“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Monday, September 28, 2009

[00m6] CheonSa's News

Hello my dear readers!

So, for those of you not in North America, September marks the beginning of a new school year. I said I'd be writing (at least trying to write) at least one story a month. Somehow, I managed to write four this month already - no that doesn't mean I won't update for four months.. LOL.
Basically, this is my second year in a very difficult university program. It also happens to be the year I begin my placement which is equally trying. I'm trying to balance school and work and trying to write whenever I can, so just bear with me for the next few months until after finals (mid-December) and I'll somehow get updates out. (Trust me, Sarah is threatening to take away my textbooks and has already enlisted the help of lil_aqua_chic).
Anyway, just wanted to give you guys an overall update of what's to come within the next few months until the New Year. Consider it a little incentive to stick with me for the next few months - ^_^;; - and it also helps me keep things straight.

1] This series is almost reaching it's one-year anniversary and it's only reached two stories. The Campus Life series is once again placed on the back burner as other plots and stories are gaining more motivation for me. When I first plotted out this series, I was very hyped out to write it. However, after taking me months to first being writing it, that excitement died down. It'll return, but for now, it's not vital that I write it. There hasn't been much request for this series, so I don't feel that bad for putting it aside again.. LOL.

2] October will mark my mid-terms and more work at my placement. Instead of not updating at all during this month, I plan to do one step better. In October I want to finish Intimate & Beyond Words series. I know I've said this before in the past, but these stories have one story each until the end (& an epilogue for the latter), and it actually won't take me very long to write those. So, before Halloween hits, these two series will have their conclusions.

3] Your Letter garnered more attention than I thought it would, but I am very happy and honoured nonetheless. Many people asked for a sequel and... I'm not promising anything!!... but, I've been considering some things. Somehow in a conversation with Sarah inspiration struck (she was highly amused.. I... not so much. Ahaha). Once again - NOT PROMISING ANYTHING ... but there is a plot (or two... okay, three) in the works.

4] Speaking of that story, people have asked me: What is a songfic?
Basically, it means the story was inspired - whether it be wholly or partially - by a song. Whenever I write a songfic, the song's title & band will be accompanied by it. There are four plotted out, so please look forward to these, but they probably won't make an appearance until after the New Year.

5] One of the upcoming songfics is actually... a spinoff/2nd epilogue for a series. This series is one of my favourites and I feel it's a series that made me grow as a writer the most. Which series is it and what could the spinoff/epilogue be about? You, my dear readers, will have to wait & see ;) (Not even Hokum or Sarah know!)

6] In the summer I released a summary page for a new series, the Shatter series! This, I completely and totally blame Sarah for. She had finished reading Surrender&Succession and then suggested I write a series. So, while arguing with her as to why I could not - possibly, no way - write another series to make it a triology... *sigh* I thought of a basis for the Shatter series. The Shatter series also has 5 stories, all already plotted out, I just have to write them.
Surrender became my first major series and the first to receive its own sequal series. It was never supposed to be more than a one shot, then it became a series and suddenly I couldn't let that AU or their characters go. I want to make Shatter just as good as the first two - if not better - so I won't be writting this story until I have nothing on my plate. This means Shatter won't make an appearance until December, but it also means - hopefully - that I'll be able to write it the best way I can. I hope, once it's written, I do not disappoint! =)

7] Are there any Hanchul fans out there!? Last week I got inspiration for a Hanchul fic. I'm not sure how long it'll be (probably my standard 3-5 stories), but I know the main characters and I've plotted out the main points of the story. I'm very excited to write this series because: one: HANCHUL!! two: I saw THIS GIF today!! & three: I have NO idea how to end the series.
This series is pretty much up in the air, but I'm very excited to explore the plot once I get down to it. I won't get around to it until after New Years but I really just wanted to share that gif!! Ahaha..

8] The Request Corner... It's been over a year and I've only finished 1/4th of the requests. I really feel bad about this and thankfully no one's gotten mad (if you are, please tell me!). I'll try to get more of these done, truly, and I can't believe I've let them go for so long.

9] At some point this summer somehow - I'm not sure how - I got inspiration for another series. The thing about this series is that not only have I plotted it to be even longer than the Brotherhood series, but it also touches something important to me. For those who don't know, my school and work revolve arond the hospital. So, what is this series? Just... imagine if a hospital was run by Super Junior. If you can imagine that, then you can imagine what this series will be LOL. While writing the Beyond Words series, I realized I like having a female character to write about, so SNSD's Taeyeon will be in this new series. Like with the Shatter series, I want to write this series without anything else to distract me. So, depending on things, this series won't make its appearance until April. The thing about this series that makes me excited is that a lot of cases in the series will be inspired or taken from my real life experiences and lectures. Hopefully there are some Grey's Anatomy fans out there? XDD

10] I don't know why I've never realized this before, but I don't read any Suju Fics. *blinks* No real reason why not, I just don't. SO! Any recommendations? Others' fics, your own fics, send me a link! I'm very vocal in my thoughts when reading, so I'll probably post up my review of the fics (I'm secretly a very enthusaistic fangirl.. LOL) and also set up a box on the side with links. But yes, send me recommedations and links. Especially since Sarah's keen on taking away my homework. (and lil_aqua_chic is keen on doing the same T_T)

So, that's what's going on with me and what to expect in the coming months. I know I've written a lot, so here's the gist:
- 2 series to be completed in October.
- 1 series put on the shelf for now; 3 more series in the works.
- Possible sequel(s) for Your Letter.
- A spinoff/2nd epilogue for another series.
- I'll be working on RQs (slowly, but surely..)
- 4 songfics on the way
- looking for fic recommendations

As always, any feedback and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated. Hope you guys stick with me during this semi-hiatus.. AND... Hope no other readers join the forces to steal my textbooks. =D


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