“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Monday, August 4, 2008

Request Corner


=I've already received 12 requests. So I'm just closing it for now. I'll reopen the corner once I've finished these requests.

The Proposal

As the 100 SuJu Fic Challenge is getting closer to completion (Just over 30 left), I'll soon be running out of inspiration. How it's been working -thanks to the challenge- is that I look at a topic, think about it for about a day & then random inspiration happens. The Challenge will be finished -hopefully- by October, so by then my crackfilled plot bunnies will be running low; that & accompanied by school, I'll need diversions to keep me sane.

I was going to wait until I finished the Challenge, but with only 33 left, the plot bunnies have decided to abandoned me prematurely, so I'm starting this up now.

I will be taking requests for fics. I'll write any ship, any rating that's requested. Just to make it fair, I'll be completing requests as they are made (ie in chronological order according to when they are requested). Also, unbeknownst to allmost, I do draw. So if there are any drawing requests, I'll do them as well.

Also, this is for Super Junior or DBSK/TVXQ (or both) requests only.

Just a few rules:

1] I can't write action/mystery/thriller as the main genre. It's just not in me. I've tried before & I fail horrible at it. So the genres I'll be writing in are as follows:
** Romance/Fluff
** Angst/Drama
** Comedy/Parodies
& the PWP companions to any of those above.

2] University will be starting for me in September, so I may revert to writing only once a week as opposed to my typical once a day. When this happens, that means requests will be fulfilled slower.
I apologize for this inconvenience, but please bear with me and please DO NOT hassle me about your request, I'll get to it sooner or later (hopefully sooner, rather than later), just give me time.

2b] Picture requests will take longer to finish than fiction requests. Drawings don't usually take me long to finish, but if I don't feel good about it once they're done, I have this horrible tendency of trashing the entire thing & starting all over again. So, they'll take longer to get to you, but they'll be done!

3] If you want a fic featuring other Korean artists, I'd be glad to do so, however, due to my narrow world in the KPop scene, the only other people I could write about are DBSK/TVXQ. So if you want a multi-group fic, it'd have to be SuJu & DBSK.

4] To be fair to all, all requests will be written as one-shots. However, in the chance that I do like a particular plot & want to run with it, I may write a sequel; but these are more to fulfill my own personal satisfaction than to favour one request over the other.

5] Look through the other requests first before making one of your own; there could be someone who already requested the exact thing you've been looking for.
(This rule doesn't imply you shouldn't request, it just help with variety of things being requested/done etc. etc. If you truly want a request of your own though, feel free to continue on, I'll be more than happy to oblige.)

6] If I finish your request and you don't like it, please tell me. It helps me become a better writer/drawer, and it's YOUR request, not mine. However, keep all criticisms in a constructive manner(nothing like "It sucked." or "Clearly, Yesung's arm is 2inches longer.")

The How-To

1] Fill out the form provided below. (If not all fields are filled out, I may contact you for more information/specifics)

2] Comment to this post. (The fastest way to send me your requests is to make a comment to this. That & it keeps my inbox less cluttered & lowers the chance that emails are sent to junk mail).

3] I'll contact you. (When I've taken on/started a requested fiction/picture, I'll email the person who requested it, that way at least you know it's been started.)

4] I'll give you the link. (When I've finished the request, I'll email you/post on the Miracle Community the link, that way you know it's been finished. I'll also give credit to you for giving me the prompt.)

The Form

Just to keep things organized & help my brain process things, when making a request, please use this form.

Name/Nickname: This is so I can say 'This is for ______'.

EMail: If you want to be contacted this way. It helps me tell you if I've started or not. However, if you don't feel comfortable giving me your email, you can request I post it in the CBox about it.

Also state what kind of relationship it is. Ie, one-way; love triangle; platonic etc. etc.

Genre: From those listed above.

Fic/Pic: You could leave this blank & give me full reign of how to complete your request. You could pic one, or both.

Theme (if any): If you have specific theme you want like: Beijing fried rice, Heebum, the movies, first kiss etc. etc.

Specifics (if any): If you have a specific scene or specific lines you want, I'll be more than happy to include them.

Other: If there's anything else you want to include that I've left out in this form, or if you want to describe more of your request to help me fulfill your wishes even more; just write down whatever here.


Last but not least:

Remember, this is about YOU. Don't be afraid to request something, I'm not that picky & I don't bite (I send Ninjas... Kidding).

Help keep Autumn Nights running after the fic challenge is finished. Please continue to comment and to read. It gives me great satisfaction as a writer to know people are reading my stuff, but I don't know if you enjoy it unless you say something.

Thanks to all my readers for your continuing support.


Anonymous said...

Name/Nickname: innocently_hot

EMail: just PM me on my LJ

Ship: Hankyung/Kang In

Genre: Fluff/Crack

Fic/Pic: Fic

Theme (if any): Love confession

Specifics (if any): Something like 'Last night I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great untill I ran out of stars.' Or not. Haha. Or those cheeky stuff that we never thought Kang In would ever say.

Other: Hankyung didn't know how to react when Kang In was throwing those kind of talk to his face. I want this to be hillarious but fluffy at the same time. Can you do that for me please....?? Please....

And can this be a very long one-shot? Pleeeeaaassseeeee....

Thanks... ^________^

amine87 said...

OHMYGOD I love you! xD
I've been reading your fics and I LOVE THEM

Just one request please <3

Name/Nickname: amine87

Email: drop me a msg on LJ will you?

Ship: broken!KangTeuk and some TeukChul

Genre: very,very,very angst! xD

Fic/Pic: Fic

Specifics: Teuk thinks he doesnot love; he needs care from the members, and that would be enough.

Other: jealous!Kangin and pushy!Heechul. Can you add some smut? x3 and I want it to be descriptive kind of fic, not many dialogues but can make me cry, hopefully xD

Thanks thanks thanks alot xD

*I love you!*

Anonymous said...

omg everyone is requesting already LOL okay okay I'll request one now and maybe by the time I'm done with my exams it'll be ready :)

nickname: candychu

ship: Donghae/Eunhae

Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance (I have your "Perfect Couple" series in mind so it's kinda like they love each other but they have angsty issues to deal with and then end in romance...something dramatic? lol you get my drift :P)

Fic/Pic: Fic

Theme: Winter. Cold nights are the loneliest. (ooh that can even be your prompt/specific line to be included ^^)

Other: something that will break my heart and then mend it again.

Um I probably won't need you to email me since I stalk the miracle community anyway but theres an email on my LJ account if you ever need it :)

Anonymous said...

rofl I meant Donghae/Eunhyuk** XD

gab! said...

Hi! i know you said only suju or dbsk but i was hoping you could help fulfil this request of sungmin and sooyoung from snsd. its ok if you cant :) i dont mind sungmin with kyuhyun too..

Name/Nickname: gabbeeee

EMail: decadence2you@gmail.com

Ship: Sungmin/sooyoung(or kyuhyun..)

Genre: Fluff/Crack

Fic/Pic: Fic

Theme (if any): Love confession? Romance and lots of angst :)

Specifics (if any): none :)

Other: the longer the better :D

thank you so much! i love you fics! esp the donghae/sungmin ones. :D

gab! said...

opps i meant for genre to be romance and angst. no theme i guess :)

sleeping0girl said...

Nickname: sleeping0girl


Pairing: Eetuek/KangIn (please make it this way. So that for once, Kangin's on the bottom)

Theme: cute tussle on who should be on top. Fumbling/Embarrased Kangin with Smirking!Heechul in the background.

Um..as long as there's some smuuttt...-blushes- I don't really care about the length. (I know long fics are hassle to make)

Thank you sooo much if you decide to write this fic!! I'll be reading all of your stories!!

Anonymous said...

Name/Nickname: Inny

EMail: Could you please post it in the comment box? :D

Ship: Hyuksu (relationship: love/hate & platonic)

Genre: Fluff...maybe Romance?

Fic/Pic: Fic, please.

Theme (if any): Rain. Puddles.

Specifics (if any): Before debut.

Other: - none

Thank you (:

Anonymous said...

You're awesome! And I really mean it. There are a few writers that I like that much (one of them Kendra, she's awesome too!) and you're one of them too because I love how you write the details and everything. ♥
So I want to request you a fic. ;~;

Name/Nickname: Jun/Junnie

EMail: haefish@hotmail.com

Ship: HaeMin.

Genre: drama/romantic

Fic/Pic: Fic. ♥

Specifics (if any): Long ago I wanted to write this (in spanish) but my inspiration died. lol
The story is: DongHae's a whore who needs to pay the debts of his dead parents. SungMin is a super star, the leader, vocal & main guitar. No one knows he's homosexual, so when he looks for someone to have sex he meets DongHae. And~ the story goes on. (In fact, my idea was much than this. But oh well, you need a one-shot fic. e__e;)

Other: DongHae is a big fan of SungMin. ♥~ And SungMin is older than him, like... for 3 years. (DongHae may be 18-19. e_e;)
I don't mind if it is a open ending.

If you write this I know it will be much better than the thing I started writing months ago (and I delete because inspiration died. *-*;)

win said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

name: haengbokhae
email: seriously, i check miracle every day
ship: henry-focused
genre: angst/tragedy
fic: fic
theme: SJM realistic fic - emohenry
specifics: i have been waiting and waiting for someone to make henry cry! it doesn't really matter why he's crying (it could be a pairing, or about "only-13" or really anything..). i just want emohenry with lots and lots of tears. hehehe..
other: write it however you want!

this may seem silly, but i'd be so happy if you could write emohenry. i absolutely love your fics! thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

A request post? Yay, I'm almost never on time to ask for any requests so this makes me especially happy^^

Name/Nickname: sweetmoon

E-mail: sweetmoonslullaby@yahoo.com

And if that doesn't work, just PM me on LJ at aznk-popaddict^^

Ship: Kangin/Yesung

Genre: Romance/Angst

Fic/Pic: Fic

Theme: Jealousy and longing

Specifics: Yesung watches Kangin and Eeteuk and wishes for something he thinks could never be.

Basically angst first then it turns into romance in the end.

Other: It could be any rating PG-13 and above but if it ends up being lower I'll still be just as satisfied^^

Oh, and can this be a very loooooooong one shot x333

I enjoy reading very much, hehe, and your fics make me very happy^^

Komapta^^ *did I spell that right?*

Charice said...

Name/Nickname: kenshinjunkie03

EMail: a pm on lj makes me feel special^^;;

Ship: kiteuk (kibum/eeteuk)

Genre: a hot pwp with a dose of crack?

Fic/Pic: fic

Theme (if any): what happens when "kangteuk" seems too real...

Specifics (if any): "I swear if kangteuk is ever that deep again, super junior with have a new high soprano in the group.

Other: ninja pairings are fun. name dropping is fun. just make me laugh like crazy, and i'll be your slave for a while^_~V