“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Saturday, June 4, 2011

[00SJ27] I like the way you move

words: 783
rate: PG13
(Day 27 of the Fanfiction series.)

“I want to be a dancer.”

The other members of SJ-M glanced towards the second-youngest member who had spoken up so abruptly as they sat around the table eating breakfast on the fourth-last day of the fanfiction challenge.

“You… do… dance…” Hankyung said in a placating tone, “You danced last night… on stage.”

“Do you mean when the hyungs do their dance solos?” Henry asked as he idly played with a tube of raspberry lip gloss,

“What? No. They can all dance to their hearts’ content, I mean in stories,” Kyuhyun stated as he leaned back in his chair and folded her arms over his chest, “Apparently I don’t dance enough in real life to warrant being a dancer in stories, but what is the point of stories if not to be different from reality!?”

“The stories should still be believable,” Ryeowook said innocently, not knowing the barb his words had.

Kyuhyun stared at the other man with hurt in his eyes just as Donghae clapped his hand over Ryeowook’s mouth.

“C’mon, Kyuhyun, do you really want to be a dancer?” Siwon asked,

“I would like the option,” Kyuhyun muttered, shooting another glare at Ryeowook who was prying Dongahe’s hands from his mouth,

“What is it with everyone and having options?” Hankyung asked, “If you want something, then go get it. Eeteuk wants children, so, fine, we let him think whatever he wants in that head of his. We’ll let him believe Hongki is his son. Shindong wants to be paired with guys, then he should go out and meet some guys.”

“Shindong’s straight,” Henry interjected,

“Donghae wants to be with DBSK, fine, so he joins Cassiopeia,” Hankyung continued, “If you want something, then get it. Kyuhyun, if you want to be a dancer in stories, then be a dancer in real life!”

“That’s too much effort. Can’t I be a dancer just in stories?” Kyuhyun asked, a slight whine in his voice,

“Imagine if you had Donghae dress up like you just so you could convince writers that you’re a dancer?”

Zhou Mi laughed,

Kyuhyun turned his gaze to the China man beside him.

Henry glanced at Kyuhyun and then groaned, “Oh, Buddha, no…”

“Can he really?” Kyuhyun asked, sitting up straighter in his chair,

Zhou Mi blinked, “I was kidding?”

Kyuhyun, ignoring him, turned his eyes to Donghae who sat across from him, “Hyung… Hyung, can you?”

Donghae blinked, “But I…”

“Please?” Kyuhyun stared at him imploringly,

“Did he just say please?” Siwon whispered to the SJ-M leader,

“Forget that, did he just call Donghae ‘hyung’?” Hankyung replied,

Henry touched his hand to the other man’s forehead, “Doesn’t feel hot…”

Kyuhyun smacked his hand away, “Quit it before I throw your lip gloss off the balcony.”

“Evil!” Henry exclaimed, suddenly clasping his beloved item to his chest,

Kyuhyun turned his attention back to Donghae, “Hyung? Please?”

Donghae blinked, gaped, and looked at the other members for help. When they didn’t reply, he muttered, “Traitors,” before turning back to Kyuhyun, “I… I… ’m not tall enough?”

“Insoles!” Kyuhyun replied,

“Our… our hair is different,” Donghae suggested,

“Wigs!” Kyuhyun piped,

“I… don’t do power notes,” Donghae said weakly,

“Voice-over!” Kyuhyun grinned,

Donghae glanced at the other members who watched in stunned silence. Kyuhyun, apparently, was dead-set on having Donghae pretend to be him just so he could be a dancer in fanfictions. His eyes finally rested on Zhou Mi.

He grinned.

“Well…” he began slowly, “If I’m going to pretend to be you, it has to be pretty authentic so the fans don’t realize the switch.”

Kyuhyun nodded violently in silent agreement as the members gaped in surprise.

“That means,” Donghae said, “That I’m going to probably have to sleep with Zhou Mi.”

Kyuhyun blinked and then abruptly stood up, grabbing Zhou Mi’s arm as he did so, “To hell with being a dancer!”

He walked off to his room, dragging Zhou Mi along with him.

“It’s so wrong because we know what they’re probably doing in there,” Siwon shook his head as he looked at his half-eaten breakfast, suddenly without an appetite.

“We always know what they’re doing in there,” Hankyung rolled his eyes as he stood, taking his empty plate with him to the kitchen,

“Aren’t you worried?” Ryeowook piped,

“About what?” Donghae asked,

“What happens when Kyuhyun tells this to Heechul-hyung?” Ryeowook prompted,

“Then, we’re one more day closer to Heechul winning the challenge?” Donghae asked,

“What if Kibum’s around when Heechul’s told about this and Kyuhyun mentions what you said about Zhou Mi?” Henry reminded,

Donghae blinked, “He… wouldn’t…”

Henry raised a brow, “This is Kyuhyun we’re talking about.”

“Oh Buddha, you’re right!” Donghae groaned as he buried his face in his hands, “Do you think he’ll keep quiet if I promise to switch places with him?” He jumped from his seat and raced to Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi’s room, “Kyuhyun! What if – AH!” Donghae, who had walked freely into the room, was suddenly back in the hallway, the door closed securely at his back; “Well… that’s a different kind of dance.”

Ryeowook looked up, “Really? I want to see!”

(Day 28: Hierarchy)


Anonymous said...

i can't imagine kyuhyun being a dancer... it's just..... like imagining eunhyuk become the lead singer. LOL.

in short. this got me ROFL. much.

omg I miss this series!!! thank you for updating it cheonsaa... ^^

lil_aqua_chic said...

LOL different kind of dance XDDDD
Side story cheonsa?
Also HAHAHAHAHAHA good job Hae XD Of course that would stop Kyuhyun from making Donghae pretend to be him XD
HaeMi would be very awkward indeed HAHAHA