“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Monday, June 21, 2010

[00r8] Seductive While Sleeping

rate: NC17
words: 6844

It had been a long night.

Actually, it had been a long day at work. One would never had assumed so being a teacher after only one year, but for Zhou Mi, the past month at work had been crazy. His first year as a high school teacher had been relatively smooth-going. The past month, however, was when all final projects were due, when he had to create his exams, when he had to resist killing half of his students…

It had been so busy, that he had barely any time to spend with his boyfriend. They had been together for almost four years when they both went to the same high school. After Zhou Mi had graduated from college, he had gotten his own place and his boyfriend, newly graduated, moved in with him. It had been great, for the first few months. Lately, his boyfriend had been busy with studying for school and the combination of both of them being busy left little time for happiness between them, not to mention time for… well… other things.

That night, when Zhou Mi came home late at night, his boyfriend was already asleep (He declared it late because his boyfriend had passed out instead of staying up past midnight to study). So, when Zhou Mi slipped off his laptop bag from his shoulder to the couch and took off his windbreaker, he carried it into the dark bedroom. He tossed the jacket in the direction where he knew his boyfriend’s desk was as he was drawn to the bedside. Silvery light streamed in through the bedroom windows and highlighted the curled form of the younger man on the bed. Zhou Mi thought he looked beautiful, despite the light being from streetlights drowning out natural light from the moon.

He heard a murmur from the sleeping form and Zhou Mi blinked, “Kyuhyun? Are you awake?”

The incomprehensive mutter that answered him proved the college student was very much asleep. Kyuhyun rolled onto his back, his feet kicking at the sheets, tugging them to his waist. Zhou Mi froze his gaze locked as the streetlights made Kyuhyun’s bare torso almost pearlescent. Kyuhyun murmured in his sleep, his arms flinging above his head, stretching out gently, his muscles slightly pulling as the movement caused more of his upper body to slip from the blanket.

Zhou Mi brought a hand to his lips to stop himself from gasping too loudly, “Don’t tell me he’s…”

His eyes slowly raked across the naked torso displayed before him like some delicious offering. His eyes swept over the smooth skin, focusing on the light dusting of hair beginning at the younger man’s navel. He followed the trail as it disappeared beneath the edge of the blanket, noting that the top of Kyuhyun’s hips were revealed. Surely too much of his lower abdomen was revealed for him to be wearing… something?

Slowly, ever so, Zhou Mi approached the bed, the bed high enough that the top edge of the mattress hit him mid-thigh. As if in a spell, his free hand slowly raised from his side, reaching for the edge of the thick blanket. Slowly, slowly, his arm straightened, fingers stretched until just his fingertips grazed the blanket, avoiding any skin-on-skin contact. Before he could grab the blanket, Kyuhyun rolled onto his side towards the side where Zhou Mi stood. The leg on top had bent, his knee just inches from his stomach as his body curled and he buried half his face into his pillow.

Zhou Mi swallowed hard. The movement had caused the blanket to slip even more from Kyuhyun’s body, only his right leg completely hidden. The rest of Kyuhyun’s body, his arms, his torso and now, his entire left leg were clad in just the light streaming in from the streets. His eyes followed the long, graceful lines of Kyuhyun’s thigh and calf, his legs tangled in the blankets, hiding the prize he suddenly wanted.

Before he realized it, Zhou Mi pulled the blanket from between Kyuhyun’s legs, tossing them towards the foot of the bed. He slipped onto the edge of the bed and, eyes darting from Kyuhyun’s legs to his sleeping face, he slowly reached for Kyuhyun’s left knee. Slowly, carefully, he grasped the knee and began to lift it, barely suppressing a sigh of relief when he found Kyuhyun already hard.

“What are you dreaming about?” Zhou Mi mused quietly.

He paused. He had two choices. One, he could cover Kyuhyun and retreat to the bathroom to relieve the sudden throbbing ache in his pants. Two, he could have his way with Kyuhyun which would go a long way to relieving himself. After all, Kyuhyun was asleep; the poor guy couldn’t fix his condition while not even being aware of it.

Smiling at himself for being so ingenious, Zhou Mi stretched out on his left side beside Kyuhyun, sliding down the bed so he was eyelevel with his crotch. Carefully, he draped Kyuhyun’s left leg over his shoulder so that he didn’t completely change the younger man’s position too much. The last thing he wanted was to wake him up and then deal with a grumpy university student. He dealt with students too often during the day, he didn’t want to do the same thing at home.

Zhou Mi eyed the hard length just inches from his face. From their position on the bed, this part of Kyuhyun was doused in shadow. Usually he would want to see it, but this time, it heightened the sense of mystery and the forbidden of what he was going to do. He closed the distance, brushing his lips against the head and was rewarded with it jerking slightly of its own accord. Smiling satisfactorily to himself, Zhou Mi lost what little reservations he had (which was very little considering he hadn’t been this close to Kyuhyun in weeks).

He pressed open-mouthed kisses along the hard length from head to base. Then, as if following the veins on the velvety surface with just the touch of his tongue, he drew slithering patterns along the erection. He pressed more kisses to Kyuhyun, this time adding a little sucking with each kiss. He began to caress the length with his tongue, making the strokes short and rough. He moved from base to head and then, with barely any contemplation, ran the tip of his tongue all along the rim. He licked the head once, twice, a third time and then took just the head into his mouth.

Closing his lips just below the rim, Zhou Mi sucked gently, his tongue swirling around and across the opening. With Kyuhyun’s groin in darkness, Zhou Mi had allowed his eyes to shut, allowing his sense of touch and instincts to guide his movements. He was about to open his lips a bit more, take in a bit more when slender fingers spiked through his hair, cupping the base of his skull. He opened his eyes, moved his mouth away from his obsession and looked up at Kyuhyun who was now staring down at him, half of his face lit by the streetlights.

“Damn, Zhou Mi… this is how you wake me up?” Kyuhyun questioned, his tone a mix of shocked annoyance and husky arousal.

It was the latter quality that had Zhou Mi repressing a smug smile; perhaps he won’t have to deal with a grumpy university student. Despite Kyuhyun’s hold on him, Zhou Mi leaned his head forward, pressing a kiss at the junction between the base of Kyuhyun’s erection and his balls. Kyuhyun’s entire body, including the leg still draped over Zhou Mi’s right shoulder, tensed, his fingers almost digging into Zhou Mi’s skull.

“Do you want me to stop?” Zhou Mi asked in his usual light and happy tone before swishing the tip of his tongue back and forth over that same spot.

A shiver ran down Kyuhyun’s body like cold lightning as he inhaled sharply, his hips slightly bucking in the direction of Zhou Mi’s teasing tongue. “I have an exam tomorrow afternoon…” He hissed, despite his head falling back and his eyes closing once more.

“And that is why I tried not to wake you up,” Zhou Mi murmured, his lips still pressed to the base of Kyuhyun’s penis. “But, if you’d rather I stop and allow you to go back to sleep…”

“If you stop, I swear I will change the locks while you’re at work,” Kyuhyun practically growled, his fingers curling more securely along Zhou Mi’s skull,

Zhou Mi grinned, “I thought you’d think that way.”

Before Kyuhyun could say more, Zhou Mi took the head once more into his mouth. This time, he sucked just a little bit harder, his tongue sweeping roughing across the tip. Kyuhyun nudged Zhou Mi with his thighs and, knowing immediately what he wanted, Zhou Mi moved as one with him as Kyuhyun rolled onto his back. Settling between Kyuhyun’s thighs, Zhou Mi lifted Kyuhyun’s right leg and draped it over his left shoulder. He slid his palms beneath Kyuhyun’s bare bottom, the round globes filling his hands as he tilted Kyuhyun’s hips more and took in more.

Kyuhyun’s head fell back onto his pillow, his eyes clenching tightly as he fought against the instinctive undulations of his hips. It had been weeks since he was last intimate with Zhou Mi, and he knew his body had been building up, but apparently his daily ministrations had not been enough. He felt as if all the muscles in his body were flexing and relaxing continuously, unable to relax any of his limbs. It was that quality that had pulled him from sleep.

He had been studying for hours when he realized he needed to rest, the words blurring before his eyes. Too tired to do anything before sleeping, he had stripped down to nothing and simply slipped into the bed, pulling the covers over him. His sleep had been almost immediately, his dreams filling his mind. At first, he had been chased around one of his classrooms at the university by a giant mathematics textbook. Then, he had run into a tall closet, hoping to hide from the hardcover book which had attained words and numbers that bled horrifically. In the closet, was another body, a familiar body.

After that, his dream had shifted to something less terrifying and more mysterious. The darkness of the closet had made it all seem so scandalous, so forbidden as he felt familiar hands run along his body, tickling his nerve endings and teasing his senses. He had been pressed against a side of the closet as warm fingers caressed his cool skin, soft words of love filling the empty silence of the hiding place. He had been taken in the closet, his body seizing as a scream built in his throat. It was then that he realized the physical sensations were too much, too real to be a dream. It was then that he had awoken to find that same closet-mate now servicing him for real in their bed.

His mind wiped completely when he felt the grazing of Zhou Mi’s teeth along his shaft from base to head. His lips fell open in an O as he lost control of his body, his hips bucking off the bed. Zhou Mi slipped one hand from beneath Kyuhyun and anchored that arm over his hips, holding him down effectively. He did the motion with his teeth again, this time a bit harder and disallowed Kyuhyun from moving his lips. Kyuhyun moaned in pleasure and in frustration.

“You’re hurting me,” Zhou Mi stated in a sing-song voice, his breath a cool tease against his wet and heated skin.

The words just barely slipping into Kyuhyun’s awareness, the younger man slowly forced his hand to release Zhou Mi’s head. Needing to do something, to stop his body from seizing so completely, he flung both arms to his sides, grasping the bed sheets desperately.

“Thank you,” Zhou Mi said lightly before taking Kyuhyun once more in his mouth.

He slowly ran the tight seal of his lips down Kyuhyun’s hard length until he could take no more in. He softly touched his teeth to the veined surface and then moved his mouth back and forth in clockwise and counter-clockwise actions. His teeth grated, scratched around, back and forth, again and again. Each time his teeth moved, Kyuhyun’s hips twitched instinctively as jolts of lighting zapped through him, muscles clenching.

Kyuhyun’s breathing was broken and shallow, coming in audible pants. His moans had melted into his breath, no longer able to make any sounds as his muscles clenched tighter and tighter. He could feel the tension building higher and higher, starting where Zhou Mi’s mouth was, and he could feel the tension slowly creeping throughout his body, slowly, slowly, slowly seeping to his extremities.

He wanted to move, wanted to thrash but his muscles were contracted, the tension too high throughout his body. He waned to breathe deeper, but his lungs were restricted, his entire body focused on one spot of his body and it was nowhere near his lungs.

Zhou Mi could feel that Kyuhyun was nearing his limit. Slowly, he began to move his mouth on Kyuhyun, his teeth grazing with each undulation of his head. With each part-withdrawal, he sucked. His tempo, the pressure of his lips and teeth and even his suction increased, more and more, pushing, forcing Kyuhyun to his limit.

Kyuhyun was gasping for gulps of air now, his moans becoming audible once more, sounding like a pant and a mew mixed together. His back was arching more and more off the mattress since his hips were secured against it. His hands fisted in the sheets, restlessly moving as his head thrashed back and forth on the pillow. His feet, which had been planted on the mattress on either side of Zhou Mi’s torso, were now moving, digging into the mattress because that’s all they could do. He was close, so damn close, but he didn’t want it to end like this.

“Mi… Mi… MI!” He croaked, desperately trying to force the words loud enough for the older man to hear him.

When Zhou Mi didn’t reply, simply continued to push him to completion, thinking Kyuhyun’s words were encouraging him, Kyuhyun forced his hands to release the sheets and to reach down for Zhou Mi’s head. He stilled him, causing Zhou Mi to open his eyes and look at him in silent inquiry,

“I… I…” Unable to form the words, Kyuhyun withdrew himself from Zhou Mi’s mouth and tugged gently on him, signalling for him to come closer.

Zhou Mi slowly slid up, ensuring each part of his body caressed Kyuhyun’s still-hard core, he stopped when he was staring directly down at Kyuhyun, “What’s wrong?”

Cradling Zhou Mi’s head, Kyuhyun pulled him down for a kiss. His lips met the older man’s lips hungrily and that’s how he kissed him. He fed off the taste of himself mixed with Zhou Mi. His tongue thrust into Zhou Mi’s and he practically groaned as the wet hotness that had surrounded his erection now housed his tongue. It wasn’t long before Zhou Mi’s tongue joined his.

Kyuhyun slipped one hand around Zhou Mi’s neck until he had his elbow crooked over it, holding Zhou Mi’s head to his own. With his other hand, he slipped it from the base of the other man’s skull down his neck, over his shoulder, along his long arm until his fingers twined with Zhou Mi’s. As his tongue duelled with Zhou Mi’s, his hand guided Zhou Mi’s to between them, to wrap around his erection. He only had to guide Zhou Mi to stroke him once before Zhou Mi finally realized what Kyuhyun wanted.

Zhou Mi kissed Kyuhyun fiercely. He tilted his head, slanted his lips across Kyuhyun’s and kissed him harder, pressing the younger man’s head even more securely into the pillow. His tongue duelled, danced and caressed Kyuhyun’s, pushing into Kyuhyun’s mouth to taste him as his hand rubbed, pumped and stroked Kyuhyun’s erection. Soon, Zhou Mi knew, and Kyuhyun would be spent. He changed tactics and pulled back his efforts in their kiss.

His tongue slowly became more passive, opting to just lightly stroke and massage the younger man’s. Then, he began to withdraw his tongue from Kyuhyun’s mouth, the tip of his tongue lightly tracing Kyuhyun’s lips before returning completely in his own mouth. As he predicted, Kyuhyun’s tongue followed his as if they did some slow dance. He felt Kyuhyun’s tongue in his mouth and closed his lips around it, sucking lightly as his tongue tickled and massaged the small, seeking muscle.

The suddenly lightness, easiness in the kiss drew Kyuhyun’s attention to focus more on Zhou Mi’s hand. It hadn’t changed at all in tempo or tightness. However, as Zhou Mi slowly sucked harder and harder on his tongue, he gripped a little harder and harder on his penis. His hips began to buck against Zhou Mi’s hand, edging closer and closer to the end.

Zhou Mi suddenly tightened his fingers around him, stroking him quickly as his teeth slowly grazed roughly on Kyuhyun’s tongue. Three, four, five strokes and Kyuhyun reached his limit. He tried to pull his head from the kiss to gulp in air, but Zhou Mi wouldn’t let him, kissing him fiercely, drinking in his cries of release as the proof of his release spilt over his fingers. He pumped him quickly, roughly and Kyuhyun practically sobbed with relief into his kiss.

His muscles rejoiced, finally being able to relax as his entire body shook with each round of lightning that left his body. When the final wave of his orgasm passed from him, Kyuhyun lay sill in the mattress, his body comforted and hugged by the mattress as Zhou Mi’s warmth covered him from above. Zhou Mi lifted his head and Kyuhyun sighed, breathing in deeply to finally fill his lungs to their full capacity.

Kyuhyun opened his eyes, gazed up at Zhou Mi. He raised his head enough to caress his lips with the other’s, “Damn, I’ve missed you.”

“I see you everyday,” Zhou Mi mused as a grin tugged at his lips,

“But not like this… I’ve missed this side of you,” Kyuhyun explained, his lips feathering to the corner of Zhou Mi’s smile, down to his chin and along the left-side of his jaw, “The side that isn’t clumsy or adorably dork-like –”

“I believe you used the term adorkable one time,” Zhou Mi laughed softly,

“I must have been tired to use such an inane term,” Kyuhyun murmured as his hands slowly reached for Zhou Mi’s waist, pulling his shirt from his pants and slipping his hands beneath and caressing up Zhou Mi’s back; “But no… this side… this side that’s so damn… sexy,”

Zhou Mi visibly shivered, the word being a caress against his neck as Kyuhyun rolled them so they reversed positions. “Kyuhyun, I need… I want…”

“I know, but when you do, I want to with you. And, considering you just… finished me off, it’ll take a little bit for me to recover,” Kyuhyun explained as he slipped his hands from Zhou Mi’s shirt.

Slowly, he slid down the older man’s long, lanky body, his slender, nimble fingers slipping the buttons from the holes at the front of Zhou Mi’s shirt. His lips followed, pressing open-mouthed kisses down the long column of his neck and further south, over the ribbed sleeveless shirt Zhou Mi always wore beneath his button-ups.

“My shirt,” Zhou Mi stated as Kyuhyun pushed the halves of his button-up to the sides, continuing to kiss him through the undershirt.

Kyuhyun shook his head as his pressed a kiss to one flat nipple. Then, he swiped his tongue over and over again the same spot, making a small, soaked spot over Zhou Mi’s nipple. Kyuhyun locked his lips over the hardened peak, causing Zhou Mi to gasp suddenly. The simultaneous sensation of Kyuhyun sucking and the rough ribbing of the shirt taunted and teased the nerve endings in his nipple. When Kyuhyun moved his attention to the other nipple, Zhou Mi was barely aware of the hands that had continued to sweep downwards, now stopping at Zhou Mi’s hips.

Kyuhyun cupped Zhou Mi’s narrow hips, his thumbs massaging in small circles that slowly grew bigger, slowly drew closer to the evident bulge in the other man’s pants. He sucked a little hard on Zhou Mi’s nipple as he slipped a thigh between Zhou Mi’s, pressing it against the other’s core.

“Damn, Kyuhyun,” Zhou Mi breathed as he began to slowly grind against Kyuhyun’s thigh. It had been pressing against him, too close, too tempting to not rub himself against it.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Kyuhyun murmured before his teeth grazed around the nipple and lightly on it.

“Yes,” Zhou Mi sighed, his head falling back on a pillow as Kyuhyun continued his journey down, more open-mouthed kisses pressed down the centre of his body.

Kyuhyun pushed Zhou Mi’s thighs apart with his shoulders, settling between them as he undid the button and zipper. He slowly, ever so slowly, pulled down the waistband of Zhou Mi’s boxers, allowing the tight elastic to rub against the harden length that had been hidden from sight all night. The waistband rubbed quickly, roughly against the head as it grew impatient to spring free of its restraints. When the room’s air hit his core like cool fingers, Zhou Mi sighed with relief, freed from the confines of his underwear and pants.

Kyuhyun ran the tip of his finger from the opening of Zhou Mi’s penis to the rim of the head and repeated the motion, over and over, sweeping his finger tip up and down the short distance.

“How long… will it take… for you to…” Zhou Mi’s words trailed off into a gasp as Kyuhyun licked his finger and repeated the same motion as before, the sudden wet tip sending even more sensations through his body than before.

“Not that long,” Kyuhyun admitted knowingly, “Such are the advantages of being young and horny.”

“Then why don’t you just… just…” Zhou Mi’s words died once more, this time into a moan as Kyuhyun lightly flicked the head with his tongue,

“Put you in my mouth and have my way with you?” Kyuhyun asked lightly, innocently, “Well… that wouldn’t be fun, would it? Besides… you woke me up from a very… stimulating,” he whispered the words, his lips a hair’s breadth from Zhou Mi’s erection, “Dream. I should have some compensation, don’t you think?”

“Damn you, Kyuhyun, I sucked you off already!” Zhou Mi hissed as he propped himself up on his elbows, just enough to glare down at the young man between his legs.

“Indeed you did, so I should reward you somewhat,” Kyuhyun consented, wrapping his right hand around the high-middle of Zhou Mi’s hard shaft. As he gazed up at the older man, his face a mix of innocence and mischief in the pale light from the streets, his thumb stroked back and forth, reaching just beneath the rim of the head, “But that still doesn’t excuse you for beginning without me. You could have just woken me up and then jumped me rather than… well, what you did.”

“Maybe that’s how I wanted to wake you,” Zhou Mi stated, gritting his teeth to stop himself from either lashing out at the younger man or throwing his head back and moaning loudly.

“Hmm… too bad you admitted earlier you tried not to wake me,” Kyuhyun mused. Eyes still on Zhou Mi, he ran his hand slowly up and down his length, “But does this make you feel better?”

“Fuck yes,” Zhou Mi breathed as he found himself unable to look away.

Kyuhyun slowly stroked him, up and down, never changing his tempo and never changing his pressure. He stared at Zhou Mi, a slight taunting in his dark eyes as he continued his monotonous ministration. Zhou Mi could feel each stroke like a coil tightening in his stomach, but he wanted more. No, he needed more. Unfortunately, the younger man seemed content to continue as he was, never altering, never increasing and slowly, slowly, driving him mad.

Zhou Mi tried to undulate against Kyuhyun’s hand, trying to increase the speed, anything to get a little more, but the angle of his body, with his torso propped on his elbows, it was difficult to lift his hips more than an inch or so from the mattress. He could drop back down to the bed, allowing himself more leverage to lift his hips, but that meant breaking eye contact with Kyuhyun and, for some reason, he just couldn’t. Not tonight, not when Kyuhyun looked at him with such devilish desire and after Kyuhyun had called him sexy.

“Kyuhyun… please,” Zhou Mi grounded out when his frustration outweighed the building tension in his body, “I’m sorry.”

Kyuhyun smirked up at him before bringing his lips closer to Zhou Mi’s hard tip, never breaking eye contact, “You had me at ‘please’.”

Kyuhyun took the head into his mouth and Zhou Mi had to fight hard to stop himself from collapsing onto the bed. No, he had to stay up, had to keep his eyes locked with Kyuhyun. There was so much intent, desire, heat in those dark pools that Zhou Mi felt himself drawn in, craving, needing what those eyes promised.

His hand had gripped slightly tighter, pumping Zhou Mi a little faster as Kyuhyun sucked the head of his erection. First, he sucked lightly, but then, he increased the pressure, the suction, harder and harder as his fingers tightened, stroking harder and harder.

Unable to move his hips that much, Zhou Mi gripped the sheets as best he could with his elbows keeping him up. His lips had parted slightly, as if doing so would allow him to breathe easier, deeper, but he couldn’t, not with that coiling pressure building and building, filling every space possible in his body. His breaths came harder, laboured as breathing changed into panting. He gritted his teeth, his jaw beginning to ache as he fought the urge to moan, knowing that doing so would cause him to instinctively close his eyes or throw back his head and he could not, would not, break eye contact.

Kyuhyun released his hold on Zhou Mi’s erection, only to slowly take more of the other man into his mouth. Kyuhyun took in as much as he could, only about three-quarters of the length, before he began to move on Zhou Mi, eyes still locked with the other’s, pouring all his thoughts, his feelings into his gaze.

Zhou Mi watched as Kyuhyun took him into his mouth, his body trembling at the shivers that wrecked havoc with his senses. No longer able to hold back, he inhaled sharply, bit down hard on his bottom lip until he was sure he tasted copper and then his jaw physically dropped, a moan, deep and throaty, rumbled up his throat and rolled off his tongue. All the while, his eyes locked with Kyuhyun’s.

As Kyuhyun continued to administer to him and the moans continued, Zhou Mi acknowledge, then, that perhaps his defences weren’t as strong as they used to be, blaming them all to a few week’s worth of abstinence. He knew he was dangerously close to the end, knew that he had been building up since the moment he saw Kyuhyun’s beautiful body in the silver streetlights, knew that he wouldn’t be able to spend and recover in time for another round with the young – and hornier than he remembered – university student.

So, it was with an effort he knew not the origins, that Zhou Mi shifted his weight to one elbow. With the now-free arm, he reached down to Kyuhyun who was still undulating on him. He stilled Kyuhyun with a thumb and forefinger holding his chin. Then, he slipped his thumb up his chin and into his mouth, slowly forcing his jaw down enough to open Kyuhyun’s mouth a bit bigger. He pulled himself out of Kyuhyun’s mouth, gasping for air as he scrambled backwards, breaking all contact with the younger man.

“If you want us to go together, you can’t finish,” Zhou Mi stated, his words barely above a whisper, his tone husky and thick.

“Then take me, Zhou Mi,” Kyuhyun said, his voice even lower than its normal tone. Hovering over Zhou Mi on all fours, he slowly crawled up until he was staring directly down into Zhou Mi’s eyes, “Take me now.”

“I need to recover somewhat,” Zhou Mi huffed, still propped on an elbow, “How about you start us off and when I’ve recovered enough, I’ll take over?”

Kyuhyun nodded as Zhou Mi began to slip off his button-up. When Zhou Mi moved to take off his sleeveless shirt, Kyuhyun stopped him, “Keep the rest on.”

Zhou Mi, lying completely on the bed now merely raised an eyebrow, “Everything else?”

Kyuhyun nodded as he pushed up from the mattress, kneeling so that his knees were on either side of Zhou Mi’s abdomen and, gaze locked again with the older man’s, he slowly began to lower himself. Reaching behind him, he grasped Zhou Mi’s erection and guided it to his entrance. Once he felt the blunt head begin to stretch his opening, he released Zhou Mi and allowed his body to lower itself.

Zhou Mi bent his knees just as Kyuhyun reached back. Grasping Zhou Mi’s raised thighs, Kyuhyun propped himself as he continued to impale himself. It got harder and harder to breathe the more of Zhou Mi he took into his body. His body felt stretched, filled completely and still he had more to take in. He felt full up to his heart which was hammering painfully in his chest, so full of desire and love he was sure it would burst. Kyuhyun had a few inches left of Zhou Mi to take in, but it was Zhou Mi who flexed his hips upwards, burying himself completely in Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun inhaled swiftly, almost collapsing back against Zhou Mi’s thighs, “Fuck, has it always been this good?”

“I think so,” Zhou Mi panted, “But damn… I’ve missed this… I’ve missed you.”

Kyuhyun slowly began to move up and down on Zhou Mi. He was only pulling away a few inches, but both felt each movement, heat and electricity causing currents to burn in their bodies. Kyuhyun felt each stroke straight up his spine as if each nerve in his entire body had come alive and couldn’t control the rapidly firing signals. Zhou Mi felt Kyuhyun wrapped around him like a hot, tight blanket, fitted to him like a glove on fire, feeling the heat spread throughout his body, down his limbs and even his toes and fingers curled from the feeling of hot restraint.

Zhou Mi watched Kyuhyun, half his body highlighted by the light streaming into the dark bedroom and the other half blanketed in thick shadows. He wanted to watch, observe each flexing muscle, each straining vein, but his eyes were glued to Kyuhyun’s eyes, darker with his back to the windows.

Kyuhyun rode Zhou Mi as much as he could, but wanted more, wanted Zhou Mi even deeper despite already having him completely in him. He tried to increase the pressure of his hips as he came back down, but he couldn’t seem to get Zhou Mi deep enough. Finally, he leaned slightly forward, swinging his hands from Zhou Mi’s thighs to his abdomen, slowly sliding them up to his chest in a seducing caress,

“Please tell me you’ve recovered by now,” Kyuhyun said quietly, his voice resembling a groan.

As answer, Zhou Mi flipped them over, the movement cause him to with draw almost completely from the warmth of Kyuhyun’s body. With Zhou Mi hovering over him, propped on his forearms, Kyuhyun hooked his knees over the older man’s narrow hips, clenching his thighs securely to the other’s sides. Without a word, without a warning, Zhou Mi flexed his hips, burying himself to the hilt once more, causing them both to gasp from the sensation and from relief.

Slowly, slowly, Zhou Mi began to work him, his body being drawn back to that intense, wet heat every time he withdrew even a fraction of an inch. Supporting most of his weight on his forearms, he clenched his fists as over and over, his hips slammed against the backs of Kyuhyun’s thighs. He had missed this, missed being intimate with Kyuhyun, missed the connection that such a physical intimacy created between two people. He felt as if not just his heart, but his soul and his body were engaged completely with the younger man each time his body joined with the other’s.

Kyuhyun could feel each thrust, thinking perhaps even more so than Zhou Mi could. His thighs, flanking Zhou Mi’s hips were chafing against the edge of Zhou Mi’s pants and the scrunched waistband of Zhou Mi’s boxers. His skin, completely sensitized since he had awoken from Zhou Mi’s ministrations earlier, was crying and relishing in the rough abrasion of the soft skin on his inner thighs. Each rub was like a tickle, a rough caress, adding to the powerful feeling of Zhou Mi’s hips slamming into him.

Kyuhyun reached up, grabbed Zhou Mi’s head and pulled him down for a kiss. He kissed the older man hard, desperately, as if his body was overflowing with heat, electricity, sensation and tension and he had to release it now before his body was ready to finish. He tried to pour into Zhou Mi everything he felt, what that moment made him feel, but the opposite ended up happening.

Zhou Mi kissed him back fervently, voraciously, more currents opening up between them by the kiss as heat, thick and laced with heavy desire and bursting love, flowed from one to the other and back again. He lowered his torso against Kyuhyun’s, his entire upper body, from hips to his chest, caressing the younger man’s bare skin. Finally realizing why Kyuhyun wanted him to keep on most of his clothes, he allowed his body to caress because his hands couldn’t, because he couldn’t caress with the same teasing tactile touches.

His khaki’s brushed roughly against Kyuhyun’s thighs, enticing the nerve endings in an already-sensitive area. His cotton-ribbed undershirt slid against Kyuhyun’s abdomen and chest, not to mention his erection which was sandwiched, cushioned between them. The younger man felt tickled and teased on his abdomen as his nipples, hard and desperately sensitive, were rubbed raw and wanting. His erection, seemingly in its own hot sheath, was being rubbed against the shirt’s ribbing like a dozen stroking fingers. With each thrust, Kyuhyun’s sense of touch was pushed and challenged, acknowledged and tantalized. His senses, his nerves, so stimulated that his spine arched off the mattress with each jolt of sensation, causing each tactile caress to be harder, felt more definitely.

Kyuhyun pulled his mouth roughly away from Zhou Mi’s, unable to handled the triple assault of the thrusts, the touches and the tongue. He was gasping, gulping for air which was thick and heavy around them, smelling of sex and filled with the tension and heat that flowed from them in almost-tangible waves of energy.

Zhou Mi knew Kyuhyun was close to the edge, if not already having one foot over. He adjusted his head to be beside Kyuhyun’s. With his left forearm on the mattress, he gripped Kyuhyun’s right shoulder from the side. With his right arm, he extended it upwards, gripping the top edge of the low headboard. He inched his knees a little bit higher on the mattress, bringing him even closer to Kyuhyun as he bent his knees a little more, slightly changing the angle of his thrusts. Then, before Kyuhyun could even begin to gather his wits as Zhou Mi withdrew half-way, Zhou Mi used his holdings to surge even more powerfully into Kyuhyun’s body.

With his left hand securing Kyuhyun’s body down and from moving up, with his right hand to help pull himself higher into Kyuhyun’s body and with his knees planted firmly into the mattress, he slammed into Kyuhyun’s body with a power and depth neither had experienced before. Kyuhyun’s head flung back against the pillow as he wrapped his legs high on Zhou Mi’s back. His mouth was opened, each breath a moan, each movement a step to completion.

Zhou Mi began to roll his hips slightly with each thrust, working Kyuhyun even more and that was all it took to push Kyuhyun over the edge. His entire body seized, his muscles clenching as he was completely wrapped around Zhou Mi. He had enough air for one breath that came out as a deep, throaty moan which spelt out the older man’s name. Then, his body spasmed and shook as all the tension, all the heat passed through his body, released in more ways than one as his body fell into the mattress.

Zhou Mi had stopped thrusting once Kyuhyun orgasmed, wanting nothing more than to watch the emotions, the relief, the intense satiation pass over the young man’s face. When he saw Kyuhyun’s slowly slip away from awareness, Zhou Mi brought his head down, brushing his lips against the other’s,

“Your turn,” Kyuhyun murmured into the kiss, his hands still cradling Zhou Mi’s face gently, tenderly. He kissed Zhou Mi back before pulling away from the kiss, his body still relishing in the aftershocks of his release.

Zhou Mi withdrew, his body protesting immediately from the sudden loss, from the denial of completion. Kyuhyun slowly rolled over onto his stomach, slumping back onto the soft mattress, his muscles deliciously sore. He was completely languid, fluid as Zhou Mi slid one of the pillows beneath his hips. He felt Zhou Mi’s knees between his own, nudging them apart, opening himself from behind. Then, Zhou Mi surged into him and he was full again, his body completely aware once more, despite just being sated.

Zhou Mi knelt behind Kyuhyun, his hands grabbing the younger man’s hips. He held them down, secured them as he rammed into Kyuhyun’s hot passage over and over again. He rocked, rolled his hips with each thrust. He threw back his head as his back arched from the tensing of his muscles. One, two, three thrusts and his release hit him like a tidal wave. It washed over him like cool rain on a hot day, the building tension finally - finally! - being released in powerful ripples.

His muscles jerked, constricted. His hips flexed, slammed. His fingers gripped, shook. His lips had parted, each wave of his orgasm pushing moans from his mouth, Kyuhyun’s name becoming a seductive mantra repeated over and over again. The last of his completion dissipated and his muscles, relaxed, but thoroughly worn out, he collapsed atop of Kyuhyun.

For several full moments, neither said anything, the partially dark room filled with nothing but their heavy breathing. Still joined, despite Zhou Mi not being hard and heavy anymore within him, Kyuhyun closed his eyes, relishing in the feel of Zhou Mi’s weight pressing him down into the mattress, the warmth surrounding him, making him feel protected and precious.

“Not so bad how I woke you up, hmm?” Zhou Mi mused lightly, pressing a kiss to the back of Kyuhyun’s shoulder.

“Wake me up next time,” Kyuhyun admonished, but his words lacked conviction, “Don’t just go jumping my bones like that. I’m not a piece of meat available for you to devour whenever you wish.”

Zhou Mi chuckled softly, feathering kisses along Kyuhyun’s shoulder, up his neck to his ear, “I think I just proved that I can devour you whenever I wish and that you’ll give little to no resistance.” He withdrew from Kyuhyun’s body and rolled onto his back.

Kyuhyun turned into him, laying his cheek on the crook of Zhou Mi’s shoulder, draping an arm over Zhou Mi’s still-clothed torso, “No one would ever believe me that you’re the scary one in bed.”

“That’s because no one realizes what a few weeks’s worth of abstinence can do to my usual sunny disposition,” Zhou Mi murmured as he hugged Kyuhyun closer to him. He managed to manoeuvre his pants and boxers off, kicking them to the floor but not bothering with his shirt – that would require letting go of Kyuhyun and he couldn’t manage even that at that particular moment.

“If this is what abstinence does to us, we should do it more often,” Kyuhyun murmured, a thick blanket of slumber slowly slipping over him once more.

Zhou Mi laughed quietly, pressing his smile against Kyuhyun’s forehead, “I guess I know how you like to be woken up.”

Then, slowly, they both drifted off to sleep, weeks’s worth of stress and fatigue finally dissipating, shattered by their mutual satiation and reunion in bed.



Liliam Tamie said...

Holy fu- this was amazingly hot *¬* naughty-bottom!kyu and sexy-dominant!mi is definitelly my favorite combination ~ like...seriously, my throat is completely dry now, i think i drooled all over my keyboard lol this is hot hot hot stuff <3 you definitelly need to write more qmi smut, you've got amazing skills for that xD damn...i feel so happy now *___* thank for this amazing fic, you just made my day <3

Metafora said...

I read this yesterday and I didn't leave a comment, because it was to late... and I couldn't think at all.
But I really wanted to say I loved it. Not because it is "wow! QMi sex!" (well, I liked that too XD), but the way that is written... It allows whoever is reading it to feel what the characters are doing. The narration goes slowly, smoothly and describes the whole scene so well. It makes us think it could really be happening...
I don't even know how to explain myself XD