“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Sunday, October 11, 2009

[sum] Wish Series


In the heart of Incheon is one of South Korea's top hospitals. Staffed with some of the very best professionals and equiped with some of the finest technology known to the medical world, best friends Lee Donghae and Jo Kyuhyun choose this hospital as the location to establish themselves amongst other medical professionals. They'll make new friends, meet new colleagues and gain new experiences. However, they'll soon learn that this hospital is different from their smaller hospital back in Busan. This hospital has different rules, different people and, basically, a different medical world. They'll be forced to grow and change and, hopefully, become better than before.

This is Sowon Hospital.


::Main Characters
::Secondary Characters
::Character Relationships
::Guest Characters
::Hospital Layout
::Commonly-Used Terms



//1st Wish
//2nd Wish
//3rd Wish
//4th Wish
//5th Wish
//6th Wish
//7th Wish
//8th Wish
//9th Wish
//10th Wish
//11th Wish
//Final Wish


::Main Characters

//Lee Donghae, 31; Cardiovascular Surgeon
Fast to smile and quick to laugh, Donghae has volatile emotions. One to talk too much and joke around a lot, his attitude flips completely the moment he enters the operating room. Taking his studies seriously since he was young, Donghae went to medical school in Seoul, returning to Busan to do his residency. After six years of intensive residential studies in cardiovascular, Donghae was acknowledged in his Busan hospital as being skilled beyond his years in the operating room.

//Jo Kyuhyun, 29; Physical Therapist
Calm and collected, nothing ever seems to faze Kyuhyun, except, perhaps change. However, despite his relaxed demeanour, Kyuhyun is friendly and empathetic towards his patients, and never stingy with the smiles. After getting his bachelor's and a masters in kinesiology and with three years of experience as a PT, he's confident he'll fit in just fine at Sowon where many professional athletes receive their rehabilitation treatments.

//Kim Junsu, 31; Nurse
With a friendly demeanour and ready smile, everyone likes Junsu and he is the first to befriend Donghae and Kyuhyun. A nurse for 9 years, he knows his job and is pretty damn good at it if he says so himself. After working in Canada and Japan, Junsu returned to Korea two years ago and has been working at Sowon ever since. He specializes in oncology and cardiovascular.

//Kim Kibum, 30; Orthopaedic Surgeon
Serious and stoic, Kibum is known for his 'by-the-book' policies. He makes no mistakes in his procedures and only expects the very best from those who scrub in with him in surgeries. Brilliant as a child, he excelled in school and was an attending surgeon by the tender age of 26. Despite his cool attitude, he's known for his rare smile that supposedly melts the hearts of anyone who sees it.

//Han Geng a.k.a. Hankyung, 33; Director of Kinesiology
Known to take his job quite seriously, Hankyung was scouted from China as one of the best kinesiologists in Asia. He leads his unit in Sowon with an iron fist, allowing for no slacking and expecting only the best of results for his patients. Those who have worked with him know that outside of the hospital, Hankyung is friendly and studies his Korean very thoroughly.

//Kim Taeyeon, 29; Cardiovascular Surgeon
One to throw herself into her work, Taeyeon finished her bachelor's degree and medical school by the time she was 23, finishing her residency two years ago. She was in a resident program that focused on cardiovascular and has been an attending surgeon since then at Sowon. Showing kindness to her patients while remaining professional, she is well-liked amongst her patients and staff.


::Secondary Characters

//Head of Surgery
A woman in her late-fifties, she walks with a cane after a car accident and her leg not healing properly. She seems to be rough around the edges, but she has a big heart for her staff and patients.

//Lee Eunhyuk, 31; Surgical Intern
One who is both friendly and blunt, Eunhyuk is considered to be the next chief resident. Although clumsy, the moment he enters the operating room, his hands are still and sure. He transfers to Sowon after he feels he has nothing left to learn at his old hospital.

//Kim Hyoyeon, 29; Choreographer
Shy and reserved, Hyoyeon shows her true attitude when she's dancing. She loves dancing and music and expresses herself best through her work. She has travelled around the world as a sought-after choreographer.

//Lee Hongki, 28; Business Man
His father is Chairman of Sowon Hospital, but he doesn't take his father's lofty position for granted. He works with the offices and also the staff to better understand the hospital so he can one day, hopefully, succeed his father as Chairman.

//Choi Sooyoung, 28; Nurse
Specializing in paediatrics, Sooyoung's bright smile and friendly attitude make her popular with the babies and the children. She loves her job and is easily emotionally attached to her patients.

//Choi Jonghun, 28; Respiratory Therapist
Often described as a 'space case', Jonghun is known to daydream often, even in the hospital. The only thing that seems to focus his attention is when there's a patient before him.


::Character Relationships
(This is just between Main & Secondary characters)


//Lee Donghae
& Kyuhyun: Best friends since childhood
& Junsu: Friends
& Kibum: Colleague & love interest
& Taeyeon: Colleague
& Eunhyuk: is D's intern
& Sooyoung: love interest

//Jo Kyuhyun
& Donghae: Best friends since childhood
& Junsu: Friends
& Hankyung: is K's boss & love interest
& Hyoyeon: is K's patient & love interest

//Kim Junsu
& Donghae: Friends
& Kyuhyun: Friends
& Kibum: Friend of friend
& Hankyung: Friends
& Taeyeon: Friends since college, is J's ex, & love interest
& Eunhyuk: Acquaintances through Taeyeon
& Hyoyeon: Acquaintances through Taeyeon

//Kim Kibum
& Donghae: Colleague & love interest
& Junsu: Friend of friend
& Hankyung: College room mates, friends
& Taeyeon: was K's intern, friends

& Kyuhyun: works for H & love interest
& Junsu: Friends
& Kibum: College room mates, friends
& Taeyeon: long-time colleague, friends

//Kim Taeyeon
& Donghae: Colleague
& Junsu: Friends since college, is T's ex, & love interest
& Kibum: was T's mentor, friends
& Hankyung: Long-time colleague, friends
& Eunhyuk: childhood friends
& Hyoyeon: twin sister
& Hongki: love interest


::Guest Characters
(This list will be added to and adjusted as the series goes on)

::3rd Wish - Sunny, Tiffany, Yuri, Yoona & Seohyun as Kibum's sisters; Jonghun appears for the first time.

::4th Wish - Kangin as a paeds surgeon; Taemin as a paeds patient; Yunho as a rehab patient.

::6th Wish - Kangin as a paeds surgeon; Taemin as a paeds patient; Yunho as a rehab patient; Hongki appears for the first time; Sooyoung appears for the first time.

::7th Wish - Kangin as a paeds surgeon.

::___ Wish - Henry as an ER patient; Eunhyuk appears for the first time.

::___ Wish - Changmin as an oncologist; Micky as an oncology patient.

::___ Wish - Sunny, Tiffany, Yuri, Yoona & Seohyun as Kibum's sisters; Micky as an oncology patient.

::___ Wish - Changmin as an oncologist; Micky as an oncology patient.

::___ Wish - Zhou Mi as Kyuhyun's friend from highschool.

::___ Wish - Jessica as a patient and Donghae's ex.

::___ Wish - Jessica as a patient and Donghae's ex.

::___ Wish - Hyoyeon appears for the first time.

::___ Wish - Key as a palliative patient.


::Hospital Layout

_____________|8th floor- morgue
_____________|7th floor- testing & pharmacy (xray, blood tests etc)
_____________|6th floor- psychiatric
_____________|5th floor- ICU & oncology
_____________|4th floor- maternity & OR & paeds
_____________|3rd floor- surgery recovery & rehab
_____________|2nd floor- palliative & cafeteria
|first floor- lobby, registry, ER
|basement- lockers


::Commonly-Used Terms

//OR- Operating room
//ER- Emergency room
//Surg- Surgery/Surgical
//Emerg- Emergency/ER
//Paeds- Paediatrics
//Oncology- Cancer unit
//ICU- Intensive Care Unit
//NICU- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

//PT- Physical therapist/physiotherapist
//RT- Respiratory therapist
//CV surgeon- cardiovascular, anything having to do with the heart, arteries & veins
//Orthopaedic- anything having to do with the muscles & bones
//Kinesiologist- kinesiology, anything having to do with how the body moves

Any other medical terms or abbreviations will be addressed in the chapters they appear, and will also be redefined at the end of the chapter.

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