“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Friday, February 11, 2011

[00SJ26] In the Club

words: 888
rate: PG13
(Day 26 of the Fanfiction series.)

It was the fifth-last day of Heechul’s challenge and none of the other members could truly believe that it had gone on so long. It did not help that they kept finding reasons to complain. It did not help that these reasons were so unbearable they had to own up to them. It sure as hell did not help that Heechul had a constant smug smile on his lips and not a conversation went by when he was not bragging. No, it did not help.

Super Junior – M were having a slight reprieve from Heechul, fortunately. As they were in China promoting Super Girl, they had a few day’s rest before having to return to Korea and Heechul. What was unfortunate was that they could not escape the challenge. Hankyung had been closed to banning the members of SJ-M from reading any fanfictions while promoting in China, however the members ignored him and, when he tried to enlist the help of Eeteuk, they ignored “Mother” also.

So, it was with no surprise, but with quite a bit of regret, when the members were gathered in a dressing room and Donghae mentioned the challenge.

“I think I have a complaint to make,” Donghae spoke up from his chair after the last of the stylists left the room and the members were there alone.

One by one, the other members turned their attention to Donghae. Once all of them were looking at him, he began,

“Eunhyuk just told me all about how he made a complaint before about DBSK and SJ pairings,” Donghae explained, “And he was ranting about how he can’t have friends anymore… but, you know what? I want more DBSK and SJ pairings!”

“I swear, if Cassiopeia attack us, I’ll blame you,” Hankyung murmured as he leaned his head against the back of the couch where he sat in the dressing room.

“Seriously!” Donghae exclaimed, “I don’t see why we have to stay within our group. If Eeteuk and Kangin can have children outside of the group, then we should be able to be paired up with other groups!”

“You’re paired up with Jessica from SNSD a lot,” Shiwon commented from his chair,

“That’s not the same thing! I want to be paired up with DBSK!” Donghae replied,

Zhou Mi glanced at the younger man beside him on another couch, “Hey Kyuhyun, if you could be paired up with someone from DBSK –”

“Don’t answer that!” Henry warned just as Kyuhyun swiftly replied, “Changmin.”

“You said that awfully fast,” Zhou Mi raised a brow,

“You did say that fast,” Henry’s own brows rose in surprise,

Kyuhyun shrugged as he crossed his arms, “It’s an obvious choice. I like them tall and Changmin certainly fits that criteria.”

“I’m tall,” Zhou Mi muttered,

“And he’s a curious mix of manliness and cuteness,” Kyuhyun continued nonchalantly,

“I… I can be more manly,” Zhou Mi stated,

“I think you just described Yunho,” Ryeowook blinked,

“No, no… it would definitely be Changmin. Yunho’s too ol –” Kyuhyun swiftly glanced at the man beside him. He cleared his throat as he looked away, “Yunho belongs to Jaejoong anyway.”

“You were about to say old –” Zhou Mi accused,

“I was –”

“You can’t have Yunho!” Donghae stood from his chair, arms crossed over his chest, “I call Yunho as mine. Besides, you already said Changmin – you can’t just switch suddenly with every whim!”

“I just said I wouldn’t choose Yunho!” Kyuhyun stood from the couch, glaring at his hyung, “Junsu’s best friends with Eunhyuk so there must be something wrong with him; Yoochun always has horrible, horrible hair and I’d get too jealous with Jaejoong because he’s too damn beautiful. Like I said – I choose Changmin!”

“Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into this,” Zhou Mi mused from the couch,

“It does sound like that,” Henry eyed Kyuhyun, “Are you secretly a Cassiopeia?”

“Of course,” Kyuhyun scoffed, “It’d be dangerous to live in Korea and not be one.”

“But… you’re Super Junior!” Shiwon stated,

“No, no, he’s right. I’m a Cassiopeia, too,” Hankyung murmured from his silent corner.

“See, I’m not the only one who wants more DBSK and SJ pairings!” Donghae cried happily, “From now on we will call it Dong Bang Junior!”

“That… sounds wrong,” Henry said dryly,

“That really does,” Kyuhyun stared at the other man, Zhou Mi nodding from the couch,

“Donghae-hyung, don’t let the Cassiopeia’s hear you making DBSK sound bad!” Ryeowook cried,

“I feel like I should go to church after hearing that title,” Shiwon shook his head as he turned in his chair, giving his back to Donghae,

“Ugh, I just hope the Cassiopeia don’t have anything wired in this room,” Hankyung sighed as he stood up, “They’re almost as bad as Heechul with the hidden cameras.” He strode to the door, “Come on, we have a performance to do.”

“Guys, wait for me!” Donghae exclaimed as the members all began leaving ahead of him, “I just wanted to be paired with Yunho!”

Kyuhyun swiftly walked back towards him and handed him a small, red, calling card; “Small steps first.”

Donghae stared down at the card as Kyuhyun walked away. It was a club card for Cassiopeia. Donghae sighed as he slipped it into his pocket for later. First, he had to call Heechul.

(Day 27: I like the way you move)


Anonymous said...

bows down*
This update was awesome as always :D
Them being cassis xD Poor Zhou Mi, Kyuhyun, maybe need to think before you talk ^^
Thanks for the update~!

catherine ndja said...

OMG! I miss this series very much!! thanks for writing it... ^^

rofl ing over everything, especially when kyu said there's something wrong with Junsu since he besfriends eunhyuk. there goes my dbsk bias... LOL.

totally agree with this>>> It’d be dangerous to live in Korea and not be one.

Ah! I love you more and more.... ^^

Anonymous said...

Oh my Buddha! I've waited so long for this update!

Super Junior as secret Cassies? haha. and poor Zhou Mi. Kyu's tongue's just sooo sharp!

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Finally, 26th day!
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I knew Donghae will choose Yunho ^^

Can't wait for the next day...
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LOL~ Dangerous to live in Korea & not be a Cassie...
Same for ELF, lol.