“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Friday, January 14, 2011

[00MS4] Scripted Setting

words: 5632
rate: PG13
(4th Cycle of the Mourning Song series.)

4th Cycle: Scripted Setting

We said goodbye today
and there were too many words
that I wanted to say.
We said goodbye today
and I didn't want to listen
to other people say
that it has to be this way.

Second week of October 20XX

“I always know it’s exam-time because you’re in here so often,” Heechul stated as he put a stack of files onto his desk.

Sungmin, who sat in a chair before his desk, looked up from the lunch he had propped in his lap, “Students can get crazy during midterms,” he defended, “They get… wild looks in their eyes. I haven’t even begun to write the exams and yet, they get so… flirtatious.”

Heechul blinked, “Really?”

“Females and males!” Sungmin exclaimed,

“It doesn’t help you’re the youngest person on SJA staff and unmarried,” Heechul shrugged,

“I’m practically married,” Sungmin argued,

“There’s no ring on your finger,” Heechul reminded lightly as he opened the first file and began scanning over the words; “Although, I doubt it would change anything if you did have a ring. Who knows what goes on in the mind of the privileged.”

“Taeyeon suggested we marry again,” Sungmin admitted, staring down at his food.

Heechul slowly put down the file he was reading and stared across his desk at the biology teacher, “First I was going to comment on how you refused to marry her after she said that – which I’m pretty sure you did seeing as you sit here before me in your unmarried state – but then I realized you said ‘again’ and now I want to comment on your insanity to refuse Kim-slash-Lee Taeyeon more than once on the subject of matrimony!”

“We agreed to not marry until Kyuhyun gets his memory back,” Sungmin defended, picking up his spoon and scooping up a large amount of rice,

Heechul blinked and then picked up the file again.

It was a few minutes before Sungmin packed up his cutlery and placed it on the other chair. He crossed one knee over the other and crossed his arms, “You know… we can avoid these awkward silences if we just say it out loud: you’re not too keen on the belief that Kyuhyun will get his memory back and I’m a little too optimistic on the subject.”

Heechul sighed as he closed the file and put it down on the desk, starting a new pile. He then picked up another file from the pile, “And I will say to you what I said to your darling wife –”

“I thought we just discussed how I am not married?” Sungmin interjected,

“You are, more or less,” Heechul said and then, continued, “Keep hoping, keep believing, Sungmin… Keep doing so enough for the both of us because, honestly, I’m too weak to keep trying and I hate that I cannot. So do so for me as well and, then, when we accomplish what we’ve been working towards, then I won’t feel like a complete failure.”

“You’re not a failure.”

Heechul held his breath a moment, but didn’t look up. Sungmin, on the other hand, looked over his shoulder as a tall man entered. Dressed in a charcoal suit and hair slicked back from his handsome face, he approached steadily, slowly, offering a smile in silent greeting. Sungmin removed his lunch box and cutlery from the chair to give a seat to the other man.

“Thank you, Sungmin-sshi,” the other man nodded appreciatively. He turned his eyes towards the nurse who still hadn’t raised his gaze from the file in his hands; “We all failed with what happened to Jo-sshi and… and Zhou Mi. What you both do now – what we all do – is to rectify the problems and mistakes of the past. Indeed, it was the need to correct past mistakes that had brought Zhou Mi here in the first place. But you are not a failure for giving up hope, Heechul… You’re human.”

Heechul remained silent, so the man turned in his seat to Sungmin, “Haven’t seen you for a few months, how’ve you been, Sungmin-sshi?”

“Hiding from my students,” Sungmin shrugged with a grin, “How’s work, Hankyung?”

“Work is work,” Hankyung shrugged, lightly clasping his hands in his lap as he propped an ankle on the opposite knee; “A lot of old suits droning on and on about vampire this, vampire that. They all hate me down there and it doesn’t help that a lot of the Hunters respect me because of my grandfather… not to mention my influence on the newer Hunters and how I talk to them about the moral differences between purebloods and turned vampires.”

“You’re making quite the impact on the Council it seems,” Sungmin laughed lightly,

“Not a lot considering it’s been a few years, but at least it’s something,” Hankyung shrugged again, “Kyuri could have helped me after she transferred from the Japanese branch, but then she went from Head Hunter to Head Tactician and, as brilliant as she is and as much as Head Hunters rely on her, she doesn’t have that much sway anymore.”

“Of course, she could refuse to work until they listen to her,” Sungmin stated,

Hankyung shook his head, “If they get her mad, I wouldn’t doubt she’d do that. Speaking of which, is Kibum hanging around? I’m sure if he was at the Council more, he could help me in my effort.”

“That won’t work, Kibum doesn’t take missions for a reason,” Sungmin explained, “I think he likes teaching more than he realized it. Besides, I think Kyuri prefers he not go on missions without her.”

“Scary woman,” Hankyung murmured reverently; “Speaking of women, how’s Kim-sshi?” Hankyung held up a hand to stop Sungmin from replying, “Wait, wait… Lee-sshi, correct? She debuts under that name but I just knew her as Kim Taeyeon for too long.”

“She’s busy preparing for her concert in Seoul,” Sungmin confirmed, “And yes, she’s taken my last name.”

“Only because he refuses to marry her,” Heechul scoffed from behind the file in his hands;

Sungmin scowled, “I thought we were past this subject.”

“You were past the subject. I wasn’t,” Heechul corrected as he closed the file and placed it in the smaller pile. He picked up another file from the larger pile and opened it; “The love of his life wants to marry him and he says no.”

“Hey, hey, hey!” Sungmin exclaimed, “I was the one to ask her to marry me.”

Hankyung looked back and forth between Sungmin and Heechul. He shook his head, “Wait, I’m confused. I mean, I’ve always been confused about the situation, but I’ve never asked. What is the situation between you and Kim – er, Lee-sshi?”

“We’re waiting to get married,” Sungmin explained, “Until then, she’s taken my last name since she can’t wear the engagement ring.”

“Because she’s a celebrity now?” Hankyung inquired,

“Because Sungmin won’t let her,” Heechul said casually as he closed another file. He picked up all the files, walked them back over to a bookcase and began putting them back.

“Hiding her personal life is hard enough without people prying into a ring on her finger,” Sungmin shrugged, “It’s easier for her to not have it on and it helps that she doesn’t even go by her last name.”

“Sooner or later, they’re going to figure things out,” Hankyung warned, “She has a number of former classmates and if they realized Lee Yeon is Kim Taeyeon…”

“The makeup changes how she looks… sort of,” Sungmin shrugged, “We’ll handle it when it happens.”

“I think a great irony would be that when Sungmin decides it’s time to marry Taeyeon that she’ll no longer have him,” Heechul laughed,

“You two are horrible,” Sungmin hissed as he stood up, clutching his Tupperware, “Don’t come crying to me when you don’t get invitations to the wedding.”

“If she agrees,” Heechul called as Sungmin stormed out of the nurse’s office, the door closing firmly behind him. Heechul turned, leaning back against the bookcase, he looked at Hankyung, “Why are you so far from Seoul, hmm? You never leave the city, let alone the Council building.”

“You haven’t been to your place in a month,” Hankyung shrugged, “And you never return my calls.”

“I’m quite busy here, what with the research and the sick students and the free psycho analysis I constantly give Sungmin and his refusal to marry,” Heechul said flippantly.

Hankyung smiled.


“You sound like the old you,” Hankyung said simply from his chair, “It’s been awhile… years, really.”

“Hankyung…” Heechul sighed warningly,

“I’m right and you’re starting to shut down because you know I am,” Hankyung stated, crossing his arms over his chest, “Don’t do this, Heechul, don’t start locking me out now after all these years.”

“I never win with you, do I?” Heechul muttered, folding his arms over his torso,

“Not when I’m right,” Hankyung replied as he held out a hand,

Heechul stared at the hand, “I’m not running away if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“No, you’re not moving, but you are pushing me away,” Hankyung said, simply staring at Heechul, his hand unwavering in midair.

Finally, Heechul stepped forward and placed his hand in the other’s. Hankyung tugged him closer until Heechul was standing before him.

“Why are you pushing me away?” Hankyung asked simply, his voice a quiet rumble, “Did I do or say anything?”

“No, you’re perfect,” Heechul answered, propping a knee on the chair between the younger man’s thighs, bringing him closer,

“Then, why?” Hankyung asked again,

Heechul looked down at the other man, tipping his face up with a finger beneath his chin, “Leave him, Hankyung.”

“What?” Hankyung questioned, alarmed,

“Leave him and be with me,” Heechul repeated, his voice soft and quiet, his eyes dark and focused; “I won’t play second-best anymore.”

“Heechul, I can’t –”

Heechul pressed his lips against the other’s, effectively silencing him. He drew back enough to look directly into Hankyung’s eyes, “Then stay with me today, tonight… Don’t go back to him for just tonight. Be mine, only mine, for just a day.”

Hankyung looked up into those eyes that he had seen a million times, got lost in countless times. He saw a peculiar emotion lurking beneath those depths, one he hadn’t seen before. In that instant, he wanted to give everything and more to the man before him. He wanted to leave everything and everyone behind. However, he knew he couldn’t, knew such a choice couldn’t be made so easily.

“Heechul –”

“Please,” He whispered,

Hankyung realized that the emotion he saw was quiet desperation. He had caused that emotion, caused Heechul to feel such a way and he hated himself, hated that he couldn’t change things, couldn’t be there for him as much as he wanted. In truth, he wanted Heechul to be his number one, his only one and yet… he couldn’t change how things were; it was too late for that.

“Just for one day,” Heechul pleaded quietly as he leaned down, slowly, slowly, until his lips found the other’s.

Hankyung accepted his kiss and silently wished for more than a day.

Because I need you in my life
and I need you by my side.
The thought of going on
without you along
is more than I can bear.
Why does it have to be this way?

We said goodbye yesterday
and last night all I could do was lay
here in my bed and cry.
We said goodbye yesterday
and I still can't stop the tears,
can't stop the cold from seeping in
as I pray.

Friday; Second week of October 20XX

“Okay, you can leave.”

Kyuhyun blinked, sitting before his father’s desk. His father’s head was lowered as he flipped a page in a leather portfolio. Kyuhyun waited, slightly shocked. He began to tug at his collar and waited and waited some more. Finally, Kyuhyun cleared his throat, garnering his father’s attention.

He glanced up from the portfolio before him, raising a single, thick brow at his son, “What?”

“That’s all?” Kyuhyun gaped, “Nothing else?”

“Your proposals for this month have produced the results this company needs and I have not had to raise my voice. So yes, there’s nothing else,” his father stated simply as he lowered his gaze back down to the papers before him. When Kyuhyun still hesitated, his father added, “In about five minutes, the sun will have moved enough to hit the spot you’re standing on. So, if you want to stay in my office gawking like some garden statue, move about a foot to your left. Although, I do suggest you start contemplating plans for next month.”

“Um… thank you,” Kyuhyun nodded as he stood, turned and swiftly walked to the door.

“Never thank someone when all you’ve done is your job correctly. All I did was confirm you did your job,” his father called, “The proper response would have been ‘I know’.”

“That’s a little arrogant, is it not?” Kyuhyun questioned, hand on the doorknob,

“Not when I run one of the largest companies in all of Korea, it isn’t,” his father stated; “Not when you are the heir to one of the largest companies in all of Korea. For me, for you, for people like us, there’s no such thing as arrogance when we have the skill and the numbers to back it up.”

Kyuhyun turned the doorknob and had the door opened a few inches before his father continued.

“But once you can no longer support your arrogance, that’s when mistakes happen. Make sure that doesn’t happen, Kyuhyun.”

“Of course, Father,” Kyuhyun slipped out of the spacious office, closing the door firmly behind him.

He walked steadily towards the elevators, craftily avoiding beams of sunlight as they entered through wide windows in dark orange bursts. He had been in his father’s office for several hours as his father went through each page of Kyuhyun’s progress reports, meticulously going through it line by line, number by number. Many people were already gone by the time he had left his father’s office, his own floor practically scarce of people when he stepped out of the elevator.

He was holding his forehead as he fumbled with his keys to unlock his office door. He stumbled into the dark, windowless room, closing the door behind him and leaning against it. His father had most of the windows covered while Kyuhyun was there; however, as the hours passed, the sun had moved and Kyuhyun had spent many bored hours staring at the bright light. For so long, he felt as if he were going to pass out, however, he couldn’t. He knew fainting in front of his father wouldn’t help his standing with the sire.

“I have a pot of tea waiting for you, but it’s probably cold by now.”

Kyuhyun straightened against the door, staring straight ahead. He fumbled for the light switch, blinking wildly as he turned on the lights. He blocked the lights from his eyes with his hand, “Mijoon?”

“Who else would have access to your locked office?” Mijoon asked as he stood from a chair before Kyuhyun’s desk. He walked over to a side table where a pot of tea sat on a warmer. He began pouring a cup of tea when Kyuhyun’s silence had him looking over his shoulder at his boss. “Kyuhyun!”

The Young Master was sitting on the ground against the door, his knees drawn up and his head down on his knees. Mijoon rushed over to his side, kneeling beside him.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Mijoon questioned,

“Dizzy,” Kyuhyun murmured, his hands cradling his pounding head, “I can’t believe I held out so long with my father. I swear my meetings with him get longer and longer.”

“Can you get up and get to your chair?” Mijoon asked quietly, “We’ll get something in you and it’ll help with the dizziness.” Mijoon stood up and held out a hand, “Do you need help?”

Kyuhyun glanced at the hand and shook his head, standing up on his own. He watched as Mijoon quickly retracted his hand as if he hadn’t wanted to offer his hand and did so only as a courtesy. Kyuhyun stumbled to his desk, practically collapsed into his chair.

He leaned back, closing his eyes, “Mijoon, if you turn off the lights within the next five minutes, I’ll give you a raise.”

“Of course,” Mijoon replied, “You know, it’s very difficult to be your assistant when you ignore me.”

“I’ll give you another raise if we don’t talk about this,” Kyuhyun muttered as he heard a soft thud on his desk. He opened his eyes to see the office dark except for a dim light from the side table’s lamp. He reached for the mug of tea.

“But it’s so fun when you’re uncomfortable,” Mijoon said simply as he gracefully plopped down into a chair before the desk; “You’re blushing. It was just a kiss.”

“It was unexpected,” Kyuhyun hissed before picking up his mug and taking a slow sip,

“Was it disagreeable?” Mijoon asked bluntly,

Kyuhyun choked on his tea. When he was sure he was still alive, he shot his assistant a glare across the dim room, “I should say no, but you and I know it wasn’t.”

“Good, because I have an apology present and if the kiss wasn’t good, I’d have to get you something else,” Mijoon stated as he reached inside his blazer and pulled out an envelope. He placed it on the desk and slid it towards his young boss.

Kyuhyun eyed the envelope over the rim of his mug, “What is it?”

“Just open it, it’s not like it can kiss you, too,” Mijoon rolled his eyes, folding his arms about his torso.

Kyuhyun shot him a glare as he slowly placed his half-empty mug on the desk and tentatively picked up the envelope. He opened it and gasped. He pulled out a long, rectangular piece of stiff paper and another piece of paper within a plastic sleeve, “Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me!?” He laid out both before him on his desk, “A ticket to Lee Yeon’s concert this weekend and a backstage pass to see behind the scenes!?”

“Do correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re a fan, hmm, Young Master?” Mijoon inquired smugly,

“Don’t act like you didn’t know,” Kyuhyun hissed even as he stared reverently at the ticket and pass, “But how did you get these? Her concert sold out in nine minutes and she never – NEVER has backstage passes! I don’t even care if I don’t see her, but to be this close to her…”

“You know a lot about her concerts,” Mijoon laughed lightly, “Will this be your first concert of hers?”

“How did you get these?” Kyuhyun asked, effectively avoiding the question.

“Someone gave it to me… as a thank-you,” Mijoon answered, “I had a suspicion you were a fan and decided to give it to you as an apology.”

“You know someone who has easy access to this stuff? Must be lucky to have a friend like…” Kyuhyun looked up at Mijoon, “I’m still mad at you.”

Mijoon leaned back in his own chair and offered a bright smile, “Oh?”

Kyuhyun repressed the urge to reciprocate the smile, indeed, gritted his teeth hard to stop his lips from upturning.

Because I need you in my life
and I need you by my side.
The thought of going on
without you along
is more than I can bear.
Why does it have to be this way?

Tell me why'd you have to go,
why'd you have to leave me all by myself?
I hate goodbye,
I hate those words,
but I can't hate...

Saturday; Second week of October 20XX

It would be her second concert tour since she debuted, one of many concerts she participated in and still she never got over the anxiety, the nervousness before she stood on stage before thousands of people. The cheers, the faces would constrict her every vessel instead of invigorating her. She would get her cue, grab her guitar and forget them all; she sang for two people. She sang for her love, her heart. And, then, she sang for her friend, her life.

Once the concert was done, the confetti fallen forgotten on the ground, the pyrotechnics extinguished and the lights dimmed, she returned to her dressing room in silent contemplation. Had he been in the crowd? Did he ever hear her songs? Did he know she sang in hopes he would hear and remember? Did he know that each song was inspired from their time together?

After her assistant left to signal for the car to pick her up, Taeyeon – known as Lee Yeon – sat in her dressing room before her vanity and sightlessly stared at her reflection. Her dark hair was slick and straight, reaching just below her mid-back, her bangs a straight edge above her brows. Dressed in black, fitted jeans and a simple, white t-shirt, her concert had told a story, a progression of obscurity to stardom and then to finding one’s roots again.

She was contemplating whether or not to change before going home – she was quite comfortable in her final outfit from the concert – when there came a knock at the door. After calling out, her assistant entered,

“Ma’am, there’s a fan here with a backstage pass,” The assistant stated,

Taeyeon blinked, “Really? But they never… yeah, let the person in.”

There were limited backstage passes and, because she preferred to keep her personal life as separate from her celebrity status as much as possible, only gave them out to her friends and family. Of course, since she debuted, none of them had ever utilized the passes but that was because she saw them quite often. She turned to her mirror, beginning to rub off the makeup from her face when the door opened again and her heart stopped.

It had been years since they were in the same room together, years since she could clearly see the details of his face and hair. The tissue in her hand, hovering just above her cheek, fell to the vanity table as she slid off her chair and slowly turned to face him. He seemed different somehow, he seemed the same somehow and all she could think was, “Please let this not be a dream”.

“I’m sorry,” he said tentatively, his cheeks reddening immediately, “I didn’t mean to disturb you but I was having a tour of the stage and your assistant said it was rare for someone to have a pass and asked if I wanted to meet you…” He looked away momentarily before looking back at her, “I’m… I’m a really big fan. Actually, I was told recently that I can afford to be arrogant if I can back it up so… I can confidently – albeit arrogantly – say that I’m your number one fan.”

Taeyeon opened and closed her mouth several times, but no sound came out; she barely knew if she were breathing. At one point, her hand came up and clasped the back of her chair for support. Her heart was beating fast now, so fast. So many thoughts and urges came to her mind. She wanted to tell him anything and everything. She wanted to hold him close and beg him never to leave. And yet, she knew if she did any of those things, she could end up pushing him away. And so, she stayed where she was and said nothing.

Kyuhyun ran a hand nervously through his dark locks, “Sorry, I probably sound like a crazy fan boy to you and I swear I’m not this extroverted, but a friend gave me the ticket and pass and… I sound even crazier, huh?”

“Y…yes,” she stammered. She cleared her throat several times, trying to fight past its sudden dryness before adding, “But it’s okay.”

Kyuhyun opened his mouth to reply when he stopped. He blinked and stated in slight shock, “You’re crying.”

Taeyeon reached up and her fingertips found evident wetness. She realized then that her eyes burned with tears, that her vision was blurring at the edges. She blinked at them, but that only caused them to tip over the edges, past her lashes and down her cheeks.

“Is it… would it be weird if I hugged you?” She asked, her tone hesitant, desperate as she looked at him in silent pleading,

“Y… Yes, it would be,” Kyuhyun stated bluntly, “But… but it’s okay.”

Taeyeon stepped closer to him, one foot in front of the other. Her entire body was shaking probably and when she stood before him, she couldn’t stop herself. She slid her arms around his torso and stepped into his warmth, held him tightly as she pressed her cheek against his heart. She held him close and struggled hard not to cry out.

Before Kyuhyun realized what he was doing, he raised his arms and hugged the singer back. She seemed to fit just right in his arms, his body reacting instinctively to the small lady. He closed his eyes as he felt the material above his heart grow wet and he knew she was still crying.

He saw it then as if it happened before his eyes. He saw the little boy who grabbed her hand and ran with her. He saw the little boy who pulled her onto his back and carried her. He saw the little boy who took off his sweater and draped it on her head as it rained heavily. Slowly, she and the boy grew and –

Taeyeon released him from her embrace and stepped back a few feet. She looked away, wiping away tears with the heel of her palm. “Sorry, I’m not usually like this… nor do I usually ask such weird requests.”

“You must have really loved him,” Kyuhyun said softly,

Taeyeon’s gaze flew to him, wide and alert, “Who?” She asked, perhaps too anticipatory, too hopeful.

Kyuhyun blinked, scrambling for an answer. He wasn’t supposed to know, was he? He wasn’t supposed to be able to read her thoughts, see her memories. He was supposed to be normal, right? “The… The person you write for. I saw your interview about that, that you write for someone. He’s… gone now, isn’t he?” Kyuhyun ran a hand through his hair again, “Well, I think he is. From your songs sometimes I think he’s not, but he’s dead, right?” Kyuhyun shook his head, “Sorry, I sound so insensitive, it’s just that I’m nervous and I can’t believe I’m meeting you in person –”

“Close enough,” Taeyeon interrupted, her voice strangled as if the words physically pained her; “He’s not dead, but it’s close enough.”

“Like a coma?” Kyuhyun asked tentatively,

Before Taeyeon could answer, the door to her dressing room opened again, her assistant appearing. “Sorry to interrupt, but the car’s here, ma’am.”

“In a minute,” Taeyeon said. She waited until her assistant left before she turned back to Kyuhyun, “Can… can I have your number? Is that too weird?”

“Um… it’s not, but… I’m sort of involved with someone,” Kyuhyun stammered, “Not… not that we’re official or… well, I can’t really say what we are but I know he likes… and… and I do like… that is –”

Taeyeon laughed then. She laughed lightly, melodically as if all the stress and pressure was suddenly released from her system. She had no worries, no doubts, she simply just was. She shook her head, “I want to be friends. For a fan boy, you seem like a nice guy.”

Kyuhyun’s face turned bright red as he nodded. He pulled out his own phone and they exchanged numbers. As he was slipping his phone back into his pocket and she was gathering her bag, he asked hesitantly, “There was something else I wanted to know.”

“Hmm?” Taeyeon looked at him, her bag slung over her shoulder,

“Your hair… it’s always straight but… this may sound weird but, I think you’d look better if it wasn’t so straight,” He said, cocking his head. Suddenly, his eyes widened, “Not… not that I’m insulting you or… or that I know better than your stylist, but…” He rubbed the back of his neck wearily, “It’s just what I’ve always thought.”

Taeyeon blinked, fighting the burning tears hovering close by, “My hair is naturally wavy.” She smiled and walked to the door, hesitating with her hand on the knob, “And by the way… I’m kind of married, but let’s keep that between you and me.” She glanced over her shoulder at him, her eyes attaining a peculiar light, “There are some people I’d rather not have knowing that.”

“And… And me?” Kyuhyun asked, suddenly desperate to know the answer, desperate to hear words that he could never anticipate before this moment.

The singer smiled and Kyuhyun felt calm, felt warm.

“You’re different,” she said softly.

“Thank you, Lee Yeon,” Kyuhyun said, still in disbelief that he had met her and even exchanged numbers with the celebrity. He was half-afraid to let her go for some reason, but perhaps that was because he was scared this was all some dream.

“Goodbye, Kyuhyun,” she replied, the words bittersweet to her tongue and heart.

She wanted to say more, so much more, but knew she couldn’t. She wanted to stay with him, wanted to keep him with her, wanted never to say goodbye again. Instead, Taeyeon opened the door wide and left before he realized he had never introduced himself. She fought hard not to cry, fought hard to keep her emotions at bay, fought hard not to look back and reveal he meant so much more to her. Her assistant walked abreast with her, outlining her schedule for the next day.

When she stepped out into the cold night, her driver opened the back door for her and Taeyeon bid her assistant goodnight. She slipped into the car and the driver closed it after her. She turned to her companion in the back of the town car just as he instructed the driver to take them home.

“You didn’t have to come,” Taeyeon said after she leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek, “You have exams to write. Besides, I was going to come to SJA tonight.”

“You have another concert tomorrow, so it’s better for you to sleep at home tonight and not at the school. Besides, I’ve never missed any of your concerts and I’m not going to start now,” Sungmin said simply as he gave up his hand to hers.

They fell into a comfortable silence as the car navigated through the streets of Seoul, heading north of the city, their country home lying north-west of the capital. After a moment, Sungmin glanced at her through the darkness of the car, “Sweetheart, are you okay?”

Taeyeon blinked, looked at him as if she had been lost in her thoughts. She opened her mouth several times before she finally began in a soft whisper, “I met someone today… Kyuhyun came to the concert. He… he said he was my number one fan and had a backstage pass and…”

Before even the first tear fell, Sungmin had pulled Taeyeon into the crook of his shoulder, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her close. He pressed his lips to her temple as his heart began a rapid tattoo. If it had been he, how would he react? What would he say to the young man who was his oldest friend, in all ways but blood, his brother?

“I never planned to meet him until his memory returned. I mean, sure, before I wanted to talk to him, anything to jar his memory, but… now I’m afraid that if I slip up and tell him the truth that he’d think I was crazy,” Taeyeon muttered, turning her face into his chest and crying against his heart; “If that happened… he’d never let me near him and… and…”

With his free hand, Sungmin reached across and stroked the straight strands away from her face, “If he’s such a fan, why did it take two years for him to see a concert? How did he even get a backstage pass? Regardless of your uncle, I doubt he’d be able to pull those strings,” Sungmin thought out loud,

“He said he’s not usually extroverted,” Taeyeon murmured, slowly regaining control of her emotions and tears.

“Some things never change,” Sungmin smiled against her temple.

Suddenly, Taeyeon sat up and looked at him, eyes wide in the darkness, “He also said that a friend gave him the ticket and pass.”


“Sungmin, the only people who get backstage passes are people I give to myself. Those people are family and friends,” Taeyeon stated, “That means someone we know gave him that pass and it’s someone he considers a friend.”

“Are you saying that your meeting was planned out by someone?” Sungmin question, “But we all agreed that it would be best to wait until he got his memory, so then he’s not overwhelmed or, worse, runs away from us.”

“I don’t understand it any more than you do, but I have a feeling who’s at the center of this,” Taeyeon sat up straight, wiping her tears away with the back of her hand, “But I plan to get answers about why he did it and how he did it. Driver!” She called out,

“Yes, Lee-sshi?”

“Change of plans, to Shim Jang Academy, please.”

Because I need you in my life
and I need you by my side.
The thought of going on
without you along
is more than I can bear.
But before you said goodbye,
I wish I could tell you one last time
that I love...

(5th Cycle: Distant Closeness)


A/N: Congrats to the readers who guessed. Yes, the songs are from Taeyeon's (Lee Yeon?) point of view. And you guys already know who her songs are all for/about. :)


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