“What is it like to be in love?”

“Free. It feels free, like there’s nothing that can stop me, nothing can hold me down.
It feels as if I can do anything because of love and I’m free of the fear of failure because,
even if I can’t do everything, at least at the end of the day,
there’s still me and him. When all else fails, love won’t.”

Reign on Me series

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

[sum] Mourning Song Series

He is heir to one of the biggest fortunes in Korea. His family holds so much power that no one ever stood in his way, dares to stand before him and defy him. He has money and power, but life still feels empty, unsatisfactory. He craves for more, desires for more, dreams for...

However, all the money in the world cannot help his illness. Since he could remember, he has been sick. His parents protected him and nurtured him. His father even continued to raise him properly as an heir despite his crippling health. He's lived so long that sometimes he forgets how sick he really is. But, as his life continues to be incomplete, he begins to want more in life.

As he begins to accept his diminishing health, he encounters people who will change his life forever. He will doubt and test loyalties. He will confuse truths with lies. He will find answers only to ask more questions. He will question everything he knows about his life, about himself. Can he find completeness in his life before it's too late?

Rated PG13
WARNINGS: Language may offend, sexual content. May contain character death.

Prequel Series





::1st Cycle - The Rising Moon
She loved him from afar.

::2nd Cycle - Fading Light
He no longer believed in tomorrow.

::3rd Cycle - Glimpsing Memories
He knew her in another life.

::4th Cycle - Scripted Setting
His dream come true.

::5th Cycle - Distant Closeness
Building trust is difficult.

::6th Cycle - A Frozen Smile
Meeting a sad stranger.

::7th Cycle - Forgotten Reflection
A photo says a thousand words.

::8th Cycle - Replacement
There could only be one.

::9th Cycle - From the Outside
Just one answer.

::10th Cycle - Shattered Remains
None of them were whole.

::11th Cycle - To See the Sun
Desperation borne from hope.

::12th Cycle - Fragments of Glass
A simple truth.

::13th Cycle - Reciprocated
Repayment of kindness.

::14th cycle - Forced Remembrance
Pain-filled memories.

::15th Cycle - Scarlet Promise
With or without.

::16th Cycle - From Ashes
Dissonance in life's melody.

::17th Cycle - Easy Prey
Luck was running out.

more to come...



Heir to Jo Shipping Company

Quiet and withdrawn, he hates burdening others with his health problems. Because of this, he usually hides how much his body is truly suffering from thsoe around him. For as long as he can remember, he's always been sick, but his parents have always made alterations to make his life easier. For the past two years, he has been learning about his father's business with the hopes of taking over the company when his father retires. He goes through life feeling as if something is missing.

Personal Assistant to the Young Master

The constant companion of Kyuhyun's, he was hired a year ago by his parents to serve as Kyuhyun's personal assistant. One of the conditions for his hire was the he be able to be on-call to serve Kyuhyun during evenings. He takes care of Kyuhyun and seems to always know what the younger man needs. After being near him for so long, Mijoon has finally begun to start expressing his feelings. He's determined and stubborn, refusing to allow Kyuhyun to push him away.


One of the most popular singers, she is known for her sad ballads that she wrote herself. In interviews, she is always asked about her songs but she always answers that they are 'for someone'. The media is always following her, wanting to know who is the man (or men) responsible for breaking her heart and inspiring her to write such beautiful music. However, despite her hectic schedule and public life, she always escapes on the weekends to the Seoul countryside to find reprieve in her old highschool.

Zhou Mi
Former Head Hunter of The Council, Former Teacher at Shim Jang Academy

When he was a young boy, his brother had killed their parents, forcing Zhou Mi to kill him in order to protect himself. From there, his life had been directed to prevent more deaths by the same act. He became a Head Hunter for the region of Seoul who went undercover to SJA in order to investigate a case there. While there, he met Kyuhyun and fell in love with him. However, due to certain circumstances caused by errors he made, he died at the end of the school year. He is remembered as being friendly and always smiling, but serious and stern when protecting the ones he loved. His death is still remembered by his friends.

Teacher at Shim Jang Academy

Seemingly a very laidback teacher, students know that his facade is hiding a serious and strict educator. During the school year he lives at SJA, but during vacations he lives in a country house just outside of Seoul. Sungmin is friendly, but is not quick to accept people. There are few people he is loyal to, but to them, he is fiercely protective and would do anything for them. For the past three years he has been steadily researching a cure for amnesia.

Tactician of The Council

Cool and collected, she is a well-respected leader at The Council. She once worked for the Japanese Council, but transfered to Korea to be closer to her family. She is well-versed in medical theory with the experience to back it up and is considered the best tactician in The Council. Still recovering from the loss of her brother, she has become very cynical.

Teacher at Shim Jang Academy, Head Hunter of The Council

Orphaned at a young age, Kibum is rumoured to be the best Hunter in both Japan and Korea. He transfered to the Korean Council along with Kyuri. He is usually silent, but will voice his opinion when the need arises. He is first and foremost loyal to Kyuri. He works hard to prevent the reoccurence of what happened to Kyuhyun.

Nurse at Shim Jang Academy

Once sarcastic and flippant, over the past three years, Heechul has become very introspective and private. His attitude change was so drastic that students try their hardest to not be admitted to the nurse's office. He rarely speaks and when he does, his friends try in vain to find traces of the man he once was. He works alongside Sungmin to find a cure for amnesia.

Headmaster of Shim Jang Academy

Silent and serious at face value, he fights his natural instincts to be friendly and amiable, constantly having troubles with the person he wants and trying not to be hurt again. He has less struggles with his school now that he has a deputy headmaster to helps him in all things. He works hard for his school and his students, wanting never again to see the events of two years ago.

Deputy Headmaster of Shim Jang Academy

A rarely seen figure in the school, the students know next to nothing about him. Despite constantly leaving the school on mere whims, Eeteuk undoubtedly relies on him. A born leader, he has always wanted to become a teacher, but circumstances took that dream away from him. Now, he goes through life trying to find purpose in helping and supporting others, trying to help make their lives easier.

Member of The Council; Former Teacher at Shim Jang Academy

Raised by his grandfather, he has always had a strong sense of fairness and justice. He left his much-loved job as a teacher for SJA to join the Council and has been there for the past two years. He rarely leaves Seoul or, indeed, the Council, but he still keeps in contact with his friends at SJA despite his change of profession. He always fights for what he believes in.


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