursed through his core and when he felt Zhou Mi’s tongue on him, heat and electricity shot down his spine causing his entire body to contract and relax in delicious waves of ebb and flow.

Zhou Mi had touched him in such a way before but never had the older man gone down on him. There was something about the act, something about one man’s mouth on such an intimate place that had always made Kyuhyun feel that oral sex was different from normal sex. Something about it, to him, made the act more intimate than when Zhou Mi thrust and surged into his body. Something about it –

Zhou Mi sucked gently on the head and Kyuhyun’s thought process died immediately. He released his knees and flopped back onto the mattress, his arms strewn carelessly at his sides. With each such and stroke, Kyuhyun wriggled and writhed, the heat making his body itch and crave for more, for completion. He wanted to sit up and pull Zhou Mi closer, to lock him where he was, but every time he tried to sit up again, a shock of pleasure would slither through his body and he would fall back to the bed.

Finally, Kyuhyun slowly hooked one knee and then the other over Zhou Mi’s shoulders, drawing the older man closer to him, against him with calves and feet. Zhou Mi’s hand left him but before he could protest, Zhou Mi took more of him in his mouth. Hot and wet, he was surrounded and he could scarcely breathe as the other man began to suck just a little bit harder.

He felt Zhou Mi’s lips tighten around him like a seal and felt that wondrous cavern take more and then withdraw over and over in a maddening pattern. He felt the graze of teeth along his sensitized appendage and almost shot off the bed into the air. However, Zhou Mi’s hands, now free to do as they wish, had risen to his hips, indeed, one arm was draped over Kyuhyun’s lower abdomen like a steal band, holding him down to his mercy.

His hands were twisting in the sheets, his legs moving restlessly as he tried to push off the bed, tried to force more of himself into Zhou Mi’s amazing mouth. He had never known such intensity, such intimacy. He wanted more, was scared of more, but was close to begging for more. He felt warm, hot, electric. He felt his entire body was on fire, tingling with electricity.

He was panting, trying to form words, trying to ask – demand for more when his world exploded. His eyes clenched tightly close as his entire body contracted and then relaxed, tremors vibrating through his body as wave after wave of release swept through him. When he drifted back to reality, when his body felt deliciously heavy with satiation, it was then that he realized he was lying on the bed completely now and smooth material was wrapped around both his wrists.

Kyuhyun opened his eyes and looked up towards the headboard, tugging at his wrists which were tied to the bedposts with his own uniform ties. He looked over at Zhou Mi who stood before the bed, his body bathed in soft light as he stripped off his clothes, tossing them carelessly to the ground. His eyes widened, his mouth went dry as Zhou Mi slid onto the bed beside him and then swung over him, above him on all fours.

“Mi…” Kyuhyun tried to raise his head, tried to make Zhou Mi kiss him.

Zhou Mi shook his head as he lowered it to the younger man’s neck, pressing a kiss to the pulse there, “No, not after that. It’s new to you and you might not like the taste.”

“But –”

“Shh… It’s still my turn to feed,” Zhou Mi murmured as he began to gently suck and bite the strong pulse in Kyuhyun’s neck.

He slowly moved down Kyuhyun’s body, his own lanky body never touching Kyuhyun’s except for his mouth. His mouth which trailed wet kisses down the younger man’s chest. His mouth which took one nipple in and used tongue and teeth on. He teeth scraped, bit and tugged at the nipple. His tongue flicked, swirled and lapped at it. Slowly, he moved his attention to the other nipple.

Each touch, each wet stroke had Kyuhyun gasping and twitching. It had him tugging at the restraints which were long enough to have his hands lay by his ears, but short enough that he couldn’t grab Zhou Mi. The older man sucked on the nipple and his body arched off the bed, trying to press more into the hot mouth. When Zhou Mi began to kiss lower, Kyuhyun’s sides twitched, laughter bubbling forth into a moan as he was tickled and teased. When Kyuhyun felt a kiss on the head of his erection, he was startled that he was hard again and so quickly.

Zhou Mi rose above him again, eyes locked as he shifted all his weight to one hand, freeing up the other to slip between the large space between their bodies and wrap around Kyuhyun’s hardened length, “Ah, to be young again… to rebound from pleasure so quickly.”

“You’re only… two years… older,” Kyuhyun murmured, his hips swerving and bucking with each pump of the other’s strong fingers. Kyuhyun tilted his head back into the mattress, his eyes closing as he hissed air through his teeth, “Mi…”

Zhou Mi’s fingers firmed around him, his pumps short but strong as he leaned his head in, his lips brushing the other’s, “Is my hand not good enough anymore, Kyuhyun? Is my mouth what you crave? I can do it again if you want, Kyuhyun. I can take you into my mouth, I can make you so hot and wet you’ll never want anything else. I can –”

Kyuhyun silenced him, finally able to press his lips against Zhou Mi’s. When he felt the older man try to pull away from the kiss, his teeth tugged on Zhou Mi’s lower lip, pulling him back into the kiss. His tongue thrust into the older man’s mouth, tasting a particular tangy, saltiness mixed in with the usual flavour of Zhou Mi’s kiss. His tongue thrust against Zhou Mi’s over and over as his hips undulated against Zhou Mi’s hand again and again.

Zhou Mi pulled away from the kiss roughly, his breathing ragged as he heaved for air, even his hand stilled on Kyuhyun. “Now, Kyuhyun… I need you.”

“Then… take me,” he breathed, thrusting his hips, trying to get some friction between his erection and Zhou Mi’s hand.

“Not like this… turn over,” Zhou Mi stated as he rose to just his knees. His hands gripped Kyuhyun’s sides and rolled the younger man over onto his stomach, causing his restrains to tug and twist above his head. Zhou Mi leaned down, his breath hot on Kyuhyun’s cheek, “Is this… okay? Does it… scare you?”

“No… not with you,” Kyuhyun managed, turning his head so his cheek lay on the cool sheets.

Zhou Mi lifted Kyuhyun’s hips, forcing the younger man to bend his knees, tuck them beneath him. Without warning, without hesitation, Zhou Mi entered Kyuhyun in one swift thrust. They both moaned, both shuddered as Zhou Mi completely penetrated Kyuhyun without any kind of lubrication. The fire burning where they were joined hit them both as pain slowly burned into pleasure.

Kyuhyun felt himself stretched like never before, could feel every inch of Zhou Mi’s hard length buried in him, could feel every small muscle stretched around the older man, accommodating him, forming to him. His hands, crossed above his head gripped into the opposite hand’s restraints, needing some kind of hold, some kind of steady purchase to anchor himself to reality. Zhou Mi began to move within him and even his tight grip on the restraints failed to keep him sane.

Zhou Mi’s fingers were firm on Kyuhyun’s hips, holding him still, steady as his own hips moved with powerful thrusts. He felt like he was surrounded by hot flames that licked from his core to throughout his body. Each withdrawal and penetration sent fire streaming down his limbs, numbing him to everything but the pleasure, the electricity, the feel of being buried deep, deep within Kyuhyun’s body.

Kyuhyun, unable to hold onto the restraints any longer, allowed himself to fall completely into Zhou Mi’s control, his cheek pressed to the mattress, his mouth hanging open as he breathed heavily, gasps of air spurting forth with each thrust. Fire was building from where Zhou Mi entered him, thick and dense, piling within him like a hot furnace, flames bursting at the seams, demanding to be released.

“More…” Kyuhyun managed, clenching his eyes as all he felt was the building heat, his body writhing against the mattress as he had no power to thrust back against the other man, “More…”

Zhou Mi released Kyuhyun’s hips, his hands going to the head of the mattress, fingers curling over the edge for leverage. He arched over Kyuhyun’s body, withdrew almost until the end and then, using the muscles in his thighs to push and his arms to pull, plunged deep and hard into Kyuhyun. The younger man screamed his name, managing to dull most of it by turning his face into the mattress. Over and over again, Zhou Mi burst into Kyuhyun’s body, reaching deeper, harder than the time before.

Kyuhyun was gasping, heaving, practically sobbing as he tried to fight against the restraints, tried to get to the end faster, harder, no longer able to stand not having release. With each of Zhou Mi’s thrusts, his own erection rubbed against the sheets, caressed and stroked like before, but never enough. He needed harder, faster, he needed the end to come.

Kyuhyun’s body twisted and writhed, trying to move with Zhou Mi. His entire body was pent up with heat, fire and energy. He turned his head to gasp in air just as he felt his fangs elongate. He turned his head the other way, Zhou Mi’s head close to his own. He stretched, barely grazing the other man’s skin with his pointed fangs.

“Mi…” he breathed heavily.

Zhou Mi withdrew from him. He untied one of the restraints, turned Kyuhyun on his back and covered the younger man’s body with his own. Kyuhyun wrapped his free hand around Zhou Mi’s neck, drawing it closer to his mouth. Zhou Mi thrust into Kyuhyun’s hot body once more just as Kyuhyun plunged his fangs into Zhou Mi’s neck. The room was filled with shuddered groans.

Zhou Mi’s hips moved fast, one hand curled over the edge of the mattress for leverage as he twined his other hand with Kyuhyun’s still-restrained hand. Kyuhyun held Zhou Mi’s neck at his mercy, his lips moving, his teeth lapping as he sucked and fed greedily. He raised his knees, wrapped his legs around Zhou Mi’s torso as his mouth filled with the thick, hot blood.

Feeling Kyuhyun’s mouth on his neck and Kyuhyun’s body completely wrapped around him, Zhou Mi thrust frantically, quickly, his body close to the precipice. He thrust once, twice. He felt Kyuhyun heal the bite, clean his skin of remaining scarlet residue and thrust a third time.

Kyuhyun’s entire body arched off the bed, contracted almost painfully as his released slammed into him, his body completely sated on two different levels. His body shook and jerked with each pulse of release as he clung to Zhou Mi desperately, needing his warmth surrounding him, wanting his weight covering him. Zhou Mi’s own release was brought on by Kyuhyun’s, the contractions squeezing and milking him to the core. His spine stiffened with his release, his hips pressed tightly against Kyuhyun’s backside, undulating every now and then with each tremor that coursed through his body.

Zhou Mi lowered his mouth to Kyuhyun’s, drawing him into a kiss, pulling him back to reality, drugging him again with the pleasure that surrounded and enveloped them both.

When both lay still, breathing heavy and recollecting their wits, Kyuhyun tugged at his own hand, suddenly remembering it was still tied to the bedpost. He turned his head to find Zhou Mi watching him with bemusement.

“Mi, untie me, now,” Kyuhyun said irritably as he continued to tug at his wrist, his other arm trapped beneath Zhou Mi’s body.

Zhou Mi propped himself on an elbow, smiling down at the younger man, “Who says I’m done?”

Kyuhyun swallowed hard and forgot why he was irritated with being tied up as Zhou Mi kissed him again.


catherine ndja said...

*dies.get up.and dies again because of nosebleed*

sexy,and romantic...
that's it.imma read this again,and again,and again~~~~ Bwahahahaha.....!!

Liliam Tamie said...

KLADAKJDLKAJS Why so freaking awesome? ;A; this was so amazingly delicious, and i'm sure Kyu and Mi agree with me. Probably gonna read it everyday. I might even print it and read it on the subway on my way to everywhere xD nevermind the curious stares or anything like that kekekeke seriouslyl this was awesome <3

Anonymous said...

hihihihihi 8D oh girl so so awesome and romantic and just plain HOT!!! I giggled and died from nosebleed the WHOLE thing 8D *giggling* CheonSa you are and will always be my hero! you go girl, your blog is awesome!