“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Thursday, September 2, 2010

[00SJ24] Love Quindecagon

words: 1208
rate: PG13
(Day 24 of the Fanfiction series.)

On the twenty-fourth day of the challenge, some of the members were gathered in the 12th-floor dorm watching a movie. Shindong, Sungmin and Yesung were sitting on the larger couch facing the television set immersed in an action movie. Kibum was on the smaller couch with his laptop on his lap while Donghae managed to sit atop the couches’ adjacent armrests, watching the movie while his legs aimlessly swung just barely missing the side of Kibum’s screen and the glass Shindong was holding, lightly tabled on his own knee.

All was calm in the living room. The hero was creeping down a silent hallway, his gun poised before him. He slowly approached the corner and the members watching the movie silently sucked in anticipatory breaths.


The members jumped, suddenly surprised at the exclamation made in the living room rather than in the movie. Heechul stepped before them, swiping the remote that Sungmin threw into the air with surprise and turned off the movie. Hands on his hips, he glared at Shindong who was staring at Donghae.

“Sorry, Hae… I didn’t mean it,” Shindong apologized,

Donghae, who was now drenched in his hyung’s lemonade hopped off the armrests and sighed heavily, “It’s okay, I’ll go change. Kibum, are you coming?”

“Game. Go away,” Kibum muttered, his gaze concentrated on the screen as his fingers danced along the keys. He was the only member in the living room who hadn’t jumped in surprise.

“Are you kidding me?” Donghae gaped as he stared down at the younger man, “Eunhae!”

Kibum’s gaze whipped towards the other man, “Don’t even start–”

“I just did!”

“Yah! This is an interrogation not a drama!” Heechul exclaimed, wedging himself between Donghae and Kibum who had put his laptop to the side to stand up. Standing directly before Shindong, he glared, “Why have you closed your site!?”

“YOU HAVE A SITE!?” The other members exclaimed in unison,

“For my stories,” Shindong nodded, “And I closed it because I’m making a statement.”

“What? That you want to piss off Kim Heechul!?” Heechul demanded,

“I think his statement is that he wants to close his site,” Yesung said matter-of-factly,

Shindong blinked at his hyung before slowly turning back to look at Heechul who was also giving Yesung a typical you’re-lucky-people-think-you’re-hot-and-how-the-hell-does-Ryeowook-stand-your-logic look. Shindong cleared his throat to get Heechul’s attention, “I’m tired of reading stories and series where we’re all gay… all fifteen of us.”

“What’s wrong with being gay!?” Heechul and Donghae demanded. Yesung, another gay member present, was staring at the ceiling, his head bouncing left to right as he sung softly to himself about his beloved turtles.

Donghae looked around Heechul at Kibum, the last of the gay members in the living room, “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I’m not gay,” Kibum answered simply, sitting back down and pulling his laptop back onto his thighs, “I just happen to have a boyfriend. Up until you, I’ve been perfectly straight.”

“Not gay? Up until me? Why I ought to –”

“Focus!” Heechul exclaimed, snapping his fingers in front of Donghae’s face, “We were just insulted!”

“I didn’t insult you… if anything, the writers insult us by assuming that just because we’re a mass-male band, then we’re all automatically gay,” Shindong defended,

“I like being straight,” Sungmin piped up, “There’s no such thing as a perfect line, so my sexual orientation is the only thing that’s perfectly straight!”

Heechul blinked, face scrunched up in confusion, “Have you been hanging out with Yesung a lot lately?”

“Everyday,” Sungmin nodded,

“Ah… makes sense now,” Heechul glanced at the other members, who were also nodding in revelation. His attention focused back on Shindong, “Okay, fine, make a statement, but why don’t you literally make one by posting it or whatever instead of closing your site? I need something to read!”

Shindong’s gaze narrowed, “I’m not the only damn writer out there, so go find something else to read!”

“No! The whole point of this challenge is that all fanfiction writers piss me off,” Heechul whined,

“I thought the whole point was to get everyone to call you hyung,” Kibum stated flatly,

“That too,” Heechul nodded, “But seriously, isn’t it going a bit far to just close your site because other writers have stories where we’re all gay?”

“It’s bad enough that I rarely get paired up in stories, but if they’re not going to pair me off to the rest of you, at least make me straight and give me a girlfriend or something!” Shindong exclaimed, crossing his arms over his chest, “But no, they keep me single, gay and alone.”

“I feel like Shiwon should be a part of this conversation,” Sungmin commented then,

“Fine, fine… Donghae, go change your shirt and when you come back, we’ll call Shiwon,” Heechul instructed. Turning his glare from Shindong, he gracefully plopped down on the couch beside Kibum, “Yah, who are you playing against?”

“Kyuhyun. I’m beating him,” Kibum smiled,

Heechul watched the screen, “That’s not Kyuhyun. I mean, that’s his screen name and avatar, but he’s probably trying to teach Zhou Mi again. Notice how he’s only doing the same move over and over again?”

“Ugh! Then why the hell am I playing him?” Kibum slammed his screen down, effectively cutting off the game. “There’s no satisfaction unless I’m playing you or Kyuhyun.”

“You’re doing what with him and Kyuhyun?” Donghae questioned as he came back, a new, dry shirt on,

“Games,” Kibum stressed, “Geez, didn’t you listen? I’m straight, I’m just gay for you.”

“That’s oddly sweet,” Shindong murmured,

“Okay, it just went from drama to fucking fluff. Let’s call up Shiwon so I can go back to convincing Shindong to reopen his site,” Heechul stated, pulling out his cellular phone, “Where is he? Do you guys know?”

“He’s walking one of my pets,” Yesung said then,

The other five members looked at him, startled. It was Shindong to reluctantly ask him, “Your pets… you only have turtles.”

“Yup,” Yesung nodded proudly,

“And Shiwon’s out walking one of them?” Shindong slowly asked,

“Yup, even using their favourite collar and leash!” Yesung exclaimed happily,

Heechul blinked. Five times exactly before shaking his head as if dispelling Yesung’s inane comments from his mind. Then he turned his attention back to his phone, “Yeah, well, we’ll call him anyways.” He held the phone to his ear,


“Shiwon! Sex god in bed!”

A heavy sigh, “This can only be Heechul… at least say it in mandarin to pretend you don’t know what you’re saying.”

“You didn’t know it was me? You have caller I.D.!” Heechul exclaimed as he turned on the speakerphone,

“Yesung’s turtle is being aggressive. I didn’t have time to look at the screen before answering,” Shiwon defended as Yesung nodded sympathetically.

“Yah, well, we’re having a discussion about being gay versus being straight,” Heechul stated loudly so that his voice would carry to the phone’s microphone.

“Oh my Buddha. Okay…”

“Well, in the fanfiction world,” Heechul added belatedly, “But yeah, it’s okay to be gay right?”

“Not literally… but fictionally?” Came Shiwon’s hesitant inquiry,

“Yes,” Heechul replied.


Distant scolding aimed at Yesung’s turtle.

Another pause.

“Yah! Shiwon! Answer already!” Heechul commanded impatiently,


“I refuse to answer.”


(Day 25: Those who rise in the east)


catherine ndja said...

I just gay for you<<< kibum,can't believe you can be this sweet!!!

seriously,this made me rofl.... all day...

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha, unni, you're awesome!! i loooooove this!

Anonymous said...

i like ur fanfic since 1st. i tot i cant find d rest of it.
sorry for being late to comment.
keep up wit ur stories.

YAY for KihAe..

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He’s walking one of my pets

laughed so hard at this. XDD
Oh Yesung.. you adorable little oddball. /mhm